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    Villa Pink House

    : Trung Tâm thành phố Đà Lạt
    Villa Pink House
    Villa Pink House - Room
    Villa Pink House - Room
    Villa Pink House - Room
    Villa Pink House - Room
    Villa Pink House - Room
    Villa Pink House
    Villa Pink House
    Villa Pink House
    Villa Pink House
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    Phòng dành cho gia đình, Quang cảnh thung lũng
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    Phòng 3 Tiêu chuẩn, Quang cảnh thung lũng
    Phòng 2 giường đơn Tiêu chuẩn, Quang cảnh thung lũng
    Phòng đơn Tiêu chuẩn, Quang cảnh vườn nho
    Phòng đôi Tiêu chuẩn, Quang cảnh thung lũng

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    Nice place to stay in Dalat

    Villa Pink House is located within walkable distance of the city centre in Dalat (10-15 minutes).

    The rooms are big and clean and many have small balconies with a good view of the town. The staff is friendly and has some good tips on what to do in the town.

    The downside is the complimentary but by no means generous breakfast. This could be improved. For 10 USD a night the place is still excellent value.

    Great value hotel.

    Stayed 3 nights. Good all round experience and excellent value for money. Interesting tour from hotel and definitely different! Good light corner room nice and quiet.
    Had a problem on arrival as no record of our booking with last minute .com. This turned out to be the website not the hotels fault but a bit stressful as this was not resolved until 20mins before our departure. Staff were very good and we all left happy.
    Beautiful place to stay

    We stayed here 2 years ago and it was great.
    No slip in standards in fact probably even better.
    Did Mr Rot"s Secret Tour again and enjoyed it just a much.
    Went to Miss Son"s Life In Laugh Cooking School again and enjoyed it so much.
    You just have to do both these when you come to Pink Dalat.
    Villa Pink great again.
    Room so big and comfortable and clean.
    Breakfast still just a simple fare but nice enough.
    Staff outstanding.
    Love it.

    The good:
    - 'secret tour' with Rot was an amazing experience, really funny guy!!!
    - take the adventurous meal with Rot at the end of the day .
    - the room was fine.

    - young staff was impolite and too amiable, really annoying!
    - we were mislead by them with the information about the Tour. We were told specifically that it was a private motorbike tour for two people. On the morning after the pickup we were told that 5 others were joining us. They also suddenly wanted to go by car. After insisting on going by motorbike it was possible, but we had to follow a (smelly/polluting) car al day.
    - breakfast was poor
    - no safety deposit box
    Good value option

    The staff at this guesthouse were very friendly and helpful. The location is great for walking around town. The rooms were clean and adequately furnished. Breakfast is literally a bread roll with either butter or jam, or a banana, so best to go out (plenty of local options nearby). I would recommend this as a budget option.
    Great place to stay, Secret tour......... AMAZING!!!! worth the trip all the way to Dalat

    There were 6 persons in our party and we all enjoyed our stay very much at the villa pink house. The service was great, made us feel at home and the entire place was extremely clean, which we were more than impressed with. However the Secret Tour with Mr Rot was the absolute highlight for everyone in our party of our whole trip. I have lived in Vietnam the last 3 years and have toured around a lot of the country, sometimes 2-3 times over, but no experience can compare to the tour Mr Rot and his cousin do. They are honest people who love their country and culture so much and genuinely want to share this with all. I hope more people can experience it to see how beautiful Vietnam is. I loved it so much i hope to do it again in near future. All the best Mr Rot
    Pink House, great staff, nice place

    We stayed in the associated Rolex hotel as part of the Villa Pink House. This is a quaint and beautifully built hotel with great staff and management. Ron, one of the hosts, is a charasmatic character. The rooms were clean, and spacious but a little dark, somewhat funky bathroom but great for the money.
    It is placed on a hill above town so fairly quiet, with coffee shops nearby. We had a great stay.
    Great spot. Friendliest staff in SE Asia

    I've spent six months in SE Asia and honestly don't think I've found a place I like more. The staff are great and friendly, the rooms are clean and comfortable. Yes there isn't air-con or fans but it's Dalat - you don't need them, and most places don't have them.

    And like lots of people below have said, do the Secret tour. One of the best things I've done on my travels. And after the tour, go to dinner with Rot (he will order everything - keep an open mind) and then go out for drinks with him. You'll have a blast!!

    The girl a few posts below that is all negative is probably crazy. Just sayin....
    Lovely, spacious rooms

    We spent 4 days here at this hotel. The house is a lovely, large villa (pink, of course), with a lot of interesting objets d'art inside the lobby and outside in the garden. The rooms are very spacious with large windows and a balcony (at least those at the front of the hotel). It's a bit of a trek into the tourist area and restaurants in Dalat, but everywhere is in walking distance.
    Deserves more stars!

    This is a very comfortable hotel with lovely staff! Room was a good size with a great bathroom and balcony. Perfect place as its in the centre of the hustle and bustle but it's off the road sort of nestled in its own court so it's quiet to sleep which is great. Breakfast was the only real downfall as it was just baguettes with various flavours and a drink but still good. Great value for money, I definitly would recommend! (If you're staying for a while grab a book in the foyer as they've got a good selection)