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    Temple Resort Experience Đà Nẵng

    : Bãi Biển Mỹ Khê
    Temple Resort Experience Đà Nẵng
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    Temple Resort - Activities
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    Tọa lạc tại Bãi Biển Mỹ Khê, Temple Resort Experience Danang là địa điểm hoàn hảo để cảm nhận Đà Nẵng và các nơi xung quanh. Chỉ cách sân bay 4 Km, nên từ sân bay rất dễ để đi đến khách sạn 3.5 sao này. Một số nơi cho bạn khám phá, cầu sông Hàn, Indochina Riverside Towers, chợ Hàn là một trong những điểm du lịch thích hợp cho khách du lịch.

    Với việc mang lại dịch vụ cao cấp cho khách và một loạt những tiện nghi hiện đại, Temple Resort Experience Danang đã cam kết sẽ đem đến cho bạn một kì nghỉ thoải mái dễ chịu nhất có thể. Nói đến một số thiết bị trong khách sạn, có tủ đựng đồ có khoá, nhà hàng, lưu trữ hành lý, két sắt, bãi đỗ xe.

    Khách có thể chọn 10 phòng có không khí yên bình và tuyệt vời. Những phương tiện giải trí của khách sạn bao gồm thể thao dưới nước (có động cơ), câu cá, thể thao dưới nước (không có động cơ), lặn, bể bơi ngoài trời được thiết kế để đem đến cho bạn sự thư giãn thoải mái. Hãy tận hưởng dịch vụ không gì sánh bằng và địa chỉ thật sự đáng tin cậy tại Temple Resort Experience Danang.

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    Gửi đánh giá
    Good beach but an average hotel


    - By the beach, Da Nang beach is one of the top ten beaches of the world
    - Not crowded
    - Clean bedrooms
    - Ocean view from room's balcony

    - The environment is not exactly clean
    - Average breakfast
    Bad restaurant, nice beach and view

    We came here for lunch and we were given one menu between the 2 of us, which I noticed also happened to other people. He then stood right beside us not saying a word until we picked something from the menu. My meal came first and I managed to finish it all and wait a few minutes before my boyfriends came. Ridiculous. We then had to ask the waiter to come over even though we had been sat with empty plates for 10 minutes. The food was pretty bland too. But on a plus note, the beach is lovely, get given towels and it's very quiet and relaxed
    Beautiful location, but poor facilities

    We stayed here for 5 nights as a family of 6 occupying 3 of the 10 bedroom. We had visited here 2 years ago for lunch and since then the place has become quite run down. The bedrooms are basic but functional. Expensive compared to other local hotels. The rooms back on to the beautiful beach with fabulous views. Breakfast is basic, staff understanding of English is poor as is the service. Unfortunately karaoke bars have opened up along side the property so it is very noisy at night!!! Facilities are very limited so need to use taxi's to go anywhere.
    Temple Danang

    We were at Temple Danang to try out the food. The seafood served at the bistro restaurant was so delicious that we returned a second and third time to try out their Vietnamese food and Western food. We were impressed! We realized then that Temple Danang also provides accommodation. Step out of the balcony and the China Beach awaits you. We’ll definitely make a room booking on our next visit to Danang.

    ホイアン滞在後に、2泊しました。 ミーケビーチの北端に位置しており、海岸沿いのレストラン密集地まで歩いて10分程度の好立地です。 先ずこのミーケビーチ沿いで、ビーチに面したホテルであること自体が貴重です。 毎朝部屋のテラスから直接ビーチに出て、感動的な朝焼けと海を眺めてのんびりできました。 レストランはオープンエアでいかにも南国風、ビールやジュースも非常にお手頃な値段でいただけます。 このホテルはビーチクラブも兼ねているのか、宿泊客以外にもレストランやプール、ビーチの利用で 地元の方々が遊びにきているようでした。 10部屋だけの、こじんまりとした宿泊施設ですが部屋から直接ビーチに出れるし、部屋の広さも充分です。 湿気のせいなのか、ちょっと寝具の匂いが気になりましたが、個人的には我慢できるレベルでした。 欲を言えば、ビーチから帰ってきた後に足を洗える場所がほしいです。 足に砂が付いたまま部屋に帰ってきてしまうので・・・。 朝食は正直イマイチでしたが、値段を考えればかなり頑張っていると評価できると思います。 ともかくこの価格で、この立地で、この綺麗なビーチを独り占めできる環境は他にないだけに、 正直あまり期待していなかった分、コストパフォーマンスの高さに感動しました。 次もここに泊ります!

    We checked in 3 days ago to the most unwelcoming hotel. They had some sort of conference and Did not want us anywhere near it, mind you it took up the whole area, couldn't even go for a swim in their pool. They could not get us to our room quick enough.
    The breakfast that is included in the room rate is pathetic, and the service is terrible, I realise they don't speak English very well but they just agree with you and don't listen.
    The rooms are ok, but no hot water, power points uncovered and midgies and we are both covered in bites.
    I don't think the hotel gets many westerners, and I would never stay here again.
    Meant to be the most romanic stay during our holiday and I'm left disappointed.
    Would not recommend, the hotel might be semi new but very unfinished and lacking everything.
    If you decide to stay here you are a glutton for punishment!
    Very relaxing experience directly on the beach!

    This is a nice to spend a few days and at a very reasonable rate. Finding a place to stay for three adults without large surcharge can be difficult. The Temple DaNang makes it affordable. The property is well located away from the large resorts. Privacy is superb! Lovely beach and the dining is under a huge thatched roof covering. Teak and wicker abound. The staff is by far their strong point. Very helpful and super friendly...they literally cater to your every need. The rooms are nice and the bathroom is remodeled and quite beautiful. Sitting under the roof while dining, then just relaxing while sipping cocktails created a very good short stay experience. I will definitely return!
    Ace location for beach with plenty of room for improvement

    Location is right on the beach, just 10 beach huts constructed in a terrace style as you pass through the main pool area. The ocean views are impressive but the resort itself is very rural and looks like it's still work in progress. We were greeted by a young happy smiley receptionist call Lyn who couldn't do enough for us.

    The room quality was the biggest issue and we'd been used to a lot more from our slightly over-budget $70 a night. We chucked in our bags and headed straight for china beach. The hotel allocated beds are free but surrounded by litter from their previous occupants. A soiled nappy lay on the table in between the sunbeds which the lovely Lyn arranged to clear as she set us up for the afternoon. She even returned with a glass of water for us both.
    Upon returning to our room we discovered a man removing concrete from the roof and that the air con had leaked with a good 2 litres of water gushed out onto the floor, we got one of the managers and her helper and 30 mins later it was fixed. We were ready to go out and the key for the room wouldn't lock the door, as all valuables where either on us or in the safe we left it but could be bad.
    During the night air con went off and we where woken up at 6am with the same guy hanging around on the roof. Breakfast was menu based and tasty so they get a point for this, a point for location and a bonus point for being smiley and helpful! 3/5
    Great potential, needs work

    This hotel/restaurant is right on the My Khe beach in Da Nang. All of the rooms face the beach and have their own private balcony. The staff is friendly and try to accommodate your requests if they can. They took care of a small hiccup with the room efficiently and professionally. The style of the hotel is modern and appealing. Their pool is wonderful. As a relaxation spot this is good. The beach isn't too busy so you don't get touristed out. At night the beach gets more lively with locals coming to enjoy the evening air.

    The restaurant is OK, but needs attention. The selection is limited and they were out of many basics when we visited. The bar had troubles making drinks on their menu. The quality of the food that was delivered was OK, but not spectacular. We ate at the little shops down the road instead and found tasty, inexpensive food by pointing at pictures since we lack the Vietnamese language skills we should have.