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    Furama Villas Đà Nẵng

    : Bãi Biển Bắc Mỹ An
    Furama Villas Đà Nẵng
    Pool Villas - Overview
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    Biệt thự, 2 phòng ngủ, Hồ bơi riêng
    Vui lòng chọn ngày lưu trú ở trên để xem giá tốt cùng nhiều loại phòng hơn.
    Biệt thự, 4 phòng ngủ, Hồ bơi riêng, Sát bãi biển
    Biệt thự, 3 phòng ngủ, Hồ bơi riêng
    Biệt thự, 1 giường đôi, Hồ bơi riêng
    Biệt thự, 3 phòng ngủ, Hồ bơi riêng, Sát bãi biển

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    Furama Villas Đà Nẵng là khu biệt thự cao cấp 5 sao nằm trải dài trên 400 m bờ biển. Khu biệt thự tiếp giáp với Furama Resort về phía Nam, đây là nơi lý tưởng để bạn dừng chân khi đến Đà Nẵng du lịch hay công tác.

    Furama Villas tọa lạc tại đường Trường Sa, phường Khuê Mỹ, quận Ngũ Hành Sơn, Tp. Đà Nẵng. Những cái tên thú vị như: Diamond, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire được đặt cho các khu biệt thự tạo nên một sức hút cho Furama Villas trong lòng du khách.

    Biệt thự Diamond nhấn nhá ở các ô cửa kính, nắng rọi vào tỏa ánh hào quang như một viên kim cương lớn lộng lẫy. Màu sắc chủ đạo trong các phòng là màu sáng, trắng ngà hoặc ngọc trai tại biệt thự Pearl sẽ khiến bạn trở nên bay bổng hơn. Ngược lại, biệt thự Ruby của villa ở Đà Nẵng này là nơi dành riêng cho bạn với một không gian phá cách, gian phòng áp mái độc đáo. Biêt thự Sapphire thừa hưởng một khoảng giếng trời thoáng đãng để đưa ánh sáng vào không gian êm ấm của bạn khiến nó trở nên lấp lánh mê hoặc.

    4 khu biệt thự của Furama Villas Đà Nẵng đều thiết kế dành cho sự nghỉ dưỡng lãng mạn, tiện nghi nhất khi bạn đến Đà Nẵng. Các khu vui chơi giải trí nước, Massage – Sauna – Jacuzzi hay chuỗi nhà hàng và bar cùng bãi biển riêng của khu biệt thự sẽ khiến bạn thỏa thích lựa chọn những loại hình thư giãn phù hợp sở thích.

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    Gửi đánh giá
    Unpleasant Experience!

    We had a wonderful experience staying at the Furama Da Nang Resort earlier this year so we decided to come back and stay at Furama from 1-Sept to 3-Sept.

    We were expecting the same wonderful experience; however, this stay it fell short of our expectation because of the two factors below:

    1) Very unpleasant experience during the Breakfast Buffet
    We were great by the Hostess with a warm smile and she showed us to a Table for 2. She said that this is our Table and the server will set it up. So we went to get our food but when we came back, there was another guest seated on our Table.
    We went to the Hostess and she told us to seat at a bigger Table for 8 but we refused because we do not want to seat with other guests. She then showed us for a Table of 4 outside the breakfast room but we also refused because the outside seating area is not air conditioned.
    After holding our breakfast dishes on our hand, we had to wait to close to 10 minutes before another Table of 4 inside the AC room became available.

    This is UNACCEPTABLE for this potential a 5-Star Resort - plain and simple !!!!

    2) When we made the reservation thru Agoda and visited Furama website, it did not revealed that the Resort lobby is under construction thus noisy and dusty extending to the beautiful swimming pool.

    Other than the two above unpleasant experience, the Resort is beautiful as usual.
    Therefore, we are rating a 3-Star for this stay. We stayed in room 447.

    Note to the Management:
    We would like to commend Ms. Trang (the server) at the Breakfast Buffet station for her excellent service on the 1st day (not on the unpleasant experience 2nd day).
    We do think the management at the Breakfast Buffet is lacking the management skill/training. A simple fix for item # 1 above is for the Hostess put a Number sign on the Table of the guest and put a clean napkin towel on the chair arm. This will minimize another guest taking the already reserved table.

    The service here is absolutely shocking, all the way from check in to check out. None of the staff here appear to care about the hotel or the guests in any way, shape or form.

    After a debacle at check in regarding transportation to our villa we ordered room service around 4pm, 2 beef carpaccios and praline ice cream, but what arrived was only rum and raisin ice cream. We never received a phone call or anything saying they weren't bringing the beef and changing the ice cream, just showed up with no explanation whatsoever. If you don't have the food then that's fine but a courtesy call would have been appreciated. Also, this hotel seems has an inability in delivering ice cream that doesn't look like soup, whether it be room service in the Italian restaurant, every scoop of ice cream was merely a puddle.

    We had lunch in the Italian restaurant and while the food was decent the service was abhorrent. Getting a waiters attention was close to impossible even though the place wasn't even half full and when a waiter did come he bought with him a bad attitude. It was also sweltering hot in there and even after they turned on the loud, rickety AC it didn't seem to help much at all. The wait time for food was close to ridiculous on top of everything else.

    Finally the breakfast buffet. The entire thing was covered in flies and was beyond disgusting, the photos attached are not even close to depicting just how many flies there were. They were crawling over all the food that was lying around uncovered and what was out looked dried out and old. I can honestly say I've never seen a buffet as vile as that one. Once again service was close to nonexistent. We were shown to our seats and that was about it. I waited a whole meal for a cup of coffee and the lady only appeared at the end once we were leaving, I couldn't even find a staff member during the meal to ask for a cup, that's how absent any staff were. No one even cleared our table once during the meal, as evidenced by the photo. I understand that the resort gets busy but this level of poor service was something I have never experienced before in any hotel in Vietnam, and any staff member that does come by has a sullen look and make you feel like you have inconvenienced them by existing. That or they walk by with their heads down so fast and pretend not to see you so they don't have to come over.

    The decor of the resort is dated and the free wifi is so painfully slow that you may as well use 3G if you have it. The villa we stayed in wasn't properly cleaned, so much so that my mother had to scrub certain appliances in the kitchen even though she wasn't using them as the level of dirt bothered her so much. Finally the fish pond out the front of reception is foul. It is caked in a layer of algae so thick that I doubt it has ever been cleaned, stuffed full of fish and then left in the baking sun all day which just seems cruel to the fish. There's much more and I could go on but honestly it's not worth it. Needless to say, I will never be returning.
    Construction, dust and noise!

    We stayed in Furama for 3 nights and overall I would rate it 6 out of 10. The most disappointing thing was that we weren't aware of the contraction being undertaken right by the pool and was only informed during check-in. The management did offer compensation in terms of food and drinks, however if you want peace and quiet, you will def not get in by the pool/beach area.
    We were told the construction will only cause minor disturbance. Upon arriving at the pool, you can smell the concrete dust and the noise is constant. The amount of dust that came over to the pool was horrible. If you have kids or an asthma sufferer, I highly recommend to have second thoughts.
    We also felt the staff were not attentive and some even rude. One instance, where the waiter was shouting at us and the whole restaurant looked at us because we had a food voucher and the waiter said we had to pay for drinks, which the Guest Relations Manager Anna said was included. To be honest, we wasn't bothered about the money, but the attitude of the waiter made me want to raise this up during check-out when paying the bill, to my disappointment The Guest Relations Manager Anna shrugged it off and didn't do anything about the extra charge we had to pay although a minimal amount. A bit disappointing, as the service we received in a 3 star hotel in Hoi An was exceptional. Compared to the amount of hotels I have stayed in Vietnam (having been to Vietnam over 10 times), the service really let me down.
    Positives however is that the beach is absolutely fantastic and they offer free body boards to use. The staff by the beach pool area of the bar where really good.
    Outside of the resort there is not much to do or walk around, hence be prepared to either eat in the resort or in Danang City.
    Breakfast was average. The bed in the room (Ocean Suite) is one of the most comfortable I have ever slept on.
    I will probably try Pullman Hotel next time which is right next to Furama.
    Mr T
    Great room and environment

    The food here is far from 5 star hotel. Breakfast buffet area is so crowed, everything is cooked in hurry. We order a humberger for room service, for the quality and price, u can take taxi to the nearby brother bros and have much better food. Beside the food, service with friendly staff, clean room and bathroom. A little far from downtown but close to Hoi An thoug
    Amazing property, great villas, service could be better

    Stayed at the Diamond Villas for a few nights as a large family. Check-in was ok, welcome drinks were served but not everyone in the family get drinks at the same time which kinda unusual as some family member has drinks some were waiting for a while. Staff were polite and welcome at check-in.
    4BR villa were spacious with good amenities, though because of a large family, we didn't have enough chairs for everyone at dining table. There were a large dining table that sit 8 and there were a round table without chairs. We asked for additional chairs and didn't get it until 2 days later. Kids had to sit at the couch to eat until chairs were brought over from another villa after they checked-out. The fruit plate should accommodate the amount of people were in the villas...everyday is a same small plate of fruits. Wifi was decent, not great.

    Kitchen amenities were limited. We had a set of knives that weren't very sharp, there were no instructions on how to use the oven/stove. Villa were rent with the idea that you shouldn't be using the kitchen...which is kinda weird as I think that's part of the reason why people rent villas so they can live like they do at home. They expect you to clean the kitchen if you use it as the cleaning crew does not touch the kitchen, but no cleaning supplies were provided, not even a sponge to wash dishes. Oh, and there is no dishwasher.
    Each individual room were spacious and the bed is SUPER comfortable. Cleaning crew did a good job with daily room cleaning, they were all really nice and courteous. When we tip them, they were always gracious and thankful.
    Pool were clean and warm, early in the morning, there always a pool man to come and clean the pool. You can't swim directly in front of the villa in the ocean according to security guards. If you want to swim, you would have to walk a little bit (can walk on the beach from the Villas) to front of the resort where there is lifeguard in an "approved" swim area.
    Breakfast were good, plenty of options for food. It was crowded and kinda chaotic with so many people in the same space. Apparently there were an adjacent room that served the same food but people weren't direct there for some reason. The Pho could be better...it was actually pretty bad. The rest of the food were up to par, definitely could be improve. Staff in breakfast area generally nice and attentive, however they don't seems that happy for some reason. You are in the service/hospitality industry, smile to your guests! I know there are lots of people and its a busy resort but that's how you separate yourself from the mass.
    Overall, i would definitely come back and recommend to friends and family. We stayed at Hyatt regency the last time we were in Da Nang and Furama is definitely cozier and more crowded. Though its in a better location as its closer to town and technically, you can walk to outside restaurants compare to Hyatt.
    Good overall experience

    We stayed in the pool villa for 3 nights and thoroughly enjoyed our time. The rooms were huge and living space was plenty. Our private pool was clean and the structure felt new. The villas even had a shared pool area that was new and less populated than the main resort.

    The beach area had amazingly soft sand and the temperature of the ocean was almost perfect. The water isn't crystal clear like Cebu or Guam, but the beach and ocean were definitely impressive.

    I was generally satisfied with the service as most the staff had good intentions and a large smile. I do, however, agree with the other posts about staff needing a better command of the English language. At times, it was difficult to convey my intentions. The staff were also a bit rough around the edges, but it wasn't any worse than other south east Asian resorts.

    As for the on-going construction, I think the hotel could have done a better job of notifying guests through it's website. We were taken aback when we found out upon arrival. While annoying, and at times loud, I personally didn't think it was a big deal.

    Food at the resort was satisfactory at best. While the breakfast was about average for a five star hotel, the room service and snacks we had on the beach were mediocre. The pricing was also high compared to the many delicious and affordable options Da Nang has to offer. Having said that, we never had a full meal at the resort.

    Upon requesting for late check out, we were moved from our pool villa to a regular hotel room for half a day (at a cost). It felt antiquated, dark and humid. This review would have been very different had we stayed our entire stay at this hotel room.

    I would stay here again if and only if it meant staying at a pool villa. Overall, I was satisfied with my stay. I'm not sure how much of our satisfaction is due to the great food, stunning beaches and hospitality of Da Nang the city, but bottom line is my family walked away with a great holiday.

    The hotel is wonderful and the room we stayed in (ocean view suite) gave us everything we wanted. We found the staff very friendly and nothing was too much trouble. The hotel was well booked when we checked in but found that the pools and lounge areas were very quiet, and they had two areas for breakfast- one being a quiet area- so very good if you like a relaxing start to the day. The food and drinks are expensive compared to other places but over all the food is a good quality. The one downside was when I checked if a breakfast dish was vegetarian-confirmed by the waiter and chef it was- only to find it was full of meat! Not sure that vegetarianism is totally understood in Vietnam as a whole! We are very experienced divers and we enjoyed the diving the hotel offers, its all shallow, so will it appeal to novice divers as well, the staff are great as they leave you alone to enjoy the dive if that's what you want, and the coral is in very good condition. We enjoyed our stay so much we will consider the hotel for future trips.
    Great Hotel on the Beach

    This is a great hotel. The staff a super friendly and helpful. The room was spacious and the location was fantastic. The pool, although really warm, provides a great view of the beach and there are plenty of lounges. The beach in front of the hotel is a nice surf beach and there are lounges under the palm trees where you can get a really nice breeze and a cold drink. The beach either side of the hotel is not so clean though with rubbish all over it. The hotel is on the older side, however it's clean and well looked after.

    The hotel is well located, just 30 minutes in a taxi from Hoi An. Would recommend a trip there for sure. Fantastic restaurants and loads of shops.
    Think twice for now

    Mostly lovely staff! Except for Customer Service Manager who is definitely not oriented to providing a service to customers. Condescendingly dismissed our upset at the lack of amenities due to building works with a 'sorry, no problem'!

    Lots of construction going on of new villas and worst of all the whole of the front of hotel around the seafront pool is a building site - with bars and restaurants closed! No word of this when booking at all. All we were offered was a complimentary mojito.

    The villas themselves are extreme lovely - ours is by the villa pool. The grounds around the villas are beautiful and luscious. We are well travelled and don't mind a bit of dust - however construction of new villas on top of works to hotel seems ill timed.

    Spent 4 nights in Hoi An (fab for culture and food!) and like Danang too - more real and with great food too.

    Suggest leaving it for now as too much building work... Spot the theme?
    Like Construction Sites, you'll love the Furama DaNang

    OK, title sounds harsh, but sadly true. My gripe, there was nothing on their website to advise that substantial refurbishment/construction works were being undertaken. Our first warning was on check-in when we sat down in the foyer perspiring and wondering why the doors/windows were all closed. So we got up and walked over and realised that all the windows etc had been sealed up and shuttered off with 2-metre high barricades and significant work was occurring outside. Result, the usual breakfast restaurant was closed and had been relocated upstairs to an area without air-conditioning, no breeze in 30+ degree temperatures, very crowded and meant breakfast came with the joy of constantly moping your brow to cope with the high humidity. Noting also that on one morning, the Resort Owners and their invited guests had claimed the "air-conditioned" library to host their breakfast.

    The windows to the bar area were blocked off, no view as per the website pictures of the pool. The photos on the website bore no resemblance to the reality of the "resort". So, after voicing (nicely) our disappointment at being misled and duped, customer relations kindly offered some $$ off the bill in compensation. So, time I guess to take the "glass half full" approach as we had already paid for our four nights.

    We had booked an Ocean View Suite and our 3rd floor room was lovely. Great views of the beach and the room itself was lovely. Very spacious, well appointed, bed was a bit hard for my liking but everything thing else was great. Staff at the resort are lovely and thumbs-up to housekeeping and reception personnel. Strange attitude towards pool towels, dare to walk away from the pool with your towel and the "towel police" will nab you. Pool areas are very nice, though the Lagoon Pool area is dated and in need of modernisation. We had dinner at the Steak House one evening and watched the traditional Cham dancing. Performers were sensational and the meal and service was nice. Sadly, room service was not so good.

    Would we come back. Well, a bit tainted by the deceptive approach to no information being placed on the website regarding the current state of the resort. On this basis, and given there is a lot of choice in this area, I think we would take our patronage elsewhere next time.

    And finally, having noted previous TripAdvisor reviews for this property I see that the management only seem to respond to positive reviews. Guess my rating of "2" will exempt me from a response :-) Have a great day.