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    Palm Garden Resort

    : Bãi biển Cửa Đại
    Palm Garden Resort
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    Bungalow, 1 giường đôi hoặc 2 giường đơn, Cạnh bãi biển
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    Phòng Deluxe, Quang cảnh biển
    Phòng Deluxe, Quang cảnh vườn
    Phòng Superior, Quang cảnh vườn

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    Palm Garden Resort là khu nghỉ dưỡng 5 sao dành cho du khách yêu thiên nhiên hay mê đắm vẻ đẹp Phố cổ Hội An. du khách sẽ được hòa cùng thiên nhiên tại resort từng đạt giải thưởng là khu nghỉ dưỡng tiêu chuẩn xanh của Asia.

    Palm Garden là tên gọi bắt nguồn từ vị trí lý tưởng của khu vườn nhiệt đới rộng 5 ha với hơn 400 cây cọ và các dãy phòng riêng biệt bao bọc là cỏ xanh ngắt. Khu nghỉ mát tọa lạc tại đường Lạc Long Quân, biển Cửa Đại, Hội An. Từ Palm Garden, bạn chỉ mất 5 phút để đến phố cổ.

    Palm Garden có tổng cộng 188 phòng nghỉ được trang trí đẹp mắt với đồ trang trí bằng lụa tơ tằm, gỗ hay gốm sứ Việt Nam. Khu nghỉ mát có nhiều loại phòng như: phòng deluxe, bungalow, phòng sang trọng. Ngoài ra, Palm Garden Hội An còn có 14 phòng nằm cạnh biển và hướng ra biển, 6 phòng nằm trong khuôn viên vườn cọ xanh mát. 3 Junior Suite và 1 Presidential Suite cũng là những khu riêng được thiết kế trang nhã.

    Mỗi phòng tại Palm Garden Resort trang bị đầy đủ tiện nghi như: Ti vi LCD, giường ngủ, máy sấy tóc, bàn làm việc, bồn tắm… Các dịch vụ du lịch, đổi ngoại tệ, cho thuê xe đạp, đưa đón khách sạn/sân bay, phục vụ ăn tại phòng hay hội họp, sự kiện đều được phục vụ khi du khách có nhu cầu.

    Tại Palm Garden du khách có thể thưởng thức các bữa ăn trong ngày với nhiều địa điểm khác nhau. Một bữa sáng thịnh soạn tại cafe sân thượng, bữa trưa mát mẻ tại Court yard hay bữa tối ấm áp tại nhà hàng Colibri Beach. Bên cạnh đó, Cotino Club Bar sẽ là lựa chọn dành cho những bạn trẻ yêu thích tiệc tùng, sự sôi động. du khách cũng có thể tham gia lớp Tai Chi hay thử thách với các môn thể thao như dù lượn và lướt ván của Palm Garden Resort .

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    A lovely resort but needs some final touches

    We were felt very welcome when we arrived for 5 nights at this report with my family. We were in two garden rooms which were small, which was surprising for the cost and they were not the basic rooms. The storage were not sufficient within the rooms, no drawers etc. The pool was large enough with enough beds and options. It was however very hotter, we enjoyed going in the sea more. The beach was lovely but more details could be given for litter picking outside the hotel on the beach as there were bottle tops and glass. It was great having life guards and they were very polite handling out the towels. The gym was ok, could do with some more equipment and the air condition being cooler. We enjoying hiring the bike to go into town. We felt safe out and about. And we made use of hiring the tennis court, we did however fell that these should not have been charged for. We only ate in the restaurant once and it was hard work with the service, they weren't interested until we started playing card with our daughters. The hotel had a good selection for breakfast to meet all needs. The hotel needs to work on the finer details and then it would obtain the five star as what it offers is certainly not at present. Turn down beds, with a chocolate, clear beach of rubbish, train restaurant staff on service, better equipped rooms are a start. However we loved Vietnam and would recommend it to others. They hotel did offer a bus into town during the day and back, but it would be great if there were more. The taxi wasn't expensive £3 one way.
    Great place to stay

    My wife and I stayed for 9 days garden suite. Our room over looked the pool and was very comfortable, room 501. Rooms clean , service good, beach outstanding. We will come back for the location. Breakfast is included and has plenty of variety to meet the fussiest eater, but the evening meals weren't that good. We ended up eating across the road at the spring roll restaurant that was far better especially their Vietnamese cuisine.
    Great beach resort

    The old town is hectic with tourists so it us nice to be out at the beach and take a $2 taxi to and from town as required.
    The hotel is on large well kept grounds with a beautiful private beach.
    It was hot weather for us having come from winter and the pool temp was too hot around 38degrees so we swam in the sea which was beautiful.there is adequate deck chairs, a lifeguard and bar at the beach.
    The rooms are spacious with a large bathroom.
    They are grouped in a garden setting
    The breakfast buffet is substantial and caters for all .
    Lovely Beachside Resort

    Spent 9 nights at Palm Garden and thoroughly enjoyed it. The beach is beautiful, staff very friendly and incredibly helpful - every request attended to with efficiency. The pool area is lovely and bars & restaurants/cafe's very clean and tidy. Happy hour every night which is a bonus. Rooms well serviced and maintained. If we have anything to complain about it is that the mattresses on the beds are very hard so did find them quite uncomfortable. Also wifi connections a bit hit & miss. Otherwise happy with everything else and would recommend Palm Garden as a great place to stay.
    Good, but not 5*

    The resort, beach and pool are all very nice so by most standards the resort is very good. However, I wouldn't consider it to be a 5* hotel nor would I consider it to be better than some other lower star hotels I've stayed in whilst in Vietnam. On the plus side, the beach is beautiful with nice sun loungers and towels provided, the pool area and gardens are very nice, rooms very comfortable and clean (we had a garden view room) and there is a good choice at the breakfast buffet. However, the customer service falls short. It isn't what you'd expect at a 5* hotel nor very good compared to what I've experienced at other hotels in Vietnam. The staff seem generally disinterested. The restaurants and spa are a bit pricey too so I wouldn't recommend using those, but there are shops/ restaurants opposite the hotel and loads of much nicer places to eat and drink in Hoi An old town (10 min/ £3 taxi ride). The drinks service on the beach doesn't work well, most times I had to get up and walk to the bar to get their attention. I don't want to be overly negative because I do think this is a nice place to stay if you want a beach location to explore Hoi An, but it does lack the smaller touches and friendly service that Vietnamese hotels are usually so good at.
    Another Memorable Stay

    We have just had two perfect weeks at Palm Gardens and it was our 8th stay at the resort.
    we always have the same garden view bungalow which is close to both the pool and beach. Our room was very comfortable, clean and the wifi was excellent.
    We always enjoy the breakfasts, they have a tremendous selection plus wonderful service from very friendly staff.
    We love the pool and the beach and the staff who service both these areas were fantastic.
    We appreciated the special surprise left in our room on our arrival. We had a lovely celebration during our stay at Palm Gardens so thank you for your attention.
    In our view this is the ideal holiday in outstanding surroundings with great service.
    We cant wait to come back next year for the 9th time.
    Beautiful Beach Resort

    This truly is an amazing place. We spent a lovely 5 days here in Aug 2015 and thoroughly enjoyed it. Location is great, beach is wonderful (especially considering that to the south the beaches have all been eroded away), hot & sunny everyday, pool area nice and a good friendly atmosphere.

    The pool is really warm.

    So why have I only given 4 stars - well, they advertise themselves as a 5* hotel - don't get me wrong, it's very nice - but in comparison to other 5* resorts around the world they're a little off the mark. Just small things like small towels and mattresses on sun loungers, rooms not being to the same standard as other hotels, housekeeping trolleys always around in view etc. These things wouldn't put us off staying here again as we really liked it, but there is room for improvement to be compared to a 5* from Dubai / Thailand / Seychelles etc.

    One big thing to reiterate is the amazing beach - as you go further down the road to the other hotels the beach has eroded away (I.e Victoria hotel doesn't really have a beach behind it).

    Gordon & Nicola Conway
    Palm Garden Beach Resort

    We stayed for 8 nights in a deluxe rooms ( room 869) the accomodation was very clean, more than enough room the staff are all very friendly and try to help and guide you with any questions that are asked. The pool is very large, the only downer is the water can get a little warm, on the other hand the beach was amazing. A short trip to Hoi An gives you the best of resort living and shopping. A number of restaurants both up the beach and over the road gives you a large choice of food. We will be back.
    Wonderful place to stay but make sure you put valuables in your safe

    A large group of us (19) stayed for over a week at the Resort to rest and recuperate after a long year. We chose well. Located in a perfect location on a beautiful beach with a short taxi ride to Hoi An to enjoy the local experience. The grounds were immaculate, staff super friendly and happy hour by the beach was fantastic! The only downside was one of our friends had their room broken into and money stolen from a wallet. Strongly recommend avoiding room 106 as this room is hidden away and the door out to the grassed area very easily opened from the outside. The shops across the road offer authentic Vietnamese food and are reasonably priced. Highly recommend the tailor shop Yakim run by brother and sister Phi Phi and So Long. On the last day I treated myself to an hour long massage and facial at the hotel which was definitely worth it. Massages across the road are cheaper but if you want a relaxing experience, have one at the hotel. Great atmosphere, smell and no chatting to each other or mobile phone interruptions. Despite the theft our stay was memorable and we plan on staying there next year when we go back.

    Very relaxing, helpful staff and very clean. If I had any advice it would be coasters for the drinks! However the drinks were cold, no shortage of ice and well made. Excellent 5 nights spent in Palm garden resort thank you!! There is also a lovely restraunt over the road, with excellent service, food and drinks. Thank you palm garden for making our trip so memorable xxx