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    Khách sạn Hoàng Hải - Hải Phòng

    : Trung Tâm Thành Phố / Chợ Sắt
    Khách sạn Hoàng Hải - Hải Phòng
    Superior Twin
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    du khách sẽ tìm thấy tất cả các tiện nghi tốt nhất ở mỗi phòng trong số 44 phòng của khách sạn 2 sao nổi tiếng này. Phòng không hút thuốc, truy cập internet không dây (miễn phí), máy pha trà/cà phê, máy sấy tóc nằm trong số các tiện nghi du khách sẽ thấy ở mỗi phòng. Dịch vụ giặt là/giặt khô, quán bar, thang máy là các tiện nghi có thêm bạn sẽ thấy trong khách sạn ở Haiphong này. khách sạn làm mọi thứ để tập trung vào các trải nghiệm của du khách, đảm bảo sự dễ chịu và thư giãn cho du khách. Đặt phòng tại khách sạn Hoang Hai Hotel Haiphong Haiphong rất đơn giản với mẫu trực tuyến an toàn của chúng tôi; chỉ cần nhập ngày đến, đi của bạn và nhấn chuột.

    Điểm nổi bật

    Ý kiến đánh giá của khách hàng
    Gửi đánh giá
    Ok hotell

    Vi er en gjeng som alltid bor på dette hotellet når vi er på hjemmebyen Haiphong
    VIP rommene var greie men det er ganske mørkt på inngangen til hver etasje
    Service var ok
    Restaurant har vi ikke vært på men kanskje skal prøve neste gang når vi er der men vi anbefales å spise ute

    Stayed here 1 night before flying to Danang...pictures online looked nice..room looked decent. ..in reality it was completely opposite! Room was dirty...lots of hair on the floor which when i collected with tissue the tissue was black from dirty floors! Drains not cleared..full of hair and other stuff i dobt know!
    Horrible breakfast...defo don't recommend here!

    The price was a little steep compared to the rest of our Vietnam stay. However it was very comfortable, the breakfast was nice but you want to be down early when it is freshly served. The shared computers in the dining area were not good enough to transfer photos from camera to memory card and the staff had only basic English skills although this did not worry us in the least.
    Not a great stay

    We stayed in this hotel for one night on a stopover to Halong bay. We had the deluxe room for 40 USD a night, which is quite a lot for this hotel. The room was very average, bathroom a little dirty and overall didn't feel that comfortable.
    Breakfast was a big disappointment, only a few things on offer, bread from a knackered and dirty looking toaster and no (or just very slow) refill on things, no juices, just water and coffee/tea.
    I suppose you can't expect more from a two start hotel, but I would have expected a little more that would justify this high price.
    Ok, but could do with improvement

    Complaints about the hotel are exacerbated by the fact that Haiphong is one of Vietnam's least attractive cities. The wifi worked fine and our rooms were cleaned early every morning. Breakfast was pathetic and the staff were apathetic; but this could well be due to the very poor occupancy at the time of our visit.
    Đáng giá, thân thiện, gần bến tàu xe, trung tâm

    ĐI Hải Phòng ngắn, thăm thành phố nên chọn chỗ nghỉ tại KS Hoàng Hải. Tôi tìm được qua booking.com. Nhân viên chu đáo. Cách Nhà hát lớn thành phố khoảng 10 phút đi bộ, đây cũng là nơi công viên thành phố. Lúc về, đi bộ khoảng 10 phút thì ra tới bến tàu hỏa về Hà Nội. ĐI Bến xe tam bạc mất 10 phút xe ôm. Phòng sạch. Phòng hai giường chật hơn phòng một giường đôi. Khu này yên tĩnh, an toàn, dễ tìm. Ai đi ô tô có chỗ để xe tầng 1. Với mức 600 nghìn/ phòng hai giường và 750 nghìn phòng giường đôi là hợp lý với loại KS hai sao.

    Ăn sáng hơi nghèo nàn. Không có dịch vụ cho thuê xe máy, xe đạp.
    Forgettable, overpriced, worst hotel so far in Vietnam

    Stayed one night and that was one night too long. This has been the most we've paid for a room so far in three cities in Vietnam and by far the worst. The location is close to the train station, about a 5 min walk, so that's ok if you want to be close to it, but food is another story. We walked for about 1.5 hours in all directions from the hotel to try and find some food and gave up eventually.
    The receptionist was not particularly friendly or welcoming. The room was basic, aged and unloved. Not worth the money we paid. The TV was from the dark ages with a poor quality picture. There was free green tea but no coffee. Nor was there free water.
    We asked for a map and the receptionist wanted $1 for a 2011 edition fold out map typical of those free in information offices..... we didn't bother buying one.
    The hotel is very noisy with paper thin walls. Around 11pm we heard the reception phone ringing several times for ages each time, and we were on the 4th floor. Then in the early morning we heard loud voices in the corridor, probably staff, and the unanswered phone yet again.
    The air con didn't work, the room was dark and depressing.
    Breakfast was hideous. No green tea, yet it's available in the room. I went back to the room to retrieve a tea bag and had to ask twice for hit water. Some substandard Asian food (no thanks, as usual uncovered and not too fresh looking). Had to ask for butter, ended up with toast and a greasy omelette. Service? What service?
    Truly forgettable. Definitely seen better days.

    Worst hotel I ever stayed in Haiphong. Came with a group of 12 elderly retirees. You have to climb a flight of decorative but not practical stairway to get to lobby. No lift. Walking to your room quite eerie, light very dim along the corridor. Air conditioner automatically cut off, imagine I perspire sleeping with 20•C room. Breakfast prepare by inexperienced staff, sunny up turned out oily overlooked fried egg. Coffee pot always empty. Toilet looks like not washed for years. Linen so worn out, that look my throw away rags. Power point not working. Careful of cheap hotel that Geylang hotel a 5 stars one.
    Need a lot of work, couldn't last a day.

    We had planned to stay one night after Halong Bay, but when we arrived we decided to go straight to Hanoi. We didn't last long enough to try the breakfast or the shower.

    1) It's in the city centre.
    2) There were public computers but a bit slow and dirty.
    3) It smelt of cheap men's perfume.
    4) There were no towels.
    5) You have to wait for hot water.
    6) The room wasn't clean.
    7) The staff were not friendly nor helpful. They were not good at communicating.
    8) The bottled water in the room is not free.
    9) Wifi was weak.
    10) There were conspicuous security cameras around.
    11) Upon check-out the staff inspect the room, which is unusual and doesn't leave a good impression.
    Si vous aimez les chambres bien sombres et sans fenêtre

    Hôtel à oublier ainsi que la ville d'Haiphong : rien à y voir, une population peu habituée aux touristes.
    Vous entrez dans cet hotel par le garage puis un escalier obscur. La chambre attribuée est sans fenêtre,c'est angoissant au possible.
    Petit déjeuner à oublier aussi, dans une salle au 8ème étage avec la vue la plus triste possible et du personnel qui a autre chose à faire que de gérer ce repas.
    Nous avons voulu nous renseigner sur le prix des billets pour Cat Ba, de suite on nous a sorti un carnet de tickets pour le bateau à un prix exhorbitant.......
    Par contre mention spéciale au réceptionniste présent en soirée qui s'est battu pour essayer de nous changer la chambre - sans succès, mais il s'est donné beaucoup de mal -.