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    Khách sạn The White Lotus Sapa (Four Seasons)

    : Khu họp chợ
    Khách sạn The White Lotus Sapa (Four Seasons)
    The White Lotus Hotel Sapa - Deluxe garden view 1
    The White Lotus Hotel Sapa - Deluxe Garden view
    The White Lotus Hotel Sapa - Deluxe Mountain view 1
    The White Lotus Hotel Sapa - Deluxe mountain view
    The White Lotus Hotel Sapa - Deluxe Triple 1
    The White Lotus Hotel Sapa - Deluxe Triple
    The White Lotus Hotel Sapa - Deluxe Twin
    The White Lotus Hotel Sapa - Guest Room
    The White Lotus Hotel Sapa - Hotel Exterior 1
    The White Lotus Hotel Sapa - Hotel Exterior 2
    The White Lotus Hotel Sapa - Hotel Exterior
    The White Lotus Hotel Sapa - Reception
    The White Lotus Hotel Sapa - Restaurant 1
    The White Lotus Hotel Sapa - Restaurant
    The White Lotus Hotel Sapa - Room's facilities
    The White Lotus Hotel Sapa - Spa
    Superior - Best Deal A

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    khách sạn The White Lotus nằm trong một đường phố rất đông đúc của thị trấn Sapa, rất gần với đường phố Pháp cũ, khách có thể dễ dàng thưởng thức khung cảnh của chợ Sâp khi đi bộ để ngắm vẻ Hòa Bình của Chợ Sa Pa và Nhà Thờ Sa Pa chỉ trong ba phút.

    khách sạn The White Lotus cung cấp tầm nhìn tuyệt đẹp của thung lũng và núi Fansipan mà có thể gây ấn tượng với tất cả các khách du lịch trong thời gian ở đây.

    khách sạn The White Lotus xinh xắn có 27 phòng rộng rãi và thoải mái đáp ứng các tiêu chuẩn quốc tế .khách sạn The White Lotus là lý tưởng cho những người muốn có một sự thoải mái và tiện lợi, ở trong một bầu không khí rất thân thiện và tận hưởng vẻ đẹp của thị trấn Sa Pa.

    Sapa khách sạn White Lotus được xây dựng vào năm 2011 là Khách sạn Quốc Tế 3 sao, Nằm tại đường Cầu Mây , khách sạn The White Lotus cung cấp 40 phòng với tầm nhìn xuống thung lũng Mường Hoa.

    Điểm nổi bật

    Ý kiến đánh giá của khách hàng
    Gửi đánh giá
    Stupid staff

    Hotel has changed to four seasons. Staff are particularly stupid, very frustrating! No concept of English or common sense. House keeping either didn't bother cleaning room or walking in on us a 8.30 am.

    Was hard work checking out and asking for clean towels toliet roll and bins emptied. Wifi appalling. Asked for hot water in shower and a kettle, both situations made me want to cry.

    As we were leaving staff asked us where we were going. We answered and she looked at us blankly. We then asked to pay and have our passport back. Still blank looks. Really what were they expecting us to want.

    Room was pleasant enough , big windows with fab view.
    White Lotus Hotel now Four Season Hotel

    We booked a triple room in the White Lotus Hotel, but it seems it has changed its name (and maybe also owner) and is now called Four Season Hotel, which did worry us a bit when we arrived. We recognized it from the Tripadvisor pics so we stayed - they also had our booking via Agoda, although they took ages to find it. As a reviewer posted earlier it really did seem like a ghost hotel. There were no other guests. Our room was quite dirty and our shower head was broken. At least they turned on the hot water after we asked about it, they had just forgotten to switch it on. As we were there in February, and Sa Pa was cold and we were traveling with our two kids (3 and 6) the most important thing for us was the heating in our room and it worked just fine. All in all the staff seemed a bit lost, didn't seem to know what they were doing, breakfast took ages and didn't taste great. Its not a cozy welcoming hotel but cheap enough at $35 for a triple room, and it is right in the center of Sa Pa.
    Not quite sure

    We stayed here for two nights and it was like a ghost hotel. It has changed names recently with new owners so that may have something. It had the ideal location and the rooms are great beds comfortable and a rainshower which is really powerful. The staff were hit and miss , we hired a motorbike which was not so good and although we only had it just on 24 hours asked for the keys back but still charged us for two days. We did not eat as the restaurant did not seem to be open although we were offered breakfast.
    We paid $35 for one night booked in advance and $26 for the other booked last minute. Not sure we would return although we loved Sapa. There is more on our blog www.leggingit.com.au
    Bon rapport qualité prix

    Séjour de 2nuits. Équipe sympathique et souriante, équipements ok et en cas de soucis, c'est tout de suite réglé (fuite dans la salle de bain).
    Nous n'avons testé ni le restaurant ni les massages.
    Sapa étant cher, l'hôtel semble avoir adapté ses prix en fonction.
    On vous fera visiter toutes les chambres même si vous spécifiez que vous voulez la moins cher.
    Sachez que le confort sera le même à tout prix, seule la vue changera.
    Et les chambres sont soldées sur Internet, pas au comptoir...

    The absolute place to stay

    After a week on the motor bike we spent 2 days in the White Lotus Hotel. This was pure luxury. Great (soft) beds, rain showers a very helpfull staff that speaks English and took every effort to help us in any way to answer out questions and arrange excursions. The food was perfect as well. We had both breakfast and dinner in the hotel.
    The place to stay in Sapa

    If you're on a budget and want to feel like in a three stars hotel, this is the place. Hot water, ac, tv...

    They have only a few cheap rooms, with no views, nor balcony but only 200.000dongs.

    It's located at the end of Cau May street, so you can find everything you need close to it.
    It feels like home

    I had originally booked into another hotel and came here to book a tour. The people were SO nice and accommodating. When it became apparent that I was going to freeze my bum off in the other hotel (no heating and Sapa is cooold) I came right to the White Lotus. They have heating and the room was super nice! Sold!
    These people treated me so well here. They not only had the best prices on tours but they give you a 20% off discount on massages when you stay here.
    I'm super happy I found this place. There's a load of places to stay in Sapa but I know this is the best one!
    Great little place in Sapa

    Stayed 4 nights while in Sapa. Very clean, very quiet, great service. Everything from the pickup at the train station, to the reservations being there, the view from the rooms, very comphy beds, great staff, great tours by one of their staff, Mr. Thang, and great breakfasts. The staff were always attentive to my needs, always had great suggestions on tours and restaurants, always ready to make my stay an enjoyable one. Nice massages available, nice after a day of trekking. A very nice experience in a terrific little town in the mountains. Couldn't asked for more.
    a haven during our motorcycle roadtrip

    A lovely hotel. We were already traveling a week with 8 frends on oure bikes on a roadtrip We slept in localhomes, who where nice places, but when we arrived in the white Lotus, it gave us an enormes feeling of luxury. The rooms are beautiful , clean and bug free. The staff is friendly (like most Vietnamese) and the owners helped us with everything , like buying presents for back home , repairing our bikes, advising us for good restaurents and so on . A real must
    Oasis in a tough motortrip through the north of Vietnam

    Thanh and his wife are the owners of this luxurious hotel in downtown Sapa.
    They provided us with full body massage, warm shower and wonderfull fondue for dinner.
    The atmosphere is relaxed and typicall for Vietnam.