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    Hương Giang Resort & Spa

    : Ven sông / Sông Hương
    Hương Giang Resort & Spa
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    Loại phòng
    Phòng Deluxe, Quang cảnh sông
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    Phòng dành cho gia đình, Phòng thông nhau
    Phòng Deluxe, Quang cảnh vườn
    Phòng Suite Executive, 1 giường cỡ queen
    Phòng Suite Deluxe (Special)

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    Wifi ở khu vực công cộng
    Hương Giang Hotel Resort & Spa nằm bên bờ sông Hương êm đềm. Kiến trúc đẹp mắt cùng dịch vụ đi kèm chất lượng ở đây sẽ tạo nên chốn dừng chân lý tưởng khi du khách đến với xứ Huế mộng mơ.

    Hệ thống 165 phòng khách sạn Hương Giang Resort & Spa kết hợp hài hòa giữa hiện đại và nét thanh tao của kiến trúc truyền thống Huế. Lưu trú tại đây bạn sẽ cảm thấy thư thái như đang ở trong chính ngôi nhà của mình. Đặc biệt, vị trí khách sạn này lại gần với sông Hương, cầu Trường Tiền rất thích hợp để bạn dạo mát.

    Bên trong các phòng nghỉ trang bị khá đầy đủ TV, truyền hình vệ tinh, điện thoại, nội thất sang trọng, trà/ cà phê, mini bar, két an toàn, máy sấy tóc, wifi/ internet miễn phí, giường ngủ êm ái và phòng tắm tiện nghi. Một số phòng có hướng nhìn ra sông hoặc sân vườn xanh mát tạo cảm giác dễ chịu, trong lành cho du khách khi lựa chọn hạng phòng theo sở thích.

    Ngoài ra, chất lượng chuẩn 4 sao như khách sạn tại Huế này còn mang đến cho bạn các dịch vụ du lịch, nhà hàng, phòng hội nghị, trung tâm thể dục, Massage & Spa, hồ bơi ngoài trời, quầy bar và casino giải trí cho khách nước ngoài. Sau một ngày khám phá các địa điểm nổi tiếng của cố đô, bạn và gia đình sẽ thích thú khi thưởng thức các thực đơn món Huế thơm ngon theo phong cách cung đình độc đáo. Trong khi đó, quầy bar cạnh sông là gợi ý hay để hít thở khí trời hay một chút thư giãn cùng các liệu pháp sauna tinh tế sẽ khiến du khách ngủ ngon hơn. 

    Điểm nổi bật

    Ý kiến đánh giá của khách hàng
    Gửi đánh giá
    Very tired and not well looked after

    I don't like to give bad reviews but this one I just cant find anything nice to say except the staff try to make you feel welcome in a run down facility. The first room we were assigned to smelt stale with black mold on the walls. The staff upgraded us to a suite, thank you for trying, but it was not much better. The facilities are old and they make no attempt to upgrade or repair.

    The breakfast buffet was OK with a good selection of food, and the location was good to.
    nice view from room

    Friendly helpful staff but overall I feel there is need for improvement in suites with housekeeping etc. No plastic bags in toilet for disposal of pads etc and soap supply scanty. Breakfast, great buffet and meals in restaurant very good
    From Average to Upgrade ��

    We we pleasantly surprised upon arrival to learn of upgrade to best rooms ✨ in this resort The Executive suite has big dining area facing large picturesque window view of "Perfume River" with its constant stream of tourist & local boats passing from a distant. One could overlook the unfortunately obvious cluster of air-condition compressors smack in front of it. The decor was tasteful bamboe themed. Suite comes with Jaccuzzi or Spa large bath and a Sauna with shower cubicle attached . The king sized bed afforded us a good night's sleep inspite of noisy air conditioner.
    The privately arranged river cruise for our group of 5 to the pagoda upstream was worth the price & time of 1.5 hours all up. Resort is located within walking distance of what looks like the popular tourist hub of Hue.
    Perfect Views on the Perfume River

    We enjoyed a pleasant two night stay in a beautifully decorated comfortable junior suite with balcony. Waking up to superb views of the river was a real treat. The hotel staff was excellent and their bountiful breakfast buffet on the fourth floor overlooks the river. Huong Giang is centrally located in town with access to many good restaurants and is a ten minute walk to Hue's central market and The Citadel. There is a decent sized swimming pool on the grounds, but it is not that close to the rooms. We used their phone to make international calls that were inexpensive. Be careful of the elevator that closes just too quickly on passengers.

    We got to the reception and checked ourselves in, then the front desk woman pointed that our room was on the left wing of the hotel. We couldn't find it anywhere and we were lost for a while .A bellboy must have noticed the we were confused and he showed us our room which was on the RIGHT WING of the hotel.The room was fine but the blankets were too thin, I spend my night frozen. However, the view was great, the location was great, and I might come here again, just might.
    Khach sang mang ten dong song

    Cam giac yen binh, thanh tinh ben dong Huong Giang mo mong noi tieng xu Hue, toi cam thay hai long khi o day. Neu co co hoi, nen den day de cam nhan mot khu do thi nhung yen binh, tram mac, hai hoa voi thien nhien :D
    Disappointed 4 Star Hotel...

    The only thing I can figured it out that what makes this hotel rated four stars probably will be the environment. The hotel environment is nice, it is built by the river and they spa idea as a nice gimmick. They do offer an outdoor spa massage but unfortunately I haven't have time for that. What really makes me disappointed is, a lots of the facilities are not available at night and the wifi is down when I'm visiting. I visited this hotel with my family but when we found out that the wifi is down, we thought that it's not that bad, at least they have facilities like casino or snooker tables. The reception told me the facilities are at upstairs but never told me those facilities are not available at night. When we get upstairs, everything outside the lift is simply purely darkness, we can't see anything and that girl never told us. What would they expect people to do at night, aren't people playing snooker and casinos at night? Really disappointed. This is the first and also the last time I'll ever visit.
    Forget this hotel

    How this hotel achieved a four star rating is beyond my understanding. The only good thing is that it is on the river. Firstly the bar girl treated my partner like a second class citizen by not even acknowledging her existence. The reception was only just pleasant. House keeping was terrible, the room was ordinary to start with, but worse when they finished with the new towels that looked like someone had just wiped their backside with them. The buffet breakfast was second rate (and that is being kind). Unhelpful when we wanted to hire a motorbike...you need to find it yourself was the response. I have stayed in two star hotels that beat this old, unmaintained so called hotel. I think they bought their rating.
    Average score, but only thanks to eventual upgrade

    The room we were given initially was very poor. Bathroom full of flies, odd stale smell in bedroom. Our tour guide was fortunately still in reception and she arranged for us to move room. The next room was in a better position, nice view, but with badly stained carpets and marked walls. Still not happy, we went back down to reception and asked for a clean room that didn't smell. They couldn't manage to find us a clean standard room, and so eventually reception arranged for us to be upgraded to a suite. Fantastic view and most importantly floors, bathroom and bedding were clean. Shame we'd wasted an hour of our precious spare time before we eventually got a room that wasn't dirty.
    trên cả tuyet voi

    Phòng đẹp dịch vụ xuất xắc nhân viên thân thiện tiêu chuẩn đủ 4 sao hướng ra sông hương rất đẹp đồ ăn ngon và có nhiều nơi vui chơi giải trí thú vị đây là khu nghỉ dưỡng tuyệt vời cho mọi lứa tuổi từ trẻ tới già chất lượng ngang với khách sạn morin ở bà nà hills