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    Khách sạn Sea Light Kiên Giang

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    Khách sạn Sea Light Kiên Giang
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    Khách sạn Sea Light Kiên Giang thiết kế dạng tòa nhà cao tầng đẹp mắt và tiện nghi. Đây là khách sạn đạt chuẩn 4 sao mang đến cho bạn một kỳ nghỉ đáng nhớ khi du lịch miền Tây.

    Sỡ hữu tổng cộng 93 phòng nghỉ, lưu trú tại khách sạn du khách sẽ cảm thấy thư thái khi bước vào các căn phòng sạch sẽ, gọn gàng. Mỗi một không gian nghỉ ngơi ở khách sạn tại Kiên Giang này được trang bị đầy đủ TV, nội thất gỗ sang trọng, két an toàn, wifi/ internet tốc độ cao, mini bar, phòng tắm hiện đại...

    Nghỉ ngơi tại đây, bạn còn cơ hội trải nghiệm nghỉ dưỡng cao cấp, thuận tiện. Bạn có thể bơi lội ở hồ bơi Jacuzzi trong xanh, rèn luyện sức khỏe ở phòng tập thể dục hay sử dụng nhiều dịch vụ khác như: đổi tiện tề, thuê xe đạp/ ô tô tự mình khám phá các địa điểm hấp dẫn của Kiên Giang. Hoặc thư giãn cùng các liệu pháp xông hơi, massage. Tinh thần và thể chất của bạn sẽ được cải thiện rất nhiều sau khoảng thời gian nghỉ ngơi ở đây.

    Không thể thiếu chính là khu vực ẩm thực của khách sạn Sea Light. Các nhà hàng thiết kế ấm cúng chuyên phục vụ thực đơn buffet thơm ngon hay món Á - Âu đặc sắc sẽ mang đến nhiều trải nghiệm thú vị cho bạn và gia đình mỗi khi cần nạp năng lượng. Nếu bạn là doanh nhân, hệ thống phòng họp ở đây sẽ làm nên thành công cho các buổi gặp gỡ, chiêu đãi đối tác. 

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    Gửi đánh giá
    Do NOT go here!

    From outside this hotel looks OK. Inside is where the problems are! We checked in wondering what was going on. There were 2 employees and no guests. We soon found out why. Big financial problems haunt this hotel. They can not provide the service you would expect from any hotel. They changed our room three times in one hour because there were big problems with every room they out us in. Then we left (checked out) - they did not charge us but it was a big waste of time and a very unpleasant experience!
    Tired and in need of refreshment/TLC

    First impressions on arrival were good with the imposing entrance hall and Reception - apart from no one coming out to greet us and/or help with our luggage, unlike every other hotel (even more basic ones) we've been to in VN - and we've been to a few!
    However our room did not match the good first impressions - a damp, musty smell, a depressingly dark bathroom with black mould far too much in evidence on the bath sealant, and a personal safe which did not lock. A kettle, tea pot and cups ... but no tea or coffee! And, although the air-con made noise it struggled only just doing the job. Lastly, one window catch was broken and wouldn't open; the other - which had a working catch - was sealed shut with mastic! At least the wifi in the room was good.
    We were only here for 1 night, on our way to Phu Quoc island early the next morning, so we slept and went. Thankfully the bed was comfy enough, albeit a little bouncy.
    As others have said, find another hotel if you have the choice. We didn't.

    Not a great place. Staff were not very helpful, there English was non existant. Our room was basic, not the cleanest, there was no hot water and the round bed is just creepy. wifi was so weak it wasn't worth using
    Awesome service

    We stayed at Sea Light just for a night as a stopover before taking the ferry to Phu Quoc.

    My parents loved it and the receptionist (her name is My!) with her incredible hospitality totally made our day. We were late for collecting the ferry tickets and when I barely asked if the ferry company office is nearby, she quickly offered to help us arrange for ticket delivery within 2 mins. And then she went on to remind us what time to wake up, have breakfast, what time the cab would wait for us etc. Super responsive and thoughtful. Thank you My!

    Our room was for 4 ppl, very spacious and clean with all basic necessities. Awesome view at night as well. Breakfast was alright. We had ours at the outdoor area of the cafe and enjoyed the beautiful morning breeze.

    The hotel location is perfect. Walking distance to Metro, the sea, ferry station, and "Lau Mam Bac Lieu" - serving great local fish sauce hot pot that you must try.

    Facilities could be much improved. Gym was awful with just some basic machine, very bad ventilation. So I can understand why there're many negative review. Well depends on the purpose of your stay I guess. For me and my family, the whole experience was merry and I'll definitely recommend this to my frens.
    Amazing views

    But for the rest it's the worst hotel I've ever stayed at:
    -Badly maintained
    -No hot water
    -Toilet flush broken which made a lot of noise
    -Staff didn't speak any english
    -Breakfast seemed okay but I think that the sausages in my egg made me sick

    Nice location but poor service and food!

    I happened to stay at his hotel just for one night. Location is no doubt very good as you may sea from your window of some rooms. Foods are just ok as there are very few options in breakfast, also cleaneliness is big issue.
    Absolute disappointment

    The vision of a luxury 5 star hotel is there but the management is not.
    Jan 2014 - We booked 3 rooms, 3 generations travelling together with dad's first return to our hometown after 32 years, the 3 days 2 nights we spent there were an absolute disappointment. Our van pulled up, no one came out to greet or assist. Going into the lobby to check, I had to speak up and ask will someone come out to help with our luggage? There were 3 staff at the counter + our family of 8. One gentleman nodded. The 2 clerks at reception were very nice.
    The hotel seemed and filled empty. Getting out of the lift to go our rooms, we hit with a musty, stale smell. The room was spacious, bathroom was tiny as, mouldy and needs re-grouting. The windows were sealed and could not be opened - we later found out that past guests have left windows opened and left damages. The pool uncleaned. Took the kids down to the pool for a swim - HEAVENS! the pool was covered with leaves and dust on top, bottom was filled with dirt. It was filthy! There was 1 staff on duty, who handed towels out to us. Obviously, this was ok for her. Obviously she couldn't see there was problem. I went to ask her why is the pool so filthy? she replied with excuses that I've never came across from a hotel or motel. She attempted to clean. We jumped in to cool down for 5 minutes and left, disgusted. Breakfast was shocking. There were no other guests around, except again the 8 of us and our driver. There were ants around the fruit platter, the white table covers were dirty, obviously not changed. The cleaners came at around 8.30 wanting to change the bed sheets. I asked why so early? Obviously, there were no guests around. I WOULD NEVER COME BACK HERE.
    SEROUSLY people, DO NOT stay here. There are many other budget hotels around with better facilities and services.
    Somebody had big plans but...

    Spent a few nights intermittently at the Sea-light whilst doing business. The hotel is imposing and has a restaurant, pool and function room. Stayed in a suite with great views of the ocean and the city below. The room was spacious, the bed huge. As often happens with hotels of this type the vision is not matched by reality. There clearly are not enough patrons in the area to make the hotel viable in its current state- which to be honest is already showing signs of decay. Dark hallways, an almost non- existent room service and restaurant- we were the only ones who seemed to eat there.
    The showers whilst modern provided no hot water- the complimentary breakfast a joke.
    Situated close to the beach and the metro mart it is well located but in Rach Gia probably a bit before its time.
    A few positives outweighed by too many negatives

    I spent 3 nights in a suite at this hotel during August as a stopover during my road trip from HCM City to Siem Reap. The good points:

    * unsurpassed water views and city views from a suite. You get 270 degree from NW to SW and the whole room is wrapped in floor to ceiling glass except for the southern side which had a large window. The surround buildings are less than half the height of the Sea Light Hotel so good views are guaranteed .

    * good location right on the water looking out to the Phu Quoc ferry wharf. It is also next door to a western style supermarket. Rach Gia is a small place so I was able to walk to every part of the city.

    * the suite is spacious as it includes a lounge room separated by a long corridor to a large bedroom. The bathroom includes a massive corner spa and a separate shower with his and hers basins. If you see a picture of the exterior of the Sea Light tower each suite room takes up the entire eastern side of the building and both the northern and southern corners

    * quality fitments like leather lounge suite, large circular bed which was very comfy, fancy electronic safe with LCD screen, two individually controlled air conditioning units and two large LCD TVs, auto sensing faucets in the bathroom basins, high quality spa and toilet, built in wardrobe, etc.

    * the suite includes a personal wifi hotspot just for your room. The router is actually bolted on the wall of the bedroom. The other rooms on your floor share a different hotspot so no surprise that wifi was stable and fast enough to enjoy smooth YouTube HD content.

    Now the bad points:

    * Like others said the hotel obviously skimmed on maintenance costs despite being built to a high standard a few years ago. An example is my shower door doesn't fully close, chips in the wall and not fixed, the towels were old and should be thrown out, the bottom of the hotel pool was sandy and had a missing filter lid, every piece equipment in the gym was broken.

    * Service in the hotel was not of a 4 star standard. This can probably explained by inexperience as all staff in the hotel appears to be in their early twenties.

    * Breakfast was a joke, I had a choice of a bread roll with a fried steak, or a bread roll with fried eggs, nothing else. So I walked outside the hotel every morning for a tasty seafood noodle soup ($1.50) about 100 metres up Co Bac street.

    The bottom line is - Would I stay at this hotel when I'm in Rach Gia again? Only if all the other hotels around had no available rooms.
    The hotel is run down and the service is bad

    We visited this hotel about a month ago. Basically, this hotel is not up for service. During our one day and night stay, the electricity was disrupted four times....we almost got stuck in the elevator! Even when the electricity was out, it took sometimes for it to have their own hotel power to kick in! The air conditioner in my room was barely working so it's hot and stuffy! The hotel receptionists tried their best to make our stay comfortable but their efforts alone would not help! Even this hotel has a breath taking view of the sea but again location and view alone would not make the hotel an ideal place to stay! Room condition shows some wear and tear even though it's only in business for a couple of years!