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    Pullman Đà Nẵng Beach Resort

    : Bãi Biển Bắc Mỹ An
    Pullman Đà Nẵng Beach Resort
    Pullman DN Resort - Guest Room 2
    Cottage 2 bdr Room
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    Trẻ em
    Loại phòng
    Cottage, 1 giường đôi
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    Phòng Suite Grand, 1 giường cỡ king, Hiên (Private Terrace)
    Phòng Suite, 1 giường cỡ king (Suite)
    Grand suite

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    Quầy Bar
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    Sân tennis
    Wifi ở khu vực công cộng
    Pullman Danang Beach Resort thừa hưởng vẻ đẹp của biển Bắc Mỹ AnĐà Nẵng kết hợp không gian nghỉ dưỡng tuyệt vời chuẩn 5 sao. Đây là resort lý tưởng cho kỳ nghỉ vàng bên gia đình, bạn bè.

    Resort tọa lạc trên đường Trường Sa, Bãi biển Bắc Mỹ An, Đà Nẵng. du khách sẽ mê đắm trước không gian xa hoa, biển xanh nắng gọi của Pullman Danang. Khu nghỉ dưỡng cung cấp các tour tham quan thành phố, khám phá Hội An – Huế cùng nhiều dịch vụ, tiện nghi cao cấp khác.

    187 phòng nghỉ tại Pullman Danang trang bị TV, wifi, giường ngủ, bồn tắm, nội thất gỗ, nước khoáng miễn phí, mini bar, máy pha trà/ cà phê… Các dịch vụ đi kèm như bãi đậu xe, khu vui chơi trẻ em, cửa hàng lưu niệm, spa, nhà hàng, phòng hội nghị… Tất cả đều được resort chuẩn bị chu đáo nhằm mang đến một kỳ nghỉ khó quên trong lòng du khách.

    Ngoài ra, các hoạt động giải trí như: đánh golf, tennis, hồ bơi Jacuzzi, Sauna, thể thao nước là một phần thiết yếu làm nên uy tín của Pullman Danang Beach Resort. Nhân viên chuyên nghiệp và đa dạng dịch vụ đã khiến resort trở thành ngôi nhà thứ 2 mỗi khi du khách Du lịch Đà Nẵng

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    Great Beach Resort with excellent services

    A great beach resort - nice beach full with optional activities. Gym facilities is good but could be improved . They provide TRX, which most of the hotels gym do not provide.

    It would be better if they also serve afternoon high tea set.

    Bed is very comfortable
    Lovely hotel with private beach

    Our room was on a high floor overlooking the pool & ocean, spacious & comfortable. The beach was fabulous with good waves for surfing, pool was lovely, excellent service. There were a huge selection at breakfast, the music during breakfast was annoying & repetitive and my husband asked a staff to change it. We arrived early and our room was not ready which we didn't mind waiting in the lobby bar. We did't get a warm reception we expected in a 5-star resort, the lobby was hot, crowded with noisy Aseanic guests, and we weren't offered any refreshment, not even some iced water. It was certainly very disappointing to see refreshment was offered to Aseanic guests. The concierge was excellent, assisted with our flight confirmation, tours and transport.
    Lovely hotel with a great beach

    This property definitely deserves a 5 star rating. It is a resort hotel set on a long and fairly narrow plot leading onto a private (ish) beach. The pool is well sized and there is a beach bar which offers two happy 2hours a day.

    The hotel has two restaurants, both of which offered well cooked and tasty food, the main restaurant also provides an excellent breakfast which should cater for most tastes.

    We travelled as a family of 2 adults and 2 children and had 2 rooms in the main building (which were both very nice), however if we returned we would book one of the villa rooms which are perhaps better suited to a family group.

    The staff are all very friendly and obviously well trained.

    We would have no hesitation in recommending this hotel to someone looking for a quality hotel offering good food, good rooms and a lovely setting for some quality R & R
    Wonderful stay

    We had a week at this resort and it was a beautiful place to stay. The staff were fantastic and so friendly and helpful. The rooms and food couldn't be faulted. We stayed in a one bedroom room which was great for the two of us. Our daughter and family stayed in a villa which was spacious and had a great entertaining area.
    A lovely hotel

    This is a very nice hotel but what makes it special is the people.
    The staff are/were lovely.
    Collection at airport went without a hitch and the trip was very pleasant - as was the return ride when leaving.
    The check in was quick and painless and I got to meet so many people including Mr. Nott the GM.
    They made us feel very special.
    They themselves are the first to say this isn't in the same league as other super deluxe hotels nearby (I have reviewed some). Where they aim to score is on service and they do. Their attention is outstanding.
    Room was a deluxe suite and it was very good, spacious airy and clean and efficiently serviced every day.
    The breakfast was wide ranging and ample- this hotel like many others is starting to see an influx of coach tour guests from certain Countries - who bluntly spoil a good thing for everyone. the complexion of travel is changing and sadly not for the better. This clientele basically couldn't care less about anyone other than themselves and are noisy and ill mannered. The breakfasts taken early were a bit of trial when a "bus tour were present" with selfie sticks loud voices loud phones and the manners of the farmyard! Not the hotels fault but sadly its going to get spoiled by these people.
    One dining room criticism the music is awful and intrusive- not everyone like jazz and or techno rap played at high decibels.
    The pool area was well maintained but a bit short on loungers if you came late. there were lots of beds on the beach and staff would move them for you Again loud intrusive music spoiled it a little.
    Pool service was adequate.
    The gym was convenient- open early and late and well equipped.
    Dinners at the hotel were fine and some dishes exceptionally tasty.
    We experienced the spa and it was clean efficient and well laid out but difficult to get appointments even a day or more in advance. the massage was adequate nothing exceptional.
    We signed up for the shuttle to Hoi An and it was on time and efficient.
    Concierge services were very good and thanks to Dieu, Yuen and Son for all their help - especially with the star anise!
    We did the cooking class and it was great fun the Chef- Stefan demurred in favour of his Vietnamese colleague and he was great. It was a really good experience and though I say so myself the food was good!
    All in all a great place a credit to the GM and his staff- English levels outstanding I thought.
    Sad that it will get dragged down by couldn't care less visitors,
    Lovely hotel with amazing staff!

    We stayed at the Pullman recently and had an amazing holiday! The hotel is top notch and all the staff amazing, very helpful and always with a smile on their faces. Special thanks to Cuong, Vu, Binh,Tin,Dong and Uyan who looked after us especially well. Our rooms were spotless and well appointed. Food was of a great quality. There was always plenty of room around the beach and pool. Thanks to all at the Pullman for a great holiday!
    Paradise in Danang

    Fantastic stay at Pullman Danang! Four of us stayed, my wife and I stayed in a Junior suite, excellent room. The service was superb from start to finish. The hotel itself was amazing, food was delicious. Definately at the top of my favourite hotels ever! There was a little confusion among staff with my accor advantage plus card as to where and what I could use it for but i'm sure it will be sorted. Thanks to all the staff for a very enjoyable stay. Will be back for sure. Loved every minute.
    Great Beach Front Home Base

    We chose this beach resort as our last stop in a 3 week Asia journey. Our hope was to get some rest and unwind after a long trip. We had very high expectations, and Pullman Da Nang exceeded these in every way.

    Service was impeccable...timely and with a smile. Grounds were well maintained and beautiful. From the beach you can see the big Buddha statue across the bay.

    Overall, the food from the restaurants and bars was good, but nothing special. Western food was what you'd expect and used to getting...important if you are craving 'continental' food. Vietnamese food was good too, but better if you venture outside of the resort...and at a fraction of the price.
    Pullman Da nang Bech Resort đẹp và tuyệt vời.

    Bên mình vừa làm hội nghị ở Pullman Da nang Beach Resort, cảm nhận ở đây là nhân viên thì vô cùng dễ mến, thân thiện chu đáo và nhiệt tình ở tất cả các bộ phận, đồ ăn khá ngon miệng, bếp trưởng niềm nở và vui tính . Phòng ở tiện nghi, hiện đại, phòng họp và các phòng chức năng cũng rất tốt, rất phù hợp với một hội nghị lớn vừa rồi bên mình. Hi vọng sớm có dịp vào Đà nẵng và ở Pullman.
    "Mọi thứ ở Đà Nẵng đều hoàn hảo"

    Pullman Danang là lựa chọn đúng đắn nhất cho chuyến đi của gia đình tôi tại Việt Nam từ ngày 28 tháng 2 đến ngày 1 tháng 3. Chúng tôi đã nghỉ tại phòng 701.
    Đây là một địa điểm hoàn hảo vì chúng tôi vừa có thể ngắm nhìn biển cả đẹp đẽ, vừa có thể thư giãn.

    Chúng tôi cảm thấy rất biết ơn dịch vụ đưa đón miễn phí tại sân bay bất chấp việc đã có sự chậm trễ trong chuyến bay của chúng tôi. Đội ngũ nhân viên đã giúp đỡ chúng tôi hết mình. Họ thật tốt bụng và có phong cách làm việc xuất sắc. Sau khi đến khách sạn, người quản lý đã đón tiếp nồng nhiệt khiến chúng tôi cảm thấy vinh dự hơn cả những vị khách đặc biệt trong khách sạn.

    Thêm nữa, điều kiện phòng ở đây rất tốt, luôn được dọn dẹp sạch sẽ. Nhân viên dọn phòng rất đúng giờ khi đưa cho chúng tôi khăn tắm, dầu gội đầu...

    "Mọi thứ ở Đà Nẵng đều hoàn hảo"
    Nếu tôi có cơ hội du lịch tại Đà Nẵng một lần nữa thì chắc chắn là tôi sẽ nghỉ tại Pullman Danang.