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    Monkey Island Resort Cát Bà

    : Đảo Khỉ
    Monkey Island Resort Cát Bà
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    Tiện nghi khách sạn

    Dịch vụ phòng 24 giờ
    Dịch vụ trông trẻ
    Giặt ủi
    Nhà hàng
    Bãi biển riêng
    Dịch vụ tour
    Massage & Spa
    Quán cà phê
    Quầy Bar
    Wifi ở khu vực công cộng
    Monkey Island Resort Cát Bà được thiết kế dành riêng cho chuyến du lịch nghỉ dưỡng thư thái của bạn giữa thiên nhiên biển đảo bao la. Đây sẽ là nơi dừng chân đem đến cho du khách sự hài lòng về dịch vụ, nhân viên và cơ sở vật chất.

    Khu resort xinh đẹp tọa lạc tại đảo Khỉ, Đảo Cát Bà. Vị trí của khu nghỉ mát cách thị trấn Cát Bà khoảng 2km về phía Đông. du khách khi đặt chân đến resort sẽ cảm nhận được sự bình yên thật sự.

    Hệ thống 29 bungalow ở resort tại Đảo Cát Bà này được thiết kế hầu hết từ các nguyên vật liệu tự nhiên như tre, nứa, lá… Mỗi phòng trang bị đầy đủ có điều hòa không khí, TV, tủ quần áo, giường ngủ với drap và đệm cao cấp, phòng tắm riêng biệt được trang bị nước nóng, vòi hoa sen… Đặc biệt, tất cả các phòng cạnh biển đều có ban công để bạn hít khí trời, ngắm bình minh tuyệt đẹp trên biển.

    Ngoài ra, khu nghỉ mát còn cung cấp dịch vụ phòng, tour, karaoke, thăm khỉ, bida, nhà hàng, phi tiêu, câu cá, lặn biển… các trò chơi trên biển, dịch vụ du lịch khám phá vịnh Lan Hạ, đi thăm chợ Cát Bà hoặc Pháo Đài Thần Công… Tất cả hứa hẹn sẽ gợi ý cho bạn nhiều hoạt động giải trí thoải mái, chất lượng nhất. Sau một ngày khám phá thú vị, du khách chỉ cần đến nhà hàng của Resort Monkey Island là đã có thể chọn lựa các thực đơn Á – Âu, hải sản để vừa thưởng thức vừa ngắm cảnh hoặc tổ chức BBQ trên biển thật lãng mạn.

    Điểm nổi bật

    Ý kiến đánh giá của khách hàng
    Gửi đánh giá
    Very nice Island

    The Island is very nice.
    A lot of monkeys arround you trying to take your food or sunglases.
    Parts of the Island have some tough moskitos.
    The kayaks at the resort very old and most of them broken.
    The room wasn't thr cleanest I met and animals have visited it during the night.
    Food was excellent and the staff very nice and positive.

    We decided to experience Halong Bay through Monkey Island Resort, as they offer a night on a cruise and a night on a bungalow in a private beach.
    The second night at the Monkey Island Resort was ok, although the bungalow conditions could be improved (for one night is ok). The location is beautiful and the experience is quite unique. From the resort you can make a beautiful trecking excursion to another beach. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes for that, as it is a bit dangerous and you will have to climb some time.

    However, the cruise is in very bad conditions and there is a clear lack of hygiene in the cabins. They clearly did not clean the cabin after the previous guest left and honestly, we had never slept in such a horrible mattress with stains all over the linen. There was AC just from 9pm until 6am... It was extremely hot everywhere.

    The whole day was too schechuled, we could not decide anything for ourselves. The cave we visited with this tour is not worth it, in our opinion.

    The best of the experience:
    - Kayak excursion in Halong Bay (although short in time)
    - The young atmosphere in the group (we were all between 20 and 35)
    - The bath in Halong Bay jumping from the upper deck of the boat
    - Sleeping in the bungalow while listening to the sea and waking up with the Halong Bay views in a private beach.
    - Binh, our tour guide was very friendly and always showed a positive and enthusiastic attitude.

    In conclusion, even though the overall experience was OK, if I could go back I would definitely choose another company to experience Halong Bay, as the cruise was really bad. It's worth paying a bit more money for a better cruise.
    Paradise but...

    It's a paradise island in some ways...the beach, the place, the sea, but it's in massive need of renovating. Lots us in need of updating or improving. For example... Table tennis table poor, walkway to the tower overgrown, the maintenance shed right in front of sea view villas, rubbish in the sea.
    We were glad we went but don't expect luxury.
    Is not worth the price for being in Vietnam

    60$ for a small double room. It was dirty when we arrive so the manager upgrade us.
    Except for that, it a nice place.
    The restaurant is ok but take into account their timetables for buffet at dinner time. if u go late, they close the buffet.
    Sewage rising into the bungalow, no apology.

    We stayed for two nights, all was not great but fine, if overpriced until the second morning when the resort's sewage rose from the loo into the bathroom. The staff who came to help picked up the bath mat the had been treated on and put it on top of our stuff that was on the bed ready to be packed. We were given another bigger room to put our things into, but we had to transport everything ourselves in 40 degree heat, ended up spending 3 hours going through and cleaning our belongings. Lost one of my earrings in the chaos. When we came to pay our bill, we were surprised that it had not been reduced in some way, when we questioned it, the staff became aggressive, said we could not get off the island anyway without paying, which was only obvious... In the end they gave us 10% off one night room rate, but put the dollar rate up, and charged us 3% payment fee on the total bill. When we questioned that, they threatened to charged us 10% on the total bill... Just poor, poor poor. Sea was dirty as well on the beach where you can swim from ( makes us wonder where the sewage was supposed to go...), and they burned plastic rubbish near by. The pathway to the point of view was full of rubbish, not just from a storm like they say in their response to someone else's review, but from years of neglect. Lack of respect for customers, and the environment they live from.

    First day coming here, our room had cockroach. It drove us crazy and decided to leave. In the morning we leave. We were a little bit rude, but the receptionist still happily helped us to find new hotel with good price, gave us advice of where to visit and where to eat in Catba, also gave us the number of reliable taxi, so that we will not catch the scam taxi. That's really professional. We appreciated that and after all we decided to stay.
    Beach was crystal clear as in Maldives. Staff were super helpful in anything and they were always nice to tourist. Food was good and plentiful. We felt like home after 3 months travel. Receptionist can speak both English and Spanish very well and knows very well about history of Catba. She is a spotlight of the Island.
    Overall, Monkey Island Resort is worth the money.
    I will come to Monkey Island in my next trip to Vietnam.
    Good location, nice staff, rooms could be improved

    We had an enjoyable stay on Monkey Island however there were some things we think could be improved.

    We found it difficult to get to the resort from Cat Ba town, and we had no real communication from the hotel in advance that would let us know how to do this. We arrived at Ben Beo harbour with no real indication of which boat would take us to the resort or when, and ended up asking the owner of a nearby hotel to call the resort for us to arrange a transfer.

    The resort itself is in a great location, and has a lovely beach. The beach hut we stayed in was clean, but very basic. It wasn't particularly well-lit and it wasn't cleaned during our stay, meaning that by the end of our 3 nights there was sand from the beach all over the floor, which wasn't pleasant. For the money we'd paid to stay here we were a little disappointed - other hotels in Vietnam charge similar rates and have much better facilities. Our door also didn't lock properly and the TV didn't work. The staff were friendly and helpful, however, and the restaurant / bar was very nice. Some small improvements to the rooms - better lighting and a chair or sofa to relax on rather than just the bed would make a vast improvement.
    Well organized

    We booked our tour of Ha Long bay and Cat Ba island through this company. We paid half the cost in Sweden and the balance in Vietnam, a very satisfactory way of doing business. All in all the tour arranged was quite satisfactory, with a few glitches. But, I can't suggest highly enough, that if the traveller is going to Cat Ba by boat from Hai Phong, pay the extra and travel in a small boat. It is far more comfortable than being packed into a boat of 22/30 people. The monkey island is very beautiful and I can’t recommend highly enough “paradise on earth”
    Isolated resort on the side of the island

    Year 2012 a friend recommended me about this resort. I come here since then once a year and even lazy to find another place to relax. It is great resort located on Monkey Island. The shuttle transfer (bus + boat) is included and someone will pick you up in Cat Ba town. Monkey Island is famous for its monkey of course, there is a beach you can access by 20/30min walk where you will meet these beast. Take care there are not friendly as soon you got some food with you. This beach is clean however quite crowded. The resort beach is a kind of private one, isolated on the other side of the island and a peaceful place to stay. I am quite happy and the staff is really nice.
    Good but not worth the money

    Me and a friend have gone across Vietnam and we found this place was nice but seriously overpriced
    The boat is dangerous getting to shore and like people have said the air con is not on very often/is not very good therefore there is no escape from the heat!
    They charge ridiculous prices for everything and if they see you/if you have food or drink from off the island they charge you the price of what the food/drink is on the island!!!
    It is nice to get away but not worth staying for longer than 2 nights