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    Khách sạn Mondial Huế

    : Trung tâm thành phố Huế
    Khách sạn Mondial Huế
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    Phòng Deluxe, 1 giường đôi, Quang cảnh thành phố
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    Phòng Superior, 1 giường đôi hoặc 2 giường đơn, Quang cảnh thành phố
    Phòng Suite, 1 giường đôi hoặc 2 giường đơn, Quang cảnh sông
    Phòng Deluxe, Khu vực vườn

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    Khách sạn Mondial Huế đạt chuẩn 4 sao với vị trí đắc địa cách sông Hương, nội thành Huế 8 phút lái xe. Đây sẽ là lựa chọn phù hợp để bạn khám phá Cố Đô Huế về mọi phương diện.

    khách sạn sỡ hữu 106 phòng nghỉ tiện nghi, có cửa sổ nhìn ra toàn cảnh sông Hương, núi Ngự để bạn quên đi bao bộn bề cuộc sống. Bên trong phòng trang bị đầy đủ TV LCD, truyền hình cáp, điều hòa nhiệt độ, mini bar, điện thoại, két an toàn, máy pha trà/ cà phê, máy sấy tóc, phòng tắm có bồn tắm, áo choàng tắm…

    Mondial Huế còn cung cấp các dịch vụ giải trí, nghỉ dưỡng chất lượng khác gồm có: cho thuê xe hơi/ xe đạp, giặt ủi, bàn tour thông tin du lịch, cửa hàng quà tặng, spa & massage, nhà hàng, quầy bar… Mọi thứ ở khách sạn tại Huế này được hỗ trợ bởi cơ sở vật chất hiện đại, nhân viên niềm nở, chu đáo nên sẽ mang lại cho du khách cảm giác gần gũi, thoải mái như đang ở nhà.

    Đặc biệt, nhà hàng & bar của khách sạn Mondial sẽ là khu vực đông đúc du khách bởi đây là nơi hội tụ các thực đơn Á – Âu đặc sắc, các thực uống pha chế tinh tế. Mọi thứ tốt nhất đang chờ đợi bạn đặt phòng khách sạn này trên Asiabooking.com.vn ngay hôm nay. 

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    Ok for a short stay

    We stayed here recently as part of a tour of Vietnam. We found the room large,clean with a view over the town. Found the bed hard, only one shower gell not enough for two, a basic room suitable for our one nights stay. We were on an upper floor not overlooking a street so it was quiet. Had a swim in the pool which seemed clean but like most pools in vietnam was hot as a bath. Breakfast was ok, usual omelets,fruit,lots of asian food,filled a gap but nothing outstanding. Apart from rooms and breakfast room all lifts and public areas were hot and not air conditioned. Free Wifi. Ok for a short stay. (If you find this review helpful please tick the box tks )
    A great 4 star hotel

    We stayed here on our tour of Vietnam, must be a favourites with tour companies. The room was large, airy, very comfortable with great air conditioning. The staff were extremely pleasant and obliging. The bar area was roomy and a great place to have a drink before venturing out. The pool was a god send for our fellow travellers. Thank you to the wonderful staff for going the extra mile to surprise my husband and I who were celebrating joint birthdays and wedding anniversary. We were only here overnight and they arranged the most decadent cake - a very special and much appreciated surprise. Sorry we didn't get to eat it all! Also, the rose petals in the shape of a heart and rose petals in the ensuite were a beautiful touch. Recommend this clean, come hotel.
    Great location, good look but not at all

    On the trip to Hue on june, I walked in thi 4 star hotel with the expectation of relaxable and enjoyable in the ancient city of the Middle of Vietnam. I am so generous to give it 3 of 5 rate rank because of these problem.
    - When I was checking in(about 2 pm), there was only one girl on the desk and was so busy for work. I had been waiting for near 1 hour to be escorted to the room.
    - The room was clean but smelled moldy, the equipment is not at the stage of one 4 star hotel is to be. Any way the view is awesome throught out the swimming pool.
    - The staff is the main point I would like to refer to. It seems to be that they was exhausted and not ready for our questions.
    Otherwise, It is very cool to be in centre of city but out of my expectation for these issues i had past.
    Good hotel but don't stay on level 3

    If you stay here don't stay on level 3 as the big open area of this floor is really noisy. Staff on their walky-talkies, children screaming as the run up & down the hallways at 10pm, men yelling to each other at 6am.

    There are many great things about this hotel - the pool, good size rooms, comfy bed, clean, great balcony (I wasn't facing the road which is good) - so it's just about getting the right room.

    Bad location

    Bad location, the rooms are clean but old, the prices on the resturant are expensive and the food not the best. Very hot in lobby and in sunny days it's not nice to enter to the hotel. There is a better hotels in the city.
    All you need

    Traveled Vietnam from North to South. In Hue stayed over 2 nights at this 4 star hotel. The Hotel is in good location, close to all the amenities (market, shops, restaurants, river).
    Breakfast was very good (the best we had in Vietnam) they had everything you can think of and more (more like a lunch buffet than breakfast) and to top it off its situated on the roof top with tables outside and views over the city.
    Had supper at the hotel, the food was good and the service as well. Local wines at very decent prices. The rooms are big, nice walk in shower. Used the pool on the third floor, very refreshing after all the heat.
    Close to the Perfume river +- 10 minute walk. We were there end of April and were lucky to catch the festivities (celebrating 40 years of “freedom” after the war) all along the river they had a big fair with fantastic handiwork, music concerts, fairgrounds ,etc) all this along the river banks very close to the hotel.
    The Hotel is very clean and comfortable and the staff are top notch. No problem with the language. I recommend this place without hesitation.
    J Hando. Australia

    Fantastic very clean hotel. Well priced. Staff friendly and obliging. The turn down service and sweets left on the bed were a lovely touch. You can relax in the large and spacious, tastefully furnished foyer where there is a great bar and the service there was 10/10. The pool on the third floor was a welcome relief in the heat. Buffet breakfast good, the only little problem for me is that the fruit juice was not freshly made, to me the orange juice tasted like cordial. But that aside the variety of food at the breakfast buffet was excellent. We also ate lunch at the restaurant and we're pleasantly surprised. I would definitely choose the Mondial again. And yes it was noisy with the traffic, but so is the rest of Vietnam when you are staying in tourist areas.
    Great hotel

    stay one night on april, The room was too clean and comfortable. The staff were friendly and they always try to help us.Also, the breakfast buffet in the morning was great
    I would recomment this hotel to my friends.
    Very Noisy Position

    This accommodation was organised by our tour, on first impression it seems lovely but the room we had was facing the road which made for an extremely noisy night. The neon sign for the hotel was right outside our room also, this stays on all night so not only was the room noisy but lite up like daylight all night.
    Breakfast on the roof, now that's cool!

    All the normal good Vietnamese things, clean, polite friendly staff and in an excellent location plus breakfast on the semi open 9th floor overlooking the city. We enjoyed watching the local cats on the roof opposite and speculated who had the loudest dog and or cock that had been so noisy in the night! Food was OK and egg chef was excellent.