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    Khu nghỉ dưỡng Mekong Riverside

    : Cái Bè
    Khu nghỉ dưỡng Mekong Riverside
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    Bungalow, Quang cảnh hồ
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    Bungalow, Quang cảnh vườn
    Bungalow, Quang cảnh sông

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    Mekong Riverside Resort & Spa là khu nghỉ mát kế hợp vẻ đẹp cảnh quan sông nước và kiến trúc nhà gỗ mộc mạc. Chốn bình yên này sẽ là lựa chọn lý tưởng khi bạn đến với Tiền Giang.

    Khu resort gần các địa điểm tham quan nổi tiếng như: chợ nổi Cái Bè, cù lao Tân Phong, các làng nghề truyền thống… du khách sẽ dễ dàng được tìm thấy khu nghỉ mát thân thiện với thiên nhiên này tại địa chỉ: ấp Hòa Quý, xã Hòa Khánh, huyện Cái Bè, tỉnh Tiền Giang.

    Mekong Riversise Boutique Resort & Spa có 17 bungalow chia làm 2 phòng. Tại ban công của bungalow bạn sẽ thích thú ngắm nhìn nhịp sống miền sông nước, những đàn có trắng bay khi hoàng hôn và nhiều trải nghiệm thú vị khác nữa. Mỗi phòng nghỉ tại resort trang bi các tiện nghi thiết yếu như: TV, mini bar, máy sấy tóc, wifi miễn phí, két sắt, 2 chai nước khoáng, nước nóng để pha trà/ cà phê… Ngoài ra, Mekong Riverside Resort còn cung cấp đa dạng các dịch vụ thư giãn và nghỉ dưỡng như: ăn uống, spa, câu cá, hồ bơi ngoài trời, đài quan sát, dịch vụ tour, chèo thuyền kayak…

    Resort 4 sao tại Tiền Giang này có nhà hàng Mekong Medley – nơi mà bạn và gia đình tìm kiếm dễ dàng các thực đơn buffet hằng ngày, các món cá đặc sản hay món Âu. Hai quầy bar của resort, một trong nhà hàng và một ở cạnh hồ hơi sẽ là 2 khu vực thú vị dành cho ngắm cảnh, âm nhạc và thức uống mát lạnh. Chuyến du lịch miền Tây của du khách sẽ trọn vẹn, thi vị hơn rất nhiều khi chọn Mekong Riverside Resort & Spa trên Asiabooking. 

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    Wonderful Hospitality and Services

    I recently stayed at the Mekong Riverside Boutique Resort & Spa for two nights with my family and work colleagues on a business trip to the Mekong Delta region. From the minute we arrived the hospitality of the staff and Management team was wonderful and first class. The services and resort amenities were of 5 star standard, we really felt that the resort had great ambiance in a beautiful natural setting.

    Our rooms were clean and beautifully decorated with access to the excellent swimming pool near by. We were very impressed with the restaurant and the delicious local and international food offered on the menu.

    A highlight of our stay was the bicycle tour that was organized by the staff for my family. My daughter absolutely loved the village tour through the local surrounds. The Kayaking trip was also an enjoyable activity for our team.

    A big thank you to the Management Team and all staff that made this trip a wonderful success and thank you for making us feel at home and very welcome at your outstanding resort.
    7.9 / 10 - Read on for an honest view..

    Be certain to pay for a river view, you will be disappointed with the lake view. To be clear, you are paying for a French Inspired magnificent view of the Mekong, it's brilliant and worth every cent! The bungalow features a King bed, semi-private balcony, bug net and a comfy mattress and pillows.. Although we would advise to use the "arm-rest pillows" from the sofa and situate them behind the pillows upright on the bed to position the bug net away from the edge of the bed for more of that "king size" bed space. The shower features a brilliant non invasive view of the Mekong. Every evening, the staff place a hand written leaf with tomorrow's weather forecast on your bed - a Brilliant touch! The pool and sunbathing area is A1, be sure to borrow the free bikes and take a short 8 minute ride into Cai Be (KY BEAR) and get amongst the locals. The best Pho Ba (rice noodles with beef) is at PHO SON - ask around the locals or the very helpful Cai Be Tourist Info Centre (around 5 mins from MRBR). If your expecting fluent English from the staff, you'll be dissatisfied.. It's good, but we did expect a little more fluency for the daily rate. The gardens are magnificent and well kept, the fresh food provided is sourced from the resort itself, so expect high quality food, but expect to pay a respectable price. If you wish to only enjoy the view and want to save your pennies.. Ride into town (Cai Be) for your meals. All in all, a very decent resort, friendly staff, beautiful surroundings and seclusion are the strong points. Just don't ask for rice, you will receive toast. :P enjoy!
    Great river view

    We stayed in this resort for three nights. We really enjoyed the river view from our balcony. Always a nice breeze. Excellent cycling opportunities in the area. Nice swimming pool and beautiful garden. It was rather quiet when we were there. Plenty of staff though. Always willing to help, sometimes struggling with the English language. The food was nice though not spectacular. Prices of the excursions were rather high. Watching the sunrise on the river on our way to the floating market was great though.
    Well maintained, high quality and modern Mekong riverside resort

    As part of a Mekong River tour, we stayed just one night at the MRBR&S, but were impressed with the layout and the quality of the resort. We particularly enjoyed the riverside terrace to finish a busy day of touring with a refreshing beverage and great view across a busy section of the River. Our Non-Riverside Bungalow had a nice quiet outlook across some well-maintained gardens & ponds, and featured a large bed (with mosq net), balcony & seating, adjoining large bathroom (shower only), and good comfortable furniture. The room was very clean and functional and comfortable. We didnt spend much time in the rest of the resort, but the check-in was efficient, and there looked to be a large swimming pool to the rear of the resort. With our tour guide, we were allowed to borrow some decent quality bicycles to peddle around the surrounding area and village. The daily breakfast in the large riverside dining room was reasonable without being great. We also had room service on the night we stayed which was also quite standard fare. As there appears to be limited dining alternatives in the surrounding area, this may be a consideration if you are staying for a few days/nights. In general we found the MRBR&S to be very comfortable for a 1 night stay, and could have gladly stayed for slightly longer to enjoy the facilities (pool), benefit from the views across the River, and spend more time exploring the surrounding area. Maybe next time....
    Nan and I stayed one night during a bike ride around the area. Will be back to stay there again for sure.

    From being lead from parking area to reception by the very friendly Jinee the dog to being fare welled by Ben & Mike the resort owners, it was a great stay and well worth going back and also recommending our friends stay there too. Peaceful and quiet, food excellent, so was the talks with Mike & Ben, felt like we were staying at a long time friends house. Rooms well done and comfortable. Magic.
    Quiet. Peaceful. Comfortable

    Simple decorated and surrounded by a peaceful river. The view is very "green". The resort is also very close to the standards of an eco green hotel. The facilities are simple and friendly to the environment. Nice walking road to the main area of the resort. Enjoy your time there ;-)
    Terrible service

    I can't describe my feeling now, it takes more hours to visit this resort.
    As I have some friends who will come back to Viet Nam for holiday, and they asked me to help them to find the best place where they can enjoy good service and get comfort to visit in my hometown . Therefore I choose the Mekong Riverside Boutique Resort.
    However, there's nothing that I hope. They make me extremely disappointed about the first expression.
    when I came, the guard said that I need to call for reception. Oh yeah, I called the receptionist whose name is Thai. He said something with me. After that he asked me to wait for a moment for him to call the guard. But I didn't know what happened. The guard told us that the receptionist said today they got busy and nobody can't take time to lead you visit.
    Oh..my god...it's unbelievable. They are looking down at us as we don't have car or about our clothes, like We are not style or we are Vietnamese.
    I called Mr Thai again and he said the same thing with the guard. I am stupid that I didn't know your processes as I am one of the person whose work in hospitality.
    I really hope that their resort need to train the staff about how to welcome the guest and their attitude to any kind of guest. Is it possible ?
    The resort is better than the river

    This is a very pleasant resort with individual buildings a short walk from the main dining building which is separate from checkin and the pool and spa area.
    Our room was in the row away from the river and I definitely preferred that to hearing the boat traffic early and late. If you want to view the river it is a very short walk to the outdoor area off of the dining building.
    Nice pool area with comfortable lounge chairs. The massages are good and extremely cheap.
    There is a "sun beach" that is rather kitschy since is is sand spread on a floating platform surrounded by water hyacinth that you would have to jump to from the other walkway.
    The room was comfortable with a good bed with mosquito netting that the maid arranged for you while at supper.
    Breakfast was a good buffet with made to order eggs in an open dining area with lots of glass or on the deck overlooking the river.
    With our tour we had a river boat trip that sounded much better than it turned out to be. The mekong is not a scenic river in this area and there is a lot of barge traffic.
    best hotel in our VN trip

    Booked by our travel agency. What a surprise! Very nice design. Simplest yet luxurious. Agency had reserve a garden side bungalow which may be better than river front (barge may be noisy). We particularly liked the lotus flower we could see from our balcony. Pool is great... but go early as bugs come when sun goes out.

    Restaurant is very nicely laid out. Be patient with staff as their proficiency in western languages ... can be improved... but food quality is good. Wine list is sufficient (got Provence rose). Dining room is very large with huge deck; this is good as groups can be somewhat isolated from (quieter) couples.

    Breakfast buffet is world class.

    They have a dock where you can arrange for tour boat to take you to nearby floating market etc...

    We definitively recommend this boutique hotel.
    Loved it here

    Spend the extra few dollars and get a riverside bungalow. Well worth it.

    Nice rooms, good staff, excellent food.

    Take the bikes for a ride through town and explore the back streets, no guide is needed.

    Travelled here with a 2 year old, he loved the pool and watching the boats go by from our balcony.

    No complaints at all.