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    Khu nghỉ dưỡng Some Days Of Silence

    : Vịnh Vân Phong
    Khu nghỉ dưỡng Some Days Of Silence
    First Garden View villa
    Second Garden View villa
    Sea View villa
    Family Garden View Villa
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    Loại phòng
    Biệt thự dành cho gia đình, Quang cảnh hồ bơi
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    Biệt thự, Quang cảnh biển
    Biệt thự dành cho gia đình, Quang cảnh vườn
    Biệt thự, Quang cảnh vườn (First Garden View Villa)
    Biệt thự, Quang cảnh vườn (Second Garden View Villa)

    Tiện nghi khách sạn

    Dịch vụ phòng 24 giờ
    Giặt ủi
    Nhà hàng
    Quán cà phê
    Wifi ở khu vực công cộng
    Some Days Of Silence Resort & Spa thiết kế dưới dạng những bungalow mái lá, cột gỗ thanh nhã. Tất cả tạo nên một không gian yên bình, hài hòa với cảnh quan tuyệt đẹp khiến du khách lần đầu đặt chân đến sẽ thích thú vô cùng.

    Khu nghỉ mát Some Days Of Silence Nha Trang tọa lạc tại Đông Hải, phường Ninh Hải, thị xã Ninh Hòa, Nha Trang. Đây là một nơi lý tưởng để bạn thoát khỏi cảnh xô bồ của cuộc sống đời thường và tìm được sự bình yên từ những dịch vụ, khung cảnh, tiện nghi tại resort xinh đẹp này.

    Some Days Of Silence Resort & Spa gồm 9 bungalow trang bị các tiện nghi thiết yếu như: TV, truyền hình cáp, két sắt, mini bar, máy sấy tóc, bàn ghế, máy lạnh, internet, phòng tắm với các vật dụng cá nhân… Hầu hết, các phòng nghỉ tại resort có hướng nhìn ra vườn hoặc biển thơ mộng mang đến cho bạn cơ hội hòa mình vào thiên nhiên bao la. Dịch vụ đi kèm gồm có: dịch vụ phòng, giặt ủi, nhà hàng, hồ bơi, tour, spa, sân vườn thoáng mát…

    resort 4 sao tại Nha Trang này còn cung cấp cho du khách phòng đọc sách, liệu pháp spa và không gian thiền đình. Đến với resort Some Days Of Silence bạn như lạc vào thế giới Phật pháp thanh tịnh, nhà hàng của khu nghỉ mát có phục vụ các món chay theo yêu cầu, hải sản và món Á – Âu đậm đà hương vị. Dấu ấn riêng biệt của Some Days Of Silence Resort & Spa đã tạo nên một khu nghỉ mát lý tưởng cho những ai muốn giao hòa với thiên nhiên, vượt ra khỏi thế giới nhàm chán và cả những kỳ nghỉ lãng mạn hay tuần trăng mật. 

    Điểm nổi bật

    Oasis bar (653m)
    Chùa Nha Trang (1.6km)
    Ý kiến đánh giá của khách hàng
    Gửi đánh giá
    Wish we could stay longer!

    We loved this hotel! The rooms are large and the hotel serves perfect food. The adjacent beach is stunning. This place is extremely romantic! Unfortunately we could only stay one night, since the hotel was full (we booked very last minute).
    Peace & Tranquility

    A far fetched oasis away from the hustle and bustle.We spent 5 nights hear of absolute pure relaxation .The staff ,the food ,the service even to the extent of bringing afternoon refresment on the beach, and facilities were what one would expect from a resort of this standard.
    Well worth the travel time from Nha Trang.
    Relaxed place to be for a few days

    We only had a couple of days and wished we had another night as it takes a while to get there from the airport and the driver we had made my wife feel ill.
    We were greeted by the receptionist who was very brusque in her attitude
    Our bungalow was lovely facing the beach and the morning sunshine. The water was great to swim in. Sadly the weather wasn't great when we were there .
    The food wasn't that good either , a funny mixture of Vietnamese and European . We asked for wine on the 1st night but they didn't have any white wine in stock ! We didn't try the lunches.
    I wouldn't recommend it for families as its a bit off the beaten track and quiet . Perfect for couples wanting a peaceful time .
    Peaceful and relaxing but slightly let down by the food and expensive transfers

    Location - the location is lovely, right on the beach with fantastic gardens but smaller than I had thought. The beach is great but, like other reviews say, it is really polluted with trash washing up on the beach although the staff do a great job of cleaning up the area outside the hotel. There is not much around but small shops in the neighbouring village (also full of trash). Suggest making own arrangements for transport as the transfers arranged by the hotel are overpriced.

    Rooms - I had a basic garden bungalow which was very nice with everything that you'd need and a nice veranda to sit out out. The only complaint was the water with really low pressure, mostly cold and occasionally going off completely for long periods of time. But very nice with complimentary fresh fruit, water, tea and coffee each day

    Food - reading the reviews I had high expectations especially considering the price but have been disappointed. The dinners have been pretty much the same each night with basic starter and fish/meat with rice for main. I have not had the lunches as that's not worth the price! I don't eat certain things and although the kitchen were happy to substitute when asked I did spend most of my time at the resort hungry with no real alternatives close by. The breakfast was also nothing to write home about, same every day with fruit, white bread and a Vietnamese noodle based dish.

    Overall though, it is a very nice resort and great place to escape to for a few days of relaxation. Maybe not best suited to solo travellers as mostly couples and families. I do have to commend the servic though which has been excellent! The lovely woman (manager?) who greets you on arrival is fantastic and ever so helpful with any queries.
    Peace and quiet

    Its all in the name! This is a beautiful out of the way resort. Its a 2 hour drive from Nha Trang airport but worth it. The resort is beautiful and the food fabulous. We stayed in one of the beach side villas which was very private. The sea could be noisy if you are a light sleeper but some of the other bungalows would be very quiet in the garden. The food was out of this world. A set menu with flair. Lunch was optional, we had it one day but were too full for dinner! They had bikes which we used to cycle to the local villages. The beach was lovely and clean and good for swimming.
    Quite and Relax

    The name says its own. Tt is quite far and takes 2 hours by car/bike from Nha Trang city. But, it deserves to get out of noise and stress. Eat, sleep and breath the ocean air- Are those things you looking for? You have it!
    The most peaceful place ever!

    Some days of silence! The clue is in the name! Just beautiful. We were there for four nights and just relaxed straight into the place. Set amongst coconut trees and beautifully planted gardens this really is the place to chill out! Everywhere you walk, sit or look there is something beautifully place that catches your eye, very well designed! The rooms are beautiful, very romantic feel about the whole place. Beautiful beach, and lovely calm safe sea. The breakfasts were delicious as were all the meals, a little bit expensive for Vietnam maybe but as there really was no place else to go you had to eat there. Still, the food was good, the service amazing, teas, coffee, fresh fruit and an afternoon juice were part of the fantastic service. I have no hesitation highly recommending this perfect piece of paradise.. Just beautiful!
    Great for a quiet getaway

    Awesome place for couples wanting somewhere to get away from it all. We felt so at peace here, the resort is beautiful. Stayed in a garden villa because it was cheaper than the beach villa and it was lovely- coconut trees and hammocks in our little front yard. The beach is great, pool was nice but it would be good to have more shaded areas to sit around the pool- it was a little bare. Food pricey but delicious. Glad we went!
    Can't recommend more highly!

    We stayed at Some Days for 4 nights during our honeymoon in Vietnam and it was absolutely perfect. We stayed in the Oceanview villa, which has a huge private patio overlooking the beach, which was just a few feet away. The patio along with the beautiful interior of the villa were spacious, private, meticulously decorated and very romantic. Every day the resort offers free breakfast (which is absolutely huge!) and lunch and dinner for $12/person. Although that price was higher than anywhere else we went in Vietnam, the food was fresh, delicious and the quality matched the price. Meals are served by a wonderful staff who are so kind and caring. There are also staff who make up the room twice per day- everyone who works there is so kind. We really appreciated the help from Sam. We were at Some Days during New Years Eve and they threw a gala for all of the guests with fresh seafood from the fishing village nearby. It was so fun and the enthusiasm of the staff made it all the better. Another night they also offered us a private romantic dinner to celebrate our honeymoon. The massages at the spa are also wonderful. We really can't speak more highly of the experience we had there. The only negative is that the beach is very littered and dirty if you aren't right in front of the resort's spot on the beach. Although that was disappointing, everything else about the experience was so great that it really didn't matter that much. Go here for a relaxing, restorative experience away from the hustle and bustle and tons of tourists of Nha Trang.
    Just the best.

    We went here for the second time and it was as wonderful as first time. The place really gives you zen with the beautiful surroundings and the most wonderful food. Feel so healthy and revitalized after few days here. The nearby fisherman villages also offer great original street food which cost nothing. And of course the beach - missing the sounds of the waves - it's nice sand and hardly any people around. Some days are a true gem.