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    Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa

    : Trung tâm Thị Trấn Sapa
    Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa
    Victoria Sapa - Guest Room 4
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    Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa là khu nghỉ mát 4 sao tại vùng núi Tây Bắc hưởng trọn vẻ đẹp thiên cảnh, không khí và văn hóa của Sapa - xứ sở ruộng bậc thang.

    Resort tọa lạc tại đường Xuân Viên, thị trấn Sapa, tỉnh Lào Cai. Vị trí của khu nghỉ mát cách ga Lào Cai 35km. Đặc biệt, resort còn có tàu Victoria Express, đây sẽ là một gợi ý thú vị khi du khách đi từ Hà Nội đến Sapa để tận hưởng kỳ nghỉ đáng nhớ tại resort Victoria Sapa.

    Dấu ấn của khu nghỉ mát thể hiện trong hệ thống 77 phòng nghỉ thiết kế độc đáo, đặc trưng với trần nhà cao, xà ngang bằng gỗ và những họa tiết khảm đá cầu kỳ. Mỗi phòng nghỉ đều lót sàn gỗ, trang bị đầy đủ TV, quạt trần, lò sưởi, tủ quần áo, wifi, bàn ghế, giường ngủ êm ái, phòng tắm với bồn tắm và các vật dụng cá nhân… Dịch vụ đi kèm ở resort tại Sapa này khá đa dạng với dịch vụ phòng, đổi ngoại tệ, bàn tư vấn tour, đặt vé máy bay, quầy lưu niệm, câu lạc bộ trẻ em, dịch vụ đặt xe đưa đón, bể bơi…

    du khách khi nghỉ ngơi tại khu nghỉ mát sẽ thích thú với bể bơi nước nóng trong nhà độc đáo, giúp xua tan mệt mỏi, cái se lạnh của phố núi Sapa. Sau khi bơi lội xong, du khách hãy đến với nhà hàng Tả Van trong resort để thưởng thức các thực đơn Pháp – Việt đặc sắc. Vào tối thứ 7, du khách còn có cơ hội chiêm ngưỡng các điệu múa của tộc người Thái, H’mong. Một chút rượu vang trong không gian ấm cúng với lò sửa bằng đá tại bar Tả Fin sẽ khiến bạn ấn tượng mãi về Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa

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    A real treat!

    We were on our honeymoon and the staff tried their best to make us feel as comfortable as can be and in Victoria resort you can feel that way. The thinking about all the smallest detailes in the hotel left us speechless.
    The Spa wasn't cheap in comparison to the street but you definitely get what you pay for (WOW!!)
    Thanks for a wonderfull expirience.

    Very dated

    They are probably the best hotel in town for now, but it is a 3 star standard hotel charging 4 star prices. Also because of this they charge extortionate transfers from their own train service that they run. It's a necessary evil if you want to go to Sapa in (relative) comfort as there is no other choice but it's by no means luxury. The hotel is up on a hill from town which is a bit of a trek to get to after dinner in town.

    Also Sapa itself is interesting but having been to the Alpes many times and mountains in Morocco and Japan recently, it's not as beautiful so it's not worth visiting in my opinion unless you're very keen to see the ethnic minorities here or looking to fit in hiking in your Vietnam trip.
    A nice stay, though room for improvement

    We stayed 2 nights at the Victoria Sapa Resort in the Family Suite this past June. All in all, it was a nice stay. The hotel itself it likely one of the nicest places to stay in town, though several very nice and well positioned accommodations were being constructed while we were there. The Family Suite was very expensive by Vietnam standards. Thus, while I liked our room, I’m just not sure it is terribly good value.

    The Suite itself is very spacious. Dark wood floors, and a wonderful view of town and Mt. Fansipan beyond from the large balcony. No AC but the temperatures were nice and a fan did the trick. Large windows all the way across made for a nice breeze as well. A king bed for us and three twins for our two children worked out great. Service at the front desk was fine as was service at breakfast – but neither was up to the standards we experienced at similar accommodations in the region. Breakfast itself was excellent. We didn’t have any other meals at the hotel.

    Criticisms I suppose would include the location of the pool. It is a few hundred yards up hill and is indoors. The hotel offers a golf cart shuttle up to the pool, which my kids enjoyed. We opened some sliders and had fresh air around the pool, so the indoor think is not too big of a deal. But indoor pools don’t usually appeal. I suspect this is because for much of the year, the weather can be rather iffy. The spa is there as well, though we did not try it. Similarly, the hotel is well above town. It is a climb back to the hotel after dinner. The golf cart can take you down, but not up. If you have mobility issues, this would not be appealing. Our bathroom was very small – especially for 4 people. Access to the tub for a shower was a bit treacherous. Check out was pretty early, though they did give us one of the less desirable rooms as a day room to hang out, shower up and otherwise get ready for the train ride back to Hanoi. They advised the hotel was otherwise fully booked. It didn’t look that way, but I don’t doubt what we were told.

    I’m being a little overly critical I suspect. I guess at $230 per night, my expectations were a little higher. Ultimately, we were pleased with the room and the hotel. But compared to the Victoria in Siem Reap for instance, this property was inferior.
    Beautiful inside pool, with a view, for hot days!

    If you need a place to relax and shy away from the hot summer sun, you can pay a guest fee and take advantage of their pool, without being an actual guest at the hotel. The pool sits on top of a mountain and has beautiful views! I highly recommend it for a little pause in yoru vacation.
    Spa heaven

    Nice and romantic place with spectacular view. A little overpriced as the rooms are now a little bit run down. Costumer service was excellent and the breakfast it has everything you might wish for. This place has a very nice spa.
    Beautiful hotel and excellent restaurant

    We stayed there for one night and are absolutely delighted with our stay. Everything was perfect: a large beautiful room, the food is excellent, the staff friendly and helpful. If you go there, try a massage, the spa has some really skillfull therapists.
    Lots of character

    Nice hotel with great views and lots of character. Very clean, nice bathroom with bath. Short walk to town - note location on hillside means you will have to walk up the hill to return to hotel.
    Breakfast was included in our package - probably only a 3 star.
    Negatives - hotel undergoing extensive renovation so difficult to relax in room at end of long day.
    We also had a mix up where we were told that we had a late check out (matching up with our departure to meet train). However we were then informed that this was not the case (at the last minute) causing quite a lot of confusion.
    Bed bugs!!! And do not stay here unless you want to be treated like a second class guests !!!

    Our family stayed here for 2 nights (8 and 9 Aug) and it was obvious from the start that the staff gave the western guests priority. For example at the check in, the staff served the western guests first even though we were there before them. It was the same at breakfast the following morning.
    We stayed at the Family room. And at USD230 a night, was horrified to be bitten by bed bugs on our second night! When we spoke to the front office manager about it, he dismissed our complaint and suggested that we were bitten elsewhere. But this is not the case as we were itching all night and when we woke up the next morning we were covered in bites! Eventually, the front office manager asked us to see the doctor at the public hospital as the hotel doctor was away. But we did not go as we did not know where the public hospital was and did not feel comfortable going to it. Furthermore, one of our traveling companion was a doctor and he told us it was no point to go to the public hospital as they will only give us some cream to alleviate the itchiness, which we can easily buy at the pharmacy. As a way of consoling us, the front office manager gave us a new room and extended our check out time.
    At USD230 a night, and to be still itching after 11 days....its not WORTHWHILE!!!!
    A great hotel, just needs a few tweaks!

    I really enjoyed my stay at the hotel. The location is fantastic, the staff are extremely helpful, friendly and polite. The grounds are lovely and the view exceptional. The breakfast is very good. The Spa facilities are great and it is lovely that you can use them after you've checked out.
    The only thing stopping me giving it full marks is the bathroom needed updating and I'd prefer air con instead of a fan. The main bedroom though is spacious and to a high standard. The hotel is in the process of making renovations to the balconies and bathrooms so I am in no doubt that if I returned in a year it would be 5 out of 5. The manager was also very apologetic about any noise disturbances but they were in the day so not a problem.
    I'd definitely stop again.
    Would have been perfect

    Would have been perfect if not for the renovations going on. The noise was quite disturbing. Instead of enjoying the remarkable view and mountain air in the room balcony got to resort to taking refuge in the hotel lounge. Otherwise the hotel offers impeccable service. The front desk staff helped us traced our transport company which turned up late due to car breakdown.
    The train ride however is very bumpy and hard to catch a good night sleep. Maybe going by road is a better option.