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    Khách sạn U Sapa

    : Vòng quanh Sapa
    Khách sạn U Sapa
    U Sapa Hotel - U Superior(1)
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    Khách sạn U Sapa tọa  lạc tại vị trí đẹp kết hợp với thiết kế hài hòa cảnh quan tự nhiên của Sapa thơ mộng. Đây sẽ là chốn dừng chân tuyệt vời cho bạn và gia đình nghỉ ngơi khi du lịch Sapa.

    Địa chỉ của khách sạn nằm ở số 8 Cầu Mây, thị trấn Sapa, Lào Cai. Từ khách sạn bạn mất khoảng 25.8km để đến trung tâm thành phố khám phá, vui chơi. khách sạn tại Sapa này sở hữu 57 phòng nghỉ theo phong cách kiến trúc thuộc địa Pháp cổ điển, sang trọng.

    Mỗi một không gian phòng là sự chăm chút đến từng chi tiết nhỏ, du khách sẽ cảm nhận sự thoải mái khi sử dụng các tiện nghi như: TV LCD, truyền hình vệ tinh, máy sấy tóc, điện thoại quốc tế, mini bar, két an toàn, máy pha trà/ cà phê, dép đi trong phòng, giường ngủ & phòng tắm hiện đại… Ngoài ra, dịch vụ cũng là thế mạnh của khách sạn U Sapa. Do đó, du khách hoàn toàn yên tâm khi nghỉ dưỡng ở đây.

    Sau một ngày khám phá Sapa xinh đẹp, du khách còn có thể thưởng thức các món ngon hay nhâm nhi các thức uống ngon tuyệt tại khu vực nhà hàng, quán cà phê ngay trong khách sạn. Cùng nhiều dịch vụ hoàn hảo khác đang chờ đón du khách đặt phòng khách sạn U Spa ngay trên Asiabooking. Ngay khi bạn đến Sapa đừng chần chờ gọi cho Asiabooking để sớm có phòng ưng ý.

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    Highly recommended!

    We had only one night stay but it left us a good impression. Stephan and his dedicated team includes Hoa, Phill and the entire team of hotel staffs were truly helpful and hospitable. The room was really spacious, nice view from balcony to the main courtyard in front of old church, en-suited room and well facilitated. Breakfast buffet is nice, rich and tasteful. The two main ideas from BOM that I like most, Stephan said me every of his staff has been trained to "treat their guests as friends", this is a great way to convey best your excellent service to the clients and make them feel warmly and well treated. The hotel is just right in downtown and easy access to any restaurant or tourist attraction surrounded

    Secondly, your team is developing authentic touring options to help travelers discover unspoiled areas of Sapa and create a small fund to support the minority communities, this is a good gesture I personally appreciate and I will you will be fruitful with the project.
    Good services and nice staffs

    U SAPA's staffs are very nice and friendly that made us feel comfortable during the honey moon trip. In addition, the decoration for the couple just married and the love cake are so good with no further charge. U SAPA will be the hotel we choose to stay if we have chance to visit Sapa next time.

    One of the best hotel in north vietnam. Large rooms with every confort.
    Located downtown center of sapa.
    Good breakfast. Interesting to mention..the fact that in order not to put stress on the guest and let benefit at full of the hotel facilities..there no check out time...you decide when to leave..just beed to tell the time at concierge..great customer satisfaction
    Such a lovely room

    We had just checked out of a hotel in Han noi with no natural ventilation that smelt of chemicals everywhere. It was such a delight and contrast to find ourselves in a small mountain hotel with rooms that had doors opening to a Juliette style balcony and not a trace of air freshener or petrochemical fragrance! Bathrooms were great too, a modern wall of glass and the bonus of a wooden seat in the shower. Very comfortable bed and cotton sheets. This hotel does not have a lift so this is not the right place for travellers' who cant handle a few flights of stairs. The breakfast buffet had everything you need Asian and European options but was not as spectacular as some of the other hotels we stayed at. A small gym was not available due to some renovations while we stayed. A pool table is available for free in the hotel lobby! The magic of FREE WIFI was everywhere including in our rooms. Unfortunately due to serious storms in the North of Vietnam we had almost continuous rain during our stay. We will make sure we return in the right season. Staff were delightful and made you feel like a friend not a guest. In particular we loved dealing with Phoebe (Thanh). The only negative of our stay in Sapa was the noise. There is a construction boom in Sapa, similar to Hoi An. Road noise is signficant too. And once again I need to mention the very pesky public address system that we found all throughout Vietnam. On our first day at Sapa we had to endure about 4 hours of noise from a speaker located outside our hotel. I felt like it was inside the room. This is not a reflection of the hotel but is a government/cultural aspect of Vietnam that needs to be considered by travellers who may not anticipate city levels of noise in a mountain village. You will need to research carefully if peace and quite really matters to you.

    We arrived at the U Hotel after walking out of a terrible hotel we were recommended but on arrival couldnt get out of there fast enough. We booked the U Hotel and were there within 5 min. This hotel was like a breath of fresh air it is clean the staff a polite friendly and honest the standard of the room and facilities was excellent and if I go back to Sapa would book this hotel again.
    Thank you to all the staff and the high standards it was a pleasure to stay here.
    Great stay and would recommend.

    We are group of 3 females and booked our package deal via My Beautiful Sapa website(included: hotel, sapa tour, halong bay cruise) and stayed at this lovely hotel. Our room got a great mounatain view and bed was soft and comfortable. Hotel is new and modern and staffs were very helpful. Do not miss breakfast because food here was fantastic and delicious. We would absolutely recommend this hotel.
    Spacious room ever

    The hotel is nice, located in the middle of Sapa so we just need to take few minutes walking to tourist attraction sites around. However, best thing about this hotel is the huge room. We stayed in Junior Suite and was being impressed by its spacious bathroom with bathtub, a bedroom with a king size bed which is big enough for us and our 3 years old daughter, and a living room equipped with a comfortable sofa. We even have a big free area for my daughter to playing. She loves the room :)

    We had dinner at the hotel restaurant to celebrate a friend's birthday on Friday night and has chance to see the music show from Ethnic people there, it fun and worth the money for. I would recommend this show to anyone who come to Sapa on the weekend.
    Clean and comfortable

    Motel was conveniently located, central to everything. The room was clean, air conditioned, bed soft. Had a cute balcony. Wifi was good. Pleasant staff. I loved the block out curtains, made it easier to sleep. Was some traffic noise as we faced the street, but it was worth the view.
    Good location, very helpful and friendly staff.

    U Sapa has a slightly boutique feel about it, with a very welcoming and easy check-in. Our small suite was clean and reasonably comfortable, fully air conditioned, and with a TV in the lounge and bedroom. The bathroom had both a shower and a bath tub with a extension spray nozzle. Breakfast was in the downstairs restaurant with a street/plaza view. Breakfast was a buffet spread with a good selection to cover most tastes. Chefs in the adjacent kitchen took care of eggs, Pho and other individually prepared dishes.

    The central location means it is surrounded by other restaurants, cafes, bars, shops and spas, all within easy walking distance - no need for a cab. The busy street outside could be a source of noise for front facing rooms, however building alterations at the rear meant we had construction noise from dawn till dark, then more coming through the wall from somewhere else. The view from the only window of our lower floor suite was limited by adjacent buildings to a slice of the distant mountain skyline.

    Although the suite was well decorated and the bed comfortable, the lounge chairs weren't really made for relaxing on - very firm and upright. Although clean, a couple of things were in need of repair. The capsule coffee maker would only run for a couple of seconds, just enough to make a drip, then stop - wasting a pod. The bathroom fittings were in need of a plumber's attention. A slightly confusing line of identical looking taps controlled water to the tub and the hose spray nozzle. One was very loose in its mounting, so while trying to avoid running scolding hot water and redirecting it the tub rather than the sprayer, more water would begin to pour out from around the base of this tap and possibly into the cavity (and a room?) under the tub. We gave up on having a nice relaxing post-trek soak. There was also a minor design fault with the air-conditioning ducts where one ceiling outlet blew 90% of the air to just one side of the bed and very little came out of the other - so one person froze while the other was still too warm.

    While the staff were very helpful and pleasant, with an excellent location, breakfast was great and the hotel's facilities generally good, our room in particular needed a little maintenance and was a little noisy during our stay, at least.
    Nice location but wifi did not work

    Great spot right on the square in the center of town. Easy to walk to most spots in Sapa. Laundry is best done outside of hotel and easy to get back the next day. It is also around the corner from a minimart and the express bus stop to Hanoi.
    The room we had was spacious, had great windows that blocked the noise from the street well, and was clean with an updated bathroom.
    There is no elevator in this hotel which is only an issue if you have trouble climbing the stairs. The breakfast was good here with a nice assortment.