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    Khách sạn Việt Úc Bến Tre

    : Bến Tre
    Khách sạn Việt Úc Bến Tre
    Viet Uc Hotel - Deluxe Room 1
    Viet Uc Hotel - Deluxe Room
    Viet Uc Hotel - Junior Triple Room 1
    Viet Uc Hotel - Junior Triple Room 2
    Viet Uc Hotel - Junior Triple Room
    Viet Uc Hotel - Lobby 1
    Viet Uc Hotel - Lobby
    Viet Uc Hotel - Suite Room 1
    Viet Uc Hotel - Suite Room
    Viet Uc Hotel - Superior Room 1
    Viet Uc Hotel - Superior Room 2
    Viet Uc Hotel - Superior Room 3
    Viet Uc Hotel - Superior Room
    Viet Uc Hotel - View 1
    Viet Uc Hotel - View 2
    Viet Uc Hotel - View

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    Khách sạn Việt Úc Bến Tre nằm cách trung tâm thành phố 0.5km. Vị trí của khách sạn thuận lợi để bạn nghỉ ngơi, khám phá vẻ đẹp non nước, nhịp sống cư dân vùng đất này.

    du khách hãy tìm đến địa chỉ 144 Hùng Vương, phường 3, Bến Tre là đến khách sạn. Hệ thống 74 phòng nghỉ tại đây hứa hẹn sẽ mang đến cho du khách kỳ nghỉ thú vị, thoải mái nhất.

    Bên trong mỗi phòng nghỉ được trang bị tiện nghi thiết yếu như: TV LCD, điện thoại quốc yế, máy lạnh, wifi, két sắt, mini bar, máy sấy tóc, bồn tắm, áo choàng tắm… Một số phòng có ban công hướng sông giúp bạn hưởng trọn vẻ đẹp miền sông nước Bến Tre. Dịch vụ đi kèm ở khách sạn tại Bến Tre này khá đa dạng với phục vụ ăn tại phòng, thẻ điện thoại, quầy lưu niệm, tour, dịch vụ văn phòng…

    Các hoạt động giải trí, nghỉ dưỡng mà khách sạn gợi ý cho du khách thì gồm có: nhà hàng, karaoke, bar, massage & sauna, phòng tập thể dục… Mọi thứ kể trên được thiết kế hoàn hảo để tạo nên dấu ấn của khách sạn trong lòng du khách. Sau những ngày khám phá, vui chơi mệt mỏi, du khách dễ dàng nạp năng lượng với các thực đơn Á – Âu, món ăn cho trẻ em, BBQ thơm ngon. Một chút thư giãn cuối ngày với liệu pháp spa giải tỏa căng thẳng. Từ dịch vụ đến nhân viên sẽ khiến bạn hài lòng về khách sạn Việt – Úc chất lượng, thân thiện.

    Điểm nổi bật

    Ý kiến đánh giá của khách hàng
    Gửi đánh giá
    A good nights sleep with great room views

    Another earlier review probably summed it up pretty well; what do you really expect in the middle of the Mekong?
    We stayed at the Viet Uc on the first night of a 3 day Mekong cycling trip with Grasshopper Adventures. (Another review about a simply outstanding travel company)I suppose after a day's travelling and cycling I may have had rose coloured glasses. Having said that, this hotel ticked all the 3 star boxes very well
    It was clean
    Bed was very comfortable
    Breakfast buffet was good and diverse

    As to the smoking in the rooms, I agree that this is a put off but I do understand their reasoning to a degree. Their clientele are mostly locals doing business in regional Vietnam and demand would suggest they want smoking rooms. To compensate there are tiled floors so the smell is not absorbed.
    All in all a great nights sleep and that's what it's all about!
    Good hotel! Clean, Friend and great breakfast buffet.

    I was recommended to stay at this hotel by family. The place looked very clean and presentable from the outside. The staff do not interact with you much but are very friendly when you approach them. The rooms are clean and very comfortable. I thoroughly enjoyed the buffet breakfast. The range of different and authentic food was delicious. Warning: the buffet starts at 6am - 10am (from memory). If you're a late riser, you're going to want to set your alarm. You don't want to miss this buffet.
    One thing I would suggest is not to take the stairs. The exits were confusing and seem to not lead you to bottom floor.
    Great hotel but people smoke

    Had a one night stay in this hotel wile visiting mekong delta. We were glad with this choice because its a good and relative new hotel! Clean and confortable rooms. Only negative point is that this hotel allows people to smoke everywhere including the breakfast / lunch/ dinner area, bar, lobby, rooms ..... So everybody smokes everywhere, not verry professional. Becouse of the high sealings its " ok" second, the breakfast is hardcore viernamese... I quess more vietnamese tourists stay here. But a defenet go for this place, its also well priced!! Hope they change the smoking rules!
    The best hotel in Ben Tre

    Let's face it you're in the Mekong. Don't expect 5 star treatment down here. Hotel is modern and tidy. Rooms are quite nice and the views of the river are awesome. That said, Staff aren't as good at English as you'd expect in an Australian hotel. Internet is slow, towels aren't soft, restaurant is expensive and quite ordinary. A couple of simple changes could make the hotel 4 star. I suppose when you're paying 690,000 dong for a twin share room you really shouldn't complain!
    May be the Best in Ben Tre

    It appears it may be the best in Ben Tre but thats probably the best that can be said about it. Whilst it is relatively new and it is clean its not exactly high class - a 2 - 3 star rating I guess. However it is functional and comfortable. The room was quite large with 2 double beds and bathroom was fine. WiFi was average. The front windows fitted very poorly (a reflection of build quality) and the power went off a couple of times though did come back on again quite quickly. The whole hotel is clean and roomy. However service was not good except for front desk which was OK. The bar service was virtually non existant and we gave up waiting to order a drink. The breakfast was pretty meager with very limited choices and the staff didn't want to be seen anywhere near us.
    Neither the best nor the worst!

    This is my first visit in 2014. The hotel is about 2 and a bit years old and to my experience on the room is reasonably clean room and clean bathroom/towels.. this is all I can say! But if you compare to our hotels in US or in Europe this is neither the best nor the worst. I did stay with other local hotel and is cheaper but packed up my bags first thing in the morning and head to Viet Uc.
    Overall is this hotel good for me, more expensive than other local hotels around in this area but staff here are friendly and hotel is in a good position with good scenery/view and good food too. I am planning to come back to the area again soon and I definitely will come back to this hotel and will recommend this hotel to anyone as this is all you can find the cleanness in Ben Tre with bugs free!
    I give this hotel a 4* on this because I did have a good sleep!
    Falling from glory

    This used to be the best hotel in Ben Tre when it was opened 2 years ago. The lobby, rooms, cafes and facilities were all great.

    I frequent Ben Tre a lot and would come by Viet-Uc for their cafe.. their food prices are nothing to cheap, but it was quite good at first..

    Today, I came back to the hotel again for lunch and was greeted with the most expensive meal I had in Ben Tre and a great disappointment when my 'grilled german sausages' were served. 2 oily sausages and a few broccoli... that's all. Then to my dismay, I found a worm on my broccoli and then a fly landed in my drink.

    Staff are friendly... but they need to maintain the glory of the hotel they protray from the outlook... if not it will be another guesthouse in Ben Tre.
    Reasonably clean.

    The room is reasonably clean with clean towels. The hot water shower is pretty slow to heat up.
    Wi-Fi strength inside the room is quite poor, I had to move around to get proper reception.
    I would be coming back.
    Rooms need major renovation

    The hotel is only 2 years old and to my surprise, it has became very dirty, specially the bathroom "Mold has covered the entire bathroom". I am planning to come back to the area in the near future and I definitely will not come back to this hotel and will not recommend this hotel to anyone.
    Mold everywhere!

    This is the second time we stayed here but this time was the worst. For a hotel that is less than 2 years old, it's very dirty. The bathroom tile is all broken, there is black mold all along the tub, sink, and windows. Would not come back!