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    Khách Sạn Mường Thanh Holiday Hội An

    : Bãi biển Cửa Đại
    Khách Sạn Mường Thanh Holiday Hội An
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    Được thiết kế cho cả các chuyến du lịch nghỉ ngơi và công tác, khách sạn Mường Thanh Hội An tọa lạc tại vị trí lí tưởng ở Bãi biển Cửa Đại; một trong những khu vực nổi tiếng của thành phố. Cách sự nhộn nhịp của thành phố 4.5 km, khách sạn 4 sao này có vị trí vô cùng thuận lợi và dễ tiếp cận các địa điểm lớn của thành phố này. Với vị trí thuận lợi, khách sạn dễ dàng tiếp cận những điểm tham quan du lịch nổi tiếng của thành phố.

    Với việc mang lại dịch vụ cao cấp cho khách và một loạt những tiện nghi hiện đại, khách sạn Mường Thanh Hội An đã cam kết sẽ đem đến cho bạn một kì nghỉ thoải mái dễ chịu nhất có thể. Những tính năng hàng đầu của khách sạn bao gồm Miễn phí Wi-fi tất cả các phòng, quầy lễ tân 24 giờ, dịch vụ phòng 24 giờ, giữ hành lý, Wi-Fi ở khu vực công cộng.

    Bước vào một trong 159 phòng khách, bạn như rũ bỏ một ngày dài căng thẳng với một loạt tiện nghi như truy cập internet không dây (miễn phí), dịch vụ báo thức, phòng không hút thuốc, máy lạnh, ban công trong một số phòng. phòng thể dục, phòng xông hơi, hồ bơi ngoài trời, spa, massage của khách sạn là nơi lý tưởng để thư giãn và đổi gió sau một ngày bận rộn. Hãy khám phá sự hòa hợp giữa cung cách phục vụ chuyên nghiệp và vô số tiện nghi tối tân ở khách sạn Mường Thanh Hội An.

    Điểm nổi bật

    Ý kiến đánh giá của khách hàng
    Gửi đánh giá
    Great views, service, and pool

    The view from our balcony was great, the room was a good size and very quiet. The staff was very helpful. The private beach was very nice. We had it to ourselves.
    We hated to leave.
    The pool is very large and they have a better than average fitness center compared to other hotels we stayed at while in Vietnam.
    The hotel had been open 1 month when we were there. Every thing ran very smooth.
    Calidad-precio optimo!

    Estuvimos 4 noches en este hotel y en general las impresiones fueron positivas, aunque hay algunas que se podian mejorar.
    Por ejemplo,habia un grupo numeroso de turistas asiaticos que se bañaban en la piscina con ropa normal,no utilizaban el bañador y ademas no se duchaban antes de entrar a la piscina con la consecuente acumulacion de arena y suciedad de la playa en el fondo de la piscina,creo que las normas estaban escritas pero el personal de la piscina no se encargaba de que los usuarios las respetasen.
    El desayuno era buffet libre(dulce,salado...de todo)muy variado que cambiaban diariamente.
    Nice hotel, great services

    I stopped by during the first few days of opening, they gave me a great discount to one of my reserved room. I jokingly asking for an upgrade and they actually accommodated me without additional charge. The team are new and very friendly, some of the areas in the back are still being build and soon to be completed. A short walk across to a small beach but quiet to hang out with family. Recommended to everyone, will come again next time.
    Thumbs up from ChiroJohn

    I had a rather long stay through the later half of June 2015. No complaints at all. The stand-out feature for me was the staff - all most helpful and very friendly whilst retaining a professional relationship. The food was also very good.
    The ocean beach is about 200 metres away!
    Some of the detail in completing the project suggests it was rushed but everything works well - no compromise with function and there are efforts underway to 'fix' where the detail was compromised.
    Improvements should be made in the provision of information - pamphlets from local tourism operators, restaurants, cab companies, activities and so on - to be available in the reception area and the rooms.
    Others have criticized the room rates. When I left there was 100% occupancy which would not be so if the rates were unrealistic. I thought the room rates were extremely attractive. I loved it all and if I travel again to Hoi An would not think twice about staying there again. A BIG THANK YOU to the staff - you are the best!
    New hotel, good service

    It's new hotel in hotel with big deluxe room, modern design. I guest it's just completed 2months ago.
    We got 2 single beds for 2 adults and 2 kids, nice swimming pool, free breakfast with many choices.
    We can borrow bicycle from the hotel. The ferry to Cham island is near this hotel -10 mins by bicycle and 20 mins go inside town. There is free can to go Hoi An town.
    The staffs are very friendly. We will come back and recommend to our friends
    Great Hotel and Excellent Customer Service

    We stayed at the Muong Thanh Hoi An Hotel for five nights.
    On our arrival we were greeted by hotel reception, who gave us a full brief on the hotel and the facilities. Because we stayed five nights the hotel gave us 15 percent discount on the majority of the hotels amenities and a free dinner for two.
    All the hotel staff were excellent, all loved a chat and again all of the staff spoke very good English. The hotel has a beautiful swimming pool, big rooms, good gym, good restaurant, all the food was great.
    The hotel was reasonable full on the weekend but still very quiet we all slept extremely well.
    The Muong Thanh, is located about a 10 minute walk to the little town centre (near the beach) which is a pleasant stroll if you have dinner in the town.
    There is a courtesy busy which leaves the hotel 4 times a day for pick up and drop off near the ancient city Hoi An.
    Muong Thanh is only six months old, and again I must comment on all the staff who are extremely well trained in their roles and responsibilities.
    I strongly recommend the hotel to all that visit this beautiful town and when I return I will definitely stay at the Muong Thanh Hoi An Hotel.
    My thanks to all the staff at the hotel, who made our stay a very memorable on.

    Kind Regards

    Tim B.
    Lovely place to relax!

    This hotel is really a fantastic place to balace our life after our long time hard working!
    The first impression of this hotel is the beautiful arrounding scenreries. It is also the first time we can enjoy both view of river and beach from our room' balcony.
    Even there is not a centre of Hoi An but personally this is the best for us. we stayed in the hotel in the walk in street before and it was not good with small room and noisy. Here is the big difference.
    It just take 10 mins to go the the ancient street. not a problem at all.
    The pool is well design and located. Room is so spacious and nice with the decor.
    This is the best option in Hoi An Town for sure.

    The rooms are beautiful, the hotel is far from many things like restaurants, no bike rental etc available, laundry service is expensive, the pool is way to small for a hotel with 120 rooms.
    The beach across the street is not developed. No shade on the beach other then walk to the public beach 1 mile away.

    The breakfast bar has a lot of food but most seems old and has been sitting for hours. The service is slow and the room services is lacking in refilling i.e. toilet paper. Needed to call 2x to get the job done.
    Smoking all over the hotel bothered me A LOT. In the lobby, the pool, the restaurant, the hallway leading to the rooms and there are signs to state no smoking.

    Staff is overall confused and really not friendly.

    I would not come back and would not recommend it.
    Beautiful rooms and lovely staff, but lacking in areas

    When we arrived at the Muong Thanh Hotel, we were happy to see such lovely staff. Especially the man who came to took our room service order and the man from housekeeping -- very enthusiastic and did their best to please.

    The rooms are beautiful, as are the views, but as others have mentioned, it's still a work in progress / needing improvement.

    There are no folders/information booklets in the room, so you have no idea what numbers to ring, no room service menu, nothing. You have to wing everything and ask for help, which is a waste of the staff's time as well as ours.

    Also, we booked a twin and double room. But when we arrived in our rooms, they were both twin. We called reception who advised that someone from housekeeping would be coming to fix the beds. So a lovely man came, but he simply pushed the mattresses together and put the blankets on the top! Nothing was holding the beds together, and I was so worried that our 2 year old daughter would fall between the beds that we let her sleep on one single bed and my partner and I shared the other single.

    The meals for room service were average; I ordered a chicken and cashew nut dish and of course it had chicken and cashew nut. But it was amongst a heap of chunky capsicum (peppers) and onion. So I ate the chicken pieces and some cashews and was still hungry.

    Breakfast was a huge buffet, bigger than we've seen in Vietnam (travelling for 2 months) but it was also one of the least impressive. We had to chase down fresh milk for our daughter's cereal (only soy on the buffet) and the food left alot to be desired. Didn't really enjoy breakfast.

    Aside from reception, there is only one wifi connection in the whole hotel for guests, and I ended up having to connect my Macbook via my mobile phone and use phone data. We were on level 6 or 7, and it was shocking trying to connect.

    Like anything new, there's always a period of tweaking and fixing, but at the moment, we're enjoying more personal service from a smaller, more experienced hotel closer to town, at a fraction of the price.
    Fantastisk betjening. Utsøkte rom - store og luftige. Nydelig og variert mat. Synd ikke spa avdelingen var åpnet ennå.

    Vi tilbrakte 6 døgn på dette flotte hotellet påsken 2015. Hotellet var nyåpnet. Spa avdelingen var dessverre ikke klar for gjester ennå. Luftig og åpne rom og fellesarealer. Treningsrom og deilig svømmebasseng utendørs. En helt utrolig service! Utsøkt mat, reint, ryddig og flott! Kan virkelig anbefales. Kort taxi tur inn til byen, som koster nærmest ikke noe (rundt 30 n.kr)