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    Khách Sạn Sao Mai Thanh Hóa

    : Trung tâm thành phố Thanh Hóa
    Khách Sạn Sao Mai Thanh Hóa
    Sao Mai Hotel - Double 1
    Sao Mai Hotel - Double 2
    Sao Mai Hotel - Special
    Sao Mai Hotel - Suite 3
    Sao Mai Hotel - Triple 1
    Sao Mai Hotel - Triple
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    Khách Sạn Sao Mai Thanh Hóa thiết kế đẹp mắt với 100 phòng nghỉ tiện nghi và dịch vụ đi kèm chất lượng. Nơi dừng chân nghỉ dưỡng này sẽ giúp du khách xua tan đi bao bộn bề công việc thường nhật để tận hưởng chuyến đi đầy ắp niềm vui.

    Vị trí của khách sạn tọa lạc tại số 20, Phan Chu Trinh, Điện Biên, TP Thanh Hóa. Đến đây, du khách sẽ cảm nhận được sự thân thiện của đội ngũ nhân viên cùng sự hiện đại. Bên trong các phòng trang bị đầy đủ TV, truyền hình vệ tinh, mini bar, điện thoại trong nước/ quốc tế, wifi, máy điều hòa, giường ngủ và phòng tắm tiện nghi.
    Ngoài ra, dịch vụ du lịch, nhà hàng, phục vụ ăn tại phòng, sân tennis, spa & sauna… cũng được khách sạn tại Thanh Hóa cung cấp để bạn và gia đình tận hưởng kỳ nghỉ tuyệt vời. Nếu bạn là doanh nhân thì hệ thống phòng họp của khách sạn sẽ là khu vực lý tưởng để gặp gỡ thành công các đối tác. 

    Sau những chuyến khám phá thủ đô ý nghĩa, du khách hãy đến nhà hàng để thưởng thức các thực đơn món Việt cùng món Á- Âu sáng tạo, hương vị đậm đà. Hơn thế, bạn và gia đình đừng bỏ lỡ các loại cocktail pha chế tinh tế tại quầy bar của khách sạn Sao Mai. Một chút thư giãn với liệu pháp spa sẽ khiến bạn thư thái và ngủ ngon hơn để bắt đầu những hành trình khám phá mới vào ngày kế tiếp.

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    Good and bad points

    I was a little surprised to find so many overseas reviewers of this hotel. I stayed at the invitation of the People's Committee and during my time in Thanh Hoa and Thanh Hoa Province I didn't see any other westerners, apart from in the new luxury hotel (forget the name, but like Sao Mai the finish lets it down) and I suspect that he was the manager.
    Despite now being the third largest city in Vietnam, Thanh Hoa has little to offer the tourist. There is a reasonable beach (Sam Son) which had rather a nice traditional hotel, which might be a better choice. Thanh Hoa is basically an industrial city that has developed quickly, but is somewhat lacking in amenities. Apart from Vietnamese visitors, the only other people in the city appeared to be Korean factory managers, some of whom I am told stay at the Sao Mai.
    Sao Mai was certainly built to impress and the rooms are huge and well appointed. Excellent value compared with Saigon, or Hanoi. It had everything you would expect of a luxury hotel, toiletries, large tv, etc., etc. But the hotel has had little maintenance and the rooms are looking a little shabby. Other reviewers have commented that it feels dirty, but I suspect this could be more to do with wear and tear than a lack of attention to cleanliness, although it could be.
    I had breakfast on the VIP floor (which may have been the same place that everyone eats it, certainly there were plenty of 'VIPs' eating their breakfast). Whilst nothing special, it was better than I am use to in budget hotels in Saigon and Hanoi. I also ate in the restaurant, which was full on Sunday lunch time with Hanoi based day visitors. The food was pretty good, to be honest and I rather like some of the local specialities.
    I wasn't aware of any staff speaking English and believe their mediocre customer service skills were more a reflection of their lack of English and complete shock at seeing a westerner in Thanh Hoa.
    On Sunday night local youths congregate outside the hotel, revving their motorcycles and pepping their horns, like it was the only thing they got for Tet. Mercifully it ends pretty early, but I had to get up early, nevertheless it was only mildly annoying.
    If like me you are a business traveller to Thanh Hoa I think Sao Mai is a reasonable choice. But I really cannot see a reason for tourists to stop off in this Province and suspect they would be disappointed with the hotel.

    Nothing is clean.

    A big hotel which is on the way to loose its name.In the last six weeks we visited many hotels (about 30), but this hotel belongs to the most dirty ones. The carpet in the room, but also the cooker in the room. Corridors and elevators. Beside this, it is hard to find somebody to communicate in English. The room is the largest we ever had but as said, it is not clean. Just the stairs outside are clean. Somebody is cleaning there the whole day. Poor management?
    Лучший выбор для Thanh_Hoa.

    Время пребывания с 14 декабря по 27 декабря 2013 года очень хороший отель. В номерах чиста, хороший шведский стол. Отель предоставляет такси со скидкой. Возле отеля находится большой супер маркет, где можно купить все что угодно. Рядом имеются банки с банкоматами. До моря на такси 20-25 минут. Особенно хочу отметить, очень вежливый внимательный и услужливый персонал!
    Good value

    The room I stayed in was large, very large by Vietnamese standards, with 2 queen size beds and 2 armchairs.

    Breakfast was an all-you-can-eat buffet, with a variety of items to choose from and all well made.

    Cleaning needs to be done better - some litter was left under one of the beds.

    I do not think I would look elsewhere in this city for a place to stay.
    Top choice for Thanh Hoa

    You can hop off the train on the main north south line and walk 10 minutes to the Sao Mai. It's friendly, welcoming, comfortable, with great breakfast, and above all great staff. Good internet, large rooms too. A little noisy early morning, but for a 30 dollar a night 3 star, it's a nice place, and somewhere I look forwrd to staying.
    the room good,breakfast good but clean is ok

    i stayed there 4 or 5 time for over 4 years.the breakfast in 13floor is buffet so many thing for you to choose in the morning from 7 am to 9:30 am evry morning .the best location in town but only one thing i not happy with sao mai hotel is clean.cleaning is problem in thanh hoa town.but when you get there its the best choice in town
    A month at the Sao Mai

    I have just spent a month at this hotel and was very pleased. The staff was very pleasant, the rooms are large and overall it is great value for the money. I work in the tourism sector and promote responsible tourism and was disappointed in this aspect od the operations. There is no linen policy, housekeeping changes the prepackaged soap and shampoo everyday [despite efforts try to explain, albeit in English] and the lights and AC remain on despite the removal of the card.
    It is centrally located and within walking distance of several good restaurants. And the market is just beside the hotel for those interested in buying fresh fruit.
    Good standard hotel

    I have stayed at the Sao Mai Hotel 3 times and always found it of a good standard. It has free wifi which I find invaluable when working abroad and the rooms are fairly well furnished if not luxurious. It is reasonaby priced and the staff are helpful.