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    Hòa Bình Phú Quốc Resort

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    Hòa Bình Phú Quốc Resort
    Hoa Binh Phu Quoc Hotel - Bungalow
    Hoa Binh Phu Quoc Hotel - Bungalow1
    Hoa Binh Phu Quoc Hotel - Room
    Hoa Binh Phu Quoc Hotel - Suite 1
    Hoa Binh Phu Quoc Hotel - Superior 1
    Hoa Binh Phu Quoc Hotel - Superior
    (Đơn vị tính là 1000đ)
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    khách sạn Hoà Bình Phú Quốc đạt tiêu chuẩn 3 sao gồm 94 phòng trải dài theo một sườn núi hướng ra biển. Với quang cảnh đẹp, phòng rộng rãi và các tiện nghi đầy đủ của một khách sạn đạt tiêu chuẩn 3 sao. Mỗi phòng khách sạn đều có ban công, máy sấy tóc, tủ lạnh, phòng tắm với vòi hoa sen và áo choàng tắm. khách sạn cũng trang bị một loạt thiết bị trực tuyến để khách lưu trú có thể nắm bắt được tình hình thời sự đang diễn ra trên thế giới.

    Khách sạn Hòa Bình có khu vực tổ chức hội nghị rộng, trang bị đầy đủ thiết bị âm thanh và máy chiếu. Ngoài ra, khách sạn Hòa Bình còn có nhà hàng sức chứa 200 khách, cùng hồ bơi ngoài trời giúp cho bạn thư giãn sau một ngày khám phá các sự kiện thú vị trong thành phố. Cơ sở vật chất tốt và vị trí hoàn hảo làm cho Hoa Binh Phu Quoc Hotel trở thành nơi tuyệt vời để du khách tận hưởng kì nghỉ ở đảo Phú Quốc.

    khách sạn Hòa Bình có 03 loại phòng nằm trong hai khu vực, loại phòng Standard có diện tích 26m2 nằm ở khu vực sảnh chính của khách sạn có 03 tầng, hướng ra vườn. Loại phòng Bungalow có diện tích rộng hơn nằm trãi dài trên ngọn đồi cao hướng ra biển , diện tích phòng rộng hơn có thể kê thêm giường cho người thứ 3. Nội thất các phòng hầu hết giống nhau, giường 1,6x2m, phòng được trang bị đầy đủ tiện nghi tiêu chuẩn 3 sao.

    Vị trí và phương tiện
    • Vị trí: nằm trên trục đường du lịch Trần Hưng Đạo, đối diện là 02 khu Resort 4 sao cao cấp Sài Gòn Phú Quốc và Sasco Blue Lagoon Resort. Cách sân bay Phú Quốc khoảng 10 phút taxi.
    • Phương tiện: bằng bằng máy bay, tàu cánh ngầm để đến Phú Quốc. Sau đó du khách có thể đi taxi để đến khu Resort.

    Điểm nổi bật

    Ý kiến đánh giá của khách hàng
    Gửi đánh giá
    Nice trip

    I am stay first time here, I stayed 1 night, staff very friendly. I really enjoy this time. Room vey good and clean , swim pool good. They got us settled into our rooms quickly. The rooms were fantastic as was the location of the hotel. If you want to relax and be away, but knot far, from the rush of town, this is the place. They provided free bicycles, so it was easy to get to town and drive around the island. The staff was receptive to our needs. I will come back again.
    Nice green village-style hotel with access to the sister's resort beach

    We stayed for couple days and then decided to extend to 2 weeks and just use a taxi/bikes for one day travels to other Phu Quoc island places (North/South, East beach, Prison museum, Vinpearl water park, dining in the city, ...).
    Yummy breakfasts (buffet). If you find hotel's restaurant a bit expensive (due to additional tax and service charges) - just look around for several good cafe/restaurants. For dinner it's better to go to the city center.
    Staff was very helpful and friendly.
    Room was nice and properly cleaned every day. TV and WiFi works. For entertainment there was a separate Movie Room, billiard, bikes. Pool is large enough with clean water. Sister's resort beach is very good and within 5 minute walk.
    Probably most optimal place to stay in Phu Quoc.
    What a amazing place

    We have stayed 5 nights in the hotel & absolutely loved it. The rooms are modern with amazing bathroom half outside in the garden. The restaurant where breakfast is served is really nice and calm, I could spend a day there reading a book. We used hotel's bikes and rented scooter to go around the island. The staff are really nice and helpfull. The beach is located in a sister resort and was easy to access. I have never stayed in more relaxed and chill out place.
    A long way to anywhere

    I cant say this place isnt good, but its a long way (Approx 5kms) to Duong Dong which is the port and shopping hub. They have pushbikes you can ride but negotiating traffic in vietnam is a difficult task for those not experienced on bikes.
    The rooms are comfortable and clean but we had a lot of odd noises coming from who knows where day and night which disturbed our sleep.
    Staff were very friendly and obliging and I cant fault them.
    The pool is good but water is hotter than the air temp at times (or so it seems :) )
    The walk to the beach is about 200 metres and it is well maintained by the resort. For us aussies though, the beach is a mill pond so you just basically walk out, get wet and stand there :)
    There are tours to do and if you come here, these are what you need to do ( see John 's Tours)
    It's also called Lanchia Village!

    We had a bit of trouble finding this the first time as it's now called Lanchia Village and I think some of the agreements with the Famiana Resort on the beach opposite have been removed. We used the resort anyway and nobody questioned us when we used the pool and sunbeds. The Village is a short distance up a track off the main road. It's set in a beautiful garden and all the rooms are around the large pool. The pool is HOT and not at all refreshing, mainly because it's lined with black slate tiles which absorb the heat. They also make it less attractive than blue or white tiles. So we didn't spend much time at the pool which was a pity. Rooms are clean and pleasant and they supply lovely soft bathroom and beach towels which are changed every day. The staff who speak a little English are really friendly but some of the others ignored guests and never smiled.

    We liked the peace of the resort but found the location annoying as it's too far to stroll up to restaurants in the main area of Long Beach and it's a really busy main road. We used the free bikes one evening and cycled to the night market - a bit hard as the road isn't flat! Life changed when we rented a motorbike for a few days and that mean we could easily get to restaurants and bars in the evening. There's a really good restaurant called Cami very nearby on the main road. We also tried Nemos but unlike others we didn't like it at all because of the noisy and dusty roadside location so we left and headed to a beachside restaurant near La Veranda.

    Once we'd got the motorbikes we spent our days at Sao Beach which is more like the paradise I expected. There's a lot of litter and debris on the beach near Famiana despite the efforts of the hotels to clear it. It's not very pleasant swimming amongst plastic bags.

    Phu Quoc is being hugely developed and there's a lot of road and hotel construction, especially of large resorts like the Intercontinental. I suspect this is to cater for all-inclusive travellers from China, Korea and Russia. I think this will change the character of the island completely and I'm not sure I'd choose to go there again. It's a shame for all the lovely small independent places on Long Beach.
    Peaceful oasis close to the nice&clean hotel beach

    After having stayed here for 7 nights we can recommend this place due to its peaceful atmosphere, beautiful setting, very good service and one of the cleanest and nicest spots on the nearby beach with free sunbeds reserved for guests from Langchia (Famiana) Village.
    From time to time we heard some construction works from the neighboring property but it was not that disturbing unless perhaps you plan to stay all day in the resort. The deluxe room was large, nice, clean and offered a good view on the pool. Both A/C and the fan worked well. The bathroom windows do not have glass but the netting instead which did not perfectly overlap so we put some napkins in the holes to stop mosquitos from flying in when the light was on. Any they got in somehow.
    The food we had for breakfast and dinner was tasty. What we particularly liked about breakfast was a lot of fruit and pancakes. On the main road there are also two restaurants within walking distance worth a visit called Nemo and Cami as well as a small store.
    The pool was kept clean, the water was however quite warm from the sun. Some sunbeds at the pool were broken and one day my wife got bitten by a bedbug.
    The staff was generally very friendly and polite. The kind and caring ladies from the reception were of great help, e.g. when arranging a taxi for the whole day trip or
    Dr. Thomas when I got sick.
    Charming hotel, very peaceful

    Just back from 4 nights at this charming hotel. At our time in Phu Quoc we walked through quite a lot of other resorts to get to various restaurants, bars or the beach and none of them match this hotel for peace and quiet and a unique setting.

    We chose a Deluxe Pool side twin room, which was set on stilts above a pond. There was a glass slab in the room which you could see down to the pond - bringing the outdoors in. And it's all about nature in this hotel. It's surrounded by beautiful gardens very unique to other hotels we saw, and it fills the air with sounds of geckos and frogs which we found quite funny, and not at all disturbing.

    Our room was fantastic. Large with very comfortable beds, a well pressured walk in shower, a widescreen TV and DVD player - a wide selection of DVDs available from reception for free use (on top of the movie room). At the time we were there there wasn't many people about the hotel at all, which added to the quiet nature of it. I personally prefer somewhere a bit more buzzing but wasn't sure if this was more down to the time of year we visited the island, as everywhere seemed to be pretty quiet.

    Staff were very friendly - not brilliant english, aside from the lovely girls on reception, but enough to communicate basics. They offer free bikes and motorbike hire at the the hotel and are more than happy to call taxis for you which always arrive very quickly. We would get a taxi up the road to bars and restaurants such as Cassia Cottage and Rory's Bar which was always worth it as it's very cheap.

    We only used the pool once - it was a factor in booking to have one but having been to the island I wouldn't have it so high on the priority list as you are spoilt for choice with beautiful beaches. The water was very warm in the pool, meaning it wasn't the most refreshing dip to cool down from the heat (it was VERY hot sat by the pool) and we much preferred the sea breeze down on the private beach, located via the resort. Again, we pretty much had the beach to ourselves and it was a seriously lovely spot - comfy sun beds, and a beach side bar service. We spent a day a half here and the other two days down on Sao Beach with it's white sands and turquoise waters.

    Many beach side resorts we walked through felt open and not quite so secure at this one. Facilities were good but we did spend much of our time out of the hotel, it's not a place I would have spent all my time at eating and drinking and sunbathing, but that was fine by us as that's the type of holiday we were looking for.
    Simple and relaxed... We loved it!

    We stayed here for 6 nights after 8 days of travelling around Vietnam and it was just what we needed.
    Phu Quoc is full of luxourious hotels and resorts but Famiana has all the benefits from its sister hotel Famiana resort without the ego. We loved the relaxed atmosphere and family feel.
    It is located a 5 minute walk (if that) from the beach, resort hotel, a shop and simple restaurant called Iris bar that is cheap and cheerful with nice food.
    The rooms are simple but adequat and the pool is quiet and relaxing. Breakfast is limited but pancakes are amazing!
    You more thatn get what you are expecting at Famiana Village and i would definitely go back in a shot!
    Love this place!!

    I loved this hotel it is a little tricky to find as the sign has fallen down but other than that anything was great! Staff were lovely and we have a very cute giggly girl check us in to our room which was lovely and the way they planted the outside was beautiful. A lot of the breakfast was cold but still nice we never eat here for lunch or dinner. The town is quite far away but only 5 minutes in a taxi and a long way to walk back it took us just over an hour. Even through your not on the beach its just a short walk and they give you bands so you dont have to pay for loungers etc, we aren't really sit down on the beach all day types but if you are its great. We hired a motor bike from them and we did complain an get our bike changed twice, lights didn't work etc but this was an out sourced company. Lovely to go around the island an see the pepper farms!

    5 mins to the airport too!
    Terrible service

    Firstly we feel we had booked in famiana resort. When we showed up here at the famiana village they tricked us into believing this was the booking. Secondly we ordered food. Got charged for it and they didn't even deliver the food. Staff is terrible. In fact when we wanted to leave the place they tried to charge us for the extra day we had booked for. Shame!