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    Khách sạn Nhà Khách Tiền Giang

    : Mỹ Tho
    Khách sạn Nhà Khách Tiền Giang
    Nha Khach Tien Giang - Bedroom 1
    Nha Khach Tien Giang - Bedroom 2
    Nha Khach Tien Giang - Bedroom
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    Nha Khach Tien Giang - Conference
    Nha Khach Tien Giang - Lobby 1
    Nha Khach Tien Giang - Lobby
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    Nha Khach Tien Giang - Restaurant
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    Nha Khach Tien Giang - View

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    Khiêm tốn nằm trong trung tâm của Mỹ Tho, Nha Khach Tien GianG Hotel là điểm lý tưởng cho du khách muốn khám phá Mỹ Tho (Tiền Giang). Từ đây, khách có thể dễ dàng tiếp cận được nét đẹp sống động của thành phố ở mọi góc cạnh. Với vị trí thuận lợi, khách sạn dễ dàng tiếp cận những điểm tham quan du lịch nổi tiếng của thành phố.

    Tại Nha Khach Tien GianG Hotel, dịch vụ hoàn hảo và thiết bị tối tân tạo nên một kì nghỉ khó quên. Bãi đỗ xe, quán bar, nhà hàng, phục vụ ăn tại phòng, người vận chuyển hành lý chỉ là một vài trong số những thiết bị được lắp đặt tại Nha Khach Tien GianG Hotel ngoài một số khách sạn khác trong thành phố.

    Bước vào một trong 49 phòng khách, bạn như rũ bỏ một ngày dài căng thẳng với một loạt tiện nghi như truyền hình cáp, tivi, tủ lạnh, quạt, vòi hoa sen. Bên cạnh đó, khách sạn còn gợi ý cho bạn những hoạt động vui chơi giải trí bảo đảm bạn luôn thấy hứng thú trong suốt kì nghỉ. Hãy khám phá sự hòa hợp giữa cung cách phục vụ chuyên nghiệp và vô số tiện nghi tối tân ở Nha Khach Tien GianG Hotel.

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    Another Poor Hotel

    Tien Giang Hotel Review - 02-17-15
    Period of Stay: 02-07-15 to 02-16-15

    Address: 6C, Rach Cam, 1 Ward, My Tho, My Tho
    GPS Coordinates: Lat: 10° 21' 15.4506", Long: 106° 21' 50.493"

    This is a review of the hotel and room #311

    We have been visiting relatives that live in My Tho annually for many years. Things change slowly here. The hotels in My Tho are not really up to better hotels in Sai Gon and Ha Noi for the same price. Every year we visit, we try a different hotel but we never come away satisfied. This time was no different. We stayed at the Tien Giang Hotel, and it was one of the worse. Previously, we had stayed at the Song Tien, Chuong Duong, and Minh Quan.

    Like other hotels in My Tho, this one was not well maintained. I also believe it’s a government hotel, which speaks volumes about the lackadaisical and indifferent staff.

    As one enters the dimly lit lobby, you get the feeling it might be closed or there is a power outage. Electricity is expensive everywhere in the world, but apparently this place seems to think it doesn’t exist.

    Upon arrival, the front desk confirmed our booking but suggested the room was small and maybe we would like a larger one in a batter position inside the hotel for $9 more a night. We had originally booked a standard room on Agoda ($27), as they only advertised a standard room or a triple (one double and one single bed). The standard room was small, very small. The walls needed painting and the carpet drastically needed replacement. It was depressing. So I was shown the triple, albeit we didn’t need the extra single bed. (Pictures of rooms on most websites are taken with very wide angle lenses giving one the impression the room is much larger than it is in reality. Read the number of square feet or meters of the room you are buying to calculate what the true size of the room might be. 20 sq. meters or less for a room is pretty tight when you consider it probably includes the bathroom.

    The triple room, even with the extra space taken up by the single bed, looked larger and more airy. There was more light, probably due to the larger front window facing Hung Vuong Street. Because we were staying in town for 10 days, I chose the larger room - #311. Frankly, at this point I would have considered looking elsewhere in town for a decent room but the hotel was pre-booked on Agoda (no refund) and this is one of the draw backs of pre-booking a room.


    So room #311 was obviously on the third floor. It had an expansive view directly up Hung Vuong Street. However, like the first room we were shown, the walls required paint and the carpet was dirty and stained. Like the dimly lit lobby below, this room also had poor lighting, possibly fed with the smallest wattage bulbs available.

    The room contained a couple pieces of the standard wooden furniture, probably popular almost 100 years ago, including a desk drawer with stool for a chair, a small dresser drawer on top of which sat the ancient, small tube fed TV. There were two upholstered chairs on either side of a small table. A nightstand separated the two beds. Against the wall was an armoire to hang one’s clothes. The armoire lock was broken. There was a key in it but it did not function.

    As there was no safe in the room, this armoire would be any last hope of locking up anything of value. We asked if somebody could come up and fix the lock. Shortly after, a guy came up, looked at it and played around a bit. After certifying that it was broken, he asked if we would like to make an official ‘complaint’. What!? No, I wanted the lock fixed! It wasn’t going to happen. Also note the back-and-forth conversation was in Vietnamese. There are few English speaking workers in this hotel.

    The refrigerator was stocked with a few beverages and on the lowest setting. There were plenty of bottles of Aquafina drinking water but none were offered free with the room. I have stayed in many less expensive hotels in Viet Nam that included two free bottles of drinking water a day. How much is water - about 2,000d or 10 cents for a cheap brand?

    Our three person room had an expansive window that looked up the entire length of Hung Vuong Street, where preparations were being made for New Years. The one-foot ledge in front of the windows was cracked and weathered. It required maintenance and refurbishment years ago but again, nobody seems to care. On top of that, there was half smoke cigarette butt and a dead cockroach lying upside down on the ledge. Not a pleasant site.

    The included WiFi was pretty much useless in this room. We had to go out into the hallway floor to access the Internet. The wireless access points are installed at either end of the hallway and the range is poor. The circuit to the local ISP (a government ISP?) is extremely slow. I suspected something like ADSL or worse. The few times it seemed there was more bandwidth, a lot of websites appeared to be blocked. In retrospect, I believe the connections were just timing out due to low bandwidth. I tried changing DNS to no avail. The same experience was had in the hotel’s common areas, like the Cafe or lobby. Again, we complained but they said no other room like ours was available for better reception.


    The bathroom was pretty standard for this type of hotel. It had a tub and hand shower above which was an electric water heater that came on when the water was being used. I also presumed this water heater also fed the faucet at the sink, which would only drip water when turned to left (hot) position. Standard flush toilet. Two very thin, standard, bath towels for two people a day and three per day for three-bedded rooms. Amenities included small tube of shampoo, bath foam, comb, ear buds, and toothbrush.

    Inclusive Breakfast

    The included breakfast consisted of one item from the following:

    1- Broken rice (Com Tam Suon), or
    2- Hu Tieu My Tho (local favorite soup), or
    3- Beef Pho (Vietnamese standard soup), or \
    3- Omelette (actually two fried eggs with a small baguette)

    and, one of the following from the beverage list:

    1- Black coffee with cream or sugar (Vietnamese style coffee with condensed milk was an extra 3,000 dong), or
    2- Lemonade (something like a soda chanh but without the soda), or
    3- Tea (Lipton tea bag and hot water), or
    4- Soy milk

    Not a buffet if that what’s you are looking for but a basic meal to get your day started.


    1- Clean bed linen for our stay
    2- Fairly clean bathroom
    3- Typical bath amenities included tooth brushes, plastic combs, shampoo, bath foam, and a small box of ear buds
    4- Clean bedding but foam mattress was fairly hard for someone seeking a little bit more softness
    4- Good air-conditioner
    5- Hot water cooker, teapot, and loose leaf tea for making hot tea in the morning
    6- Cable TV had a couple dozen local channels (Vietnamese) and selection of western channels including HBO, two FOX Sports, HBO HD, Starworld, Discovery, CINEMAX, Star Movies, Cartoon Network, AXN HD, Chinese channels and more Vietnamese channels
    7- Resident lizard in the room (I think some sort of Gecko) made short order of flying or crawling critters, an added plus


    1- Standard rooms pretty small but adequate for an overnight stay
    2- Dirty, stained, and torn carpets on hallway flooring and coming out of the elevator
    3- Dirty and stained carpets in hotel room (really needed replacement long ago)
    4-Armoire type closet with lockable door did not function. Housekeeping unable to help with a broken lock and asked if we wanted to file a complaint
    5- No room safe
    6- Poor lighting in bedroom and bathroom
    7- Bathroom sink did not dispense but only a dribble of hot water
    8- No shower curtain in tub to prevent shower water from landing on bathroom tiled floor (fairly typical of 1 or 2-star hotels)
    9- Slippery bathtub will pose danger for elderly people trying to exit the tub onto tile floor that might be wet
    10- Hotel staff would not provide a second key in the event one person was out and the other was in but sleeping
    11- Poorest WiFi connections of any previously visited hotel in the city. Unusable except for text email. Tried changing DNS IP’s and more but nothing really could fix the poor Internet connection, especially in our room (#311)
    12- Free bottles of water not offered
    13- Little English spoken here. Best if somebody in your party speaks Vietnamese if you plan to stay at this place

    As I said last year, unless you have some compelling reason to stay in this town, move on to Sai Gon for the evening.

    (There is light at the end of the tunnel however. A new hotel that will be called ‘The Mekong’ will be opening allegedly in April 2015. Don’t hold your breath. The hotel is meant to be a 4-star affair, complete with in ground swimming pool. I walked by the construction site on February 7th, and it still has a way to go. The local construction people told us April but it will be a ‘soft opening’ as it is so often referred to in this neck of the woods. ‘Soft opening’ means everything isn’t ready but we’ll rent you a room. (Sorry, the pool isn’t operational yet”, or some other excuse.)

    Best of worst

    Didnt expect alot as is in the countryside of ho chi minh. Reception girl was horrible. Room had various stains on the carpet and toilet not clean. Overall bad. Not sure of other hotels in the area but couldnt recommend this one.

    ホテルの名前「Tien Giang」はここらへんの財閥のようで、あちこちで見かけた。
    Tussen de Vietnamezen in prima hotel

    Volgens ons is dit hotel 1 van de betere plekken om te verblijven in My Tho. Het ligt in het oude centrum en vlakbij de rivier waar bootjes verhuurd worden. Het hotel staat op veel grond. Toen wij aankwamen, werden er al heel veel terrasstoelen buiten gezet. Wij vermoedden dat er een grote groep toeristen zou komen. Later bleek dat om 17.00 heel veel plaatselijke bevolking komt om op het terras wat te drinken. Echt heel gezellig om te zien. Echt een paar honderd mensen. 's Avonds heb je daar overigens geen last van, want iedereen is vroeg weg. De kamers waren prima, bedden schoon, goede WIFI en badkamer oke. Het tapijt mag wel eens vervangen en het plafond gewit worden. Maar voor de rest gewoon goed. Wij hebben zelfs een lekker flesje (franse)wijn genomen op het terras van het hotel tegen een voor Vietnam goede prijs

    ミトー市の川沿いの「30 thang 4」通りから街側に一本並行した「Cam Gam」通りに位置する、高さはそれほどありませんが、平面的に大きなホテルです。ちなみに広大な庭は「30 thang 4」通りまで続きますが、ホテル入り口は「Cam Gam」通りだけです。