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    Khách sạn Sunshine Bungalow

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    Khách sạn Sunshine Bungalow
    Sunshine Bungalow PQ - Bar
    Sunshine Bungalow PQ - Bathroom 2
    Sunshine Bungalow PQ - Bathroom 3
    Sunshine Bungalow PQ - Bathroom
    Sunshine Bungalow PQ - Bungalow Deluxe Family
    Sunshine Bungalow PQ - Bungalow Deluxe
    Sunshine Bungalow PQ - Bungalow Family 2
    Sunshine Bungalow PQ - Bungalow Family
    Sunshine Bungalow PQ - Bungalow Superior 2
    Sunshine Bungalow PQ - Bungalow Superior
    Sunshine Bungalow PQ - Cafe 2
    Sunshine Bungalow PQ - Cafe
    Sunshine Bungalow PQ - Exterior 2
    Sunshine Bungalow PQ - Exterior
    Sunshine Bungalow PQ - Lobby
    Sunshine Bungalow PQ - Mini Shop
    Sunshine Bungalow PQ - Receptiom
    Sunshine Bungalow PQ

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    Wifi ở khu vực công cộng
    Nằm ở vị trí thuận lợi thuộc Đảo Phú Quốc, Sunshine Bungalow là một nơi nghỉ chân tuyệt vời để tiếp tục khám phá thành phố sôi động. Chỉ cách trung tâm thành phố khoảng 3 km và bạn có thể đến sân bay trong vòng 10 phút. Với vị trí thuận lợi, khách sạn dễ dàng tiếp cận những điểm tham quan du lịch nổi tiếng của thành phố.

    Sunshine Bungalow cũng đề xuất thêm rất nhiều thiết bị làm kì nghỉ của bạn ở Đảo Phú Quốc thêm tiện lợi. khách sạn cung cấp két sắt, Wi-Fi ở khu vực công cộng, dịch vụ giặt là, phòng gia đình, quầy nước để đảm bảo khách của họ được thoải mái nhất.

    Khách có thể chọn 12 phòng có không khí yên bình và tuyệt vời. khách sạn mang lại phương tiện giải trí đa dạng, bao gồm vườn. Khi bạn tìm kiếm chỗ tạm trú thoải mái và tiện nghi ở Đảo Phú Quốc, hãy bắt đầu cuộc hành trình đến Sunshine Bungalow.

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    Great value option for Phu Quoc

    Hard to beat this place for value. Rooms were big, clean, comfortable, with good wifi and air con. Family run business - all very friendly and helpful. The gardens surrounding the rooms are peaceful and well kept. Only an 80 metre walk to the beach and they have a relationship with a place on the beach so you get free loungers. No breakfast included though which is a shame... Very enjoyable stay on the whole.
    A great place to enjoy your vacation

    This was my first time I have been in Phu Quoc, and it is a fantastic trip thanks to Sunshine Bungalow. My fiancée and I totally enjoy our vacation at this bungalow. Its atmosphere is clean and fresh with a beautiful garden along the bungalow. Our room is very tidy and well-organized. Furthermore, the owner couple is extremely friendly and always glad to help us. Its location is also a bonus for this bungalow because it only takes 5 minutes to go to beach, as well as many great restaurants nearby.
    I definitely come back Sunshine Bungalow again when I visit Phu Quoc next time and highly recommend this wonderful bungalow to my friends.
    Sunshine Bungalow - The place to be

    If you are looking for a fulfilling journey with tranquil moments of immersing yourself in glorious sunlight at dawn while strolling along one the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, exhilarating motorbike rides during your adventure exploring the island, or just simply a heavenly getaway from all the nuances of your hectic lifestyle, I would say staying in Sunshine Bungalow in Phu Quoc would perhaps be the best option for you. Why ah?

    1. The location
    The bungalow is located within walking distance to the beach, and I have really enjoyed myself walking there for numerous times throughout my stay. There is a fresh water tap near the back gate, which makes cleaning after your walks quite convenient. On the way to the beach you may also find a lot of seafood restaurants, so having meals in this area should not be a problem for you.

    2. The facility
    The facility is considered one of the vantage point for the bungalow. The rooms are all very clean and well-equipped with air-cons,TV and high-speed wifi, and I believe they also provide very comfortable pillows. The truth is, you may not always get yourself air-conditioned rooms or rooms with such a satisfactory level of cleanliness out there in Phu Quoc, despite the plethora of hotel choices.

    Sunshine Bungalow also houses a convenient shop, in which you may find almost everything you need for a vacation, even nice ice-cream for a hot sunny day (this is the part that I really love about this place) and really good branded wine (yes I saw a lot of tourists frequented the shop to buy wine as gifts as well).

    There are a few motorbikes for rent at a reasonable price out there, so if you are a thrill-seeker who wish to explore the island on your own will and way and feel that immense sense of liberation, this is highly recommended. The motorbikes also vary in brands and looks.

    Last but not least, the highlight is the SUPER NICE GARDER. I really adore how the owner has adorned the place with a whole gamut of beautiful plants and flowers and transformed it into a sweet little getaway amidst the lush of greenery. I often find myself wandering in this garden in those early evenings, sitting at one of the tiny tables placing in here and there, hiding at corners of this paradise, and enjoying my quiet respite.

    3. The service
    Oh wellz I think you may have come across this in other reviews. There are so many special things about the family who owns this place. Of course, you may heard that they are really friendly and helpful and considerate, but you would not have really known what they are really like until you have come to this place and fallen in love with these wonderful people.

    I often saw this family inviting guests staying at the bungalow for meals, and I, together with a couple of other foreign guests, joined them for dinner several times. Honestly I was taken aback by how friendly these people were and for a while, it felt like we guests were part of their family. We talked about all kinds of things and I believe such experiences serve as a perfect platform for you to gain insights into the Vietnamses culture and customs. They also invited us for a board games session and took us to the beach at night for a squid-hunting journey. I bet the kids will totally love this!

    They are also very helpful in the sense that they can help you with settling a lot of stuff, including your trips to other parts of the island, your transport to the airports or to other destinations, or anything you may need during your stay there.

    They also prioritise a certain level of security for their guests, and this is the very reason behind their locking up the place after 11pm. So yeah I don't think you may run into any incident of theft and losing your stuff, no worries!

    I really believe they deserve the best of compliments, and I have seen people from all walks of life across the globe came here and forged treasured relationships with these awesome people.

    Okay in conclusion, I think it's definitely a truly great place with tiptop conditions, conveniences and service. You may think that I come off as a bit biased but it's okay, because I personally enjoyed Sunshine Bungalow a lot, and I think it certainly lives up to these praises. I hope my review was helpful for you to form certain impressions of this place, and that you would get yourself such a fulfilling experience here like I did.
    What a beautiful place to stay!

    I was first impressed by the beautiful and well-cleaned garden surrounding Sunshine Bungalow. The business is run by the friendly couples, who can speak little English, but speak German very fluently. Thus, this place is a good choice for tourists, who know German. The room is clean, and well-equipped with TV, air-condition, fridge, and high-speed wifi. Also, location is great, which only took me 5 minutes to walk to the beach. Along the path to the beach, there are many delicious seafood restaurants as well. Moreover, the business has motor scoot rental service, convenient store and ice-cream stall. I would recommend eating ice-cream here, which has different flavors and the cheapest price. To sum up, I enjoy staying here and would definitely come back!
    Pleasant Place

    As you'll read from other reviews, Sunshine Bungalow is not on the beach, but is just a short (few minutes) walk away. The arrangement they've made with another establishment so that you're able to use their loungers on the beach is great. This is a family-run place with very friendly owners - especially the man - always smiling. It's also very easy walking distance to plenty of restaurant options. Inside the room, I appreciated the efficient air conditioning and cozy bed. Great English channel options with movies for that bit of time before bed.

    This wasn't a 5 rating for me for a couple reasons. There was low water pressure in the shower. The bathrooms all have open access to the outside to some extent (presumably so it doesn't get moldy/musty), so it was the only place I stayed where I woke up with bug bites, even though I mostly kept the door to the bathroom closed. Lastly, there was very loud construction happening next door (starting every day at 7 am!) but they moved my room (and all my belongings) for me to a room a bit further from the noise which was appreciated.
    So great we stayed twice.

    This family run place is great! We stayed in Phu Quoc for 1 month and had various different accomodation but this one we came back to! Rooms are very clean.
    Also great mopeds to rent, all brand new and cheaper than the other places. My girlfriend cut her foot one day and the manager patched her up nicely.
    Such a friendly family run business. We will be back
    Friendly, clean, good location.

    Very friendly! Special thanks to ms Chi for answering all my emails within half an hour ! Room was cleaned every day, garden is well kept, so nice to sit there if you want something else than the beach. It's not on the beach, but just a 2 minute walk.
    Friendly family run business

    We stayed here for nearly a week and we really enjoyed it. The location is amazing, very close to the beach, restaurants and the main road. The family that runs the business is very nice and very helpful. They have organised taxis for us to and from the airport on our request. It's approx 10 min by taxi from the airport. It is pricier than the hostels surrounding it but from our perspective it was worth the extra money to spend time in the little clean bungalow surrounded by flowers in perfect location.
    Perfect stay, highly recommend

    We loved our stay at Sunshine Bungalows (we even added a few more days). The Vietnamese family who own and run this place are very friendly and extremely helpful as well. The location is perfect (although not on the beach it is only a short stroll to the beach). Lots of good restaurant choices within walking distance. The rooms are spacious, clean and comfortable. The gardens outside the rooms are stunning and it has a very natural feel. Due to a change in our flight we arrived here very early but the owners let us check-in anyway. You can hire motorbikes from the owners as well for a reasonable price and excellent bike. Would definitely recommend to stay here.
    Great choice in a sea of mediocrity

    This is a family run accommodation and you are made to feel part of the family. Wonderful people who even emailed me after I'd left to wish me Happy Birthday. Beautifully hospitable in a very natural way. They are also efficient, helpful and flexible. Rooms are spotlessly clean with a safe. It's 2 minutes walk from Long beach, very quiet and lovely garden to sit in.
    I would recommend this as a mid range place to stay and would definitely return if I went back to Phu Quoc.