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    Khách sạn Sài Gòn Quảng Bình

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    Khách sạn Sài Gòn Quảng Bình
    (Đơn vị tính là 1000đ)
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    Khách sạn Sài Gòn Quảng Bình sở hữu vị trí đắc địa bên bờ sông Nhật Lệ huyền thoại. khách sạn là sự kết hợp giữa thiết kế và dịch vụ chất lượng. Đây là khách sạn 4 sao được quản lý bởi Sài Gòn tourist.

    khách sạn tọa lạc tại địa chỉ 20 Quách Xuân Kỳ, TP. Đồng Hới, tỉnh Quảng Bình. du khách khi lưu trú tại Sài Gòn Quảng Bình du khách dễ dàng tham gia các tour du lịch hấp dẫn như: khám phá di sản thiên nhiên thế giới Phong Nha Kẻ Bàng, 3 biển Nhật Lệ, Bảo Ninh, Đá Nhảy…

    Hệ thống 95 phòng nghỉ được thiết kế trang nhã với hướng nhìn ra biển hoặc thành phố. Mỗi phòng trang bị đầy đủ tiện nghi TV, truyền hình cáp, điện thoại quốc tế, két sắt, mini bar, máy pha trà/cà phê, khăn choàng tắm… Ngoài ra, khách sạn 4 sao tại Quảng Bình này còn cung cấp dịch vụ nhà hàng, quầy bar,câu lạc bộ sức khoẻ, massage & karaoke, hồ bơi, sân tennis, dịch vụ vé máy bay, vận chuyển, phòng họp từ 16 đến 400 chỗ…

    Những giây phút thư giãn cùng liệu pháp spa chuyên nghiệp giải phóng cơ thể, thi thố cùng bạn bè tại sân tennis hay cùng cả gia đình quây quần bên bữa tối với các thực đơn Á – Âu đặc sắc. Chuyến du lịch Quảng Bình của bạn sẽ thi vị thêm biết bao.

    du khách hãy nhanh tay đặt phòng trực tuyến và trải nghiệm mọi thứ tốt nhất tại Khách sạn Sài Gòn Quảng Bình. Đây sẽ là một điểm đến lý tưởng cho những người yêu thiên nhiên, văn hóa và con người Việt. 


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    Không Xứng Tầm Với Các Khách sạn Trực thuộc Của Sài Gòn tourist, phòng nghỉ không bảo dưỡng toàn nấm mốc

    Phòng Nghĩ Toàn Mùi Nấm Mốc, Ban Ăn Sáng Toàn Kiến Hôi và Ruồi, Nhân Viên phục vụ không chuyên nghiệp, ngồi Tưụ tập thành nhóm dững dưng với khách, khách sạn sửa chửa đỡ bẩn và ồn ào anh hưởng đến sự nghĩ ngơi chung. Cảm thấy không hai lòng
    The rudest staff I have even encountered!

    We stayed here with high hopes of a good stay, we had an average dinner and payed to use the spa the massage was horrific, jacuzzi wasn't on neither was the steam room or sauna! So money wasted there. The room was nice enough however in the morning we was locked in and couldn't get out for an hour ( despite ringing reception for help). This resulted in us having to CLIMB over next doors balcony with our luggage to get out and once we went down stairs and explained they asked us to pay the bill with good English when we refused to pay until we had a explanation or apology they had little English.... Always funny that! She persisted to blame us for "locking the door too many times" which killed me laughing as even shown on their system it comes up with the amount of times the key card was used!! Ours was once or twice and we explained it was the main lock you access only from inside and she told me you are not supposed to lock that lock.... No signs to tell me other wise.... And they laughed, talked and giggled between them selves while pointing at us.... I honestly have never been treated so badly... I get better customer service in macdonads!!
    Honest Travel Agents Review

    I have been working in travel for over 3 years and i am currently traveling Asia and this has got to be the one of the worst hotels i have endured for customer service! .. The hotel itself isn't too bad, however food is mediocre and over priced, the spa is non existent and the 'jacuzzi' had no water in it, the room was comfortable but this is where it begun. Me and my friend stayed sharing a twin room to which we got locked in to. We locked the door from the inside for our own safety being two women not knowing that it was a self lock door.. We were only made aware of this once we had climbed over to next doors balcony (where our other 2 friends were staying) with our luggage and went down to reception to complain making us late to check out after trying to contact the front desk on multiple occasions to explain the situation. We were told that it was our fault as we shouldnt have locked the door from the inside yet we were never made aware of this .. The staff then claimed they couldnt speak english yet previous to this were speaking perfectly fine, when my friend went back up to show the receptionist the problem the maid had unlocked the door and receptionist laughed in her face saying 'the door is open see' like she was a child. Believe me we wouldn't of gone through the trouble of what we had to do if the door had unlocked! .. They claimed they couldn't understand us and we requested to speak to the manager in which conveniently wasn't present, through this whole process we were still labelled that it was "our fault" .. The staff spoke in their own language and were laughing which was very frustrating, we wasnt even given an apology until we requested one! I have unwillingly given this property a 2 based on the room, other than that id of probably given a zero.
    Impressive Foyer - Smelly Rooms, Vegetarian Unfriendly.

    When we first arrived we were quite excited. The foyer was lit up with festive lights and the staff were polite.

    Then we got into the room. Urgh...poorly ventilated with a mouldy, cigarette smell - very average. We walked into town and and received a typical North Vietnam cold reception from the locals (leering at us and commenting in Vietnamese). It felt a little threatening to be walking around there (I walk around Saigon at night with no problems) and we couldn't wait to find somewhere to eat. There are very few places, and even less for vegetarians, so we went back to the hotel to get room service.

    We ordered the vegetarian pizzas from the menu, the only vegetarian dish, and they had no idea what it was (they talked with each other for ages...event he chef was confused). They then came back to us and said they couldn't make it after all! We had to order French fries - yuck! French fries - for dinner! The buffet breakfast was really average, however, they did mix us up a batch of fried rice.
    Clean room, nice view

    Good location and clean room, fairly priced considering there are not a lot if options for midrange accommodations in town. If you are headed to phong nha khe bang, suggest staying at the Saigon hotel there, more time for exploring the park.
    Saigon Quang Binh Hotel Restaurant

    Very average restaurant as far as the food preparation and choices. Prices seem a little inflated, although portion sizes are quite good. The staff and the location are both very good, although sign language seemed to work better than trying to communicate in English. The food is not bad, but it really is quite average for the area.
    So so feeling

    Not really impressive for 4-star hotel in the area. In-room amenities are not well-maintained and sophisticatedly managed. It's easy to notice the wear-n-tear signs in room and in public area, notably broken hair-dryer, out of service refrigerator, out of service lamps or lights, broken curtains)

    Hotel has not successfully highlighted its unique selling points for dwellers: near Dong Hoi market, nice river view.

    Implications: windows and doors are not completely anti-noise from outside (easily hear music from nearby music lounge and voices outroom, lobby aircon is hot, breakfast not varied in courses and plain taste,

    Good points: nice view from river, good price, convenient for strolling, big comfortable beds - twin room excessive size, coffee lounge, fast reception services.

    WIfi: at lobby - very strong signal, in room - very weak to nothing
    Great location- close to the markets

    The hotel was a 3min walk from the markets which is a great experience in itself. We only stayed here one night and had to leave in the morning. The staff were quite helpful in making us a 'take away' breakfast. The room was nice but the refrigerator was turned off as well as the air con- not very nice to check into after a hot day! I'm not sure if it was a one night thing for the karaoke at the harbour but it was awful and went into the night (not sound proof windows) but the views outside the room were spectacular. For the money I paid it wasn't exactly worth it.
    Trung bình

    Mặc dù khách sạn này thuộc Saigontourist, một công ty du lịch rất lớn ở Việt Nam nhưng vẫn có nhiều lỗi do sự thiếu quan tâm của nhân viên gây ra. Hiếm khi thấy họ mỉm cười. Khi tôi đang ăn sáng ở khách sạn, một quản lý phỏng vấn để tuyển nhân viên mới ngay tại đó, gây khó chịu cho khách nói chung.

    Dù sao cảnh quan nhìn từ khách sạn cũng tuyệt vời, sông Nhật Lệ có thể được nhìn thấy từ góc rộng, chợ trung tâm rất gần, chỉ khoảng 10 phút đi bộ.
    No hot water, shocking service- never again

    We stayed here as part of a tour around Vietnam and were disappointed. We had no hot water for a shower, which after a full day of touring was extremely disappointing. We told reception who said they'd have a look at it- and didn't! The shower bath combo is extremely slippery with and without the bath mat! The room itself is ok but very basic. There is a karaoke bar attached to the hotel which is extremely loud- we stayed towards the other end of the hotel on the 2nd floor and the music came loud and clear into our room- the floor was vibrating! We went to have a drink in the bar downstairs before dinner to be told they only sell spirits by the bottle but changed their minds when we considered this unreasonable. We had all intentions of eating at the floating restaurant across the road but the whole city was blacked out so we had to eat in the restaurant at the hotel. The staff spoke no English and it turns out no southern dialect Vietnamese either (my cousins wife is Vietnamese and they couldn't understand her). As a result we ordered very simple easy to prepare meals as we were the only five people in the whole restaurant. We waited well over an hour for three tiny pizzas and two tiny steaks. When the food arrived it was very average, and that's being kind. We had to go out to the bar to order our own drinks because the restaurant refused to sell spirits by the glass. We also ordered a couple of beers, one of which was three years out of date- expired in August 2010! One can only wonder what it was still doing in the fridge! Breakfast was very average however we did manage to get eggs on toast, the only western option. This was my second trip to Vietnam and I have travelled quite a bit through the country, particularly the south and stayed in several hotels. This hotel is certainly below the standard of other three star hotels I have stayed in during my travels and we won't be returning.