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    Khách sạn Green Field Hội An

    : Phố cổ Hội An
    Khách sạn Green Field Hội An
    Green Field Hotel - Guest Room
    Green Field Hotel - Room
    Green Field Hotel - Swimming Pool
    Green Field Hotel - Room
    Green Field Hotel - - Room
    Deluxe Room ( Khách Việt Nam )
    Deluxe Room ( Khách Việt Nam )
    Deluxe Room ( Khách Việt Nam )
    Superior Room (Khách Việt Nam)
    Family Room ( Khách Việt Nam )
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    Loại phòng
    Phòng Tiêu chuẩn, 1 giường đôi hoặc 2 giường đơn
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    Phòng Superior, 1 giường đôi hoặc 2 giường đơn
    Phòng dành cho gia đình
    Triple Room
    Traditional Room

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    Khách sạn Green Field Hội An là nơi lý tưởng cho du khách nghỉ tại trung tâm thành phố và chỉ cách bãi biển có vài km. Từ khách sạn quý khách có thể thả bộ tham quan trung tâm Phố cổ Hội An hoặc cầu Nhật Bản. Ban ngày bạn có thể đi thăm quan các đền chùa, khu di tích. Nhưng buổi tối bạn hãy ra sông Hoài để thưởng thức đèn lồng với nhiều sắc màu rực rỡ, ấn tượng.

    Nghỉ tại khách sạn du khách sẽ thấy thoải mái với không gian và tiện nghi nơi đây. Khách sạn Green Field Hội An 3 sao sẽ cung cấp cho du khách đầy đủ các tiện nghi thiết yếu dành cho sinh hoạt. phòng khách sạn có máy điều hòa nhiệt độ và truy cập internet miễn phí.

    Nhà hàng sẽ phục vụ quý khách bữa sáng với món ăn châu Á hoặc quốc tế, vào cuối buổi chiều muộn bạn có thể thư giãn và thưởng thức một ly cocktail cạnh hồ bơi. Trải nghiệm tại phòng massage của khách sạn là điều bạn nên làm với Jean Destoyaux. Ngoài ra khách sạn còn có nhiều dịch vụ tiện ích khác như dịch vụ đưa đón khách từ sân bay sẽ giúp bạn thoải mái hơn. Quả thật, Khách sạn Green Field Hội An là giá trị đích thực của sự nghỉ dưỡng.

    Vị trí và phương tiện
    • Vị trí: Tọa lạc tại trung tâm Hội An, khách sạn Green Field cách Phố Cổ 400m.
    • Phương tiện: bằng xe hơi, xe du lịch. du khách cũng có thể đi máy bay đến sân bay Đà Nẵng và đón taxi đến khách sạn.

    Điểm nổi bật

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    Gửi đánh giá
    Above average

    Staff were helpful and nice, easy to book things such as transport and day tours. You can rent bicycles for really cheap as the town centre is a 15 minute walk. The room was nice however the air con and fan made a loud noise when trying to sleep. Swimming pool area was good and the bar was near.
    Not really helpful staff, poor decor & facility, overestimated

    The 3 of us arrived at the hotel and after finishing the checking in procedures, no body really help us to our room or help us with our request to find some connection to the internet. The decor was horrible, facitilies (curtain, bed sheets, sanitary ware, etc. are of low grade stuff). The pictures/ photos they posted about their hotels are really FALSE ADVERTISING, they were all created with tricks (like using camera with wide-angle lenses to make it twice as large, better lighting or photoshop to make it look brighter, newer and cleaner). I was in complete disappointment upon my arrival at the hotel, couldnt believe it was the one I saw on the internet.

    At that price range, trust me, you can find better facilities at hotels closer to the center of the town, better staffs and better service. I ended up staying only one night at Green Field and cycling around town to find another one cos I cant stand spending 3 nights at such a bad place. Eventually, I spend the rest 2 nights at Indochine and it's about 10 times better (helpful staff smile all the time, 3times larger and cleaner pool, much much larger room, big plate of fresh fruit on the house, etc...)
    Basic but good

    For the price of the hotle the rooms and facilities where good. The double room we stayed in was basic and clean. The photos of the hotle are not accurate however we had an enjoyable stay. It is well located within walkinh distance of the river and old town, the staff at the tourism desk where very helpful gave us excellent directions for the independent day trips we had planned, and where very helpful in arranging and booking our onward journey to Hue and Hanoi however im not sure what commission they took for this. The hotle offers bike and moped hire which we used and is the best way to get around HueAn and to the closest beach. Breakfast was good they offered a wide variety of food in a buffet style.
    All in all a good basic stay
    The walk into town is good for you.

    Stayed at the Green Field Hotel just over twelve months ago. The itself is a ten to fifteen minute walk into the thick of things, the walk will do you good. When we stayed there, the back packers outnumbered everyone else. This is not a problem, as the only difference to a lot of tourists you meet in these places, these guys have fun and it is very interesting to speak with them. The rooms were very good apart quite basic and the breakfast was of a very good quality. If you want to get something made, go to the right tailors and do not order anything through the T shirt shops.
    Average hotel, amazing staff

    I stayed in the dorms, double room as quadruple room at this hotel due to being a line traveller and meeting people this sharing.

    Dorms are horrible as the best fall apart-bathroom is big and fine.

    The rooms however were perfectly fine, nice view, clean, and cheap minibar. Water pressure wasn't good but for the price I thought it was all reasonable.

    The staff were however amazing!!!! Due to me moving around rooms many times and having a million questions about town/beach etc they always helped fully and smiled all the way through! They're thief reason why I stayed there for a week rather than moving to anywhere else for the same price. (Eventhough dks(a hostel) was pricier).

    Overall I had a great stay, just wouldn't advise dorms there at all.

    Nice pool but some unfriendly staff

    We decided to choose this hotel for the swimming pool, which was luckily really nice !!
    The rooms are clean and are cleaned daily.
    However the personnel...... Bar/restaurant staff bar one are not smiley or very kind but efficient... As for the reception it's pretty much the same except for two : Nga and An who are really very lovely ! Always smiling, very kind and helpful ! Thank you.
    It's a shame that all the staff aren't as nice as the two girls mentioned other wise we would have put 5* !
    Good basic hotel

    Fun, casual backpacker style hotel with pool, bar and pool table. Beds are comfy, cleaning staff and tour staff nice. Bike hire for ap dollar a day and 20 min walk to old town. Free rocket fuel mix cocktails at 6.30.
    Disgusting stay

    This hotel was the worst experience I had in Vietnam.
    Ugly & dirty rooms, really noisy, far away from anything (3km from both the city centre and the beach), and the worst thing was the breakfast. I prefer not to give details but I almost vomit when I saw what was there.
    Even the photos of the hotel are faked.

    Where to start.... This hotel looks nice on the internet, and it might be for those paying a higher price for a private room. However, we stayed in a standard 8 bed dorm for $8 a night, which compared to what weve been paying for other places is super expensive! Especially for what we got! You might as well be sleeping on the floor as the beds are so hard. Every bed in our dorm was broken in some way & the ladder was just a health hazard. The bathroom was on a whole new level, the amount of mould was ridiculous- i might as well have been back at the house i had in second year of university which the enviromental protection agency shut down! The shower is now just cold, but freezing cold & it smells like an animal has died somewhere. It just wasnt a great experience to go in there. The pool was good and its nice to have a pool table, the food was overpriced and not good enough for how expensive it was. The three free cocktails you get were the size of an espresso cup & was a weird green liquid. It would be nice to have an option of a free soft drink for those who dont drink alcohol aswell! In terms of location, cleanliness, facilities & staff it was fine, but other aspects were not great!
    You get what you pay for

    My partner and I stayed in a private standard room for approz $26US p/n

    Room was clean and comfortable, bed and pillows were one of the best we've had during our stay in Vietnam
    Bathroom was good - once again best shower/pressure we've had in VN

    Bit of noise early morning from the chicken and pigs next door at 5am

    Air-con gets tired after being on so long ours began to drip and rub loudly so we ended up just sleeping with the fan on

    Pool is great, bar is a bit pricey compared to street prices but overall you get what you pay for. We were happy with our stay, receptionists spoke good English.