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    Some great things, some so so

    This hotel has good and bad points, the bad are easily overcome and overall it's a good place to stay at the price.

    The good: spotlessly clean, new, nice modern rooms, great shower, quick check in, 5min walk to the riverside which is great fun in the evening, staff are friendly if a little shy. Breakfast is simple, but fine. The balcony looks over the square which is fun.

    The not so good: the bed is natural latex and quite hard, great if you like hard beds, but not so good for me. The temple in the square starts gongs ringing from about 4am. We were in room 4.02 and they were very loud. It might be better to ask for a room at the back of the hotel. I resorted to ear plugs which helped. :) the front of the hotel is a bus station which also starts early, so if street noise bothers you take a back room.

    I really liked Chau Doc as the people are incredibly friendly and there is almost no touting. I wish we had been able to stay another day, rather than just as a staging point.

    The Hung Cuong Hotel is totally new, the rooms are clean, with modern decoration. It is centrally located (just in front of the central square of Chau Doc) and 5 minutes walk from the Riverfront and the Central Market.
    The bus to Can Tho and Ho Chi Minh City departs/arrives right next door to the Hotel.
    The staff is always helpful and polite. They can arrange for you small trips and excursions nearby (in reasonable prices).

    A great value for money!
    Bugs in room, Horrible service, Almost missed our boat

    This hotel was part of a tour, so I did not choose it. At first, I thought this hotel was pretty nice, but then things got bad. When checking in they kept our passport which I did not like, but I didn't have a choice. The hallways were very dark and I couldn't see where to put the key. It seemed clean, but there were ants in the room, as well as some flying bugs that I could not identify. The bathroom seemed modern but there was no hair dryer or hand soap.

    The biggest problem was breakfast in the morning. We were supposed to catch a boat to Cambodia, so we were there at around 6am. When we arrived we were one of 4 tables there (one European girl and 2 Asian families).

    Our table had no menu, but we found one on another table and were surprised at the different versions. The English language menu just had eggs and toast whereas the Vietnamese language menu had Vietnamese food. Being that we were in Vietnam we wanted something from that menu. We pointed to what we wanted and ordered 2 coffees and 2 soups. 35 min later, we still did not have any food and the dining room was full. Everyone else who arrived after us had received their food, and many were finishing up.

    We only had until 7am to meet our group to go to Cambodia, so we complained. Out tour guide had to yell at them and they eventually brought us ONE soup. Then my husband yelled at them again and they brought us our pho 10 min later. I'm not sure what the problem was since they served everyone else pho and it's just premade broth that they ladle onto noodles. By now it was 7am and everyone else was gone, so we wolfed down the steaming bowl as quick as we could. Maybe it's the nicest in this small town, but their customer service was horrible!
    Value for money! Shower with water pressure!

    Surprisingly modern hotel in the middle of the square.
    The shower was the best, pressure and all.
    Beds are a bit to firm for my taste but ok. nice clean rooms.
    Breakfast is average, but okay, except for the "one item only" rule
    New and clean

    The hotel had a view of entire chau doc. Even though this City is nothing special, it is always interesting to see a City from the top, and you definetely get to experience that when you are going for breakfast at the upper floor of this 8 floor new building. The hotel was nicely furnished and the bathroom was very clean and Nice as Well. The only downside of the room was that the bed was pretty hard. The staff was extremely helpful and surprisingly good at english. The breakfast was Also very Nice. Overall a really good experience.
    Nice hotel but be prepared for early wakeup from street racket

    I stayed here for two nights enroute from Can Tho to Phnom Penh, primarily it was highly recommended by TA and did not look like a snobby pretentious hotel, like the one down by the river. To be fair I can't fault the hotel for cleanliness and facilities. It looks like a new building with 8 floors. Rooms are very spacious with nice decor and a balcony which in the front of the hotel overlooks the main square in Chau Doc. Although a table and chairs would be a nice addition to the balcony. Breakfast is served on the top floor which has nice views. Staff there seem to assume that western tourists will only want western style breakfast so that is all you will see offered on the menu put in front of you. From my own experience this is always vile in Asia, so if you don't want the various combinations of eggs, sausages, bread and some cheese spread that binds like an industrial strength adhesive, ask for the Vietnamese menu. If you've spent any amount of time in the country you will be able to recognise the most popular rice and noodle dishes. Looks a lot better than western breakfast offerings.
    The place adjacent to the hotel is a ticket office and drop off point for a sleeper bus company of the same name and logo as the hotel, so it is busy around the area in the evening time. The hotel lobby also looks a bit hostel like and doesn't reflect the appearance of the rest of the hotel. Wifi ok, decent speed for calling but for some unknown reason I could only connect an android phone and not a windows laptop to it. A minor point really.

    Now for the bad. Make sure you have ear plugs as at 4 am a loud bell or gong sounds in the main square outside, repeating about every 20 seconds before stopping at around 4.30. Then you hear the jingles played by the noodle and rice hawkers followed then by a loud PA system blaring out annoying music along what sounds like pointless repetitive chatter in between. That keeps going for well over an hour. Probably some propaganda thing. By then, you are just totally fed up of the noise that you just get up at 5.30 am. No alarm clock needed!

    Great hotel centrally located

    We stayed here as part of a tour package with the Sinh Tourist so I have no clue how much per night this was. This was a great hotel in the center of town. It's located right next to the Chau Doc Market. The square in front of the hotel is lovely at night. Lots of street vendors offering various types of vietnamese dishes.

    This hotel seemed like it was built recently. Everything in the rooms look new and modern. If I'm ever back in Chau Doc I will definitely stay here.
    Perfect for Sinh tourist stop

    We stayed here as a couple for one night on the Sinh Tourist tour and it was great. We didn't pay a lot for the tour yet this hotel was way above our backpacking requirements. Good breakfast, clean rooms, working aircon and warm showers. If you are back packers looking for a cheap tour of the Mekong delta and stay here, you won't be disappointed.
    New, quiet, perfect after a long day of travelling.

    We arrived here after a long day and night of travelling all the way from Sapa. It is an anonymous hotel but an absolute godsend after a long day.

    The staff is nice, helped us with booking our boat to Phnom Penh the next day and our room was spacious, clean, quiet and all newly furnished.

    Breakfast was included and tasty and served on the roof terrace (it was the highest building in Chau Doc) with a great view of the Mekong and the city.

    Great accommodations, but wary of help from staff

    New hotel with the best shower yet. Comfy bed, make sure you get a room on higher level. We stayed two nights due to the room being so nice as we transition into Cambodia.

    Here's the bad........We slept in and received a call asking if we were coming to breakfast. We didn't think much about it and got ourselves into elevator to go to top floor for breakfast. (great view, btw) A guy who was staff was in elevator and asked about doing some local sites, which we were planning. The guy ended up ripping us off on everything from the authentic fishing village to getting us scooters.

    The final rip off was he assured us that our boat was all the way to Phnon Penh, we kept asking if it was the correct boat that did the whole journey and our friend in Cambodia checked to make sure it was still running this time of year.....so we knew what we wanted. Well, further down the river minutes after we crossed the Cambodia boarder we were told to get off and take to bus. We missed the boat that left earlier due to the guy lying to us. This guy was like a predator and we fell for it, shame on us.

    Do not trust the staff for help and be wary of the guy who works there roaming around offering to help you with tickets and tours. otherwise the hotel is one of the nicest to stay at.