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    Fusion Suites Đà Nẵng

    : Bán đảo Sơn Trà / Núi Khỉ
    Fusion Suites Đà Nẵng
    Guest Room
    Guest Room
    Guest Room
    Guest Room
    Guest Room
    Chic Studio 1
    Chic Studio 2
    Chic Studio 3
    Ocean Suite 1
    Chic Studio 4
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    Chic Studio - 1 Foot reflexology per day
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    Ocean Suite Double - 1 Foot reflexology per day
    Ocean Suite Triple - 1 Foot reflexology per day
    Fusion Suite Double - 1 Foot reflexology per day
    Penthouse Grand

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    Là nơi nghỉ ngơi chất lượng trong vui chơi gia đình, bãi biển, ngắm cảnh của Đà Nẵng, Fusion Suites Danang Beach nổi tiếng phục vụ cho cả khách nghỉ dưỡng và các doanh nhân. Với vị trí cách trung tâm thành phố 1 km và cách sân bay 7 km, khách sạn 5 sao này thu hút được rất nhiều du khách mỗi năm. Với vị trí thuận lợi, khách sạn dễ dàng tiếp cận những điểm tham quan du lịch nổi tiếng của thành phố.

    Fusion Suites Danang Beach mang lại dịch vụ hoàn hảo, làm hài lòng cả những vị khách khó tính nhất với những tiện nghi sang trọng tuyệt vời. khách sạn đem đến sự tiếp cận hàng loạt dịch vụ như Miễn phí Wi-fi tất cả các phòng, quầy lễ tân 24 giờ, dịch vụ phòng 24 giờ, thủ tục nhận phòng/trả phòng nhanh, giữ hành lý.

    Thêm vào đó, tất cả những phòng khách đều mang một nét thoải mái đặc trưng khác nhau. Nhiều phòng còn được đặc biệt trang bị những tiện nghi như truy cập internet không dây (miễn phí), máy lạnh, máy điện thoại, truyền hình cáp, tivi để làm hài lòng những vị khách khó tính nhất. Cho dù bạn là người thích vui vẻ hay chỉ là khách muốn thư giãn sau một ngày làm việc bận rộn, bạn sẽ thấy thoải mái khi sử dung các tiện nghi giải trí như bãi biển riêng, sân chơi golf (trong vòng 3km), câu lạc bộ trẻ em. Hãy tận hưởng dịch vụ không gì sánh bằng và địa chỉ thật sự đáng tin cậy tại Fusion Suites Danang Beach.

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    Gửi đánh giá
    “Bait and Switch”-Deceptive Pricing Policy

    Rating: 0 stars
    We are very disappointed in the service and management on the pricing policy at Fusion Suites.
    We went to check out the hotel in Danang and took a tour of the room. The hotel’s representative quoted us a price for four people in the penthouse. We wanted to be sure it was the final price, so she checked with her superiors and gave us a price on paper, confirming several times that it was the right price. We came back the next day to book the room. However, the hotel said the price was only for two people, even though we had confirmed that it was for four people yesterday in writing. After going back and forth between employees and then finally exchanging words with the manager, we decided to leave because they would not honor our price. After leaving, the managers called us back to say they would give us our price but it was too late and we had lost our interest and trust. We would not recommend this hotel at all for its dishonest pricing policy and poor communication. One more thing to be aware of, the hotel’s employees said that they usually add a surcharge when guests check into the hotel, because the website’s price is actually for two people, even though it states that it’s for four people. Customers should beware of this bait-and-switch scam in the pricing.
    Last but not least, the non-smoking hotel policy is not strictly enforced. During the tour, we experienced a strong smoking odor in rooms. If you have kids with asthma, this hotel is not for you. Also, this hotel is rated as a 5-star hotel but the elevators are not well air-conditioned. It was very hot during our tour.
    Still ironing out their new hotel issues

    Fusion Suites is a gorgeous hotel and a great concept for relaxing. The new hotel issues are taking time to work through and don't assist with the relaxation. I booked online and when I arrived they said they had only received my booking which I had submitted days earlier. Small issues turn into bigger problems as most staff speak little English. When staff failed to replenish the bathroom supplies when making up the room it took several phone calls to different staff to try to get toilet paper. Booking your daily foot massages was also an effort. Breakfast ordered didn't arrive as they lost the order but again many calls before working out anything. Once the staffing and logistics issues are worked out the hotel would be well worth a visit. The food and the sky bar were the highlights. The pool isn't open all day so watch out for that. It is an expensive option but needs some work yet to live up to it's cost.
    An interesting concept

    Fusion Suites was an interesting stay. The all suite concept is fantastic and each and every category is well equiped and spacious. I had a corner suite overlooking the city/beach and had views of the mountains and Lady Buddha in the distance. The kitchenette has all the equipment you could need, including fresh fruit and a nutri bullet to make your own smoothies!!! Reflexology is included in the stay and the therapists come to your suite to carry out the treatment. They were very proffessional and it was a very enjoyable experience. The rooftop bar offers fantastic views over the cityscape and Da Nang is very beautiful at night with everything lit up. The beach club accross the road is still a working progress but it is very pretty. The hotel staff assist in crossing the road which as with the rest of vietnam, is a pretty interesting experience!!! The highlight of our stay was the Gravitational Yoga. Offered in a studio overlooking the ocean, the fantastic teacher was very patient and assisted in myself and the rest of my group to pull some pretty awesome moves!!! For me, this hotel is perfect if you are looking for a few days out and about exploring the locality - for a pure beach stop I would say that Fusion Maia down the road would be the better option.
    Unreasonableprive ever

    I don't know people who give great review this hotel
    But they may stay under 100$ as new hotel promotion price.
    And did they get some present?
    In this peak season they charge over 200$ and it's way worse then that price for sure. It's pool and beach very very poor and even not finish their construction. And no cross walk even it's 4lane street.
    Come on are you kidding? Is it joke or cheat?
    No cause for complaint at all.....just excellent !

    Fusion Suites is facing to the sea with beautiful swimming pool on the beach.
    I stayed in a large room, clean, and fully-equipment, even have a kitchen. You can see sunrise and sunset from your rooms. Definitely you will love it.
    The breakfast was good and healthy, special their coffee and fruit yogurt. We were served breakfast in room on second day as my request, no extra charge for room service !
    Staff were very helpful and friendly.
    I will be back for sure !!!
    Fall in love with Fusion Suite Da Nang <3 <3 <3

    In summer vacation, my family and I travelled to Danang and we chose Fusion Suite DN to stay. Then luckyly we had the best vacation at hotels.
    We departed from airport about 20 minutes to Fusion Suite, it is quitely convenience. When my family and I checked in hotels, we were welcomed friendly by staff in hotel. I saw it's a new hotel, facilities are new. However, service is perfect, it is deserve with 5 star hotel. Colour is southing with main colour in green pastel, it is young and fresh.
    We stayed in Fusion Suite room, 2 bedrooms which are double and bunk bed. It is appropriate for my family with living area, kitchen set up ( specially with blend- machine. In addition, our room have sea view and it is awesome :D We went across street to beach and hotel's pool. Pool is very nice with shadow from hotel building, so we can swim without sunlight. Around hotel, there are some seafood restaurants and it is quite cheap and delicious.
    About breakfast buffet, I thought hotel should add more foods, buffet is basic and fresh with breads, eggs, juice, cake, yogurt, noodle and etc.
    The special in hotel is foot massage in room, my family and I feel relax with this massage.
    Fusion Suite Danang is lovely and perfect for summer vacation :")
    Best Hotel in Danang

    Right after I visited the Fusion Suites, I spent a night in the Sheraton Saigon and the Sheraton's was nothing compared to the quality of the Fusion Suites. The beds are extremely comfortable and the bathroom showers were extremely rejuvenating. The staff was exceptional and gladly helped me out no matter what time of day. I have made a friend with one of the receptionists over my stay. His name is Long and he is one of the most friendly and helpful receptionist I have ever met. If anybody is a musician looking for gigs Long can find you big venues to perform in. Fusion Suites is by far the best bang for your buck Hotel in Danang and is worth every penny.
    Relaxing hotel

    The best service and the best view hotel ..special ROOFTOP BAR is so so beautiful view and the best cocktails as well ,many special cocktails 1 of the best is the pho cocktail amazing making ..I really enjoyed to stay in this hotel..
    New Hotel, not really professional but nice staff

    When I stay at Fusion Suites, the hotel is not complete 100% however staff was trying to give the good service even they are not really professional. But they are quiet nice and try to help.
    Hotel room is nice and have a small kitchen. I like it but the swimming pool is small.
    Need a bit time to complete.
    Would stay here again

    Fusion suites is another in the Serenity chain and there is no doubt they have a winning formula. The rooms are large and well appointed with views giving a great outlook on Da Nang and the ocean. Watching the fishermen ply their trade and seeing the changes in the ocean was an experience. The rooftop restaurant and bar is just a wonderful place to relax and enjoy a simple but excellent menu.
    Its a new hotel with the opening team still at work and so there is some development to be done there but the staff are all very friendly and keen to be of any assistance they can so we felt welcome from the get go.
    Hopefully management will build a good, harmonious team here like I have experienced at other Serenity properties, where the sense of teamwork is very apparent.