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    Mai Châu Villas

    : Mai Châu
    Mai Châu Villas
    Sau các chuyến đi khám phá và thưởng ngoạn phong cảnh tuyệt đẹp và hùng vỹ của huyện Mai Châu, tìm hiểu cuộc sống và nền văn hóa phong phú của các dân tộc H’mong, Thái, Mường, du khách có thể dừng chân nghỉ ngơi tại Mai Chau Villas ( xã Mai hịch, huyện Mai Châu, tỉnh Hòa bình, cách Hà nội 150 km).

    Mai Chau Villas tọa lạc trong thũng lũng Cha lang ẩn mình dưới những rặng núi mờ sương, được bao quanh bởi những cánh đồng lúa tuyệt đẹp, gồm có 10 villas riêng biệt, tiện nghi và thanh lịch.

    Tại Mai Châu Villas, chúng tôi cung cấp các dịch vụ phụ trợ như các chuyến tour dã ngoại thăm quan hang động, thác nước, bản Lác, bản Văn, giao lưu văn hóa nghệ thuật bản địa, dịch vụ trông trẻ, hoạt động du lịch thiết kế riêng theo yêu cầu của quý khách như đi bè mảng, gặt lúa cùng nông dân, học nấu ăn, câu cá, vv.

    Nơi đây, du khách sẽ được thưởng thức một số món ăn đặc biệt của người dân địa phương, thư giãn với thiên nhiên và lắng nghe các câu chuyện rì rầm thường bị bỏ qua trong cuộc sống bận rộn, căng thẳng nơi thị thành. Những câu chuyện kể của các nguyên vật liệu tự nhiên tạo nên Mai Châu Villas như tơ lụa Hà Đông, của gốm thô Bát Tràng, đá núi Lai Châu sẽ đưa du khách trở về với thiên nhiên trong sự êm đềm, thư giãn.

    Và trên hết, du khách sẽ thưởng thức các câu chuyện về đời sống, về văn hóa của các dân tộc H’mong, Thái, Mường, chìm đắm trong các điệu múa mềm mại, mượt mà, duyên dáng của những phụ nữ Thái duyên dáng, ngất ngây trong tiếng chiêng, và trong điệu múa sạp truyền thống bên chóe rượu cần.
    Ý kiến đánh giá của khách hàng
    Gửi đánh giá
    Un boutique hotel dans les rizieres

    Superbe sejour dans cet hotel niche au coeur des rizieres. Le personnel est tres accueillant, les villas charmantes, la nouriture authentique et de grande qualite... Une des plus belles etapes de notre voyage
    Like home away from home

    Nesting in a very seclusive and rural part of Mai Chau, Mai Chau Villas offers almost everything tourists looks for.
    1. It locates right in rice paddles. In early morning, you can smell fragrance of the rice paddle, and talk to so wonderful and friendly local "Thai trang" (white Thai)
    2. The staff is super friendly. They would be so thrilled if you know some Vietnamese. They will do their best to make your visit memorable and enjoyable. They joined my wife and me for some "ruu can" (wine), and singing songs.
    3. The complex has only a handful of villas, thus you don't have to run into large noisy group. As a matter of fact, my wife and I were only guests during the weekend when we were there.
    4. Our cook / chef offer beautiful food, not the kind of fine dinning, but delicately made local and Vietnamese traditional food. I had the best "banh rang" (egg rolls) here.
    5. The place is very clean, has a beautiful courtyard which makes you feel like being outside most of the time. The complex also has a nice pool.
    6. The complex is in a walking distance to local villages. You can walk around, talk to local people, they will like that. We were invited by the local for some food and wine, and even were offer a local gift. They do this out of friendship and do not ask for money.
    7. Last, it is a good deal.
    Trying to run before it can walk....

    This is a beautiful hotel in a stunning location. It is in a truly remote area around 20 mins from Mai Chau town. The rooms are large and the bathrooms are great with lovely big showers. The grounds of the hotel are very beautiful with many flowers and the balconies overlook the rice fields which are always busy with local people getting on with their everyday lives. It's a fascinating insight into the 'real Vietnam'. We spent a couple of days cycling round on bikes. Although we got lost more than once it was all part of the experience and visiting places like the 1000 steps caves made things more than worthwhile. The staff themselves are very lovely and try to help where they can however it's at this point that the hotel lets itself down........the staff have very limited English and could only communicate through a translation app at times however this is not the major issue. It's more a combination of lots of little things that are all easily fixable that meant our stay was not as enjoyable as it could of been. The hotels aim is to create job opportunities for local ethnic residents but they are lacking some guidance from the hotel management in a number of basics. For example at meal times we were never offered drinks, we had to ask for a drinks menu and when they were brought no glasses were made available. They also ran out of beer on one occasion and eggs for breakfast even though we were one of only two groups staying in the hotel at the time. Also the hotel was unable to provide any maps of the local area, although exploring is all part of the fun it made finding specific areas of interest almost impossible as very few roads have visible names. Please don't let me put you off staying here as the potential for this hotel to be something exceptional given it's location and the standard of rooms is there but be aware you will need a bit of patience when dealing with the staff and some of the things you may be used to in other hotels are unavailable.
    Oasis in beautiful valley

    Wonderful garden with cozy and well-equipped bungalows. Beds are a bit on the hard side. Staff is very welcoming and super friendly. Most staff are from the village nearby and material used in the construction is locally sourced. Food is prepared with great eye for detail and is very tasty. This place is definitely worth the trip from Hanoi!
    Fantastic oases

    One of the best stays we had in Vietnam.
    The staff was really nice and helpful!
    The food was of very high quality, they even accounted for our vegetarian.
    We've got a very nice guacamole drink at the start (the. Best. Ever.).
    Area was cool too :).

    Only point was that the beds were a bit hard (typical Vietnamese), and there was only one sun bed. Next to the clean great pool :).

    I would recommend going here! You will not regret it!
    A great choice for getaway from metropolitan

    Our family and friends spent quite a relaxing time at Mai Chau Villas last a couple of weeks ago. The resort surprised us in the very beginning but had been amazing us over time. Tiny yet eco-friendly beautiful design, let alone very nice and whole-hearted managers and staff. Pure nature and untouched ethnic minorities are two out of quite something to discover during the stay at the resort. I had several goosebumps watching falling rain and immersed in classical musics. Sometime words just can't describe and it's true in Mai Chau Villas' case. I prefer attaching some photos taken during our stay instead.
    A heavenly break

    We were lucky enough to stay for a night in the gorgeous Mai Chau Villas. We were greeted by friendly staff, with a delicious homemade yogurt. My very picky son couldn't get enough of it! The food was good, fresh and tasty.

    The villas are clean, comfortable and very serene, with views over the sprawling rice paddies. The ambiance was very relaxed and we very much wished we could spend more time there. The villas are close enough to a local village, that we were able to walk and meet many locals. Our kids spent a wonderful afternoon with the local children, showing them how to blow up balloons and playing with them.

    The villa staff were very accommodating and provided bikes for us to ride back through the village the following morning. The manager was a delight, chatting with us and always making sure we were happy. A great experience for our two kids.
    We will definitely be staying there again, if we ever find ourselves in Mai Chau again.

    The best relax near hanoi

    If you want to enjoy the quiet forest-style in a very family atmosphere in a hot summer day but you dont want to take a flight to Dalat or a long night by train to Sapa, this is the place you should come and stay.
    The manager, and most of the time, the owners, a very knowledgable couple fluent in English and French, would spend some time to chat with you and you will find when is the best time to do what during your stay.
    The Vietnamese food there is also very tasty.
    A lot of ethnic activities if you ask for.
    Otherwise, just stay relax and you are indulged.
    Superbe séjour

    Nous avons passé 3 jours et 2 nuits à Mai chau Villas.
    Les bungalow sont flambant neuf avec un confort et une propreté irréprochable.
    Vous êtes au beau milieu des rizières et les villages aux alentours sont typiques.
    Dépaysement garanti !
    Wonderfull hotel in a beautiful valley

    We have stayed in Mai Chau villas for 3 nights. There are no words to describe the generous hospitality from the moment we arrived till the packed breakfast when we left. The hotel is beautifully decorated, spotlessly clean and located in a lovely spot. The Mai chau valley is even more beautiful than the photos.
    hIghly recommended
    Ido and Polina