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    Khách sạn Huy Hoàng River

    : Phố cổ Hội An
    Khách sạn Huy Hoàng River
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    Phòng Deluxe, 1 giường đôi, Quang cảnh sông
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    Hãy tận hưởng hết vô số dịch vụ và tiện nghi không gì sánh được ở khách sạn Hội An này. Khi nghỉ ngơi trong khách sạn tuyệt vời này, khách có thể tận hưởng Wi-Fi ở khu vực công cộng, nhà hàng, dịch vụ giặt là/giặt khô, két sắt, cho thuê xe đạp.

    Thêm vào đó, tất cả những phòng khách đều được đặc biệt trang bị những tiện nghi như truyền hình cáp, tivi, vòi hoa sen, tắm bồn và tắm hoa sen riêng, truy cập internet không dây để làm hài lòng những vị khách khó tính nhất. khách sạn mang lại phương tiện giải trí đa dạng, bao gồm bãi biển riêng, vườn. Huy Hoang River Hotel là nơi bạn có thể dừng chân ở một khách sạn chất lượng tại Hội An.

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    Really nice hotel in Hoi An.

    We stayed for three nights at the River Hotel in Hoi An. The room was big and very clean and made us feel very comfortable. The hotel is right next to the river and it's only a few meters to the market, so good location. The breakfast is amazing, fresh juices and delicious pancakes. We really enjoyed our stay!
    Clean and nice.

    Great air con, great location. Staff helpful. Very hot shower (too hot). We found it by chance, from a motorbike rider. Got a good price as is mid-low season. Nice herbal tea in our room too. Also has a working fridge, which on our budget we usually don't get.
    Air conditioners were all hot.

    Air conditioners were all hot. We set 16-17degree but it was still hot. The view from the balconi was very good but only two rooms at the outside can be there, so We were disapointed that we can not go out there for sight seeing and enjoy the river view.
    Nice place with lack of service

    It's a nice house at a very good location. The rooms are simple but clean. The breakfast selection is a bit marginal but not basic cause of the offers around at this area. But you the big lack of service is a problem. you always get the feeling they won't do any service without expecting money for it. So I won't stay here again.
    Good location , ac poor and staff mostly unhelpful , insects,lizard,better places nearby.

    On arrival , not much of a welcome , given key to room and told where it was. No porter room on 1st floor a couple of flights. I got a twin room although i'd paid for double for single use. ac didnt seem to blow , i waited 5-10 mins i was sweating. the ac was high up and the flap for movement was broken. went down to complain , no manager, girl said it takes time to start youve only just got here. i explained i have used lots of ac all over world including vietnam this is broken. i said i will let you know , it was evening i was hungry luckily location good for old town and i found some decent snack in market and food in something bee restaurant. Came back and the girl said ac is fixed , i went up to look , it was better , cooler but still no oscillation and i could hear next door and people in corridor. bathroom was dark and not that clean , very basic. i saw lizard on wall , id asked for window but view was roofs. also because hotel is on corner by bridge and on like a crossroads it was noisy (no double glazing).
    view of river outside balcony at back of hotel is good and location in old town but this is so old,basic , vietnam is cheap , this wasnt cheapest place i stayed but worst. oh the wifi was quite good and tv was basic, no safe in room or phone , some lights in room didnt work. to be fair the girl did offer room on ground floor but it was smaller and with no window felt claustrophobic. i have read other reviews about ac not working so i blame the owners and manager although i never saw one. breakfast was basic , usual runny eggs , fresh banh mi was nice , coffee good , avoided salad and narrowly avoided eating an ant in the egg, maybe i ate some. it was partly my fault i got this hotel mixed up with the one called huy hoang garden which has a pool too. i think another small plus was i got a bottle of water but as i was paying for 2 people maybe i should have got 2? seriously they do not deserve your custom.
    one lady was nice as she let me leave my case and helped order a xeom to take me to new hotel on cai dai rd for my 2nd night. backpackers may like this but for most it is very poor, it needs more staff, better trained, maintenance and lots more never again, lucky i had not booked 2 nights and paid online ( i used booking dot com). they would not allow me to put bad review though.

    I have just checked out of this hotel. Not only did they try and charge me for water I hadn't taken but they charged me for a room I never stayed in and tried to charge me for breakfasts I never had. They treated me because I was young, like I was beneath them. They were rude, unhelpful, and I would rather stay anywhere else but here!!! There 'security' is a man asleep in the doorway with his own bedsit.
    Unfriendliest staff

    The only good thing about this hotel was its location. Other than that, everything was just basic. Nothing special.

    My biggest turn off was that the staff were extremely unfriendly. No greetings whatsoever and they always looked annoyed when I asked them questions. It was bad.
    Nevertheless, their restaurants recommendations were excellent.
    Great Hotel, Location Perfect, Pool Lovely

    A great location near to the old town (5 min walk) and with a beautiful pool it's great after a hot day to relax by. The rooms were nice with all the usual only downside were the plug sockets in our room were terrible, only 1 out of 4 worked and the only other was in the bathroom.

    Breakfast was nice and complimentary which was good, really great value for money and would highly recommend you stay there, we will if we come back to Hoi An.
    Pick pocket area

    Hotel is ok but I was pick pocketed within 100 feet of the hotel entrance. When I told the hotel front desk clerk she said that she gets the same complaint from guests almost every day. She said it has been going on for over a year. It was a well coordinated theft that involved at least three people. No safe in the rooms of this hotel so the locals know that you will be carrying your valuables. Hotel employees and certain local businesses near the hotel are well aware of the problem but said they were scared of the thieves so they don't do anything about it. With the help of the owners of Lotus Jewlery I filed a report with the authorities and within 3 days I was informed they had recovered the money that was stolen and got a complete confession from those involved. They even called Ms. Mung at Lotus Jewelery and apologized. The local authorities asked me to delay telling anyone of the crime so they could complete their investigation. That was three months ago and they are still making excuses why they need to hold my money just a bit longer. I think I have waited long enough. It is time others are made aware of this incident. The residents and vendors in this part of Hoi An are desperate and will pester you to death to get your cash. Pick pocketing and theft is the rule and based on what I found from interviewing locals, it is to a great degree tolerated by the local p olice. Officer Tien handled my report. If someone does steal from you don't waste your time reporting it to the authorities. You will be on your own. My advice is to avoid this area. After traveling 75 days over the past two years I had no problems in any other part of S.E. Asia. My advice is to skip this area or at least do not carry cash when you visit.
    Nice location, thin walls

    Recently stayed at this hotel. The location is great for the price; right next to a local market and bridge to a smaller island. Our first room was very noisy and the walls were quite thin. We asked to switch rooms and the staff was very accommodating. They have hot water and free breakfast with a few decent options. The staff was overall friendly and helped if asked. When checking-out, be sure to check your bill for accuracy.