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    Khách sạn Rex Vũng Tàu

    : Bãi Trước / Ga tàu tốc hành
    Khách sạn Rex Vũng Tàu
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    Phòng Deluxe, Quang cảnh biển
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    Phòng Superior, Nhìn ra biển
    Phòng đôi hoặc 2 giường đơn Superior, Quang cảnh thành phố
    Executive Premium
    Phòng Suite

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    Khách sạn Rex Vũng Tàu tọa lạc tại vị trí đắc địa gần các điểm tham quan, mua sắm, giải trí của thành phố Vũng Tàu. du khách sẽ không bỏ qua một khách sạn giá tốt trên Asiabooking như Rex hotel.

    khách sạn Rex tọa lạc tại số 1 Lê Quí Đôn , Vũng Tàu. Vị trí khách sạn giúp bạn dễ dàng đến bãi trước Vũng Tàu để thỏa thích tắm biển, dạo phố chỉ trong vài phút đi bộ. Hệ thống 77 phòng nghỉ tại khách sạn là sự kết hợp hoàn hảo kiến trúc và dịch vụ chất lượng.

    Mỗi phòng trang bị đầy đủ TV, máy lạnh, truyền hình cáp, Wifi, máy sấy tóc, két sắt an toàn, bình nấu nước, mini bar… Dấu ấn của Rex hotel Vũng Tàu các phòng đều có ban công hướng nhìn ra biển, núi hoặc thành phố. du khách sẽ dễ dàng chọn lựa theo sở thích và tận hưởng trọn vẹn chuyến du lịch Vũng Tàu.

    khách sạn 3 sao tại Vũng Tàu này còn cung cấp cho du khách các dịch vụ giải trí, nghỉ dưỡng đa dạng như: nhà hàng, quầy bar, hồ bơi, sân quần vợt , trung tâm hội nghị, thuê xe ô tô, phòng tập thể dục, massage xông hơi, dịch vụ văn phòng… Hơn thế, một không gian ấm cúng, trang nhã tại các nhà hàng của khách sạn, nơi mà bạn cùng gia đình thưởng thức các thực đơn Á – Âu đặc sắc sẽ góp phần làm nên một kỳ nghỉ đáng nhớ.

    Phong cảnh thiên nhiên tuyệt đẹp với hoa cỏ và cây xanh bao quanh cùng đôi ngũ nhân viên Khách sạn Rex Vũng Tàu nhiệt thành phục vụ mọi yêu cầu của du khách. Một khách sạn tốt như thế chắc hẳn bạn sẽ nhanh tay đặt phòng trực tuyến trên Asiabooking.com.vn cho chuyến du lịch Vũng Tàu thú vị sắp tới. 

    Điểm nổi bật

    Ý kiến đánh giá của khách hàng
    Gửi đánh giá
    Will be good when finished

    We arrived late as the taxi driver from Ho Chin Minh City did not have any petrol and we spent 40 mins driving around, who picks you up from the airport with no petrol. So we did not know anything about our hotel.
    We were given an upgrade to the suite which we thought was great, till the next morning the whole back of the hotel is gone no sitting outside having breakfast or walking to the pool oh no there was a very large tin fence around the whole pool and the only way in is walking down the street this is not my idea of fun and also it's open to the public and you must get a voucher from the front desk. So a far as I'm concern this is miss leading saying your hotel has a pool, every hotel I have stay in only has for guests use only.
    The suite was large two rooms, two bathrooms and a small utility room and a very old kettle you had to wiggle to get it to come on. The bed was rock hard.
    As for the restaurant on the top floor it was closed so no drinking and eating watching the night life in Vung Tau.
    There was two balconies to watch and listen to the construction which starter most mornings at 7am and went on till after 6pm. Lucky for ear plugs that I always take with me. The girls that clean the rooms are lovely and do a great job. Two bottles of water,tea, and coffee everyday. Breakfast was a Buffett with an egg station, lots of fresh fruit and very real fruit juice.
    Around the corner a lovely French restaurant so we decided this helped.
    Closing I will say when it's finished it will be great, but it would have been great if they had mention this so we could decide to stay which we did. There was no mention on any booking site on the web.
    Needs Some Serious TLC

    I didn't chose the REX HOTEL myself. But have to say that although its rather run down and requires a large amount of TLC, it wasn't so bad. The room was large, bed was comfortable and the furniture, although tired and worn, was serviceable. The bathroom is a little small but its clean. I had a room next to the pool on the 1st floor and directly over the restaurant. Couldn't see the pool due to the extended roof of the restaurant..No idea what the room charge was but I understand that it is reasonable. Oh.....the laundry is very efficient. The AC works but is somewhat labored when trying to keep the tempt down.

    There’s a Gym situated on the first floor with an Open Aspect. Ie its right outside the rooms in the middle or the corridor.

    Breakfast is served in the lower eatery and isn't that bad. Eggs are good but the rest of the selection was extremely ‘Oriental. I doubt that the table cloths have been washed for quite a while and finding one without the remnants of a three course dinner on it was difficult. One thing I did fall foul of was the fact that Room Service stops at 2100 hours! Not good for the offshore crews who stay here when joining and leaving rigs. Room Service Menu is rather limited, anyway.

    There;s a lobby bar but I never saw it open during my 4 days stay. However, there is a very cosy pool bar where expats congregate every evening. All very friendly. A pool table provides entertainment for the local Hurricane Higgins who, I should add, are mostly very pretty females.

    Lots of eateries around and many, many, bars which seemed to have a large contingent of Australian males in them. Don’t know whet they are doing here but many appeared to be long-term stayers. Taxis are cheap and so is the beer at about one dollar a bottle!

    Albeit the hotel wasn't what I would have chosen and that I understand that there are better places to stay in the area I have to say that I had 4 very pleasant days in the Rex Hotel.
    Expecting a renovation like Rex hotel in HCMC

    I stay here because I can't get a room at the Orange Court Service Apartment (located at the same block as this hotel). This is an old hotel with settings from late 1960 and many things need to be replaced (towel, bed linen, pillows, TV etc)

    Staff are friendly and helpful. In addition to excellent sea view, the restaurant down there has a good grilled prawn which can be shared with 5-6 persons.

    For those who loves nightlife, this hotel is near to 2 famous bars, Red Parrot and Offshore Bars which usually packed with offshore workers.
    vung tau is expensive by vietnam standards

    The Rex in vung tau is a tired hotel it needs an upgrade. The staff were fine and everything worked with a wonderfull pool and ok restaurant. Guests at the hotel were mainly Indians working on the off shore oil rigs, some were pleasant some were very rude both to us and the staff.
    The off shore oil industry plus buses from siagon leave every 15 minutes Vungers on weekends makes it by vietnamese standards expensive for accomodation.
    Vung Tau is not worth the trip in my opinion for a european tourist we went because I went there frequently in 1969 70. We did the battle field tour with Tommys Bar, expensive but good.
    Vungers is very much a Vietnamese tourist oriented town.
    Good hotel and reasonably priced

    Check-in was very quick and the reception staff very nice - except for 1 woman who gave the impression she could not be bothered.
    Rooms are very clean, beds comfortable with a good sized bathroom. Breakfast is more than adequate. Swimming pool is of a good size and well maintained. Can be noisy early morning several days each week with children learning to swim (which I am totally in favour of but an hour of whistle blowing calisthenics before swimming is a bit too much)
    The hotel is in need of minor renovation, otherwise a good hotel to stay in Vung Tau.
    Run down in need of remodeling.

    First class location, rooms with a sea view. But otherwise it's not worth the high price. Most front desk personnel are unfriendly, the same is true for service staff.

    The rooms are clean, but table and bed linen are all worn out and no longer clean enough. Several holes in the bedroom carpet.

    Balcony door and windows are loose, the bathroom is in a bad shape, the ink is crooked.

    The only friendly guy is the security guard.
    Good location

    While dated the hotel we rated the hotel the same as it official rating of 3 stars.
    The room was clean and the bed comfortable.
    It's worth paying the little extra for a Superior pool side room as they are larger and have a great outlook along the Vung Tau front beach.
    Breakfasts are primarily Asian food with just enough Western food to satisfy us, but a larger choice would have been welcomed.
    Front end reception staff were polite and helpful.
    We'll definitely stay there again on our next visit.

    i was recommended to stay in this hotel; mainly for its location.

    not so good points:
    at entrance, it is a simple hotel, and you would notice that is old.
    also, there are very few frontdesk personnel to assist, so you would have to wait
    if a large group is checking in.
    the aircon in my room was not working. the technicians had to come in twice, before i decided
    and asked for another room.
    the second room was better. but the next day, i had issues with the aircon again, and the technicians had to come in to fix...
    some of the staff were very helpful, patient and friendly. but some barely even smiled or greeted.
    at some nights, it can get quite noisy since the place right across is often used as venue for fairs or local gatherings.

    ok points
    during my issues with the aircon, the staff were quick to respond to the problem.
    the hotel provides for the basic necessities.

    all in all..
    if you are one to visit with limited budget and wont be staying in the hotel most of the time, this could be bearable. but i would pick another hotel in my next visit.
    A little dated but OK

    One staff member can often colour your view of the whole establishment. On the one hand there was one very testy receptionist who was quite sharp and unfriendly, but on the other hand, the doorman saved the day by stepping in and putting things right and being very helpful. I would rate it between average and very good if that category was available but I think it was a little overpriced for what was on offer. One of the major problems was the number of oil industry workers who seem to use the hotel when off duty and some of them were very loud and obnoxious and on occasion it was a bit upsetting to see how some of them treated the local Vietnamese staff, but you can't blame the hotel for that. Overall it has a good location, a good pool and some good staff. My biggest complaint was at the this price you expect hot water.
    Very Poor

    Stayed here, thinking it part of a chain. Like the Rex in HCMC.

    Sheets were dirty, rooms below average, tidy but not fully clean even by Vietnamese standards.

    Bathroom had mouldy walls. Rooms where very noisy even though my faced the swimming pool

    Over priced.