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    Victoria Phan Thiết Beach Resort & Spa

    : Mũi Né - bãi biển Phú Hải
    Victoria Phan Thiết Beach Resort & Spa
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    Bungalow dành cho gia đình
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    Family Villa, Private Pool
    Villa, Private Pool
    Biệt thự, Quang cảnh biển
    Bungalow, Sát bãi biển

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    Victoria Phan Thiet Beach Resort & Spa là khu nghỉ dưỡng đẳng cấp thuộc hệ thống Victoria Hotel & Resort. Khu nghỉ mát có kiến trúc làng quê thanh bình với mái nhà tranh mộc mạc. Đây sẽ là sự lựa chọn lý tưởng dành cho mọi du khách khi đến Phan Thiết.

    Victoria Phan Thiet tọa lạc tại km 9, bãi biển Phú Hải, Mũi Né. Khu Resort Victoria mang đến cho bạn làn gió biển giữa lòng thành phố năng động và cả nụ cười mặn mà của người dân xứ biển qua cung cách phục vụ của nhân viên tại đây. Từ resort bạn có thể nô đùa cùng sóng biển hay du ngoạn đến đồi cát, làng chài Phan Thiết…

    Kiến trúc của Victoria Phan Thiet Beach Resort & Spa nổi bật lên giữa hàng loạt các resort ở Phan Thiết bởi nét thanh tao trong từng mái nhà, tường và cột. Hệ thống resort gồm 57 bungalows ẩn mình trong khu vườn nhiệt đới xinh đẹp. Nội thất bên trong các phòng cùng các tiện nghi mà bạn dễ dàng sử dụng gồm có: sofa, bồn tắm, sân vườn, máy lạnh, TV LCD…

    Các dịch vụ du lịch, dịch vụ phòng, đổi ngoại tệ, đưa đón khách sạn/ sân bay… Phòng họp dành cho giới doanh nhân cũng được cung cấp cho khách với đầy đủ các thiết bị âm thanh, ánh sáng, internet… Đặc biệt, phòng tắm hơi hay spa là khu vực không thể thiếu trong một resort 4 sao tiện nghi như Victoria Phan Thiet Beach Resort & Spa.

    Tại Victoria Phan Thiet, bộ 3 nhà hàng L’ Océane, La Paillotte, nhà hàng bên bể bơi Infinity sẽ là khu vực ăn uống hấp dẫn với nhiều du khách. Các món hải sản tươi ngon, món ăn Á- Âu đặc sắc hay các món khai vị đa dạng đều đáng để bạn chi tiền thưởng thức. Tùy theo sở thích bạn hãy lựa chọn không gian hướng nhìn ra biển gió lộng, hướng vườn tĩnh lặng hoặc bể bơi náo nhiệt. Đặc biệt, quầy bar L’ Océane cũng phục vụ các món cocktail, rượu vang cực kỳ ngon miệng.

    Chuyến du lich Mũi Né của bạn sẽ không thể thiếu Victoria Phan Thiet Beach Resort & Spa tiện nghi, yên bình để quên đi bao mệt mỏi cuộc sống thường nhật. 

    Điểm nổi bật

    Ý kiến đánh giá của khách hàng
    Gửi đánh giá
    Best buffet dinner!

    We stayed in blue ocean resort in Mui Ne (which is also very good). We were lucky enough to have dinner in Ocean restaurant, part of the Victoria resort. The food was excellent and sea food very fresh ! The desserts were absolutely stunning! The chef really knows his job! Absolutely recommended for those who enjoy food...
    Incredible place but in this case the service excelled most!

    This hotel came as part of a last minute package around Vietnam which we booked for our honeymoon and from the minute we tried we were treated like royalty. I'm not usually a big fan of being waited on hand and foot so when I say royalty I mean people there when you needed them and completely available to help you in which ever way needed without feeling uncomfortable.
    The room we had was amazing with the beach outside our door, an outdoor shower in a secret back garden and so much space to spread out!
    To be honest they were in the midst of bettering their beach by putting in a breaker to create a perfect sea to walk out in so the was building work going on but the pools were a great place to relax with different views in every chair you choose.
    The breakfast was always a delight with a very wide choice of food but for the me the evening menu was just too great with local food, European food, Thai etc on offer... I understand how and why they offer such choice but it made decision time difficult .
    The spa was brilliant and you were still part of the treatment before and after your allowed slot with teas and treats to prolong your time there...

    For me this hotel excelled everything I imagined after I actually left them... To my horror, 5 hours after leaving I noticed I had lost my engagement ring which had been on my hand that morning.
    I called the hotel straight away and within 2 hours had found my ring in the bottom of one of the pools!?
    This level of honesty and their dedication in getting it back to me tells you a great deal about the integrity and dedication these people have to truly providing the greatest experience for their guests.
    I am now reunited with my ring and can only send my sincerest thanks to the staff for being so honest in finding it ( the ring is probably about a years wages for the locals!) and for looking after us so perfectly during our stay.
    We loved it ! We will be back on an anniversary some time... Though I may leave my ring behind this time!
    Wonderful Treat

    We stayed for the New Year after a frantic trip around Vietnam and found this hotel a beautiful and well thought out haven for our last few days relaxing after a full on trip around the country. The two pools have wonderful sun loungers, the infinity pool a spectacular view of the sea.The straw top rooms are large with a terrace, (our's overlooking the sea) with a wonderful outdoor shower. Every night housekeeping bring a box with cake and a bed time story parable, and they turn down the bed and set the mosquito nets. The restaurant is wonderful, a full buffet fro breakfast. However, the New Year gala dinner was out of this world, the choices of food unbelievable, starters from every country around the world, including sushi, carpaccio, oysters and foie gras. The main course had every kind of roast carved by chefs and the seafood barbecue (also in the restaurant normal nights) had lobsters, crab, prawns, fish, a variety of meats, it was lavish and delicious, all outside with fires by the beach and dances by the staff as well as a band. I highly recommend this for New Year, it was certainly a wonderful way to see in the New Year. Just as well the chef is one of the best as you do not want to leave this hotel and go anywhere else.All the staff have huge smiles and are very helpful. Thank you Victoria Phan Thiet for ending our trip around Vietnam in such a luxurious way.
    Amazingly Relaxing

    We absolutely love this resort to unwind and de-stress. The view from our deck is wonderful - fishing boats in the morning and windsurfers in the afternoon. We love the outdoor showers. It's so unusual. Also, I love the infinity edge pool looking out over the ocean- swam for 45 minutes each morning before a delicious breakfast buffet. All of the staff were VERY helpful and patient. The food and the room service were exceptional. We look forward to returning.
    Charging for missing thong and laundry bag

    This is the most ridiculous things that I have been charged . They charged me US$ 15 for 2 missing thongs and a laundry bag after I paid $1000 a night for the top of the range family pool villa . The breakfast is horrible . The beach is awful and full of rocks .As for our villa . the dining room is dark with no sun light or sufficient electric light .The upkeeping is substandard - one of the balcony on the left of the pool is broken . The pool tile is broken as well . When we ordered in room service hey forgot to butter fro the bread and only cleared the plates after 2 angry request and one of the restaurant attendant dared to question my request as if I was lying . The people in this hotel have the habit to challenge your request .There are newer resort in Mui Ne in a better location . So the management of Victoria take note if you want returned happy customer then you need to review your charging policy . How much is your cost for 2 plastic thongs which usually giving away in other 4 star establishment .The only positive about Victoria Phanthiet is 2 gentlemen . Mr Hoang the executive chef who took time to ask for my feedback about the food and Mr Tuan , the porter who carried my heavy bag with a smile . I forgot to mention that the boy who took us our room did even shown us how the facilities in the room worked . The lock of the patio door is very difficult to unlock and lock .The wifi is very slow. Mui Ne itself is very dirty and not recommended for any one
    Lovely beach resort

    There is alot to recommend this lovely beach resort...its a very chilled and relaxed resort with friendly staff and we would have been very happy to have a few more days here. We spent most of our 3 days lying by the fantastic infinity pool.

    The room was a comfortable size and we really loved the outdoor rain shower.

    Great food in the restaurant - the Vietnamese pancake was really delicious..and also good selection and variety at breakfast.

    The Spa is just blissful with massage rooms facing the sea and the sounds of the waves rolling in. Highly recommended.

    And the entire team put on a fabulous New Year's Eve party to see in the New Year.

    Thank you to the lovely French GM Sebastian who was ever present and making sure we had a lovely stay..

    The only recommendation would be to put irons and ironing boards in all the rooms!
    Bliss On The Beach

    Wonderful hotel with bungalows on the beach and amazing views.
    Lovely staff, great rooms and outdoor showers and a nice mix of western and local dishes in the restaurant.
    The breakfast was especially good with over 100 dishes with an open sided restaurant looking out to the Ocean.
    I would highly recommend this place for any couples or singles wanting the quiet life.
    Great Hotel, Wonderful Staff.

    This hotel may be only a 4star but the personal nature of the staff, the food, room sizes and pool area are certainly 5 star away from the hassle of Miu Ne. Nothing is too much t rouble, everyone always has a smile on their face and the cuisine is superb. We have taken a few trips out organised by the hotel staff and these too have been most enjoyable although the surroundings area lacks any great architectural interest. We also did the early morning trip to the markets with "Chef" and then came back to. A cookery course which we had for lunch, this is an absolute must for anyone who enjoys food and cooking! We would most highly recommend this hotel for both couples and families alike, a completely separate pool area for families if that's what you require. A superb, relaxing hotel with A great Chef who takes great pride in every meal he and his team produces. Excellent Value by western costs
    Great resort


    Spent a couple days at this Victoria resort and it was a great experience.

    The staff from the bar and restaurant are just great as well as the luggages staff.

    The bungalow are nice and well maintain.

    The best was the foods ! Just amazing and anyone who post anything against may not know what foods are :-)

    The squash and beach volleyball may need to be refresh as it looks a bit old but we had a great session of squash anyway.

    The little bad point is that we could not obtain a late check out but if not it was just a great experience .

    The breakfast was also great !

    So if you are around and if you are not stopping in this resort tried the restaurant at least.

    Great resort!

    We picked Victoria Phan Thiet based on its website and trip advisor reviews. I'm happy to report that we were not disappointed. Tremendous bang for your buck at this resort. Our beach front bungalow was very spacious and comfortably slept my wife, me and our three small children (two on the futon and one in our travel crib). Our bungalow was so nice I was actually afraid that this would be too romantic-getawayish for my kids but the resort does a great job accommodating a wide array of guests (a theme I noticed throughout our stay. For example the resort has a main pool with a very large shallow end that was typically frequented by families with small kids, while at the same time having the infinity pool that was frequented more by couples.

    The restaurant was excellent and prices were reasonable. The breakfast every morning lived up to the hype. It is AMBITIOUS and FANTASTIC. They abley accommodate a diverse array of palates offering everything from Pho, to bacon & eggs, to French pastries. Good times.

    The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful. They were talked us through all the excursions and resort amenities and directed us to activities the kids would enjoy. Also, I feel it bears mentioning that after I checked out, they caught that they had overcharged me and brought to my attention. They fixed the erroneous charge then and there before I'd even left the lobby.

    We had a great vacation and I highly recommend this resort.