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    Khách sạn Nam Cường - Hải Phòng

    : Trung Tâm Thành Phố / Chợ Sắt
    Khách sạn Nam Cường - Hải Phòng
    junior Suite
    nam cuong suite
    swimming pool
    Nam Cuong Hotel Hai Phong 1
    Nam Cuong Hotel Hai Phong
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    Tọa lạc tại trung tâm văn hoá và kinh tế của Thành Phố Hải Phòng, gần với sân bay Cát Bi và khu du lịch biển Đồ Sơn, Khách sạn Nam Cường Hải Phòng được bao quanh bởi quần thể kiến trúc phong phú và hài hoà như công viên, hồ nước, trung tâm văn hoá triển lãm, cung thiếu nhi, sân vận động, khu thể thao liên hợp cùng các địa danh mang đậm tính lịch sử và khu mua sắm thương mại sầm uất .

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    khách sạn Nam Cường Hải Phòng có 02 phòng họp nhỏ cùng phòng hội thảo tại lầu 1 với sức chứa 180 khách được bố trí gần với nhà hàng Trung Hoa Shin Shin, phù hợp với nhu cầu hội thảo, hội nghị khách hàng cũng như tổ chức sự kiện.

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    best hotel in Haiphong

    I visit Haiphong very regularly, 2 times a month for business and have tried several hotels in Haiphong area. I would name Nam Cuong Hai Phong Hotel the best in that city. The staff is always friendly and smiling. The room is clean and tidy.
    A place to rest

    Stayed at this hotel for 2 weeks. The staff is great and very friendly. Breakfast is a treat and you will not be disappointed. Every morning there is something else to eat. They have a pool on the top floor with a nice view of haiphong. There are2 restaurants in the hotel serving vietnamese food as well as western food....room is big with air conditioning. Very clean hotel and the linen is always fresh. Thanks for a great stay

    好的酒店 !

    Excellent Haiphong Hotel!

    Stayed here 2 nights in February. Hotel was close to the center of Haiphong and very close to the ferry port. Breakfast was good and I ate dinner in the restaurant one night and found that very tasty. Great staff, very helpful, nothing to complain about! Go up to the roof for wonderful views of the city!

    Good hotel with nice location

    I stayed at this hotel when I came Hai Phong to join my friend"s wedding party.
    It is a nice hotel with huge room, very convenient location and friendly staff.
    The amenities are good but they need to do better maintain.
    I will stay at this hotel when I comeback to Hai Phong.

    I am a senior experienced world traveler who is picky about accommodations but not overly so.
    LOCATION: A bit out of the center, so a cab is necessary to get downtown. but if you have a room high up on the back side, you can watch the folks execising to music in the early morning in kind of mass formation... That sais it is easy to find on a main boulevard and adjacent to an upscale residential neighborhood.
    BUILDING: Typical midrise/highrise large modern city hotel with large lobby and reception.
    ROOMS: 4 star modern spotless rooms with all amenities, very comfoortable and quiet. get one with a good view.
    BREAKFAST: Super buiffet with eggs cooked to order. 5 star. on top floor with views. I ate dinner here every night and it was top notch - delicious with varied international menue. I think this is more a business hotel actually, so it has to be good.
    SERVICE: Excellent on all counts.
    1. Go downtown in the morning and take the old pax and cart ferry back and forth acrosss the river to be with the local women bringing in their produce on bicycles.
    2. Walk along the little secondary river to see the riverfront houses, and then back up through the market.
    3. Toursits never come to Haiphong, but I loved it. There is a fantastic temple north of the market not too far from the hotel lost in a residential area. Go see it.
    Very comfortable 6 weeks stay!

    Stayed here the past six weeks while I was working in Haiphong. The hotel and its design might not be the newest everything is well maintained and kept sparkling clean! The staff one of the friendliest I've ever experieced and most of them well trained.
    The rooms are comfortable and of decent size,
    The lobby bar is a very nice one with comfy sofas to relax a bit after a day at work. The restaurant at the 8th floor serves good breakfast. The lunch and dinner however needs improvement.

    Biggest downside for me was the gym opposite to the hotel that starts at 5am every day with very loud music. Alternatively one could choose to stay on the streetside which is less noisy but smelly because there are the smoking rooms.

    We stayed there only for 1 night in April. The hotel was very clean and quite new.

    Our room has city view and wonderful shower. The buffet breakfast was very delicious.

    We had lunch in its restaurant and really enjoyed it.

    We will come back for the next visit.