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    Silverland Jolie Hotel & Spa (La Jolie Sài Gòn)

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    Silverland Jolie Hotel & Spa (La Jolie Sài Gòn)
    (Đơn vị tính là 1000đ)
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    Junior Suite
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    Phòng 2 giường đơn Deluxe
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    Khách sạn La Jolie Sài Gòn sử dụng gam màu trắng sang trọng làm chủ đạo. Đây là khách sạn dễ thương, tiện nghi mà du khách nên lựa chọn khi đến với du lịch đến thành phố mang tên Bác.

    Tọa lạc tại khu trung tâm, từ khách sạn du khách sẽ dễ dàng đến các địa điểm hấp dẫn của Sài Gòn như: bảo tàng di tích chiến tranh, chợ Bến Thành, bưu điện thành phố… Hệ thống 63 phòng nghỉ của khách sạn tại TPHCM này trang bị cơ sở vật chất hiện đại cùng sự hỗ trợ nhiệt thành từ đội ngũ nhân viên chuyên nghiệp. Tất cả sẽ giúp du khách có được một chuyến đi vui vẻ, thư thái.

    Bên trong các phòng nghỉ rộng rãi, trang nhã này có đầy đủ hệ thống khóa điện tử, két an toàn, TV, internet/wifi, điện thoại quốc tế, 2 chai nước khoáng mỗi ngày, giường ngủ và phòng tắm có các vật dụng cá nhân… Nhằm hỗ trợ tốt nhất nhu cầu của khách, La Jolie Hotel & Spa còn cung cấp phòng hội nghị dành cho doanh nhân khi muốn tổ chức tiệc chiêu đãi hay gặp gỡ đối tác.

    Khi lưu trú tại đây, bạn vẫn có thể giữ thói quen rèn luyện sức khỏe tại phòng tập thể dục. Hoặc nếu bạn đam mê khám phá thì hãy tham gia các tour tham quan hấp dẫn cùng dịch vụ du lịch của khách sạn. Không thể thiếu là khu vực nhà hàng thiết kế ấm cúng đi kèm các thực đơn món buffet đa dạng, chế biến thơm ngon. Đặc biệt, dành một chút thư giãn tại KL Spa cũng là một gợi ý hay giúp du khách giải tỏa căng thẳng sau một ngày khám phá và ngủ ngon hơn.  

    Điểm nổi bật

    Cafe Bệt (902m)
    Quán Wild Pub (1.7km)
    Viện Pasteur (2.1km)
    IBox karaoke (4.6km)
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    DO NOT STAY HERE- One of the worst Hotels I have stayed out!

    This has got to be one of the worst hotels I have ever stayed at.

    I had booked a room for 3 people incurring the extra cost, and upon arrival I was told that I would have to incur another fee for the extra bed on top of the extra person

    I had made the booking specifically through their website (which was more expensive than other Hotel sites) as they had the below special promotions
    - 1/ Free 01 voucher 45-min-foot massage for all bookings for 02 consecutive nights (only applicable for 02-night-bookings and NOT valid for bookings more than 02 nights).
    - 2/ Free Airport pick-up service for all bookings for 03 consecutive nights (maximum 03 guests per room reserved).
    When I tried to redeem the 45 minute foot massage, I was told that I could not receive it as you only got the free airport pick-up or the foot massage. I then decided no longer to proceed with booking other massages, and the staff were overly insistent about us booking massages at the hotel that they called numerous times and even visited the room.

    They did not provide an iron in the room, and therefore we had to call reception to get our clothes ironed. We were not informed we would incur a cost and were charged for this.

    Everytime I interacted with staff they could not understand my questions/requests. Also when I would call reception, they would always advise they would call back but never did.

    The rooms are not sound proof, and there is a lot of noise from stairwell and upstairs bar.

    The hand basin tap would spray when it was turned on. The shower water heat was also inconsistent and would go from cold to burning hot without touching it.

    When settling the bill, again they tried to charge me for an extra bed even though we had removed the extra bed upon check in
    Ok but not really worth the price

    For our last night in HCMC we decided to treat ourselves with a beautiful hotel and double the price that we usually paid for a hotel room in Vietnam. We also wanted a pool to cool off. Well, it was not a good idea. The hotel is not a huge plaza but is quite classy and the location is central. The staff is nice and the breakfast (included) was really good. However, and I think this is our mistake for not paying enough attention to the hotel and the room descriptions, but we were really disappointed. The room was nice but small, with no outside window (except a tiny one in the bathroom and 2 big ones that you cannot open, one between the room and the corridor and the other between the room and the bathroom, with curtains). And there was no swimming pool on the roof top, just a small HOT tub, not really appealing when it’s really hot outside! Nevertheless the small roof top is nice and the view on the river is beautiful. From our point of view, it was really not worth the price, 25$ hotel rooms were clearly a better deal!
    Very helpful staff (Cong), great breakfast and amazing rooftop

    We loved our stay at La Jolie hotel, a month before I emailed to ask about booking bus tickets to our next destination and Cong at the front desk did this for us, emailing us back straight away. Cong and Thun were unbelievably helpful in helping us to change our plans. Room was great, Jacuzzi bath a bonus, breakfast outstanding, internet was fast and the roof top pool/Jacuzzi is a worldlie. Our only one request (unrealistic at that) is to ban all kids. That would be great.
    same same but the roof is different!

    I was looking for so many choices of hotels in the similar range, and i stumbled across La Jolie by myself, well last second of clicking to book, why? I was curious about the pool on top of this narrow building which almost impossible to have a pool, it sounded fantastic to be located in the heart of the town with less honking sound and the pool...
    Yes, indeed, it was a jacuzzi pool on the rooftop as the photo show! i have to admit that it was a great great deal at last to have this treat.
    also they have good value of spa and treatment, highly recommended.
    i adored the decor here on this floor, that they used reclaim wood and old shuttle windows to add more warmth in designing touch to the place. thumped up on this effort. The feeling when dipping myself in the warm jacuzzi pool was fantastic. just wondering, only 4 people were the max to fill the pool.
    oh well.. but it was so pleasant!
    the room is basic, nothing to excite about but they added good element into the decor. i like it and it was worth the price, except the breakfast. We came down a little bit before 10 am before it closed down, the staff turned us down that it's 10am, we insisted to have whatever left and literally they just let us dig whatever left, a bit uncool to me and us for the rest of the stay.
    very nice jacuzzi

    The hotel is very good, especially the jacuzzi where you can chill out at the end of the evening. Breakfast is also excellent and with many options. The area is not too central so you will need to take a taxi home.
    Always an excellent stay.

    Have stayed here several times over the past few years, and each time I am more impressed. The quality of service (which was already great) continues to improve and exceed my expectations. The manager, Miss Ann, is a true professional at her job, and always provides outstanding customer service, as do all of her staff. Be sure to check out the in house spa for a wonderful massage - one of the best I've had in HCMC.
    amazing hotel with great rooftop

    You will not regret this hotel. Nice services, nice room and clean as the photo. Also breakfast is ok. What it make so special is the rooftop with jacuzi. You will surely nice time in the evening with some beer on the jacuzi and nice nightseeing of ho chi minh.
    Horrid food

    Very strange layout of rooms, with indoor rooms having no external windows! The external windows that were there didn't feel safe opening out wide on the 7th floor not ideal when travelling with children. The food was horrid- do not eat there!
    The staff however were lovely and did everything they could to make our stay pleasant but we moved after 1 night...
    Weekend Stay in Ho Chi Minh City

    Great central location near Opera House in Ho Chi Minh.
    We loved the quaintness of the hotel. The staff members were all very nice and accommodating.
    When we arrived, we received a welcome drink. The breakfast provided was plentiful and provided various options including Western dishes. When we arrived, we received a welcome drink.
    Overall, it was a lovely weekend and the hotel provided us a very nice place to rest our heads after touring the city.
    Nothing to complain about if you choose the proper room

    The hotel is right in the center, service is courteous, I chose a Suite, so the space and amenities were quite good, nice view on the river. In my opinion, if you go to a hotel of this kind, go for the best rooms, otherwise you end up in a blind box or with people passing by your window.
    Breakfast very impressive for this size of hotel, good western + Vietnamese selection. No Espresso / Americano, bu the local drip coffee is good enough.