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    Khách sạn Draco QK3

    : Biển Thị Trấn Cát Bà
    Khách sạn Draco QK3
    Deluxe Suite Room
    Hotel Exterior
    Holiday View Cat Ba Hotel
    Holiday View Cat Ba Hotel
    Holiday View Cat Ba Hotel
    Holiday View Cat Ba Hotel
    Holiday View Cat Ba Hotel
    Holiday View Cat Ba Hotel
    Standard Mountain View
    Standard Sea View
    Deluxe Suite
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    Khách sạn Holiday View Cát Bà sở hữu tầm nhìn ra vịnh Lan Hạ tuyệt đẹp. du khách khi lưu trú tại đây sẽ bị mê hoặc bởi vị trí đắc địa, sự thân thiện của nhân viên và chất lượng phòng nghỉ chuẩn 3 sao.

    Holiday View tọa lạc tại địa chỉ đường 1/4, thị trấn Cát Bà, huyện Cát Hải, TP Hải Phòng. Từ khách sạn bạn chỉ cần năm phút để đi bộ đến bãi tắm Cát Cò, Vườn Quốc gia Cát Bà khoảng 15 phút… Hệ thống 120 phòng nghỉ trong đó có tới 110 phòng hướng biển sẽ không làm bạn thất vọng khi lựa chọn để nghỉ ngơi.

    Bên trong mỗi phòng là sự bày trí đẹp mắt các tiện nghi như: TV, truyền hình cáp, két an toàn, mini bar, điều hòa nhiệt độ, nội thất gỗ, phòng tắm… Mọi thứ được thiết kế nhằm tạo cảm giác thoải mái cho du khách về một chuyến đi đáng nhớ đến Đảo Cát Bà. khách sạn tại Cát Bà Này còn cung cấp các dịch vụ nghỉ dưỡng, vui chơi chất lượng khác. Bạn sẽ thỏa sức vui đùa cùng sóng biển tại bãi biển gần đó, ngắm bình minh từ các cửa sổ phòng, mua sắm ngọc trai, quà tặng tại quầy lưu niệm… Nếu bạn là doanh nhân thì phòng hội nghị sang trọng, hiện đại sẽ luôn sẵn sàng đáp ứng khi bạn có nhu cầu gặp gỡ đối tác.

    Cuối ngày, du khách hãy chọn nhà hàng Res Sail trên tầng 2 để thưởng thức các thực đơn Á – Âu đặc sắc, hải sản tươi ngon. Hoặc vài ly cocktail pha chế tinh tế tại quầy bar. khách sạn Holiday View Cát Bà thật sự là chốn lý tưởng để bạn và gia đình trải nghiệm kỳ nghỉ đáng nhớ, thoải mái. 

    Điểm nổi bật

    Ý kiến đánh giá của khách hàng
    Gửi đánh giá
    Awful - a 1* star hotel at 4*star prices!!

    We stayed here for 2 nights having struggled to find anywhere that 'jumped out' at us on Cat Ba island..In our opinion it is worst 'value for money' hotel we have ever stayed in.

    The bed was rock solid and the air con temperamental so we barely slept. The bathroom was rusty and also had black mould on around the sink. There was no shower curtain and the shower head could not be adjusted so the room ended up soaking, there was also no bath mat so it was slippy. The room was shabby and falling apart, there was a hole in the wall and cracked furniture. We had a superior room...so at least we had some space in the room and a sea facing balcony, if not any additional comfort. At least on the second day we returned to the comforting smell of cleaning products, suggesting it was actually cleaned that time. For the first day we had to use the staff lift as the others were out of service, it worked but smelt of rotting fish.

    Breakfast was not great. The room was dirty and shabby. The first day we got a limited ala carte choice but at least it was fresh! The next day was a questionable buffet..as nothing looked fresh we asked the lady at the egg station to cook us an egg. After 3 minutes of her trying us the cold, congealed egg plated up next to us would be fine she begrudgingly cooked us an egg.

    The staff were not very accommodating or smiley. The receptionists took our passports on arrival, nothing unusual, but then refused to give them back to us (elsewhere in Vietnam they always copied down visa details and returned them before we went to the room). Initially they said they hadn't finished them. By the second day they gave up that pretense, we offered a credit card if the needed something for security but they still refused to give them back. We were reunited with them as we walked out the door, not a quick process as they needed to check the room (I'm not sure what further damage we could have done to the state of the room ir what one would dream of taking!!).

    All of this for the same cost as a 4/5 star resorts elsewhere in Vietnam!!!
    Decent stay. No complaints.

    We stayed here for 1 night as part of the Halong Bay Imperial Cruise 2 night tour.
    After reading some of the previous reviews its fair to say we were a little apprehensive. However we were pleasantly surprised. The hotel was in a good location, the rooms were huge, clean and pleasant. I have stayed in a lot worse that's for sure. The hotel was fairly empty when we were there which may have helped but we really enjoyed our stay.
    Absolutely terrible!

    Stayed here for 2 nights and it was awful- not catered for Westerners in the slightest. Food was terrible, restaurant staff were rude and had to be asked to refill cutlery/plates/water etc... Hotel manager was extremely rude, a rip off merchant and did nothing to ensure we had an enjoyable stay. The lifts stopped at every floor, whether someone was using the lift or not, as well as being extremely slow! Air con and TV also kept cutting out. Awful.
    Where to start...?

    The trip began with being advised that we were on a 9th Floor Room, not a problem for me, however, the duration in the Lift to the 9th floor took about 10 minutes to reach said floor - the only way it could have felt slower is if it was rammed full of people and it was extremely hot in there, oh wait, this was also the case. To add insult to injury, it stopped at every floor as standard, as to seemingly prolong the excruciating process.

    Secondly, far be it from me to define what a 'Zoo' is, i'm not Bill Oddie. The Hotel Manager (name escapes me) organised a trip to a 'Zoo' (again i'm using inverted commas) as when we got there there was only 2 Monkeys and 2 Pigs in a Cage. I could have seen more on any Saturday night on the High street in Newcastle. Second excursion was to a Cave, which was shut, question - how do you shut a Cave?

    As a man with few standards, the ones of which I have are very low - I still found the Breakfast inedible, I mean really, this stuff would have made a Pig puke.

    The one thing I hoped to rely on after a long day of bitter disappointment was the thought of a comfy bed in a nice room. However, to cut a long story short, the Bed guaranteed spinal deformity and the pillow smelt like a tramp had soiled himself then walked 300 miles through a Rainforest.

    However, not everything was terrible. I found the staff to be incredibly friendly (except the aforementioned Manager)

    All in all, a dying hotel not keeping up with the times and influx of Western travelers. As I said, I expected nothing and I was still disappointed.

    Mr. O'Toole
    Cigarette smoke, shouting, no power and no AC

    Other guests shout at each other in the corridors & canteen (it cannot claim to be a restaurant); smoke in the corridors and put the butts in the plant pots; despite no smoking sign in reception, people smoke and the staff ignore it; the smell of smoke seeps into your room.
    Way way WAY overpriced.

    The price of this hotel counts heavily against it. The hotel feels dead or dying. The food hit and miss, both dinner and breakfast. The interior and furnishings are seriously in need of an update.
    The only good parts are the view and the beds are softer than most of the other hotels in Cat Ba.
    If you pay to stay here then, I am sorry. Try to check out asap and find one of the other much cheaper but similarly equipped hotels in the town.
    Bad in many ways

    Another reviewer called it soulless - amen to that! Another said it's only 10 years old but seems much older - much, much older.
    First it was freezing in the room and the ac/heater made only a little difference. Next the light in the room did not work at all - I relied on the light in the bathroom and my flashlight. Next the shower had NO CURTAIN and the grout around the tub was crappy and leaked so even though I tried to be careful, it made a big mess! Next it started out hot, it ran out of hot water almost instantly! I hate this place. It was booked through Christina Cruise which I will also down grade because of this hotel.
    Big room but not good service

    Cat Ba is my favourite place for weekend vacation.
    I stayed at Holiday View hotel with my girlfriend.
    We chose a room with sea view that is very huge but the service so poor.
    As for facilities, they need to do renovation as soon as possible.


    We didn't expect to stay here but there was a change in plans from our tour guide and we were booked into this hotel for a night as part of our halong bay trip. We found the rooms to be clean and spacious. I would agree with other reviewers about the poor quality bathroom fixtures but it was clean. The hotel itself though was completely soulless and I think we may have been the only guests in the entire place! We were desperate to see any other living souls and it felt like we were intruding in a cemetery! Would certainly not have booked this experience if we had the choice.
    Had its day

    This hotel is only 10 years old but looks and feels a lot older. The appliance list in the room was joke, as who in there right mind would want to buy anything. The electric kettle blew up because of the frayed cord, the air conditioner worked intermittently throughout the night and there was no screen or curtain on the shower to stop the water spraying the whole bathroom. I haven't seen a television that old in years and the hairdryer didn't work. You could buy metres of flooring, which had us suspicious that this might be a demolition sale. We thought a wrecking ball might come through the window, and the only saving grace was to hold up the mattress, which was so hard to sleep on but great in defensive situations. The food was average and we were the only people in the restaurant. Oddly, we were asked to fill in a feedback form mid way through our stay, not at the end. Maybe they thought we hadn't noticed the building in disrepair, yet. The only small saving grace was the friendly staff, who you have to feel sorry for as they must suffer disgruntled guests everyday.