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    Khách sạn De L'Opera Hà Nội

    : Quận Hoàn Kiếm - Nhà Hát
    Khách sạn De L'Opera Hà Nội
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    L'Opera, Phòng Deluxe, 2 giường đơn
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    L'Opera, Phòng Deluxe, 1 giường cỡ king
    L'Opera, Phòng Deluxe, 1 giường cỡ king
    L'Opera, Phòng Suite, 1 giường cỡ king

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    Khách sạn De L'Opera Hà Nội vừa là chốn nghỉ dưỡng tuyệt vời vừa là khách sạn trang nhã thuộc dòng kiến trúc Pháp thế kỷ 19. du khách khi đến với nơi đây sẽ tìm được sự bình yên, thư giãn sau bao tháng ngày bộn bề mưu sinh.

    Bạn và gia đình hãy di chuyển đến địa chỉ 29 phố Tràng Tiền, Quận Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội để cảm nhận vẻ đẹp của các địa điểm tham quan gần khách sạn như: nhà hát lớn Hà Nội, khu phố cổ, Hồ Hoàn Kiếm

    Hệ thống 107 phòng nghỉ ở De L’Opera là sự phối hợp hài hòa kiến trúc và trang thiết bị hiện đại đạt chuẩn khách sạn 5 sao tại Hà Nội. Mỗi một không gian được chăm chút rất kỹ lưỡng với các tiện nghi đi kèm như: sàn gỗ, TV LCD, truyền hình cáp, máy lạnh, wifi, trà/ cà phê, mini bar, giường ngủ trải drap cao cấp, phòng tắm rộng rãi… Dịch vụ đi kèm tại khách sạn rất đa dạng, xứng đáng để du khách bỏ thời gian trải nghiệm các hoạt động vui chơi, nghỉ dưỡng đích thực bao gồm: spa thư giãn, hồ bơi, phòng tập thể dục, nhà hàng, bar…

    Ngoài ra, dịch vụ văn phòng và các phòng hội nghị sang trọng, hiện đại sẽ là khu vực dành cho các doanh nhân tổ chức thành công các sự kiện. Những trải nghiệm ẩm thực của du khách sẽ được hoàn thiện bởi nhà hàng Café Lautrec hay Satine. Trong khi đó, La Fee Verte Bar sẽ là nơi lý tưởng dành cho cocktail, rượu vang nổi tiếng thế giới. Tất cả sẽ khiến du khách thoải mái, thư thái khi lựa chọn nghỉ dưỡng tại khách sạn De L’Opera Hà Nội. 

    Điểm nổi bật

    Quán Le PUB (973m)
    Bệnh viện K (1.0km)
    Chùa Bà Ngô (1.9km)
    Chùa Kim Sơn (3.1km)
    Gò Đống Đa (3.5km)
    Hồ Tây (4.4km)
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    Gửi đánh giá
    Cool and service oriented

    The Hotel de l'Opera is in a great location, the hotel decor is very cool and the staff are really great. I asked about where to buy credit for my Vietnamese sim card and one of the staff went to buy it for me. Then he did everything needed to make it work on my phone. Certainly above and beyond. The food was great but the service was spectacular.
    Relaxing stay was ended in disappointment

    - Stay: Sep22-24th night (late check-out)
    - Room: Spacious, Modern, Comfortable bed, Bathroom tiles are lovely,
    room walls are not really sound proofing so I heard someone coughing all the time
    - Lighting: Too many buttons but room was dark since some of lights weren’t working,
    so I called technical staff and they do not speak English at all but could understand
    the problem and fixed it within 30mins.
    - Food: Ordered room service for dinner and brunch. Food was great and served hot.
    - Pool: A bit small pool but it is enough for refreshment and sunbathing in the balcony
    was also nice. I may be lucky because there are few people using pool and balcony.
    Pool/Gym staff was kind and friendly.

    - Disappointment of Front Staff:
    I booked this hotel for 3 nights from Sep22-25th 2015 via Booking.com. Since my flight was 1:30am on Sep25th, I booked for 3nights so that I can spend time around 9pm in my room on September 24th.

    When I arrived at hotel Sep22nd 11am, I asked the female front staff if it is possible to check in even though it’s too early for check in. She said that they need 1 hour to prepare room.
    At this point, she confirmed that my booking is 3nights, so I told her that I booked for 3 nights but actually I am leaving 24th night since my flight departs mid night on 25th, however I do not mind paying the full amount because I would like to stay as late as possible before my flight. Then she offered an option of “late check-out” which costs a half price of room rate if checking out 6~7pm. She said that I can consider it and let her know later. Then, I left my suitcase at front desk and went out until my room became ready.

    1 hour later, I came back to hotel for check in. The male front staff (difficult to understand his English) handled my check-in process this time. He already heard about late check-out matter from her, so he asked me if I prefer the late check-out, so I said yes. He told that late check out is 6pm (The female staff said 6 ~ 7pm though, I didn’t mind this part). After completed check-in process, I spent great time for 3days in this hotel.

    On Sep24th 6pm, I went down for check-out and there was another female staff at the front desk and she processed all my payment and I settled it. Then, I asked hotel staff to keep my suitcase and need arrangement of taxi to the airport as I will come back around 9pm.

    At 8:30pm, I came back to hotel for killing time at bar before departs to the airport. The above mentioned male front staff informed me that he thought my late check-out is 25th night, not today 24th night. Then, he said that I have to pay full amount for room if leaving tonight, moreover he asked me to show my credit card for additional payment. I explained about the first situation with the female staff but he said that it was misunderstanding. The other black suits male staff explained to me that my booking cannot be changed because it booked for 3 nights via “booking.com”. So it is better booking via hotel official website for the next time as it can be flexible.

    This really made me annoyed and it was completely a waste of time. If paying the full amount for the night, I did not need to check out at 6pm and could have spent time until my departing time which was my first plan! As I thought that arguing with him would be just wasting my time, I just followed what he asked and payed additionally and sitting on the couch in the lobby. Then, he walked to me and gave the card key and said “You can use the room by 9pm because it is still available”.

    It was 8:40pm… I was speechless and very disappointed at this last moment.

    I understand that misunderstanding can be happened because we both are non-native English speaker, so that I should have carefully confirmed the booking status in the first place. This is the lesson what I learnt from the worst experience in Vietnam and thought it is better to share the experience with “trip-advisor”.

    Thanks for your time of reading my review and hope this will be helpful for anyone interested in staying this hotel.
    A nice modern hotel

    The location is perfect, being slightly away from the noisy parts of the city but close enough to walk back from restaurants after dinner. The gym is small but with modern equipments and the pool is nice for a quick swim.
    A Real Disappointment!!

    Having been to Hanoi many times, we very much looked forward to a stay at this property - hard to improve on its location - near the lake in the old town. The hotel, however, was a real disappointment. Room, while large, was garishly decorated and extremely uncomfortable. Staff seemed overwhelmed by a constant stream of tour groups. Breakfast was the one highlight - tho more because of quantity and variety than quality.

    If you are looking for a five star luxurious experience right in the middle of Hanoi, then look no further.
    This hotel has everything. Immaculate facilities, frindley staff, spacious rooms, and amazing dining experiences.
    While a little on the expensive side, you pay for what you get.
    Love the breakfast

    It's more like a hotel for business for the first look. No stunning look in lobby. The room is spacious, bed is big and comfy. You can ask for special pillows to suit your sleeping habit.

    Like other hotel, the pool is not big but it's 1.3-1.7m deep. You will be served with fruits on stick if you are at pool area.

    The room service seems come twice a day to check the needy and ensure enough complimentary waters.

    Nothing excited us until we came to the breakfast next morning. It's a buffet style. International foods, fruits are freshly on display. Local dishes were cooked to order! We tried plenty from the menu. From pho to crab botch soup... Sticky rice... If you missed any street food, you can come and try during breakfast in this hotel!!!
    Have to mention they are using ban trang porcelain, foods just look tastier in them.

    Highly recommended to those who love Vietnamese cuisine...

    Perfect Location. Wonderful Experience.

    We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday in Hanoi, and this was due, in no small part, to our stay at the Hotel de l'Opera. The hotel is located close to the Hoan Kiem Lake which is great place to witness the Vietnamese people starting their day with either a brisk walk, Tai Chi or even some dancing ! The hotel food was both diverse, and plentiful, and any special requests were accommodated without any fuss. We found the staff to be most obliging and friendly. We would certainly recommend the Hotel as a great place to base yourself, in readiness for the joys of exploring Hanoi.
    Great location!!!

    I stayed for business trip and the location is great!!! Breakfast offering a la carte menu together was also great. The room is very boutique. Good for romantic trip. Enjoyed seclusive environment. If you looking for affordable, romantic, easy to get around hotel, this is a good place. Not a grand hotel for fancy people.
    What an excellent property!I seldom encounter such an amazing hotel and this is like i hit the jackpot thanks to another business traveller's recommendation :)
    Reception:I arrived late at night and check in was smooth

    the room is: LUSH in every way from the beautiful glass tiled large bathroom with large vanity,amazing toiletries, large mirror and a stool chair to sit down while getting your hair done and they even have a normal plug that you can use for your hair curler /straightener.The bed was extremely comfortable so does the pillow, they even painted the ceiling like clouds .large , clean and comfortable.

    Breakfast was amazing with wide selection of choice.
    wifi is free and fast
    plug points are everywhere it needs to be
    elevator is really fast
    restaurants serves great food
    Staffs are friendly and kind .
    Location is strategic
    Value for money? yes
    will come back again? definitely!

    I give this property an 11 out of 10
    Good location, comfortable stay, reasonable price.

    I am glad I chose this hotel over the top ranking ones in TripAdvisor with Certificate of Excellence. You see, I am not the brave type that would try to crash out at shop-house like boutique hotels. I saw them on the website and on-site and glad that I chose Hotel de L'Opera that is away from the endless horning of the cars and bikes, jams in and out of Old Quarters where most of these boutique hotels are situated. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with them, it is just a matter of preference. They look decent and is only 1/3 of the price. I just prefer to get out of the busy area for a good night rest after my shopping and sight-seeing.

    The room is spacious, comfortable, clean. It is located next to the Hanoi Stock Exchange, Singapore Airlines office and a row of high-end boutiques like Prada....there is a good art gallery directly opposite the hotel if you are into painting. The quality and price are much higher though but you can be sure it will not be a replica of sort.