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    Khách sạn Amazing Sapa

    : Trung tâm Thị Trấn Sapa
    Khách sạn Amazing Sapa
    Amazing Hotel - Room 1
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    Phòng Deluxe, Quang cảnh núi
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    Phòng dành cho gia đình, Quang cảnh núi (Deluxe)
    Phòng Suite Junior, Quang cảnh núi
    Phòng Superior, Quang cảnh thành phố

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    khách sạn AmazinG Hotel Sapa được trang bị tiện nghi của một khách sạn 4 sao tiêu chuẩn quốc tế 82 phòng với một số phòng có ban công với hướng nhìn tuyệt đẹp xuống thung lũng Violet và dãy núi Fansipan.

    Với phòng chờ tuyệt vời, quý khách có thể chiêm ngưỡng toàn cảnh dãy núi Fansipan hùng vĩ . Với quầy bar phong cách, một câu lạc bộ dành cho các quý ông với các loại rượu mạnh cocktail và rượu Whisky, đồ ăn nhanh và nhạc sống.

    Cùng với một vị trí rất thuận lợi, quý khách sẽ dễ dàng đi thăm các địa điểm du lịch nổi tiếng ở Sapa như thác Bạc, nhà thờ Đá...

    Điểm nổi bật

    Ý kiến đánh giá của khách hàng
    Gửi đánh giá
    Trở lại Sapa

    Sau 2 năm trờ lại tôi được một người bạn giới thiệu tôi đã đặt phòng tại đây vào cuối tuần trước :
    - Phòng: bố trí cực kỳ đơn giản nhưng gân ấn tượng với ga, đệm, gối rất sạch sẽ và ngăn nắp.. Phòng tắm sạch sẽ.
    -. Ăn: đầu bếp biết chế biên các món ăn truyền thống của Việt Nam, khá ngon. Tôi chưa ăn các món Âu nên không có đánh giá
    - Wifi không được nhanh cho lắm, tuy nhiên có thể vào được tất cả các trang web tôi cần
    - Nhân viên hoà nhã, tận tuỵ, Tôi nhận thấy họ có thể nói tiếng Anh với khách nước ngoài khá chuẩn.
    Cám ơn các bạn đã giúp cho tôi có 1 kì nghỉ thêm tuyệt vời .
    Tuyệt vời

    Khách sạn mới . Rất đẹp , phòng đẹp, sạch sẽ ở ngay trung tâm, tầm nhìn khá thoáng và rộng . Nhận viên rất thân thiện và nhiệt tình. Đồ ăn ngon, có nhiều sự lựa chọn. Tôi thấy rất tuyệt khi ở đây. Nếu có dịp chắc chắn sẽ quay lại lưu trú tại khách sạn này.
    Lovely hotel, but with little atmosphere

    The Amazing Hotel Sapa is a very nice hotel with exceptional views - but it is a bit large and modern for the mountain town of Sapa. You won't be disappointed if you like new, glossy hotels - but we would have enjoyed a place with a bit more charm. It was also almost empty when we visited; probably because of the cool, rainy weather. The staff was friendly, but not as accommodating as other hotels we visited in Vietnam. The rooftop pool was very nice, and I'm sure would be a great escape on a hot day. Overall, it is a very nice hotel, but we might look for something with a little more personality (and a few more people) next time we visit.
    Amazing by name and an Amazing Hotel

    Cannot speak more highly of this Hotel and the service we received during our recent one night stay. Arrived early morning during heavy rain storm and Director of Accommodation (Sorry did not get his name) was kind enough to organise an early check-in. Room was exceptional and the mountain views were the same. The Hotel has been open less than a year and rated 4 star - it could well be at 5 star property. Close to all Sapa has to offer and has all the amenities one would require. Indoor Pool and Gym are positioned on the roof top providing great views over the hills of Sapa. On our last day we completed a 4 hour morning trek and we were kindly offered use of a shower early afternoon even though we had checked out earlier - what more could you ask for? Cannot speak more highly of this hotel and the hotel staff.
    All around great value !!

    Location was great overlooking the hills. Had nice cafe latte first thing in the morning overlooking to mountains. Breakfast great value, plenty of choice. Staff very good had late check out as our bus was coming late in the day. Great value for money compared to other hotels in the area. Walking distance to everything.
    New hotel

    We are group of 14 people( 11 adults and 3 children), had stay on 07th Aug 2015. We had made the reservation through travel agent. We had booked 5 rooms, but confirmed 4 rooms. We was informed upon check in. However, rooms are big, very clean and modern with a large bathroom and every facility you could need. The restaurant is also good for breakfast.The hotel is located in the middle of the old town so you can reach all the main attraction in a few minutes walk. Service is also very good and you always feel welcome. I definitely recommend this hotel!!!
    lovely hotel

    We booked our great Sapa tour via My Beautiful Sapa website and they recommend us to stay at Amazing Sapa hotel. Our room on high floor with great mountain view and bed was comfortable as well. Our sapa tour was arranged smoothly and er visited many places in Sapa. Worth our trip
    Great hotel with a stunning view

    We stayed 4 nights in this hotel and all in all our stay was great.

    The pros:
    -Great and friendly staff
    -Stunning view
    -Brand new equipment and facilities
    -Nice swimming pool
    -Good breakfast with attentive staff

    The cons:
    -We were in rooms 310 and 410 which are located at the back of the hotel. I expected to get upgraded rooms with better view as the hotel was not full but we were asked to pay for it instead
    -the gym is too small and the equipment is low quality
    -The breakfast lacked of consistency. On the second day, the croissant were not fresh and there were flies on the vegetables, it seems that when the EAM is there things work better!
    -On the second day I called reception to "book" 3 umbrellas for the evening but there were all gone when I came to take them
    -The housekeeping staff banged at the door and tried to force their way in the room at 8am. A "do not disturb" signage must be implemented
    -the check out was very long, it took 30 minutes to gather the bills.

    This hotel remains a good choice for your stay in SAPA, it has been recently opened but I am sure that all the things will come together soon!


    New and beautiful hotel with grandeur. The entrance is impressive but is not a facade. Fantastic views from the restaurant, the rooms and the terrace on the roof. Nice swimming pool at the roof, good after hiking or biking.
    Professional and friendly staff.
    Nice rooms, good beds
    Very Luxurious 4-Star

    Ms. Moon did my reservations and she was a delight to do business with. We were put up on a mountain view room, and the view was stunning. The mountains, the dancing clouds, the village underneath...it was breathtaking. The room was nice too. We had a fragrant lemongrass shampoo that was very nice. The rooms were clean and very roomy.

    The location was very ideal. Everything was walkable in this area: the touristy spots, restaurants, spas, etc.

    The pool area was wonderful. The water was quite warm (maybe a bit too warm, for my personal liking), but the pool is surrounded in glass windows, so you could see the clouds and mountains around you while you swam.

    I'd definitely recommend this hotel to anybody coming to Sapa. The only bad thing I'd have to say about the hotel is the breakfast buffet. Although we didn't take part in it, it did seem very pricey for what it was worth ($20). You can easily get a delicious breakfast for half of that at one of the easily accessible restaurants around that area.

    A great stay!