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    Khách sạn Mai Châu Valley View

    : Mai Châu
    Khách sạn Mai Châu Valley View
    Double Bed
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    Khi đến thăm Mai Châu (Hòa Bình), bạn sẽ cảm thấy như đang ở nhà tại Mai Chau Valley View Hotel, nơi có chất lượng tuyệt vời và dịch vụ chu đáo. Với vị trí cách trung tâm thành phố 0.5 km và cách sân bay , khách sạn 2.5 sao này thu hút được rất nhiều du khách mỗi năm. Với vị trí thuận lợi, khách sạn dễ dàng tiếp cận những điểm tham quan du lịch nổi tiếng của thành phố.

    Hãy tận hưởng hết vô số dịch vụ và tiện nghi không gì sánh được ở khách sạn Mai Châu (Hòa Bình) này. Vì sự thoải mái và tiện nghi của khách, khách sạn trang bị đầy đủ Miễn phí Wi-fi tất cả các phòng, quầy lễ tân 24 giờ, Wi-Fi ở khu vực công cộng, dịch vụ trông xe, bãi đỗ xe.

    Bước vào một trong 8 phòng khách, bạn như rũ bỏ một ngày dài căng thẳng với một loạt tiện nghi như truy cập internet không dây (miễn phí), truy cập internet không dây, phòng không hút thuốc, máy lạnh, ban công trong một số phòng. Bên cạnh đó, khách sạn còn gợi ý cho bạn những hoạt động vui chơi giải trí bảo đảm bạn luôn thấy hứng thú trong suốt kì nghỉ. Mai Chau Valley View Hotel là một sự lựa chọn thông minh cho du khách khi đến Mai Châu (Hòa Bình), nơi mang lại cho họ một kì nghỉ thư giãn và thoải mái.

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    Ý kiến đánh giá của khách hàng
    Gửi đánh giá
    5 stars

    Nice clean rooms with a beautiful view, great stuff, good food and a very helpful owner, a great place to stay during your visit in Mai chau. You can rent a bicycle in the hotel and travel all around the valley.
    Definitely 5 stars
    Great Location and nice staff!

    It's a very cozy and charming B&B hotel, just located in the valley of Mai Chau with lots of rice paddles surrounding it and you can see this amazing landscape from your room balcony.
    The staff is very friendly and nice, specially the owner. The rooms are very homely and cozy, and the restaurant has a delicious menu, you should try the chicken with lemongrass and chili and the pork springrolls, I think they were the best local dishes I tried in VietNam. The Hotel can offer many useful facilities such as bike rental, motorbike rental, laundry, shuttle service to Hanoi, and tour bookings.

    In short, from my point of view it's one of the best choice in the area.

    Maybe the breakfast was too poor I missed more variety of fruits and the mattress wasn't comfortable enought.
    Beautiful hotel, great view and lovely staff

    We, family of 4 (2 adults, 2 teenagers) stayed at Mai Chau Valley View for 4 nights. We had two rooms at top floor, both with balcony and fabulous view. A very warm welcome by the owner with tea and refreshening towels. During our stay we booked three tours organized by Mr. Ha Van Duong. Our guide during these three tours was Cuong (very kind, friendly and speaks english very well). 1st tour was a bike tour during which we visited White Tai villages and local homes (stilt house). On 2nd tour we went to a beautiful waterfall and took a boat tour on lake Ho Hoa Bihn. A really nice, beautiful setting in peacefull scenery. We were the only tourist in this Halong Bay setting. 3rd tour by cab was on sunday to real authentic local market (7 a.m. - 10.30 a.m.). After having visited the local market and town of Hmong People, we made a trekking of 2 hours through cornfields, where people were harvesting corn and transporting it by scooter. We even visited tea plantation. All in all a great stay at beautiful hotel, good food, helpfull, friendly staff and awesome tours.
    Best place I've stayed in Asia

    The staff here are all really friendly and helpful. You are surrounded by mountains, rice fields and villages. There is so much to do around the hotel but you can easily stay in the room and do nothing but look at the view. It could be a hard area to navigate but you are given detailed maps and a free cycle tour with the owner. The hotel owner has a lot to be proud of and leaves you feeling like a friend rather than a customer. This is the best hotel I have come across in Asia and would urge anybody to come and stay here!

    This is such a friendly homestay at the foot of the mountains. The staff are genuinely lovely, the food and drink delightful and the building is beautiful. The range of drinks is amazing and you can hire bicycles from them to explore the villages. The bed is super cosy. Thank you! :)
    Very Homely and outstanding

    I dont really have the right words to describe the hotel. It is home away from home. It is full of a relaxing and happy atmosphere. The people are so nice the hotel has a very good vibe . The environment is just waooh. The food from the restaurant is just so good. We had our best time in this hotel. It is really hospitality at its peak.
    Great stay next to the rice fields.

    I had a great stay at Mai Chau Valley View. Friendly staff and the owner makes sure everything is ok. I like the simple menu, vegetarian friendly. You can rent bikes or even work to one of the caves. The landscape is great and good the get a change from busy Hanoi. Thanks for having me.
    A highlight of our trip

    We spent 3 nights at the Valley View Hotel and really enjoyed our stay. The hotel is located at the end of the main road of Mai Chau Village, so when you get out of the hotel and turn into a side street you're in the countryside, ready to explore.
    We got the double room on the top floor which has the most amazing view. It's so beautiful that you could sit there for hours and just watch how the light changes over the mountains and paddy fields. The room was very spacious with clean design and a very nice bathroom & balcony.
    The owner Mr. Duong and his friendly staff made our trip very memorable. The hotel offers good (!) bikes and scooters for rent and Mr. Duong can provide you with some maps over good daytrips both by bike and by scooter.
    We chose the biketrip on the first day, which was one of the highlights of our trip to Vietnam. It is important though, that you listen carefully, when Mr. Duong explains the map, because the ride is not easy and it's almost 50km. There are some kilometers where the roads are bad and where you have to pull your bike up the mountain. But we were well prepared and therefore enjoyed it a lot. The views are just stunning and after the first 5km you're completely off the tourist trail.
    The 2nd day we went on a trekking trip with a local guide (that also works for the hotel). The guide didn't speak English but that was no problem, he was good at finding out what pace we liked, when we needed a break etc.
    On our last day Mr. Duong took os on a bike trip to his home village and told us a lot about local history and culture. We were also invited into one of the typical houses to have a look at how people live and we were invited for tea. This was a very memorable experience.
    We also enjoyed the restaurant. Breakfast is a la carte and it was the best breakfast of our whole Vietnam trip. The food in the evening was also great and we always ended up ordering too much because we couldn't decide, prices aren't very high either.
    We would definitely recommend Valley View Hotel.
    Just fantastick!

    We booked a two night stay and had really no idea of what to expect. Wow! We had a fantastic stay and simply love it all. Thank you so much to Mr Duong, can not imagine a better hotel nor a better host, his wonderful staff, the hard working people in the paddifields for kindness and lovely smiles. Go go go! Chuc suc khoe! ;)
    Excellent hotel in Mai Chau with great customer service

    We recently spent two nights at Mai Chau Valley View and enjoyed everything very much. The best things about this hotel are the magnificent views from the room as well as the reception area and the excellent customer service provided by the owner, Mr. Duong Ha, and the hotel staff. Our room was clean and bright and had all the things most travelers want: excellent free WiFi, air conditioning, nice bathroom, enough electric outlets, a mini-fridge plus a balcony with views of the green rice fields of the valley and the mountains surrounding the valley.

    On the afternoon of our arrival, it rained some, but Mr. Ha offered to take us on a free bike ride around the valley, which we accepted. We biked through the rice fields and several Tai villages that circle the town. Mr. Ha showed us how the Tai people live and took us to visit one family’s home.

    For the next day. Mr. Ha arranged for two guides/drivers to take us around Pu Luong nature preserve on motorbikes. The guides told us that “Pu Luong” ment “big mountain” in Tai language. On the way, we stopped by at a chopstick factory where workers cut bamboo to make chopsticks. We saw lots of views of mountains and terraced rice fields. We stopped by at a Muong village down in the valley -- it was great adventure to ride down the narrow paths to the village (it was so steep that one of us had to walk up quite a bit before the motorbike could manage to pull us up). We also went to see a waterfall (Go Lao) and stopped for a view of the Hoa Binh lake. Mr Ha even packed a lunch for us, which we ate in a house in the muong village. It was truly an experience (especially the ride through all different types of roads) tht we’d never forget.

    We also had breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the hotel’s restaurant and liked the food very much. They have lots of different cocktails, Da Lat wine, and quite a few dishes. We especially liked the egg roll, the papaya salad, and the steamed fish in banana leave.

    For our return to Hanoi airport for our flight back to Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Ha arranged for a taxi at a reasonable rate. The best part was that we could pay for everything on the hotel bill, which simplified things for us.

    All in all, we had memorable stay and we’d highly recommend this hotel to anyone who plans on visiting Mai Chau to see the beautiful sights of this area.