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    Khách sạn Carnosa Huế

    : Trung tâm thành phố Huế
    Khách sạn Carnosa Huế
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    Được tu sửa lại năm 2014, khách sạn Tigon Hostel bảo đảm mang đến cho quý khách sự hài lòng dù đang ở Huế để công tác hay nghỉ dưỡng. khách sạn nằm cách trung tâm thành phố 1.6 km và dễ dàng tiếp cận các địa điểm khác trong thành phố . Khách ở khách sạn có thể dạo bộ xunh quanh để ngắm các địa điểm thu hút hàng đầu của thành phố như : Tơ lụa thêu tay XQ, Sân vận động Tự Do, Cầu Trường Tiền.

    Thiết bị và dịch vụ cung cấp bởi Tigon Hostel bảo đảm kì nghỉ dễ chịu cho du khách. khách sạn trang bị một loạt thiết bị trực tuyến để nhằm thỏa mãn cả vị khách khó tính nhất.

    Bước vào một trong 35 phòng khách, bạn như rũ bỏ một ngày dài căng thẳng với một loạt tiện nghi như truy cập internet không dây, truy cập internet không dây (miễn phí), phòng không hút thuốc, máy lạnh, bàn trong một số phòng. Những phương tiện giải trí của khách sạn bao gồm phòng trò chơi được thiết kế để đem đến cho bạn sự thư giãn thoải mái. Hãy tận hưởng dịch vụ không gì sánh bằng và địa chỉ thật sự đáng tin cậy tại Tigon Hostel.

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    Friendly and helpful

    A nice hostel with good beds. The bathroom could be cleaner but it fits the price. The staff was very friendly. One employee even gave me a free tour through the city and let me eat at her house. I had a great time.
    Friendly and accommodating

    Tigon hostel is easy to find and very cheap. The staff are very friendly and helpful. The rooms are clean and kept clean throughout the stay. Very good location. I walked from the bus stop and its surrounded by lots of food and bars. Would stay again!
    Incredible staff!

    I was travelling alone through Vietnam and had stayed in my fair share of dingy hostels, when I arrived at Tigon I thought I had walked into a hotel. The dorms were incredibly spacious and the staff were really great to talk to and were very helpful in arranging buses for me and suggesting places to see.

    Although, it wasn't until I had checked out when I was truly blow away by their service. I had left my bags at Tigon and went riding around Hue on a hired motorbike with a guy from the hostel, when we were involved in an accident. I had chipped teeth and required multiple stitches on my upper lip. A man drove me back to the hostel where the staff ushered me into a private room and got me cleaned up before quickly taking me to the international hospital.

    The other guy and I were feeling quite shaken and apprehensive about spending the night in hospital, but the amazing staff at Tigon visited us multiple times during the 24 hours we were in hospital, bringing us food, talking to us and helping us with administrative issues/language barriers. I stayed another two nights at Tigon hostel after this to rest and recover and felt very comfortable at Tigon surrounded by such caring staff. They refused to let me cover the costs of the taxi's and the food they had provided, only charging me the same price as the first three nights I spent there (despite moving me to a smaller dorm). The aftermath of the accident was a lot less traumatising because of the staff and their concern for my wellbeing, their kindness is something I will always be grateful for and never forget!

    I don't normally stay in backpackers but my friends did so I joined them. The 10 bed dorm Toilet was out of order and instead of just finding someone with a toilet plunger to fix it at 6pm they decided that we could just use to facilities in the lobby.(10 bed room-full) I moved around the corner into a two bed hotel for a little bit more. I am not sure why people would stay here.
    Worn out HOTEL... Not hostel

    This hotel is so worn out they can only charge hostel prices. It is cheap, but there is no charm or social atmosphere. Bathroom is a mess and the rooftop is even worse (and was closed after we let ourselves up there the first night) - broken chairs, trash and no music. We regretted staying here but accepted it for the price

    Although the staff were very helpful, the rest of our stay was horrible. We are backpackers so don't expect luxury, but we had dirty linen, ants everywhere (all over the bed and sink!) the bathroom smelt and was very unclean, the air con didn't really work, and when it did it made a horrible racket, seriously uncomfortable beds, the wifi wasn't working, and to top it all off the hotel was having serious noisy renovation works done in the lobby which we were NOT told about when booking. Would advise others to not stay here.
    High Quality and Professional

    The Private Room is extremely nice for the price point. You get towels, air con, toiletries, a bath tub, TV, refrigerator all with a helpful and knowledgeable staff.

    Owner/staff: friendly
    Price: appropriate for quality
    Wifi: yes
    Bed: extremely comfortable with nice comforter
    Noise: no noise issues
    Toilet: clean, no mold
    Common area: okay. It is hot in the common area. Not a huge party area but you will definitely meet people to go out with.
    Hot water: yes
    Location: close to the tourist street but far enough away that it is quiet at night. It is 5 minute walking distance to the tourist area

    Would I stay here again? Yes
    Ripped off and lied to.

    Overall, this hostel is okay. The bathroom was unclean but bareable for the two nights we stayed there and the breakfast is overpriced, so we went elsewhere. Our main issue with this hostel was with the reception team.

    We had one full day in Hue and so, like most travellers, wanted to make the most of it and see as much of the city as we could. We therefore decided to book a tour. The hostel has a large wall at the front of the building, opposite the reception desk, which advertises a variety of tours of Hue and the surrounding area. The 'City Tour' looked great - taking you around the main tourist attractions of the city for $12. We decided it looked perfect, and an acceptable price considering that it included lunch! As well as lunch, the advertisment clearly stated that the tour included a bottle of water, an English speaking guide and admission fees. We paid our $12 and booked for the following day. When we arrived downstairs for the tour at 8am, we were handed a piece of paper with the itinerary for the day. This piece of paper clearly said that admission fees were not included. Confused, we approached the woman at the desk to confirm this information. She said that admission fees to the attractions, such as the citadel and three tombs, were NOT included. She proceeded to calculate the total it would cost us if we were to visit every attraction the bus would take us to. We would be paying $24 - double what we had agreed to. We politely pointed out that the enormous advertisment in front of her stated that admission fees were an 'inclusion' and she began denying the fact that the tour had ever given the impression of included ticket prices in the $12... while we were stood underneath the incriminating sign with our mouths open. We asked if we could cancel and she said we would only get half our money back. Deciding to give it the benefit of the doubt, we got on the bus when it arrived (40 minutes late). "It might be a good tour at least." It was the worst tour we had ever been on. The 'English speaking guide' we were promised would speak for half an hour in Vietnamese, we assume explaining the archetechture and history behind the sites we were seeing and then, as an afterthought, would add a few words in English, or sometimes, nothing at all. Mostly these words were 'Now, we are going to get back on the bus everybody!' We felt incredibly isolated and ripped off, not to mention hot, bothered and completely un-informed as to what the attractions were that we were visiting and paying to see. We opted out of all three tombs, which would have cost us 300000 dong each. During this time, we sat on the bus, air conditioning TURNED OFF and waited for our group to visit the tombs and come back. The bus didnt even drop us off at the hotel afterwards. Biggest waste of money on our travels yet.

    Also... rooftop patio? If you can get through the padlock that bolts the door up there then im sure the view would be alright.
    In need of a lot of work

    Recently booked last minute with hostel world and I wish I had checked the reviews on here. Although dead cheap it's the worst place we've stayed in Vietnam so far and about the same price as the other dorms too. As many have said its a run down hotel. No rooftop bar instead a dirty empty rooftop full o empty bottles and Mosquitos. No playstation or cool chill out area, the lobby is half a building site. Just one bathroom for a 10 bed dorm, always dirty and smelt horrid too. The beds are awful like a prison and squeak all night so you'll get no sleep. During our stay the power was off for 12 hours in 34C heat it was unbearable outside or in! Staff did nothing to help or apologise. On check out I had to ask twice for my deposit to be taken off that I'd paid already! Also at check out they seemed very annoyed we had chosen to take a motorbike tour with someone else. Avoid this place!
    Didn't last 30 minutes.

    Arrived here after a 12 hour bus journey from Hanoi. We were shown to a dark and dingy 10 bed dorm which did not resemble the pictures provided by the property. The bathroom had days worth of filth in it and there was a dead cockroach in the bath. After asking to move room, we were told only one of us could because the other had sat on the edge on the bed making it 'dirty'. We found alternative accommodation within half hour of being there, which the staff refused to accept. We finally got our passports back and headed over to google hostel, which was more than satisfactory for us with helpful staff.

    For a hotel who 'doesn't allow prostitutes', it very highly resembles a brothel.