Booking process

Asiabooking always tries to simplify the booking process so that you can find it easy and rapid when choosing and booking your ideal room.

3 easy steps for room booking:

Step 1: choosing your suited hotel:
In the box “TÌM KHÁCH SẠN” at homepage, look for the province or hotel. Then click on the hotel that you want to check the hotel information: address, description, hotel facility, pictures, discounts...

Step 2: booking:
After finding a suited hotel, input room check-in and check-out date. There will be prices displayed for each kind of room. Click on “Book”, then the detail booking information will be presented. Input required information and click “ĐẶT PHÒNG”.
You can also send booking information to our email [email protected] or at the booking number: (08) 3589 3689 or 0908 79 59 89.
Booking information includes: Name of the representative, ID number, Address, phone number, email, hotel name, checkin date, check out date, type of room, number of rooms and number of adults or children.

Step 3: confirmation and payment
Asiabooking will check whether the room is available and contact customer to reconfirm the booking. Your booking information will be replied within 15 minutes. Booking which is submitted after 9:00 pm will be reconfirm before 9:00 am of the next day.
Confirmation will be processed by email, including: booking description, total payment, terms of use, payment information and deadline.
After the payment is accomplished, a code booking will be emailed to you. To confirm whether the booking is successful or not, you can contact the hotel to check again.