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    Khách sạn Đà Nẵng Bay

    : Bãi Biển Mỹ Khê
    Khách sạn Đà Nẵng Bay
    DaNang Bay Hotel - Bathroom 1
    DaNang Bay Hotel - Beach 1
    DaNang Bay Hotel - Beach 2
    DaNang Bay Hotel - Beach 3
    DaNang Bay Hotel - Beach 4
    DaNang Bay Hotel - Coffee 1
    DaNang Bay Hotel - Coffee 3
    DaNang Bay Hotel - Lobby 1
    DaNang Bay Hotel - Outside 1
    DaNang Bay Hotel - Outside 5
    DaNang Bay Hotel - Outside 6
    DaNang Bay Hotel - Outside
    DaNang Bay Hotel - Reception 1
    DaNang Bay Hotel - Restaurant 1
    DaNang Bay Hotel - Room 1
    DaNang Bay Hotel - Room 10
    DaNang Bay Hotel - Room 11
    DaNang Bay Hotel - Room 2
    DaNang Bay Hotel - Room 3
    DaNang Bay Hotel - Room 4
    DaNang Bay Hotel - Room 5
    DaNang Bay Hotel - Room 6
    DaNang Bay Hotel - Room 7 (2)
    DaNang Bay Hotel - Room 7
    DaNang Bay Hotel - Room 8
    DaNang Bay Hotel - Room 9
    DaNang Bay Hotel - View 1
    DaNang Bay Hotel - View 2
    DaNang Bay Hotel - View 3
    DaNang Bay Hotel - View 4

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    Với khách du lịch muốn ngắm cảnh và cảm nhận Đà Nẵng, Danang Bay Hotel là sự lựa chọn hoàn hảo. Cách sự nhộn nhịp của thành phố 18.6 km, khách sạn 3 sao này có vị trí vô cùng thuận lợi và dễ tiếp cận các địa điểm lớn của thành phố này. Với vị trí thuận lợi, khách sạn dễ dàng tiếp cận những điểm tham quan du lịch nổi tiếng của thành phố.

    Tại Danang Bay Hotel, mọi sự cố gắng đều nhằm mục đích khiến cho du khách hài lòng. Để làm được điều đó, khách sạn sẽ cung cấp dịch vụ và tiện nghi tốt nhất. Khi nghỉ ngơi trong khách sạn tuyệt vời này, khách có thể tận hưởng báo chí, thu đổi ngoại tệ, cho thuê xe, bãi đỗ xe, quầy lễ tân 24 giờ.

    Khách có thể chọn 27 phòng có không khí yên bình và tuyệt vời. Bên cạnh đó, khách sạn còn gợi ý cho bạn những hoạt động vui chơi giải trí bảo đảm bạn luôn thấy hứng thú trong suốt kì nghỉ. Dù cho lý do của bạn khi tham quan Đà Nẵng là gì đi nữa, Danang Bay Hotel là một nơi tuyệt vời cho chuyến nghỉ mát vui vẻ và thú vị.

    Điểm nổi bật

    Ý kiến đánh giá của khách hàng
    Gửi đánh giá
    Love the shower gel!! and the Pho Soup

    we stayed here twice. The room is nice and clean, bed is very comfortable compare to many places we had stayed. They serve breakfast with limit menu, but it's fine, as i only eat the Pho soup here, one of the best Pho i have found in my travel. The shower gel here is very special and i have asked them to give me some before i left the hotel to carry for my travel bath stuff :) will definitely come back here again

    Le cadre (vu sur la mer), la décoration, la grandeur des chambres et leur équipement sont sublimes!!
    Cependant cet hotel est très sale (draps et serviettes tachés, poussière, cheveux...).
    De plus pour le prix, on peut s'attendre à trouver du personnel comprenant l'anglais, une chambre propre ainsi qu'un bon petit déjeuner.
    Bra standard

    Bokade tre nätter men stannade en. Anledningen var att det pågick grävarbete på stranden. Stora sandhögar blockerade stranden och en barriär höll på att byggas. Inte hotellets fel men.....
    För övrigt gillade vi rummens design och trädetaljer. Bra säng och tv. Fina badrum. Rent och fräscht på alla sätt. Hade gärna stannat längre om stranden hade varit bättre och tillgänglig. Klart prisvärt, även om dyrare än många andra.
    Классный отель, но вида на море больше нет.

    Классный отель. Чисто, просторно, свежо. Но! Нет больше пляжа, потому что теперь там стройка. Следовательно, sea view так же нет. Непонятно за что берут 50$. Вообще весь Дананг - это огромная стройка. Зонтики 7up по всему побережью вид делают довольно дешевым. Вернусь к отелю, расположение совершенно неудобное, повсюду стройка, которая оч портит впечатление, в пешей доступности нет ни единой приличной кафешки, надо ехать.

    Great View But Hotel Itself Was Poor

    I'm giving this hotel a 2 rating instead of a 1 because the staff were willing to allow us to leave our luggage at reception while we killed some time exploring the Lady Buddha statue. Honestly, I was surprised they said yes because of how the rest of the stay went.

    - Great view, the view from our room looked exactly like the pictures.
    - It was so quiet on the beach in the area because it's better for fishing than for swimming. It was almost like having a private beach. We didn't mind the quiet.
    - Provided towels for the beach.
    - Provided large beach umbrellas.
    - Willing to hold onto our luggage while we explored the area on our last day.
    - They have an elevator.

    - The area is not the best for swimming, it's better for fishing.
    - Wifi never worked, they say free wifi but might as well say "no wifi".
    - The bed was extremely hard.
    - You had to surrender your passport to the staff. We stayed previously at Hanoi and did not have to do this.
    - The staff spoke extremely poor English which made it hard to communicate.
    - The breakfast was limited in selection, quality and quantity. You could have 1 item plus 2 drinks per guest that is all. This is the first time I've encountered this limit. I've stayed in various hotels in Thailand and one in Hanoi and it was always buffet style or made to order all you can eat.
    - The air conditioner unit for the room was not adequate, it barely cooled the room and I like my room pretty warm. My gf was uncomfortably hot even though we had the ac cranked and the ceiling fan on full.
    - Our bathroom was dirty which made me unsure of how clean the rest of the hotel and rooms were.
    Book here just for the sea view

    Good points
    - Awesome sea view just like in the photos.
    - A beach right in front.
    - Very quiet locality.
    - They were right on time to pick me up at airport. Charged almost same what MaiLinh taxi charges.
    - Room was very spacious, clean and had almost everything that we needed.

    Not so good points
    - Staff barely knows any English. But that was okay for us because they were friendly.
    - A bit costly compared to other places in Da Nang.
    - Far from city center, airport, railway station.

    Really bad points
    - NOTHING !!!

    - Book a sea view room. Otherwise it's not worth taking this place considering its cost compared to others.

    This was our first stay in Vietnam and a great start to our tour. The only disappointment is that it rained too often during our stay, so we couldn't get much time in the beach. Anyway, I highly recommend this place.
    Charming modern budget friendly mini hotel

    Da Nang Bay Hotel: Danang has changed a lot in the last 10 years or so. Locals referred it as "the most modern city in Vietnam", "the most desirable city to live in Vietnam", "the safest city in Vietnam" etc..,
    Indeed, you can see the city landscapes is changing infront of your eyes in particular the last 5 years. Danang is blessed by its location, to the north is the spectacular Hai Van pass that will take you to Hue city, the former capital of Vietnam in the late 1800s.-early 1900s. To the west of Danang is now the road that filled with 5 stars resorts that will take you to the charming old town of Hoi An. And to the east of Danang is the East Ocean Sea. In the heart of Danang is the Han river that now has a number of new bridges that locals are very proud of. And further west is mountain after after mountain.
    There are plenty of things to do and see in Danang, including golf and many cultural and tourist type of activities plus all those white sands beaches.
    In precious visits, we stayed in Hoi An or some of the well known resorts in Danang but this time, we like to be "closer" to the locals so we are in searched for inexpensive, modern, small but comfortable and in the middle of locals. We chose: Danang Bay Hotel. This type of hotel, in recent year, has popped up along the beach side and and in the city here and there and very popular with both local travellers and expats who live and work in Danang. Coat anything between $40/$80 USD a night, you get a family business running type, that is (mostly) new room, by the beach, $3 by taxi to Central CBD and walking distance to the hundred of restaurants that mostly catering for locals and domestic travellers. The rooms ate clean, its safe, good price range and convenient. Sure, it doesn't has all the whistle and bells of the 5 stars resort , staffs are usually with little English, in house food menu is limited but it is charming, affordable by many travellers and you do have a sense of closer to the locals which is the experience that money can't buy. Perhaps not for everyone but we love it. The owner of Danang Bay Hotel is Mr Duong, a wise and lovely man who is madly in love with ... Golf. So if you are new to Danang and like to play a round of golf there, he is your man. He can organised for you to play at any of the 3 gorgeous course there, transports and likely to play with you as well. We love this place and will be back... We love Mr Duong and will also be back to play golf with him again to give him a chance to win back the $10000 VN Dong that he lost to us for a 3 putts he made on the last hole at the Nick Faldo designed course Laguna GC....
    Ingen på hotellet pratar engelska, allmänt oprofessionellt.

    Receptionisterna är helt otroligt dåliga på engelska och även väldigt oprofessionella.

    När vi kom till vårt rum hade stod städ-redskap kvar, det fanns i stort sett inget toalettpapper och safetyboxen låst. Safetyboxen är dessutom väldigt liten och rymmer inte en laptop.

    Frukosten består mest av nudelsoppa eller vitt bröd. Juicen är varm och kaffet svalt, dessutom spelas ibland så hög musik på frukosten att det inte går att prata.

    När vi skulle hyra moppe från hotellet (120 000 dong) så var vi tvungna att åka och tanka direkt, men då hotellets personal är så otroligt dåliga på engelska så kunde de inte berätta vart vi skulle åka och tanka, utan de pekade bara in mot staden. Vi fick soppatorsk och trots att vi lyckades tanka mopeden en timme senare, så fungerade den ändå inte. Helt omöjligt att förklara för hotellpersonalen efteråt. Vi bad att få prata med chef/manager/boss/owner - men de fattade absolut ingenting.

    Hotellets läge är rätt uselt. Stranden precis utanför hotellet är smutsig och illa skött. Här vill du inte ligga och sola. Dessutom ligger en trafikerad väg mellan hotellet och stranden. För att ta dig in till den ordentliga (men fortfarande medelmåttiga) stranden får du låna gratiscyklar eller ta en taxi, ca 50 000 vietnamesiska dong.

    Rummen är fina och fräscha, men det är nog det enda som är bra med hotellet.

    För övrigt avråder jag från att ens åka till Da Nang - vi tyckte inte att det var en trevlig stad, p.g.a. dåliga stränder, dryga försäljare och totalt brist på engelska. Åk istället till grannstaden Hoi An.
    Spotlessly clean!

    I loved this hotel. Taxi had a bit of a struggle finding this hotel, but I think it was the driver, not the location. I got an ocean view room for an additional $21,000. The windows are to the ground and I look out at the ocean when I open my eyes!!

    Breakfast was included, nothing special.

    I went to a restaurant about a 5 minute walk, which was very good. There was a young girl there Tam who spoke very good English. She was a gem.

    One problem with this hotel is they don't speak English and it's hard to communicate with them.

    I will stay again and highly recommend it!