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    Hòa Bình Rạch Giá Resort

    : Rạch giá
    Hòa Bình Rạch Giá Resort
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    Tiện nghi khách sạn

    Bãi đậu xe
    Cửa hàng lưu niệm
    Dịch vụ phòng 24 giờ
    Giặt ủi
    Nhà hàng
    Dịch vụ tour
    Massage & Spa
    Wifi ở khu vực công cộng
    Hòa Bình Rạch Giá Resort là khu nghỉ mát đạt chuẩn 4 sao đầu tiên và duy nhất tại Rạch Giá – Kiên Giang. Đây là khu nghỉ mát hiện đại, thoáng mát, không khí trong lành rất thích hợp cho những kỳ nghỉ ngắn ngày.

    Vị trí của khu resort dễ dàng được tìm thấy khi du khách tìm đến địa chỉ Lô A9 3-7 Cô Bắc, phường Vĩnh Bảo, Rạch Giá, Kiên Giang. Đến với resort Hòa Bình - Rạch Giá này bạn sẽ cảm thấy vui vẻ, bình yên khi dạo bước trong những sân vườn xanh mát và sử dụng các dịch vụ chất lượng.

    Hệ thống 80 phòng nghỉ tại đây được trang bị đầy đủ các tiện nghi như: TV, truyền hình cáp, nội thất, tủ lạnh, điện thoại quốc tế, máy sấy tóc, dép đi trong phòng, máy điều hòa nhiệt độ, két an toàn, internet không dây tốc độ cao, phòng tắm… Ngoài ra, khu nghỉ mát còn có dịch vụ phòng 24/24, cho thuê xe, đưa đón sân bay, thu đổi ngoại tệ, phòng karaoke, phòng hội nghị, massage & spa, phòng tập thể dục, tour, nhà hàng & bar… Tất cả đều được thiết kế nhằm mang đến sự thoải mái như đang ở nhà khi du khách lựa chọn resort tại Kiên Giang này.

    Đặc biệt, khi lưu trú tại resort, du khách hãy tìm đến các nhà hàng đa dạng về thực đơn, ấm cúng về không gian để cùng bạn bè, gia đình dùng bữa thật ngon miệng. Một chút cocktail, cà phê tại các quầy bar cũng là gợi ý hoàn hảo để vừa trò chuyện vừa ngắm cảnh. 

    Điểm nổi bật

    Ý kiến đánh giá của khách hàng
    Gửi đánh giá
    Nice property, excellent location

    Hoa Binh - Rach Gia Resort is located nicely on the river bak near sea. Amenities are good, breakfast is ok with limited options for veg lovers. Enjoying river view while taking dinner was very good experience.
    Really nice hotel

    Stayed five nights in seaview room. Amenities were great. Great setting, lots of green space and pathways for an energetic toddler. Lovely towels. Staff extremely friendly and helpful. Breakfast a bit risky for western stomachs. Some "safe" options so didn't matter. Would definitely stay again
    Really nice hotel!

    Me and my Girlfriend stayed one night in this hotel, because we didn't make it in time to catch the ferry to go to the Phu Quoc Island. We didn't regret it!
    The place has very good location, close to the city; to go to the "city center".
    We couldn't complain either about the building itself - the rooms are nice the AC and the hot water work!
    The pool outside the hotel is also a very nice touch.
    However, what I would like to highlight is the friendliness of the staff. We were looking for a place to go buy tickets for the ferry and the person at the reception to the time to draw us a detailed map (by hand!) to show us the way. We still didn't find it and had to look further BUT nevertheless a very nice gesture.
    The only thing I would be critical of is the food - not a big variety of it, and we couldn't order anything grilled on the menu because it would take them to long.
    Sẽ trở lại trong kỳ nghỉ tới!

    Tôi rất thích nơi này, không gian rộng rãi, nhiều cây xanh, view rất đẹp. Dịch vụ cũng ok, có nhà hàng gần sông ngắm cảnh rất đẹp, bên cạnh cây cầu lung linh vào buổi tối với hệ thống đèn màu rất vui mắt. Giá cả hợp lý, tôi sẽ ghé trong kỳ nghỉ tiếp theo!
    Well kept resort with beautiful grounds

    Courteous helpful staff. Fresh new feeling hotel rooms. Beautiful grounds and river view. Nicely decorated halls and rooms. Prime location on the river. Outdoor restaurant in a nice setting on the river.
    Best hotel of the city

    Hotel is situated in the new area of Rach Gia city, facing the sea and around 20 min. from the city center. In fact it is a hotel, not a resort. Rooms are spacious, airy, clean, new equipment. Hotel has a quite large garden with green space, nice out door swimming pool.
    Nice Hotel, Nice Location

    Rach Gia is a booming City.

    The hotel itself, was very nice. Please see a short review below:

    The Good:
    + Staff very friendly
    + Location (very central)
    + Pool (open 'til late)
    + Breakfast (reasonable array choices of european food)
    + The room (cosy, AC available, fast room service)
    + The price

    The Bad:
    - The quality of the food in the restaurant - long time to process orders, and not a wide selection of different meals (Breakfast excluded).
    Nice hotel with lots of green..

    Nice,clean hotel for the price. breakfast is ok but very limited food selections. Good restaurant on the resort by the river. Nice view of the sea and swimming pool. It was a little noisy in the morning with all the cleaning crew walking. Over all, it was a good experience.
    Hot hotel

    I booked a sea view room, at the end it was a seaside room with view to the pool.
    It is actually looking down on the main road and the newly built bridge.
    Hotel almost empty and lots of empty function room.
    There is a gym on the 2nd floor with cheap equipment and 2 billiard table.
    Toilet paper is placed at the unreachable back of the latrine.
    The air con is definitively WEAK, I switch to 18 and it will be about 25. During noon time it can even be hot inside the room.

    - Food in restaurant
    - Huge area
    - Lot of rooms for function
    - Reasonable price for food and room
    - Lots of TV channel
    - Room

    - Too weak air con ( to save energy)
    - Room with sea view but actually a pool view room
    - They send red invoice with wrong amount
    Under rated city

    What a surprise this city and hotel was. After a Mekong Delta tour we skipped the trip back to Saigon and hopped an air-conditioned bus in Can Tho to Rach Gia. No more english speaking guides, but we managed ok. We changed from a big bus to a small bus in a small town near Rach Gia, no extra charge, and the driver dropped us right in front of the hotel. We are young at heart "budget" travelers, and after the cheap tour hotels, this hotel really exceeded our expectations. The front desk staff spoke english (sort of) and were very friendly and full of information. They booked our ferry tickets to Phu Quoc, and had them delivered to us. The rooms are really nice, spotlessly clean, well furnished, and great beds. The included breakfast is not expansive, but very adequate, with plenty of thick, black, awesome Vietnamese coffee. The swimming pool is not huge, but a welcome respite from the heat. Our meal in the attached riverside restaurant was really good, the best we had in days. Very reasonably priced as well.

    As we arrived late in the evening, we stayed 2 nights to see the city, and we were very glad we planned it this way. In the morning we took a right turn out the gate and wandered down to Ton Duc Thang street, along the hammock lined waterfront. It is the newer part of town and was very quiet, few people. Along the way we had an iced coffee at a Karaoke place where we met and visited with Antonio, a local that lives half the year in New Orleans running his convenience store, and half the year in Rach Gia running his motorcycle shop. He told us the place is crazy at night.

    In the afternoon we took a left out of the gate and walked walked into the older section of town and enjoyed the chaos of Vietnamese urban living, motorcycles galore. After a haircut and successfully shopping for sundries we headed back to Ton Duc Thang street. Antonio was right, the place was hopping! Tons of people, bars, and restaurants. We had a really good meal at a nondescript hole in the wall, cost us all of 10 usd including appys, beers and main course.

    All in all, i would recommend anybody heading to Phu Quoc via the Rach Gia ferry, spend a day in town, you wont regret it. And when I pass this way again, I will definitely stay at the Hoa Bihn hotel.