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    Le Domaine De Tam Hai

    : Tam Kỳ
    Le Domaine De Tam Hai
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    Le Domaine De Tam Hai là khu nghỉ dưỡng quốc tế 4 sao. Nằm ở miền Trung Việt Nam, đến với Le Donaine de Tam Hai là du khách đã đến với một cách mới mẻ để khám phá Việt Nam. Khu nghỉ dưỡng có 12 biệt thự nằm trên đảo Tam Hải, các biệt thự nằm trong những khu vườn nhiệt đới tuyệt đẹp, mỗi biệt thự đều có bãi biển riêng xinh xắn.

    Khu nghỉ dưỡng được trang bị những tiện nghi sang trọng kết hợp với phong cách hài hòa cùng thiên nhiên, tạo cho khu nghỉ dưỡng có được vẻ tự nhiên rất riêng mà không phải ở đâu cũng có. Đến với khu nghỉ dưỡng du khách sẽ thấy thực sự thoải mái với nơi ở này. Tất cả các phòng đều có phòng không hút thuốc, tivi, máy sấy tóc, bàn làm việc và phòng tắm với đầy đủ vật dụng dành cho vệ sinh cá nhân.

    Ngoài ra, khách sạn ở Hội An này cũng có nhiều dịch vụ tiện ích khác sẵn sàng phục vụ Quý khách. Có thể kể ra một vài dịch vụ tiêu biểu như dịch vụ phòng 24 giờ, dịch vụ giặt là/giặt khô, quán bar… và không thể thiếu một nhà hàng với những món ngon luôn đón chào Quý thực khách.

    Sau những chuyến đi trong ngày bạn có thể thong dong trong khu vườn lộng gió hoặc thỏa sức vui đùa cùng làn nước mát tại bể bơi ngoài trời của khách sạn. Le Domaine De Tam Hai mang lại cho du khách cảm giác dễ chịu và tiện nghi để trải qua những ngày nghỉ khó quên nhất.

    Vị trí và phương tiện
    • Vị trí: Tam Hải là làng chài nằm gần Hội An (45km) và cách Đà Nẵng 70km. Nếu từ sân bay Đà Nẵng du khách sẽ đi hết 90 phút đi xe hay 20 phút đi từ sân bay Chu Lai. Từ làng chài Tam Hải, du khách sẽ được chuyển qua tàu tốc hành khoảng 15 phút là ra đến đảo.

    • Phương tiện: bằng xe hơi, xe du lịch, máy bay.
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    Gửi đánh giá

    Loved everything! The bungalows are stunning, with an outdoor bathroom. The food is beyond amazing, and dinner is served at the beach. You can rent scooters and take a tiny ferry to an island were there are no tourists at all. Would definitely stay there again!
    It's paradise

    A real gem in Vietnam, this place is stunning. The bungalows are very stylish. It's all peace and quiet here, perfect if you want to do absolutely nothing for a few days. The swimming pool is perfect. Beware if you borrow one of their canoes as there is strong current in the river. A real paradise.
    Mixed feelings

    The photos of the hotel are great, ours are too but it doesn't live up to expectations. There really is nothing to do so relaxing is a everything but for the price and star classification I expected more. The rooms are dated, beds hard, food simple and plain in comparison to other hotels/restaurants, difficult to communicate with staff, the ocean beach which is accessible within a 10min kayak trip hot and full of plastic pollution (the river beach of the hotel is not really suitable for swimming) and the mosquitoes awful due to all the fishponds in the area etc. when we were there there were a lot of families-so it was not "romantic" . but if you can relax in a semi primitive area then this is the hotel for you.
    peaceful escape

    This is a lovely and remote spot away from the hustle of every day life. There are some real positives to the resort - lovely location, nice pool, laid back bar area, tastefully decorated rooms with outdoor shower room and friendly staff (who even helped us get to the local clinic when my son was sick). However, its not perfect and if travelling with a family - the rooms are somewhat cramped (really not ideal for more than 3), the staff speak only limited english so ordering food for fussy eaters can be tricky and the riverside location (it is not an ocean front beach) is full of mosquitos and is not as idyllic as the website photos suggest. I would suggest this is more of a romantic couple getaway to be honest and just for a few days to escape.
    Beautiful Escape from the world

    What can you say about the Tam Hai that has not been said before, it is simply an ideal barefoot getaway and well worth the 2 hour trip from Hoi An.

    We loved our villa and its unique design, while the rest of the resort had a lot of character and a peaceful down to earth sense.

    The only downsides were that the restaurant menu was very limited and for such an isolated location I think we probably would have gone crazy if we had done an extended stay. Likewise, we simply thought that the staff could be a bit lazy and thoughtless at times as most of the waitresses preferred to hide behind the bar playing with their mobiles rather than checking on customers. Then again, it is a remote island and I suppose lethargic behavior runs rampant for guests and hosts alike.

    On the plus side however, there are multiple places to while away the day comfortably as the pool was simply great and it was also possible to borrow a kayak and cross the river so that guests can check out the beach on the other side.

    Will definitely be recommending this place to friends in the future who are looking to escape city life and return to a more laid back lifestyle

    Found this place when exploring Goggle Earth, looking for somewhere a little different and not surrounded by other resorts and tourist traps. Le Domaine de Tam Hai certainly meets this criteria. Quite isolated, and now that Vietnam Air aren't flying into Chu Lai, quite a drive (two and half hours) to get there from Da Nang. If you are content to entertain yourself and practice the complete art of relaxation, this place is perfect. Ian, the manager goes to great lengths to ensure guests understand this and his staff (although struggling with their english) are quite helpful and friendly. Nice pool, comfortable well appointed rooms and bar and meals area (on the beach) are great. Menu doesn't change much and consequently becomes a little boring. I guess total lack of competition allows them some opportunistic grace in this regard. The river directly in front of the rooms is great to look at, but such a pity that it would be unwise to swim in it. Lots of rubbish and goodness knows what else floating down it
    All administration and communication was without fault. No hesitation in recommending Le Domaine de Tam Hai, so long as you are NOT looking for an action packed experience and not seeking a top quality Vietnamese dining experience.
    Well Worth the Trip to a great little Island

    We arrived from Hoi An in just under 2 hours and a short but great speedboat ride for the final couple of miles. Great way to arrive for our 4 nights. We were met by Ian who lives at the resort 24/7 and has done for the past 18 months. I actually worked with Ian in the past, but didn't know that until we got chatting, small world it certainly is. He is a great host here, and keeps you informed of the area, and makes sure you are very comfortable. The Villas are very smart and they have everything you could want inside, super clean, and plenty big enough. I would happily live in there forever! You have a veranda and the sandy beach right outside, lots of places to sit and the Wi-Fi works well. The food is good, and eating on the beach is a right treat, the staff during the day and evening are delightful, and always there to help.

    We found the island very interesting and we whizzed off on the bikes everyday, now I know Vietnam is friendly, and we have visited a lot of places, but the Island of Tam Hai is super friendly, if we said Hello once we said it a thousand times, really, I am not kidding. The Island is bigger than I expected, and you certainly cannot walk it, it takes about 30 minutes to cycle to the end of the Island, and there is another route taking a left turn (the only one) which takes a further 15 minutes to reach the end of. Now we took about 90 minutes to cycle to the end of the lsland as we kept stopping for a beer, and we were treated like kings. The small places to stop are peoples homes and they soon get all the family out to meet you. We even sang karaoke as they virtually dragged us into one late Tet Party. We only stopped to look, and about 20 kids and adults ran out and asked us in. My point is this experience was one of the best we have had in Vietnam, the Island is great. One downside of the Island (it would be wrong to miss off) Is their lack of care of the environment, the waters were trashed with waste and litter, which is one massive shame. They have got this seriously wrong. This of course has nothing to do with the resort, who keep their area immaculate, and it is perfectly safe to walk around everywhere with no shoes if you wish. This negative about the Island would not put us off visiting again, and not stop recommendations to visit, no way. But just maybe writing about this might spur some action one day. That is the only reason I mention it. You can also get a ferry (there are two I think) over to the mainland to explore, we nearly did, but we had plenty to see on the lsland so didn't do that, but it would be simple enough, opening up lots more places to look at.

    The Kayaks are great fun, you can paddle off on them easily enough, you can visit the beach and sea, across the other side, without any experience, its not difficult.

    The bar is open all day and in the evenings, the rates of the food and drink are fair, you can get a beer for 35,000 dong just over a £1 A meal in the evening (on the beach) can easily be found for between £4 and £6, there are more expensive fish options if you want to try them, but there is enough choice to have a cheaper option if you want it. You cannot go "off base" in the evening it is far too dark but usually by 9pm/10pm we were ready for sleep, the fresh air, swimming, kayaking, cycling, eating and drinking were all enough for one day. Up at 6am to watch the sunrise with no-one at all around was however well worth it.

    I can highly recommend a stay here, the previous information about no-one being here at night is outdated and now incorrect. There is a guard walking around and Ian lives in, I feel it is important to stress that point, this is very safe place to visit.

    Thanks Ian and to all your staff for a great 4 days. Thanks Tam Hai. All the very best. Paul and Pauline.
    Remote indeed, but a lovely place anyhow

    Our family of four (two adults and two children aged 10 and 7) stayed at Le Domaine de Tam Hai for five nights during new year 2015.

    The location is indeed remote from Danang. Car journey will take you 2-2,5 hours, depending on the traffic. The resort itself can arrange you with a van to pick you and your luggage with a reasonable price, but if you can communicate with the taxi driver at the airport, you might save a few bucks in the long run. The final few kilometers will require extensive local knowledge.

    Final 10 minutes will be done with a speedboat.

    Island itself is rather big, but the resort is situated at the tip of the island. From the resort you will find a paved conrete path or road leading to the nearby village, about 30 minutes walk. Around the resort you will find shrimp farms, plenty of them and that is pretty much it. All locals were extremely helpful (and curious), as people all over Vietnam seem to be.

    Resort has 12 villa's and based on our experience they are in a very nice condition, about 10 years old but the staff seems to take very good care of them. The villas have one big bedroom, washroom and semi-open bathroom with a shower.

    The entire resort has very good Wifi.

    Most of the activities will take place around the reception, where you will find a few books, about 10 tables, pool (non heated during winter months) and a billiard table. That is pretty much it. You can also borrow kayaks and play on the beach, but otherwise the resort is all about walking along the beach (plenty of that around) or just laying around doing nothing. In the evening you can always side by the fire at the beach. I found this very relaxing.

    There are a few downsides as well. The menu in the restaurant is rather limited, so after 4-5 nights you have pretty much gone through the entire menu. Also language skills of the staff are very limited. However, Ian, the GM of the hotel is around about 95% of the time and he is very helpful indeed. Friendly and service oriented.

    To our misfortune, the weather was not the best possible during our stay, some clowdy days and the sunny days did not reach very high temperatures either, but we still managed to enjoy ourselves.

    Would we visit the resort again? Yes we would, but preferrably when it is a bit warmer. Distant, excotic, friendly place without too many touristy things to do. Great place for a looooong weekend.
    Loveliest place for quiet, peacful holidays

    We've been welcomed very warmly by the host and manager Ian, who showed us around the lovely resort. The nature is stunning there and everything is very well maintained. Villas are beautiful, in a zen style and clean. Food is good and also really noce: you can kayak down the river and enjoy a hughe private beach! Love it! I would recommend the place to everyone who appreciates the beauty of nature and the nourishing silence after spending enough time in the louder parts of the world.
    a true getaway

    This place is very different than any other place we stayed in. Very far away from tourist crowds, set on a sandbank in a delta area with rivers and ocean nearby. The villas and grounds are beautifully designed and constructed. It feels like living outside on the beach, while having modern facilities when you need them. All the trees around the villas and grounds, provide much needed shade. Staff at La Domaine is amazing. They really go out of their way and are very flexible to make your stay comfortable. something that we have learned to appreciate while traveling with young children (3 and 1 years old).
    Our children loved playing in the sand, the home-made swings & boats, the dining on the river side, the canoe ride to the totally deserted beach on the other side of the river, the fishermen, the cows passing by, the fresh juices on demand (sorry we had to finish your fresh mangos all the time), the pool (although the water was a bit warm) and of course manager Ian (with special greetings from a little tiger!).
    Thank you, Ian and staff, for a very special stay at La Domaine!