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    Salinda Phú Quốc Island Resort & Spa

    : An Thới
    Salinda Phú Quốc Island Resort & Spa

    Khuyến mãi du lịch

    Ưu đãi cuối năm! Đến 08/04/2021
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    Phòng Deluxe, Quang cảnh đồi núi
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    Phòng Suite, Quang cảnh biển
    Biệt thự, Quang cảnh vườn
    Premium Deluxe Sea View
    Phòng Deluxe, Quang cảnh biển

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    Salinda Premium Resort & Spa Phú Quốc là nơi hòa hợp giữa thiên nhiên và dịch vụ chất lượng dành cho nghỉ dưỡng chuẩn 5 sao hay các hoạt động tham quan, thưởng ngoạn lý thú tại đảo ngọc.

    Tọa lạc tại Ấp Cửa Lấp, Xã Dương Tơ, đảo Phú Quốc, Kiên Giang. Resort Salinda Premium gây ấn tượng với du khách ngay từ cái nhìn đầu tiên. Một không gian mở thiết kế hiện đại, độc đáo tràn ngập sắc xanh của hoa cỏ. Bạn sẽ cảm thấy cả thiên nhiên như đang ùa vào mình thật sống động.

    Resort tại Phú Quốc này có tổng cộng 121 phòng cùng các tiện nghi tốt nhất từ TV LCD, truyền hình vệ tinh, két an toàn, máy lạnh, mini bar, máy pha trà/cà phê đến internet không dây tốc độ cao, máy sấy tóc, giường ngủ êm ái… cùng một phòng tắm trang bị áo choàng tắm và dép đi trong phòng. Ngoài ra, bơi lội bể bơi ngoài trời, nhâm nhi cocktail tại bar hay hát ca thoải mái ở phòng karaoke âm thanh sống động… là những hoạt động thú vị mà bạn và gia đình nên trải nghiệm. Nếu bạn có các sự kiện trọng đại, hội họp thì dịch vụ tổ chức sự kiện của Salinda hoàn toàn có thể đáp ứng.

    Đặc biệt, nhà hàng Salinda nằm cạnh bãi biển với không gian thoáng mát chuyên phục vụ điểm tâm, các loại rượu hảo hạng cùng thực đơn Á – Âu đặ sắc do những đầu bếp tài năng chế biến sẽ là nơi lý tưởng để du khách nạp năng lượng. Một chút thư giãn cùng dịch vụ spa tại Salinda Premium Resort sẽ rất hợp lý để bạn kết thúc một ngày dài khám phá

    Điểm nổi bật

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    Gửi đánh giá
    Exceptional hotel and staff

    I simply cannot fault this hotel. Firstly, I would like to praise the management and customer service teams at Salina. My now fiancé and I arrived around midday without a reservation (which is not unusual for us as we like to check out the best hotels ourselves before booking), and I must say we immediately got a good feeling about this hotel. The staff are absolutely wonderful, everyone is so welcoming and friendly. We asked to see the garden villa (which also had an ocean view), and it was beautiful. We booked immediately. We visited PhuQuoc during the Lunar New Year holiday, which proved very hectic (all domestic flights and trains were pre-booked weeks in advance!). However, the wonderful team at Salinda made every effort to help us find flights, trains, cars, etc to help us with our journey. We felt so bad to take up so much of their time! My partner and I have stayed in many five-star hotels across Southeast Asia and I can say that you cannot find such friendly and personal service anywhere else. We planned to stay 3 nights, but went to extremes to postpone our flight by another night to further indulge at this beautiful hotel. What can I say, the villa was beautiful, breakfast was simply amazing (huge variety of gorgeous food you can enjoy in a serene outdoor area), and live music by the pool bar was just the cherry on top of the icing! We were heartbroken to leave after 4 wonderful nights... but only found ourselves crawling back for another three nights!

    The staff knew everything there is to know about this island. We were spoilt for choice when it came to fun in PhuQuoc. Of course, we had to indulge in the hotel's own beautiful beach and take advantage of the kayaks, but being an adventurous couple, we also wanted to further explore the island. We rented a motorbike from the shop right opposite the hotel, and went all around the island. The North side of the island has beautiful beaches, which are private and secluded - it felt like we had the whole beach to ourselves! The bike ride there was simply amazing- we took the longer route as we were told it was very scenic, and my god it was! The southern part of the island also has breath-taking beaches, it felt like heaven.

    All in all, it was a perfect hotel on a perfect island. The team at Salinda made the stay what it was. Seeing even more luxury hotels in this part of the world made us realise just how special Salinda is. Jeevan, the manager, is the heart and soul of this hotel! The relaxed atmosphere created here makes all staff feel so at ease and spend much time with you. Thomas, English but has the most brilliant Vietnamese pronunciation who spent most of his morning planning our day and Tung with the biggest and smile and most exciting conversation that you want to ask to leave work and have a few drinks with you.

    We are currently in Bali now and got engaged. Off course congratulations sent to us from Jeevan and the whole team. Sorry this review is WELL overdue, we shall be back soon. Hate to write such a good review as I know this place is going to be fully booked every time i want to stay there.
    Friendly staff/ comfortable/ high quality of mattress/ free pick up airpot and vice versa

    - Service: reach our expectation, we are welcomed warmly with full support of staff when we required to upgrade room. Welcome drink also very fresh and tasty. Hotel offer us free room extend till 2PM
    - Breakfast: it was not a satisfy one since stew beef is too much dry and there is nothing special. "Banh canh" is acceptable, the homemade caramelize milk is so good.
    - Room: every room has balcony with full sunlight, clean bathroom with amazing amenity. I feel comfortable with mattress and pillow cauze of their high quality
    - Ambience: good with reasonably design and arrangement around pool

    We booked the hotel for 5 nights for a reasonable price. Having arrived in Rach gia the night before, to get the ferry to Phu Quoc, we were worried when we realised the ferry was fully booked. I phoned Salinda for help, and a lady called Ellie saved our trip! Her English was amazing as she looked at different ways we could get to them. She arranged for a bus to pick us up, take us to Ha Tien, and then booked us onto a different ferry to Phu Quoc. She saved us time and money, helping us when we thought we were stranded! We were even upgraded from a hill view room to a sea view room.

    The service at the hotel was fantastic. The staff were all extremely helpful and friendly. The food was pretty good, although they recommended we go to Mango Bay for the sunset views which had slightly better food. The sunsets were out of this world.

    We were unlucky with the weather but that didn't dampen our incredible stay at Salinda. Well worth it!
    Great Luxury Hotel for Vietnam!

    We had a great 5 night stay here. The rooms are wonderful, large with a balcony and huge bed!

    The pool area is lovely, very well laid out and the staff were great.

    The highlight for us was the breakfast (the only meal we ate at the hotel as we opted for the amazing fresh seafood at the night market in the evenings). The selection was incredible with many different nationalities working here made it even better.

    I had two treatments at the spa, both of which were excellent. The spa I felt was expensive but the service was excellent.

    A personal thank you to Thomas, who looked after us exceptionally well during our stay, checking our flight times and always being on hand when we wanted to book a trip or had questions. His local knowledge and insight was excellent.

    The only frustrating thing was paying for water-although you are provided a free small bottle in your room, you are expected to pay for this everywhere else. A bit disappointing for a 5 star. Most other 5 star hotels we stayed in, in Vietnam provided free water.

    Would definitely recommend the hotel! It is also owned by an individual not a huge corporation, which I liked!
    Fantastic Hotel

    The staff made this place in my opinions. Friendly, well informed but not in your face or false as can be the case in many hotels. The spa was excellent and the massages we had were the best i can remember (im a qualified masseur).
    The grounds and pool looked great and were kept although the pool was a touch cold i have to admit.
    If we were to go back to Phu Quoc we would definitely be staying here again.
    The best hotel on the island

    This hotel was recommended to us by a friend who stayed there in May this year.

    The hotel grounds were immaculate and the breakfast choices were amazing. It's fair to say we all ate far too much!

    I have to say that our suite at Salinda was the nicest and most stylish we have stayed in. We also booked a double sea view and a twin mountain view room for the family. It's fair to say that those rooms were also very nice and comfortable too.

    The staffs at Salinda were all very friendly and helpful. Also, the pick up and drop off at the airport was a fantastic service - nice touch.

    The hotel is a little pricey but definitely worth it as it really is a truly luxury place to stay. Such a shame that it mostly rained while we were there as its the monsoon season. I can imagine that had the weather been better, Salinda would have been even more perfect.

    I would highly recommend Salinda to friends and family and would definitely stay here again next time we go to Phu Quoc Island.
    An oustanding hotel

    The taxi driver informed us that this was the best hotel on the island. He was not wrong. We stayed in August which is out of season for Phu Quoc so you cannot go in the sea due to rip tides. The pool however was beautiful as were the hotel grounds. The hotel is new and absolutely fabulous in every way. The staff were wonderful and take pride in assisting you in any way they can. A particular thanks to Thomas and Dung. Breakfast was excellent and the choice was incredible. We did not eat dinner at the hotel as it was quite costly. This hotel is not cheap but you get what you pay for! This is by far the best hotel we have ever stayed at. Would go back tomorrow.
    The best Phu quoc spa

    Incredible massage,Luxury place and very good service. I did thai massage and the massauer was very elegant , dedicated and also you can choose the smelt of the saloon where she did the massage. They give you TE at the begining and when you finish.
    You can pay with credit card.
    Memorable place @ Salinda.

    We visited there 4days.Salinda is good location from airport. It was so nice blue sky and cool wind the first half of the 2 days so we enjoyed pool and tourism.
    Staff are so kind especially a man who is at restaurant in the dinner time. Of course foods is perfect and due to his nice arrangement we did spend a wonderful time. The second half of the 2 days was rain unfortunately but it also was fun. We could see a beautiful green in the garden. And we enjoyed to take Spa menu of three hours. I think they have a god hands!!! We were able to spend the best time ever. Thank you so much for great hospitality.
    Immaculate hotel 5star hotel

    Very impressed when we arrived. We paid £2 for two of us from airport to hotel.
    Staff at the airport took the money and lead us to a well organised taxi service to hotel. On arrival to hotel we were greeted with staff who are polite and efficient. We had breakfast included and that had a huge range of choice...also there is free WiFi..amazing pool and sunset views and private beach. The synchronised hotel massage was the best massage i have ever had.There is a cash point outside famina resort next to our hotel and a grocery and a bar.. This bar is great and sorted out my sim card for Vietnam for £3. There is a restaurant also outside the hotel if you wanted to try something different from the excellent restaurant in the hotel. There is walk along the beach heading right of the hotel and ends at place where it becomes a pier..then we turned onto the main road to walk to the town centre..3hours there and back. Staff very helpful and local people very friendly and welcoming and seems very safe. Phu quoc is not overloaded with foreign tourists..its a gem and hope it stays that way.