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    Sea Star Resort

    : An Thới
    Sea Star Resort
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    Sea Star Resort gợi nhớ đến một làng quê Việt Nam thanh bình nằm dưới vườn dừa xanh ngát. Sea Star Resort tự hào có được bãi biển xinh đẹp nhất bãi Trường với hàng cây bàng và cây dừa mát rượi. Nhờ thiên nhiên ưu đãi và hàng cây xanh giữ bãi cát vàng mà Sea Star Resort là khu nghỉ mát duy nhất ở Phú Quốc có bungalow nằm ngay trên bãi biển.

    Sea Star Resort được thiết kế nhằm tôn tạo thiên nhiên và nét văn hoá địa phương. Một sự kết hợp hài hoà nhằm mang lại cho Quý khách một cảm giác bình yên, sâu lắng.

    Nếu Quý khách muốn tìm một nơi ở Phú Quốc có phòng ốc rộng rãi với mái hiên thoáng mát cùng sự yên tĩnh lãng mạn và lòng mến khách chân tình, thì Sea Star Resort là sự lựa chọn tuyệt vời của Quý khách.

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    Great resort, fantastic beach

    We spent 4 nights here in November. I was a little worried after booking as I noticed people mentioning building works, but really it wasn't that annoying, and most importantly you couldn't hear anything from the beach. Plus wandering around the island, I think it would be difficult to find any hotel that was isolated from the building going on.

    The resort's beach was definately one of the best, walking along the beach, the othe resort's beaches were not as clean.

    The staff were friendly and helpful, the waiters were particularly great in the restaurant, and made a real effort to talk, despite a bit of a language barrier. The food at the restaurant was simple and very reasonably priced.

    Fanatastic little resort :)

    We stayed in the newer section. They were doing renovations but it didn't really bother us. Would recommend as a nice part of the beach, great service and nice rooms. Would definitely stay here again. It looked they were building a pool. Breakfast was so so, probably wouldn't recommend dinner only in that so many more interesting places to explore.
    Nice hotel.

    Really nice and clean hotel, right on the beach and in walking distance of bars and restaurants. There are cheaper hotels in the area and it isn't that close to the town. Also it's not on the nicest beach on the island, although you can hire bikes from the hotel and travel to the closest ones.

    I unfortunately did not look at the recent reviews before I booked this place. If I had, I wouldn't have stayed here. I can see why this hotel has pretty mixed reviews.

    They are currently in the middle of construction, so parts of the hotel grounds are a bit of a mess with building materials. It did get noisy around 7:00 in the morning when the guys started working.

    I have no idea how the restaurant is, because it seemed like it wasn't open. Every time I walked by it in the morning, it was totally empty and none of the workers asked if they could help me. As a result, I had to eat by breakfasts off site.

    It does have a pretty nice location on the beach, but during this time of the year (June-October) the ocean is rough on this side of the island. Also, there is a lot of garbage in the water.

    The room was just basic. Nothing was wrong with it, but I have stayed in far nicer rooms in Vietnam for approximately the same price or a little bit more.

    If I travel to Phu Quoc again, I will definitely stay at a different hotel.
    great location, ok price

    Sea Star has a great location along long beach, and a fantastic stretch of sand at the shore with lots of natural shade. The bungalows are nice but could be much better for the price. Beds were pretty hard, but the rain shower head was great. The included breakfast was delicious. Compared to other locations price was on par but I still think you are paying for more than you get.
    Brilliant location - very basic bungalows

    The location here is exellent. In close proximity to the Duong Dong and Night Market. Right on the beach. We had a bungalow in second row from the beach. We were a family with two children so had an extra bed installed in 20m2. Extra cost is 30% on the room. Way too expensive.

    Room is so basic. The aircon is way old and made quite some noise. It's okay and basic but I expect more for around $100 pr night.

    Staff was very friendly. Both reception and cleaning. Rooms were cleaned every day to satisfaction. Btw: a pool is in the making.

    Breakfast was included but the restaurant was a huge disapointment. Breakfast ends at 9am but you have to be there at 6-7am to have a decent meal. Did try the lunch as well but it was simply very sloppy and not worth the money. For great food visit Spice House - next door resort.

    We did enjoy our stay here at Sea Star but they should make things a bit better for the money.
    Good location, nice beach, not great value

    I stayed 6 nights in a garden-view room it was well cleaned every day and a little basket replenished with coffee, tea and fruit. The rooms are comfortable if a little dated and the price is a little high, A/C worked well though. Staff were friendly and helpful with good English. The mattress was high density foam so rock hard. Breakfast is the typical mixture of Asian and European - nothing startling but plentiful. Wifi was very intermitent.
    Third time was not the charm

    Even though Seastar’s inconsistent customer service is well-documented here, we were somehow hoping loyalty meant something. Nope. The same indifference welcomed us, that made it an easy decision for us to cut our stay and hightail it to another resort. This was our third return visit to Phu Quoc (for 8-days) and we had always previously enjoyed being beach-side with Seastar rightly to boast having the most beautiful stretch of beachfront. Their Malabar and coconut palm trees offering the best shading to lounge away the day with a good book and enjoying the sunsets. For us, the breakfast offering were fine, but then the same daily options got old fast. The restaurant did offer a few dishes that were dependable favorites when I didn’t feel like going far. However, the good just could not outweigh the negatives.

    Our first visit was in 2009 when the main road was unpaved and the old airport was in the opposite direction. We saw quite a bit of development in a return visit in 2012. And now, I would say, over-development is rampant with a lot of garish tour groups. Even Seastar is not immune. They now have a new building that host the reception area and mainly house the loud tour groups. The flat area where reception used to be will soon break ground for a swimming pool. The massive (might I say gaudy) Centara Resort is currently under construction next door, but I digress. There’s also a newly built addition to the restaurant area. Unfortunately, they all add up to an eyesore as none of the new addition aligns or is in unison to the French colonial architecture of the original bungalows. They’ve also made some additions inside the bungalows, such as curtains, valances and wallpaper. Tasteless and gaudy. They now have in-room safes. I do have to acknowledge that the housekeeping staff always had a kind smile. But don’t expect that or anything resembling good customer service from the ladies behind the counter in the restaurant or at the reception desk. Curt is what you see and what you get. Please check out where we did relocate to and how that experience made our trip.
    Second visit, wouldn't go back again

    I last stayed here in 2009 and returned this year for a few days. I wouldn't go back a third time unless they sort it out. It's undoubtedly on one of the best spots of beach on the island but it's been a neglected over the last few years. They have built another wing of about 30 rooms back from the beach but whilst they have invested in that the beach and garden bungalows look like very little maintenance has been done. The outside and inside need a good coat of paint, the door to my bathroom had a big hole covered up with paper and sellotape. The small room (a sea view bungalow) room had two beds in so no room left to swing a proverbial cat. The hot water didn't work until I asked to fix it, the wifi was very intermittent, there was a huge gap around the door so mozzies had free entry. The pillows were all a little odd, smelly and very worn. The aircon wasn't powerful enough to cool the room even if left on all day. The breakfast finished at 9am, ridiculously early for a holiday resort. But after going the first day I didn't go back anyway as is wasn't at all good, bad white bread, pre cooked fried eggs left in a warming plate. Only Vietnamese coffee. No beach towels provided unless you complain at reception, then they give you one white towel. All in all ok if you are paying backpacker beach hut prices but not at $75 (sea view room) a night in Vietnam. It's a pity, a bit more care and it could be a real gem.
    But Phu Quoc is changing fast since the new airport has been built. There is a huge Centara hotel going up next door to the Seastar and everywhere you look on the island old buildings are being replaced with big new ones. Soon the beaches will be heaving and to my mind spoiled completely. If you want to go, go now but you can probably find a better value and more charming place to stay than the Sea Star.
    Beach hotel with small bungalows and sand fleas

    We spent 2 nights in a garden-view before we moved to a different long-stay bungalow complex. The room is basic and tiny, only to sleep in, however the resort area is larger witn numerous bungalows and a bigbuilding with hotel-style accomodation. The staff is helpful, there is even a guy who speaks decent Russian. The restaurant is set in colonial style with a big paved courtyard and nice local cuisine. The prices are reasonable, seafood is fresh and varied. They provide baby-chairs and welcome families.

    Nice and shady beach area unfortunately is infected with fleas. I have no idea is there smth to do with the local dogs who sleep under sun-beds or not, but three of us got bitten during both times we came to the beach. After that we moved to another place on Long beach (1 km away) and there were no fleas.