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    Khách sạn Majestic Sài Gòn

    : Quận 1 - Ven sông
    Khách sạn Majestic Sài Gòn
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    Colonial Suite
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    Colonial Majestic Suite
    Colonial Deluxe with Breakfast
    Colonial Deluxe - No Breakfast
    Colonial Deluxe River View

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    Khách sạn Majestic Sài Gòn là một trong các khách sạn 5 sao tại Sài Gòn sở hữu kiến trúc cổ điển, trang nhã. Bên cạnh đó, dịch vụ chất lượng và nhân viên thân thiện, chuyên nghiệp là một phần làm nên dấu ấn của khách sạn trong lòng du khách thập phương.

    Majestic Sài Gòn tọa lạc tại 01 Đồng Khởi, Quận 1, TP.HCM. khách sạn gần các địa điểm tham quan nổi tiếng như Nhà Hát Thành Phố, Nhà thờ Đức Bàchợ Bến Thành chỉ 15 phút đi bộ. du khách khi lưu trú tại khách sạn sẽ có nhiều lựa chọn mua sắm và ăn uống tại khu vực trung tâm thành phố.

    Hệ thống 175 phòng tại khách sạn trang trí rất nghệ thuật. Mỗi phòng đều có những ô cửa kính màu, phòng tắm lát đá hoa cương, điện thoại cổ, nội thất sang trọng. TV, truyền hình cáp, máy lạnh, giường ngủ êm ái… cũng được trang bị đầy đủ tạo nên vẻ đẹp cổ điển hài hòa trong tiện nghi cao cấp.

    Những du khách thích tắm nắng hãy tìm đến hồ bơi thiết kế rộng rãi, đẹp mắt tại khách sạn để bơi lội và thư giãn. Ngoài ra, các phòng spa với đầy đủ dịch vụ, liệu pháp đang chờ du khách tại Khách sạn Majestic Sài Gòn.

    Bạn đừng bỏ qua những trải nghiệm ẩm thực Việt Nam tại nhà hàng Cyclo hoặc các món Âu tại nhà hàng Serenade. Breeze Sky Bar là khu vực phục vụ buffet sáng và tối đa dạng, đậm đà. Đặc biệt, du khách hãy thư giãn cùng các loại cocktail tại M Bar trước khi về phòng ngủ sau một ngày tham quan các điểm du lịch tại Sài Gòn.

    Điểm nổi bật

    Cafe Bệt (1.2km)
    Quán Wild Pub (1.5km)
    Viện Pasteur (2.4km)
    IBox karaoke (4.2km)
    Ý kiến đánh giá của khách hàng
    Gửi đánh giá
    Nice location, beautiful view hotel

    This is a famous and the oldest hotel in Saigon, it is located at the corner street, so rooms scenes were very nice but it was not over noisy. Rooms are furnished with large, clean, luxurious classic style. Staff are young, beautiful ,English skills as well. Breakfast buffet had many dishes, but some dishes were not tasty. The hotel location in the city center is very convenient to help for your work and travel.
    Nice hotel but couple of things to note

    Stayed two nights over three day period . First room was in the older unrefurbished level
    4 , roomed cramped but we did have an extra bed for our daughter added . Was ok but smelled of stale smoke . Second room on the refurbished 6th floor much better , so make sure you get a refurbished room if possible . What left a bad taste for the stay for us was getting charged VD 290,000 (£8.50)for a can of 7up post checkout that we had inadvertently forgotten to declare from the mini bar list challenged as we were leaving like I was a shoplifter this was a genuine error on our part but getting charged a penalty fine if that what it was means we won't be going back
    Luxury hotel but does not function as luxury

    I booked the hotel because I loved the look at it, the old school, grandness of it. It looked gorgeous... even when we walked in, it was beautiful. We were impressed with the room and went upstairs to have a late lunch (view was nice overlooking the river). The wifi barely worked the entire 6 days we were there. I wouldn't have minded so much but I did have to work to do and it was the entire length of our time in HCMC. The worse was every time we took showers, the entire bathroom floor would be flooded. Someone came up to check out the room and they said it was the structure of the bathroom. If any water hits the wall (which is bound to happen while showering) then it would run down and out of the large tub. The shower head was also shorter than me so I had to do a backbend in order to use it. Not being able to take a proper shower really ruined it for me. And then the added lack of internet... However we did book a tour through the hotel and that was excellent. When checking out, they didn't ask how my stay was or anything. It felt like they could care less. I was disappointed.
    Not so bad

    icstayed is a suite room... Very good decoration, very nice spapce... But i had to wait for 4 hours to check in to my room.... Though my room should be ready at 12... I got my room at 4.... Otherwise it was quite nice..
    Great location-but not up my street

    The hotel is old, which is why we booked it, but we expected more modern amenities. The bedroom was large, but had a smell of an old museum. The bathroom was nicely tiled but the shower was a mixer tap. The shower holder was set too low- it wasn't a nice shower experience.
    The pillows were like bricks- we requested softer ones which were provided immediately.
    The air conditioning was loud & ineffective. We reported it in the morning, by the afternoon it had been resolved.
    Breakfast was a hot experience. Sat outside or indoors. Food & choice was average.
    We ate on the 5th floor restaurant buffet. The food choice was good -fresh seafood, sushi, beef Wellington. The food was excellent. A 3 piece band played which was very good.
    Most of the staff were friendly.
    The pool wasn't bad for a city hotel. The pool bar & service was poor. All drinks & food seemed to come from the 5th floor- very slow.
    Best hotel in Saigon

    The old world charm and elegance of this hotel has not been lost through many modernisations in the past years. The rooms are comfortable with good bathrooms, the staff are friendly, and both the breakfast and dinner buffets are excellent. I always recommend this to colleagues and family when visiting Saigon.
    Fantastic location, well appointed rooms, comfortable beds

    On a busy corner but didn't hear the traffic as we overlooked the pool.
    Comfortable bed and lovely Victorian ensuite.
    Restaurant on roof ip has good view and great food.
    Staff very helpful and guy on the corner assists you to cross the road without getting run over by a motorbike!
    A lovely city hotel in a mad city

    The location was great for touring the sights of the city looking across the river. The reception staff made is feel welcome after a long flight. The rooms were very colonial and larger than normal. The finer touches were lovely, turning beds down, fruit etc. That's what I expected for the hotel and price.
    The swimming pool was very quant and great for a dip. The gym was not very equipped.
    The view from the Bar on the 5th floor was a lovely sight across the river, I would recommend a cocktail in the evening. The hotel very very clean.
    Beautiful Hotel

    Great Hotel with some old charm,built in 1925 and very well maintained is very special.
    In district 1, very close to great shops and restaurants.
    Great staff and friendly concierge. They organised private tours for us which were great and well priced and all inclusive.
    A Wonderful Experience

    The Majestic Hotel Saigon is truly majestic. Everyone from the Doormen to the Reception Staff to the Room Service Staff to the Dining Staff are highly trained professionals with warm friendly smiles who do their best to make your stay the best on offer. The food selection in the fifth floor breakfast buffet is a treat for sore eyes and top marks goes to the Tea and Coffee Man! The beds are comfortable the showers work well and the bath a dream when the body is need of renewal.