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    Khách sạn Cat Ba Eco-Lodge

    : Xã Xuân Đám
    Khách sạn Cat Ba Eco-Lodge
    Catba Eco Logde Hotel
    Green Surroundings
    Guest Room 1
    Guest Room 2
    Guest Room
    Local Hiking Trails
    Relaxing Atmosphere
    Restaurant Exterior
    Room Balcony
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    View from Local Summit
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    Cát Bà Eco Lodge (trước đây là Suối Goi Resort) ở vịnh Hạ Long là cánh cổng để bạn mở khóa các khu vực trên thế giới vẻ đẹp thiên nhiên nổi tiếng, địa chất lạ thường và đa dạng sinh học .Eco Lodge được tạo ra trong năm 2010 để phục vụ cho du khách , những người muốn thoải mái thư giãn trong các dịch vụ tự nhiên đáng kinh ngạc của vịnh Hạ Long.

    khách sạn Cát Bà Eco-Lodge  nép mình trong khu đồi rừng cách 13 km từ thị trấn Cát Bà. khách sạn Cát Bà Eco-Lodge có một đội ngũ nhân viên thân thiện, ấm áp, nhà hàng Việt Nam tự hào phục vụ một số sản phẩm tốt nhất Việt Nam và các món ăn quốc tế trên đảo. Ngay cả khi bạn không ở tại khách sạn, bạn vẫn có thể dừng lại cho một bữa ăn trưa đáng nhớ tại nhà hàng nổi tiếng của khách sạn Cát Bà Eco-Lodge.

    khách sạn Cát Bà Eco-Lodge được thiết kế và xây dựng với sự thoải mái trong tâm trí và nó được duy trì nguyên vẹn. Các phòng được bố trí trong ba tòa nhà riêng biệt tập trung xung quanh các nhà hàng và các khu vực chung. Mỗi phòng đều cung cấp tiện nghi đầy đủ , sang trọng và sự riêng tư tuyệt đối . Trong phòng khách có sẵn máy tính với Internet miễn phí, nhanh chóng, đáng tin cậy. Tại các khu vực chung của khách sạn, bạn sẽ tìm thấy nhà hàng và quầy bar đầy đủ dịch vụ .

    Trong khuôn viên rộng 7 ha, bạn sẽ tìm thấy khu vườn với các loại cây ăn quả và võng để bạn ngã mình thư giãn.  khách sạn Cát Bà Eco-Lodge cũng cung cấp các lớp học nấu ăn miễn phí cho những người quan tâm.

    Các tour du lịch đi bộ sẽ có hướng dẫn viên giải thích các đặc điểm tự nhiên của khu vực bao gồm các cảnh quan núi đá vôi khác thường làm cho vịnh Hạ Long nổi tiếng xinh đẹp và được UNESECO công nhận là Di sản thế giới. Một số bãi biển (bao gồm cả bãi biển tư nhân tuyệt đẹp của chúng tôi) trong vòng 15 phút trên xe đạp , du khách sẽ muốn khám phá một bãi biển hoặc trên đỉnh núi ngắm toàn cảnh hàng ngày trong thời gian nghỉ.

    Điểm nổi bật

    Ý kiến đánh giá của khách hàng
    Gửi đánh giá
    Quiet, natural valley far from Cat Ba town development
    the turn off from the main road you'll see the original hotel name -
    it's pretty clear the new "eco resort" name was an afterthought and a
    marketing move to attract foreigners. it worked on us.

    relative to the rest of the world's eco resorts, it is not particularly
    eco-friendly. don't expect an organic garden, composted trash or
    alternatives to plastic bottles. still we weren't disappointed since it
    is unique among cat ba resorts in being more nature-friendly. if you
    want a relaxing respite from busy streets, late night karaoke and
    aggressive hawkers you will enjoy cat ba eco resort.

    the setting is beautiful and quiet and a sharp contrast from cat ba
    towns high-rise hotels. that alone made it worth it. we have stayed at a
    few cat ba town hotels and, while they are considerably more convenient
    than the cat ba eco lodge, they are about as charming as a chinese
    business traveler hotel.

    the location is quite far from town. if you want solitude this works in
    your favor. we were quite happy with it. however the resort itself has
    limited recreational options aside from hiking and lounging with a good
    book. you will want to explore the rest of the island so i highly
    recommend you rent a motorbike in cat ba town and keep it for the
    duration of your stay at the resort.

    the food is mediocre - you won't walk away hungry but nor will you be
    raving. there are no other convenient options so if you do a long stay
    you will almost certainly tire of it. also, the resort has raised
    bungalows that are simple and charming in their own way but have
    particularly thin walls so hope that you don't have amorous neighbors.

    beach number three is the best beach on the island and it's located near
    cat ba town. if you are coming to cat ba to lie on a beach you're
    better off staying in cat ba town. similarly if you passing through on
    your way to a halong cruise you might prefer the convenience of cat ba
    Very pleasant and quiet stay
    rooms are somewhat basic but this is compensated by the green and quiet
    location. Due to its remoteness you are dependent on the hotel shuttle
    (only twice daily) or hiring a car or motorbike.

    The food is very good and served in the open air. The BBQ is expensive
    and and less special than the a la carte menu.
    Hidden gem on Cat Ba island
    will find yourself surrounded by trees, bushes and hills. A place to
    relax or to do some outdoor activities like walking or cycling. A
    peacefull place that is in great contrast with the hotels you see in Cat
    Ba town. Although the beach is far, you can take a dip in the water
    reservoir to cool off.
    Located in beautiful valley
    Nice stay here.

    Staff is not well trained however they're eager to help.
    Breakfast was fairly small, so i ordered additional bread and eggs.
    They can improve on that.

    As this place is a bit remote (about 12km from cat ba city), we rented
    a motobike and drove to the lodge. The last part is a dirt road, bit of a challenge
    after rain, but it's doable. This way you don't need to rely on the staff to bring you
    to places around the island..

    Peaceful location off the beaten track, very friendly staff
    location of cat ba eco lodge is beautiful and very peaceful. within 10
    minutes of arriving, we decided to extend our stay by three days. the
    room was small but well appointed. the bed and linen was super
    comfortable. the only downside is that the walls between the rooms are
    paper thin - so you can hear everything your neighbour says/does.
    ordinarily, this would have been a deal breaker and we would have moved
    on - but everything else at the lodge more than makes up for it. the
    staff are incredibly friendly and efficient. the free cooking class was
    fantastic. cat ba eco lodge is a wonderful place to meet other
    like-minded travellers, who are interested in sustainable living and the
    environment and have a deep respect for the local people. cat ba eco
    lodge has much potential to lead the way in eco-tourism - not yet all
    realised. but it's only early days and their plans - e.g. for an organic
    veggie garden and solar power - will make this an even more fabulous
    Quiet seclusion in the middle of jungle covered towering peaks.
    Cat Ba Eco Lodge is nestled between towering peaks of jungle covered
    hills. Being at the end of a dirt track means no traffic noise, no
    hawkers, no hassles. A short walk away is a spring and stream with cold
    water, although some locals do wash their clothes there. A short but
    steamy walk of 45 minutes take you to a small zoo. The evening meals
    were great, the staff friendly, and the free shuttle bus will take you
    to Cat Ba town and back (13k's) each day. Plus a free cooking class of
    spring rolls was a nice touch.

    But, an Eco Lodge? By position yes, but no windows (only shutters) in
    the elevated rooms means electric lights and the air con is on most of
    the time you are in your room. And the breakfast included in the tariff
    was pretty poor with no choice (a choice cost more). And this cost a
    fair bit more than others places we stayed at.