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    Tân Sơn Nhất Côn Đảo Resort (Côn Đảo Sea Travel)

    : Biển An Hải
    Tân Sơn Nhất Côn Đảo Resort (Côn Đảo Sea Travel)
    Double Bed
    Guest Room
    Guest Room
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    Tiện nghi khách sạn

    Bãi đậu xe
    Dịch vụ phòng 24 giờ
    Nhà hàng
    Dịch vụ tour
    Quầy Bar
    Thuê xe đạp
    Wifi ở khu vực công cộng
    Côn Đảo Sea Travel Resort sở hữu những phòng nghỉ làm bằng gỗ nằm hài hòa trong cành quan biển xanh nắng vàng thơ mộng. Tất cả tạo nên khu nghỉ mát chất lượng được nhiều du khách yêu thích. 

    Khu nghỉ mát xinh đẹp này tọa lạc tại số 6 Nguyễn Đức Thuận, Côn Đảo, Bà Rịa - Vũng Tàu. Hệ thống các bungalow hướng biển của khách sạn tại Côn Đảo này hứa hẹn sẽ mang đến cho du khách một chuyến đi đáng nhớ. 

    Ẩn mình trong các khu vườn xanh mát, mỗi bungalow của Côn Đảo Sea Travel trang bị khá đầy đủ TV LCD, truyền hình vệ tinh/ cáp, điều hòa không khí, mini bar, máy sấy tóc, máy nước nóng/ lạnh, giường ngủ, phòng tắm có áo choàng tắm. Bên cạnh đó, dịch vụ phòng, tour khám phá, cửa hàng lưu niệm, đưa đón khách sạn/ sân bay, cho thuê xe đạp… cũng được khu nghỉ mát cung cấp một cách hoàn hảo. 

    Cuối ngày, sau khi tắm biển và vui chơi thỏa thích, du khách hãy tìm đến nhà hàng của Sea Travel resort Côn Đảo để thưởng thức các thực đơn đa dạng gồm hải sản tươi ngon và nhiều món ngon khác. Cùng cả gia đình ăn tối, nghe tiếng sóng vỗ về trong không gian ấm cúng như thế sẽ xua tan đi bao mệt mỏi thường ngày của du khách. Do đó, bạn hãy chọn dịch vụ đặt phòng khách sạn trực tuyến Asiabooking để trải nghiệm mọi thứ tốt nhất từ khu nghỉ mát.

    Điểm nổi bật

    Ý kiến đánh giá của khách hàng
    Gửi đánh giá
    Perfect sea view from the log

    We had arrived the resort at 12AM then very quickly they let us check in at 1PM. Our 1st room is 301 which was little bit noisy while the stone path to the beach is in contraction. We have request for a new room in quieter place and they changed for us the room 201. It was perfect with a swing chair in front of the balcony of the log.
    The big window of the log gave us a perfect view of the sea. You even can enjoy a thousand stars on the sky at night or even a cool air in the daylight under the big trees in front in the swing chair or just lazy stay in the balcony.
    You need to walk only 20 steps to the white sand beach in the afternoon then very quickly come back your log.
    The restaurant is nice with a small bar next too where provide a very good cocktail. Seafood is fresh and they cooked them very well too.
    The a chosen breakfast is hot and you can have a wide range of food for your choice.
    Note: They will need to keep your original passport at least 1 hour for resident register with the authority policemen in this island as the rule here is very strictly. So, please understand for them.
    Nice view... but rats?

    The first room we stayed in seemed fine. Air conditioner worked well, shower stall seemed clean and maintained, and the patio seating area had a nice view. Unfortunately, the mice/rats changed our perspective.

    We heard little 'things' scurrying around late at night. Didn't think much of it until chomping and biting noises accompanied their footsteps. Turned on the light to find a nice big hole in the bag of chips we brought as a mid-day snack. What happened the next morning? We told one of the attendants (even showed them pictures), but they just brushed it off. No big deal, we'll go into your room and plug any/all holes we can find. I... got upset. We found another attendant who seemed to be more understanding and said he'd move us into another room as soon as we get back from our day trip. They kept their word and the new bungalow seemed rodent free.

    BUT-- We were smoked in on the last night of our stay. I guess it's common to burn trash in this part of the world, but I thought there might be a better way of doing so. We woke up around midnight to find our bungalow filled with smoke. We investigated only to find the entire bay clouded with fumes (organic and inorganic). We talked to the night shift who ended up telling us there's nothing he could do because the smoke was coming from another hotel and we just so happened to be downwind of it. Bring an inhaler. I wish I had mine.

    Breakfast? Order as much as you want but beware. Standard menu-- eggs, toast, Vietnamese soup dish, juices, coffee, and tea. Limited selection so don't show up expecting an amazing spread. I called a Vietnamese soup during my first day. Found a fat rice weevil floating around (dead, of course). Once again, we showed the bowl to the staff. Once again, they responded with "Oh, no big deal. That's common." I stuck to instant noodles from then on.

    So, why 2/5? Well, the room was spacious and looked clean as far as we could tell. They had a person waiting for us at the airport and took us back in a timely fashion. Air conditioner worked, bathroom amenities were provided, and 'bungalows' were semi-private (shares one wall). At least we didn't get bed bugs?

    Tip: this property is a bit far from the main town. If you decide on staying here, rent a bicycle/scooter.
    Fantastic resort - excellent service!

    Great resort right on the beach. Excellent food and service.
    Breathtaking bungalows with a view to die for
    I'll give my highest recomendations to this resort.

    Meet Con Dao before other travellers discover this Vietnamese pearl.
    Peaceful and natural with no frills.

    Basic accommodation but great location on the beach. Loved that there were so few other quests which made it very peaceful. Rent scooters from them and zoot around the town it's good fun. Main downside is the food. Rather eat out or buy local at the market.
    Wonderful stay.

    What a pleasure to stay here. No it is not five star but that is not what I paid for. Staff young friendly and professional , cabins beautifully located. Food local but well presented.
    A comfortable stay in beautiful surrounds. I would not hesitate to return.
    Chất lượng tốt, dịch vụ ổn, thân thiện

    Tôi tới đây nghỉ 1 đêm và đi khảo sát các dịch vụ khác. Tại Côn đảo, số lượng resort không quá nhiều, đa phần mini hotel, với chất lượng như hiện tại, để xây và làm dịch.vụ tại đảo rất khó khăn, thì đây là 1 điểm nghỉ dưỡng hợp lý.

    Everything else was ok, but there was bedbugs in my bungalow. I had so many bites after first night. I changed my room, but it's very difficult to get rid of bedbugs. Wifi at bungalows doesn't really work.
    pleasant stay

    We had a bungalows 30 meters from water, the sand was fantastic..
    The staff is friendly and the all you can eat breakfast is nice! It is good they have that policy!!

    All in all fantastic rooms and value for money
    Great location, nice bungalows, stunning views

    We were not disappointed at all with Seatravel. We had a great time for 10 days here!

    Okay, the rooms are a little bit dated but very clean, spacious and more than enough. The view from the terrace (or through the french windows) is wonderful, and the sea is right there. Any request we had was delivered (i.e. we asked for a hammock, we rented a decent motorbike for a very good rate.) The food is good although the service is a little slow. Breakfast choice is good,- several local style soups and also European tastes catered for with baguettes and eggs etc. We would recommend it and definitely stay here again!

    The staff were very friendly and welcoming, more guests need to learn just to speak more slowly then they will understand...
    Rats everywhere

    We chose to stay at this hotel for a weekend at Con Dao. Checked in at 4PM and had to leave at midnight after finding rats in the room and they even run on the ceiling, in the wooden wall. The manager didn't show up to solve the problem. The room and toilet is not clean. Telephone doesn't work so you have to walk to the reception if have any request.