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    Khách sạn Sunflowers Quy Nhơn

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    Khách sạn Sunflowers Quy Nhơn

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    Sunflowers Hotel nằm trong bán kính chỉ 50 m từ Bãi biển Quy Nhơn và 5 phút đi bộ từ trung tâm thành phố. Nơi đây cung cấp bữa sáng theo thực đơn lên sẵn hàng ngày và truy cập Wi-Fi miễn phí trong toàn bộ khuôn viên.

    Từ khách sạn, du khách đi bộ 5 phút là đến Chợ Quy Nhơn trong khi Ga Quy Nhơn nằm trong bán kính 3 km từ nơi nghỉ này. Ga Diêu Trì cách đó 35 km.

    Các phòng nghỉ máy lạnh tại đây có truyền hình cáp màn hình phẳng, minibar và phòng tắm riêng với tiện nghi vòi sen, đồ vệ sinh cá nhân cùng máy sấy tóc.

    Nhà hàng phục vụ các món ăn địa phương của Việt Nam được ưa chuộng cùng với các món ăn ngon của phương Tây từ 06:00 đến 22:00.

    Khách có thể hát hết mình tại buổi hát karaoke hoặc sử dụng trung tâm dịch vụ doanh nhân. Bàn đặt tour có thể bố trí việc đi lại cho khách. Nhân viên tại quầy lễ tân 24 giờ có thể hỗ trợ khách với các dịch vụ giữ hành lý, giặt là, cho thuê phương tiện đi lại và đặt vé.

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    Good: 3.5 marks

    Very decent hotel offering breakfast and room at fair price in Quy Nhon. Room are big enough, with good fittings and bathroom.
    Staff is helpful even if their English sometimes seemed too basic.

    Would I advise to stay here? Yes if you have to go to Quy Nhon, however if you are traveling to Vietnam, the city has not much to offers.

    Located one street back from beach

    No complaints. Good bed large clean rooms, not flashy. Very good views to coast and hinterland from upper floors.Located one street back from beach at harbour end. TV air con wifi all satisfactory. Typical vietnamese breakfast, lots of business men here. Lots of wonderful local restaurants close by. This lovely sea side town has not developed into ugly Nha Trang yet. Take a wander around the business street south of the hotel.
    Experience ruined by rude staff!

    A really fun hotel, more of a hostel vibe. Met some really great people and enjoyed the cleanliness of rooms and the buffet breakfast. However, found the staff impossible to communicate with; many times i was ignored or answered in a blunt and rude manner. I would reccoment DKs hostel instead due to the friendly vibes we experienced on all levels here for backpackers
    Enormous room!

    We only stayed one night here - but no complaints! The room we had was enormous. And very clean.
    Breakfast included which was great - even made to order eggs for us.
    We didn't explore around much - it is at the far end of the beach and not the swimming end.... The port end.
    Dissapointment at breakfeast, poor shower

    The room itself was a standard type for a cheap Vietnamese hotel. Big enough to move around and lay out your belongings. Some problems with the WiFi - constantly kicking out and reconnecting. When working, it was still fast.

    When we arrived the manager advertised the buffet breakfast which was served next to the lobby. On our first morning the breakfast was good - OK selection of Vietnamese items and hot coffee in a big thermo. But, on the second morning there was no buffet at all. We were offered the "pick one dish and one drink" menu which is quite usual in Vietnamese cheap hotels. Coffee was only warm, not hot anymore. This was a big letdown since it was not what was advertised to us on the first day and what we were paying for.

    The shower was poor. When we first began to use it there was no hot water coming. I went to the reception and a guy came to our room to help us out. During our way back to the room he switched on some fuse which I think was the thermostat. Even with the thermostat now on you still had to run the water for a very long time until hot water would appear.

    During our stay it was a very windy and rainy weather. The wind was so strong it made the revolving chimney cowls screech badly on the roof nextdoor. Luckily we were so tired that this didn't affect much our sleep. Of course, that building was not part of the hotel so the staff can't do anything about it.

    Quy Nhon is known for fresh seafood. Just next to the hotel there is a couple of good restaurants to try out!
    OK for a pitstop, not for a stay!

    We stayed here for a night on our way south and that was plenty to see this sleepy town.

    The room was clean and had a great view, I'll give it that but the service was poor and there just isn't much to see or do.

    Perhaps I am comparing it to everywhere else we went in Vietnam where we were met with excellent customer service but really, the staff here could not be bothered to help, recommend or even try to speak to us (as they did not speak much English) Apart for one receptionist, who spoke a little English and did help a tiny bit to give us transportation offers (which we were so confused by that we ended up booking our own flight...)

    We felt, up to the moment we got into a taxi to leave, that we were a burden to them. I wouldn't recommend this place.

    Pleasant Accommodation near the beach

    The room was small but perhaps the cleanest that I have stayed in since travelling in Vietnam. The bed was comfortable. Unfortunately, we could not pick up any English news stations on the TV. We booked a room with a beach view and the view was spectacular with a very small verandah. Breakfast was simple but nice and the staff pleasant with limited English. A nice place to base yourself if you are keen on Charm temples. Don't forget the museum is closed on a weekend and a latte is hard to find in town.
    good clean hotel

    The hotel is located in a more quite area of Qui Nhon. It's only 1 street away from the nice beach.
    Room was very clean and spacious. Breakfast has a wide selection, with fresh made eggs to you liking. Behind the hotel, by the beach there's a couple options for dining, were we had a great experience ordering food in a restaurant for locals.
    Basic hotel.

    This hotel is very basic, we had booked a suite which we did not get. The door to the balcony did not open and WiFi not consistent. That said the hotel is clean and cheap, our room comfortable and the staff friendly and keen to help.
    Quy Nhon is a very quiet town with a nice beach, which is further down from the hotel. There is a good seafood restaurant at the back of the hotel but I would probably stay at the other end of the beach if I was to go back.
    Seascape and service - two reasons to return

    Sunflowers is located toward the quiet east end of the waterfront of Quy Nhon,a waterfront that rivals Nha Trang for beauty. The hotel was in a word, terrific. Service from everyone, from the front desk on all shifts to those helping in the hotel restaurant, was both friendly and helpful. Attention to the hotel's architecture showed in many of its features. Sunflowers was clean, with views of the ocean - and the room rate was a bargain.

    Quy Nhon drips with history - a center of the Tay Son rebellion of the 18th century and its hero, Nguyen Hue, and in more recent times during the struggles of the 20th century. A memorial nearby commemorates the embarkation of troops leaving for the north following the Geneva Agreements of 1954.

    Seascape and service are two reasons to return, but there are more.