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    Khách sạn Luxury Đà Nẵng

    : Sông Hàn
    Khách sạn Luxury Đà Nẵng
    Luxury Hotel - Deluxe
    Luxury Hotel - Superior
    Luxury Hotel - VIP
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    khách sạn Luxury, một trong những khách sạn 3 sao đẹp và tiện nghi nhất tại Đà Nẵng hiện nay.

    Với 94 phòng ngủ tiện nghi, sang trọng có hướng nhìn ra sông Hàn thơ mộng và hệ thống các dịch vụ liên hoàn như khu ẩm thực, nhà hàng tiệc cưới, quầy Bar, phòng hội thảo với sức chứa lên đến 500 thực khách cùng các dịch vụ chăm sóc sức khỏe, vật lý trị liệu và làm đẹp, khách sạn được đưa vào vận hành chính thức vào ngày 31/8/2010.

    Từ đây, du khách có thể đi bộ đến những điểm tham quan đẹp nhất của Đà Nẵng như cầu quay sông Hàn, Cầu Thuận Phước, thăm bảo tàng Điêu khắc Chămpa và mua sắm đặc sản tại chợ Hàn. Chỉ cần 5 phút từ sân bay quốc tế Đà Nẵng đã có thể đến nghỉ ngơi tại khách sạn Luxury.   

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    Don't have a massage here

    The staff were good in the motel. The room was ok but nothing special, we had a window to the corridor which didn't block out noise of people talking and walking through. After sitting on a Bus for too long I needed a good massage to ease my poor back so off I went to the level 7. I asked for an hour massage, they said deep or soft...I said deep. They recommended the hour Thai massage. A young girl wearing a very very short dress, she was wearing black underpants, spoke no English and kinda got me to have a shower in the bath first, no drama. Then she made a lot of clacking and popping noises with her hands for 20 minutes....weird....no deep massage yet. Then I was pointed to the sauna and directed to get in. I sat there and could hear more popping and clacking noises from the next room. After 15 minutes I couldn't breath so got out of the sauna and sat on the edge of the massage table. She finally came back and directed me back to the shower and I got dressed. She then asked for a tip! Sad face, poor me, tip please! Arghhhhh I gave in to get out of there! I will never go back! I was there for a total of 40 minutes, no deep massage and felt like I should have been a man for a happy ending massage not a woman after a real treatment.
    Simple but nice

    It's now called the Luxury Hotel. Very simple but I liked it. Unfortunately the wifi didn't reach my room but my colleagues didn't have a problem in their rooms. The ac worked well, water was hot, and staff was accommodating once they understood what you needed haha. our room was a riverview double bed room and it had a lovely view of the river. Breakfast buffet was simple and the spread depended on how many people were staying there that night. The hotel is in a fantastic spot though. Its very close to a good bank, taxi services, nice restaurants, and a few good bars. Overall I thought it was a nice, cheap option.

    Nous vous recommandons l'hôtel LUXURY HOTEL sur la rue TRAN PHJ
    Luxury Hotel Danang
    205 Tran Phu, Hai Chau street, Han River, Da Nang, Vietnam
    C'est un hôtel qu'on vient de rénover. Si vous ne voulez pas payer trop cher, il y a des chambres double pour 800 000 DONG par nuit (40$) avec 2 lits ou un grand lit, La chambre est assez grande et la salle de bain est aussi grande. C'est juste que ce n'est pas du luxe mais on peut y rester pour quelques nuits.
    Petit déjeuner compris.
    Pas de coffre fort dans les Chambres normales.il faut payer plus cher pour avoir le coffre fort
    Now called "Luxury Hotel Danang" - nice location, some nice rooms

    Stayed at the "Luxury Hotel Danang" (formerly Phuong Nam Hotel) on two separate occasions in early May 2014 while passing through Danang on business. Each time was in a high floor room at the back with FANTASTIC (!), panoramic views of the Han River (you need to be above the 4th floor to get the views). Rooms were very clean, bed was comfortable, full range of international channels, new and quiet air-conditioning. The location of this hotel is excellent, very central, just around the corner from Danang's wonderful riverside promenade, close to Han Market, lots of restaurants, Danang Cathedral. Breakfast (included) is great if you enjoy Asian breakfast, but selection for more Western tastes is very limited. This hotel has very limited facilities otherwise. Very good as a mid-range business hotel (and was also seemingly popular with large tour groups), but I wouldn't choose this for a family vacation. And did I mention that Danang is just amazing overall?!! What a wonderful city...
    Right in the center of Danang City

    This is a newly renovated hotel right in the heart of Danang City, Vietnam. Centrally located for anything you may need while visiting Danang. Reasonable room amenities and rates. Will definitely come back on my return trip to Danang.
    Do not use any of their recommended service

    We stayed here for 2 nights and were recommended to about their tours and spa service. They demanded us to pay upfront each of the service. Even though we requested that we'll pay everything when checking out. Where could we go? They already have our passports... When we told them our preference they started to ignore and give us a cold face expression.

    Their room is ok, but the bathroom layout is terrible, the toilet is do close to the wall that im being a petite person were not comfortable to sit down. My hubby at 1.78m could not fit his legs in there.
    We requested a different room, they were not verry happy with it.

    After all this, the private tour we reserved to Ba Na hills was 1 hour late. Since we had already paid for we could not do anything
    great service and clean room

    I stayed in its VIP room in early June and despite a high occupancy rate the rooms are well maintained - clean and tidy each time we returned in the late afternoon. Good Job from the housekeeping staff.

    Counter staff helpful and they wrote in English to show us if we could not understand them. Manager is also helpful and they helped us to arrange and spoke to the driver the place which we wanted to go.

    Breakfast is almost the same spread every day and nothing fantastic.

    It is about 10min walk to Han Market and there is a bank which is nearby the Hotel and the exchange rate is good. A lot of good eateries around the place if one is willing to explore on foot.