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    Khách sạn The Imperial Vũng Tàu

    : Bãi Thùy Vân
    Khách sạn The Imperial Vũng Tàu
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    Khách sạn The Imperial Vũng Tàu là một trong những khách sạn được du khách yêu thích khi du lịch Vũng Tàu. khách sạn sở hữu kiến trúc độc đáo của phong cách boutique xuất phát từ cảm hứng của nữ hoàng Victoria trong lịch sử nước Anh.

    The Imperial Vũng Tàu thuộc hàng khách sạn 5 sao tọa lạc tại vị trí đắc địa số 159 đường Thùy Vân, Vũng Tàu. Hệ thống 144 phòng của khách sạn rất rộng rãi, mỗi phòng được trang trí giấy dán tường trang nhã cùng một số bức tranh nổi tiếng thời nữ hoàng Victoria. Những tiện nghi theo tiêu chuẩn 5 sao được khách sạn cung cấp gồm: điều hòa nhiệt độ, TV LCD, internet, két sắt, giường ngủ lớn, bồn tắm và những thiết bị cao cấp khác. Dịch vụ thư giãn tại Romance Spa hay rèn luyện cơ thể với phòng tập gym, boxing sẽ mang lại những giây phút tuyệt vời cho mọi du khách.

    Tại The Imperial Vũng Tàu, ba nhà hàng trong khách sạn và một khu ẩm thực tại khu mua sắm Imperial Plaza kế bên sẽ luôn mang đến các thực đơn phong phú món Á – Âu hay hải sản tươi sống cho du khách lựa chọn. Đặc biệt, quán bar của The Imperial phục vụ các món cocktail, cà phê thơm ngon sẽ thích hợp để bạn hàn thuyên với bạn bè, gặp gỡ đối tác.

    Bạn đừng bỏ qua Beach Club gồm 13 lều riêng kéo dài gần 100 mét dọc theo bãi biển với kiến trúc đặc biệt lấy cảm hứng từ phong cách Địa Trung Hải cổ điển. du khách hãy nằm trên những chiếc giường mặt trời với ô bao quanh là hai hồ bơi Jacuzzis để vui đùa cùng sóng biển và thưởng thức các món hải sản từ nhà hàng Hải Vương.

    Ngoài ra, phòng hội nghị của Khách sạn The Imperial Vũng Tàu được thiết kế sang trọng, hài hòa giữa kiến trúc Anh – Việt. Không gian lớn và các thiết bị hiện đại cao cấp sẽ hỗ trợ doanh nhân đàm phán tốt trong các hội thảo hay tổ chức các sự kiện tầm cỡ quốc tế.

    khách sạn ở Vũng Tàu này là địa chỉ nghỉ dưỡng cao cấp cho một hành trình chất lượng, thoải mái khi bạn du lịch Vũng Tàu.

    Điểm nổi bật

    Ý kiến đánh giá của khách hàng
    Gửi đánh giá
    Terrible Service at the swimming pool next to the beach

    Around 11am, we purchased 2 tickets which costed US$ 25 per person to use the pool service there. 1 hour later, I told to the pool staff that I need to go back my hotel to check out and will be back in 15 minutes. The female staff of this pool said the ticket we purchased only allow us to enter the pool 1 time and if I go out of the pool for whatever reasons, I have to pay another entrance fee. I asked her why I was not explained about this and she did not answer and ignored us. If I was informed about this earlier, either I will not purchase the expensive ticket here or I will check out the hotel before I buy the entrance tickets of Imperial.

    Another thing was brought to my attention that, even I spoke Vietnamese to the female staff that after I check out my hotel (my friend still stays inside the pool), I will come back the pool to have lunch in the restaurant inside the pool. The staff still insisted that I have to pay for the entrance ticket.

    Don't want to waste our time, we immediately left this lousy facility. If you don't want to be overcharged and be cheated by Imperial staffs, please hesitant before using them. It's not worth with what you are paying!
    Great Day Opyion for Cruise Ship visitors in Phu My

    This hotel is only about 45 minutes away from the Phu My port most ships dock at for Saigon and if you don't want to make the 5 hr roundtrip trek to Saigon, but still have a genuine Vietnam experience at a traditional hotel on a local's beach, this is your answer. While we didn't stay here, I had visited this beach and resort on an earlier cruise and decided to book a cabana for our cruise day in Jan 2016. I traded emails with the hotel to arrange their car transfer from Phu My Port to hotel and then had use of the cabana from 8-3pm. It was a 12 on a scale of 1-10 for the day. We had an amazing cabana with shower, bathroom, sitting room, mini-fridge and full service from bar and restaurant. The food was Fantastic as was eh service we received from the staff. The Vietnamese coffee was delicious and the Tiger beers ice-cold. We spent about $200 for two of us for transfers, cabana and food and well worth every dime. If you want to have a relaxing, beach day at a fabulous resort with great food and drinks, look no further.
    Lovely beach front hotel - clean, attractive, good service

    Stayed here for one night on a weekend break from Saigon. We booked last minute, and got an excellent room with sea views, a decent sized private terrace and all the amenities you would expect of a high end hotel. The breakfast was delightful. It's a smallish hotel, and they do a great job of service on the front desk and in the restaurant. We spent the day coming and going from the beach club (after check-out) - it's well-located with really attentive staff. Just a short walk from the beach club and you can be in the main bustle of Vung Tau's back beach eating super fresh cheap seafood. Recommended!
    Best hotel in Vũng Tàu

    Great location which is opposite the beach, you can cross their own bridge then reach the area. Hotel staffs are all nice and polite to guests. Room has a impressive architecture and I had a very good sleep. Breakfast was acceptable. Remain the best hotel in Vũng Tàu up to now.
    Reasonable for families

    The hotel earns average score from me because its superior room is just very standard. The pool locates so near to the restaurant. When I swam there was a wedding and they saw all of the swimming activities outside, which is not really comfortable for me. The breakfast is OK in my opinion.
    Great Hotel for Back Beach in Vung Tau

    They say 5 star and it is a great hotel and beach location although it is more accurately likely a 4 star hotel at 2 star prices by American standards. They gave me an Ocean View Balcony view vast room for $145 USD a night (with taxes) and gave me the 4th night Free as I checked in Very Late on the first night. Great Breakfast buffet, pool, beach pool, spa, gym, concierge and more at Imperial. If your going to stay at or near Back Beach in Vung Tau this is your Best Choice for this price point.
    1950s themed hotel

    An Asian reviewer described it being like the Titanic below, in her mind this equated to five stars. However if you are from England, this is a very dated hotel in need of repair.

    I'm currently writing this from the beach as the pool has been closed for two days in order for them to host a commercial beach party. I don't mind moving to the beach, but closing the poolside bar for the day shows a completely lack of respect for guests who have paid over £100 a night to stay here.

    I believe the hotel shows contempt for its guests, is a tired themed hotel, and is badly located from the main restaurants/bars of the Town.

    Not a bad hotel, but not worth the money.

    On a plus side, the massages are amazing.
    Beautiful hotel but not quite 5*

    We stayed at Imperial Hotel for 5 days as a couple and enjoyed our stay. However, as one of the best hotels in Vung Tau, this place needs huge improvement considering its price.

    - Great location, has a private beach. You can get there by crossing the hotel's bridge. Very convenient but you will need a taxi to get to the city centre for decent restaurants (there are none around, this part of town is very sleepy during week days). Taxis are cheap though.
    - Clean rooms, not very large. Beautiful deco, although at times it feels a bit dark and gloomy inside.
    - Large and lovely swimming pools. Ones of the best I've seen, however one of the pools sits behind a huge tower, blocking the sun most of the times.
    - Good breakfast, many options.
    - Ok spa, quite pricey (as you would expect ). I used it as its convenient and clean but wouldn't say the massage treatments or pedicure were relaxing or enjoyable.
    - Complimentary taxi ride to the ferry station, which is great!
    - The hotel is next to a very loud club, it gets extremely loud during weekends. The hotel also family friendly and the noise level is almost unbearable at times with screaming kids in the hall. If you are looking for a quiet relaxing holiday, this is probably not the right place with noisy locals.
    - The staff is friendly and polite enough. Their English is not great and overall customer service is only OK. Despite being 5*, the service of Imperial Hotel is nowhere near Holiday Beach hotel in Danang (4*) where the service was impeccable, had complimentary daily massages and well trained, attentive staff.

    Overall, we had an ok experience.
    Excellent hotel in Vung Tau

    We stayed 4 years ago at the Ho Tram Resort and Spa. This time we wanted to try something closer to HCM. The Imperial hotel is just outstanding, despite its decoration which is a little bit too much. The rooms, the pool, the beach and the staff are just perfect. A true 5 star service
    Charming Stay!!

    I stayed in The Imperial Hotel for one night with my girlfriend and we loved the decoration and the hotel style, we work in hospitality business and we get surprised with the hotel it's really charming with an old and nice decoration. We stayed in a suite and the room was great and spacious with a nice view to the ocean we loved the amenities that smell really good. The breakfast it's simple for a 5 star hotel but for us was fine. We loved the fact that the hotel it's located in front of the beach and there is also a great swimming pool with bar in the same area and the prices are convenient. We loved a lot our stay was really relaxed just sometimes a bit of noise coming from Vuvuzela Bar that is located near by.