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    Khách sạn Nam Bộ Boutique Cần Thơ

    : Bến Ninh Kiều
    Khách sạn Nam Bộ Boutique Cần Thơ
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    Khách sạn Nam Bộ Boutique Cần Thơ là một nét chấm phá thú vị dành cho những du khách thích sự thoải mái, tiện nghi và yêu những cảnh vật sông nước êm đềm. Đây là lựa chọn lý tưởng cho chuyến du lịch miền Tây đang nhớ.

    khách sạn tọa lạc tại số 1 Ngô Quyền, phường Tân An, quận Ninh Kiều, Cần Thơ. Vị trí khách sạn Nam Bộ Boutique chỉ cách trung tâm thành phố 0.2km. Từ khách sạn bạn có thể tham quan các địa điểm nổi tiếng như: Bảo Tàng Hồ Chí Minh, Bến Ninh Kiều

    Hệ thống phòng nghỉ tại đây thiết kế dạng phòng suit sang trọng và được trang bị tiện nghi đạt chuẩn khách sạn 4 sao tại Cần Thơ. Mỗi một không gian kiến trúc được chăm chút tỉ mẫn. Bên trong phòng lót sàn gỗ sang trọng, bày trí các vật dụng gọn gàng với TV LCD, nội thất, két sắt, internet, mini bar, máy lạnh, phòng khách và nhà bếp rộng rãi, giường ngủ êm ái, phòng tắm… Hầu hết các phòng có ban công hướng nhìn ra sông Cửu Long thơ mộng, mỗi sớm mai ngắm nhìn bình minh từ phòng sẽ cho bạn cảm giác bình yên, ấm áp. Đặc biệt, một loạt các nhà hàng, bar, cà phê tại khách sạn được thiết kế trang nhã đi kèm là các thực đơn ẩm thực đặc sắc. Mọi thứ tốt nhất đang chờ đón bạn đặt phòng trên Asiabooking để có thể tận hưởng trọn vẹn kỳ nghỉ thú vị tại khách sạn Nam Bộ Boutique. 

    Điểm nổi bật

    Ý kiến đánh giá của khách hàng
    Gửi đánh giá
    Fantastic hotel

    A great view of the river, and the streets outside were all lit up beautifully. The rooms were very large, given two rooms , a bedroom and a lounge , breakfast bar. Very clean, rose petals on the bed. Located in the centre of the city. Staff were excellent
    Nice boutique hotel with style

    Very good location, close to everything (Ninh Kieu waft, market, restaurants...). The rooms are big with good design, boutique style. Staffs are nice and very helpful. The bar and restaurant on the roof top has very nice view on the city and the river
    Very Satisfying Hotel Experience

    Five star service all the way. The hotel is very elegant and located in the busy heart of the city. The staff are very professional and delighted to assist guests in any way possible. The staff went out of their way to make sure I was satisfied. The food there is very good, also. I would recommend this hotel to everyone.
    Very friendly staff, shame about the large dying bug in the bathroom

    This is a pleasant hotel, with staff very helpful. The restaurant was actually recommended to us by our guide as one of the best in the area, offering both Vietnamese and 'Western' cuisine. The room was very big, with perhaps a lot more space than is actually required.

    However, the cleanliness of the rooms wasn't great. In our bathroom, there was a large insect (about 5-7cm long) that was dying on the floor. I have no doubt that the hotel staff would've dealt with this if I notified them, but I sorted it anyway. Also, the paper they give you on the room's desk was used by the previous guests. Whilst not an issue per se, this highlights that the room wasn't as clean as it could've been. Also, the bathroom could've used sprucing up a bit.

    Overall though, a cute hotel, which I feel is the best in the area.
    Fab boutique hotel right in the heart of the city

    We only stayed here for 1 night, however we thoroughly enjoyed our stay. The room was lovely and the bar and restaurant on the roof top was just gorgeous!

    We enjoyed pre-dinner cocktails while looking out over the river and bustling streets below and then a delicious 3 course meal. The menu has a good mixture of European and Vietnamese dishes, and the dishes we had were excellent.

    I would highly recommend this hotel for a stay in Can Tho - right in the middle of the city so close to everything and very handy for river excursions too.
    Gorgeous little hotel in the middle of the city

    The suites are staggering in size, in furnishings and in simple beauty. The staff were very helpful and pleasant. They put teas and fresh fruit in the room, and coconut chip candy. The location is great - in the middle of town and across from the park and promenade whee there is plenty happening at night. Easy walk to markets.
    Small at it's best

    I stayed in this beautiful small boutique hotel last year in 2014 with few folks in my team and was so impressed with the level of service as well as accommodation and quality of food the hotel provided. Dinner at L'escale added lots of credits from us to the hotel.

    Since then, I was trying to book Nam Bo Boutique several times but failed as it always fully booked. Just last week there was another trip to Can Tho and we were lucky that there were enough available room for us. Again, everything pleased us right away from the reception desk - welcome drinks, smiles from staff, room quality (what a spacious room), delicious breakfast...

    If you have comfortable budget, highly recommended this hotel when coming to Can Tho.
    The surprise is inside (and on top)

    After a two-week trip from North to South Vietnam with all really nice hotels that we had carefully selected, we felt some doubts arriving in Can Tho. The Nam Bo Hotel looked like nothing special from the outside. A pretty standard-looking restaurant downstairs and the hotel entrance almost hidden to the side.

    Check-in was friendly, hospitable and efficient (welcome drinks are virtually standard in Vietnam/Asia), but the real surprise was the room. We were given an upgrade to room 4, which turned out to be a corner suite with separate living room and bedroom plus a panoramic balcony overlooking the river and the park. The room was very tastefully decorated, and the bathroom was small but comfortable and highly efficient. Great shower.

    We were also given a voucher for welcome cocktails in the bar on the 4th floor to find that the bar (together with the restaurant L'Escale, much fancier than the one on the ground floor) has a beautiful terrace overlooking the river and park. A special cocktail menu offered a wide choice of drinks (I had a very good Mojito but there was a whole range of other possibilities). We decided this was also the place where we wanted to have dinner that night: we did and it was absolutely wonderful. I read a review of someone complaining about a dish from the western style menu. We picked our meal from the Vietnamese menu and it was delicious. Service was super friendly and really flexible in meeting our demands. So, can't judge the western dishes but I'd say: while in Vietnam, enjoy Vietnamese cooking!

    Only one downs to our stay: we stayed only one night, had to have breakfast at 6:15 to leave early for our trip on the Mekong River. But even at that time, the staff were ready for us with freshly squeezed juices, and a cooked to order breakfast with oven-fresh bread and Danish. We did not take any of the wide choice of extensions to the breakfast, simply because of the early time of day and our stomachs weren't ready for it yet - but bet it would have been great too.

    When in Can Tho, if you appreciate some personal attention and small scale luxury, Nam Bo Boutique Resort is the place to stay.
    Loved This Hotel

    This is my idea of a great small boutique hotel.
    Ideal corner location facing waterfront park promenade so with the nice balcony it was very interesting to watch the evening parade on the street and walkway below.
    Tried the roof top resto which was very good (fantastic fresh green beans). Also very nice breakfast there included in rate. Service very friendly and capable in resto as well as wonderful lady at front desk for check in and other help such as directions etc.
    We booked a morning riverboat tour to the floating market through them, I believe a sister operation , it was really good with a nice breakfast on board.
    Our room was in the middle on second level with a strategic view, a separate 1 bedroom and interesting well appointed living area with nice objets, d'art.
    Highly recommended!
    Beautifully appointed suites

    We were here for just one night after visiting My Tho, Floating Villages etc and thoroughly enjoyed our stay in this beautiful bustling city while at Nam Bo. All the rooms in this truely small boutique hotel are suites of various magnitude. I think ours was the standard and yet it was magnificent. Everything about it was beautiful from the rich dark woods to the extra room with the lovely futon wood beds that were perfect for in-room snacking, Both the main bedroom, and the futon room were equipped with large flat screen TVs that provided a few English language channels. The hotel is nicely located right where it's all happening along the river-front and directly across the lovely park that runs along much of the riverside in town. Walk to the right to get in on the action of the locals or walk to the left for a tourist oriented eatery. Our stay was brief so we didn't miss a pool, but this is very much a town you could visit as a retreat in which case, you just might miss the pool---but then you'd have to give up the suite luxury!