Loyalty Member Card Official Regulations

Loyalty Member Card Official Regulations

In order to create a long-term commitment and valuable benefits for our customers who are using online booking service for tours, plane tickets and rooms, Asiabooking has just widely published our Loyalty Member Card program

Membership Advantages:

• Best price Guarantee! Get better price from 30 - 40% compared to book directly at hotels.
• Get money reward 20.000VND – 2% off for Vietnam hotel bookings
   and 3% off for international hotel booking
• Get money reward 20.000VND – 2% off by booking flights and tours.
• Saving discounts is acceptable, however, there is no conversion into cash.
• Other promotion programs for Asiabooking members are agreeably applied.
• Receive a present for Birthday when making a purchase successfully in your month of birthday.
• Receive a present at year-end if you have the most booking times in total.
• Loyalty member card owners are always receive a preferable priority when purchasing at Asiabooking.

Publicationand using member card:

Requirements on publishing member card:
The loyalty member card is available upon one of these three situations:
• Possessing account on Asiabooking.com
• Filling the required information follows the register form.
• Contacting number (08) 3589 – 0908 795 989 or send required information to booking@asiabooking.com.vn. Our staffs will give you any assistance or help in registering member card.
This member card is only published to Vietnamese and expatriates with passports.

Regulations on Using Member Card:
• Each customer will only be able to own a card ID and our Member Card is non-transferable.
• If the card using date is expired, please contact us for a new one. 
• The card which is not used within 1 year will no longer be valid.
• If the card is missing, please contact us for a new card. There will be extra charge for this situation.
• Promotions of membership card will not be applied if the code does not coincide with customer’s information that registered on Asiabooking or customers cannot provide member code or provide incorrect member code.
• In case you want to change your information, please contact Asiabooking to update new information.
Asiabookingreserves their rights to modify this present regulationat any time without informing. Any modifications will be made public on our website: Asiabooking.com.vn

Guide to use membership card:

• Membership card will be sent directly or by post to your address
• When using services of Asiabooking:
- - If you use our service on website, please login your account and enter your member code in payment to receive benefits of membership.
-  If you contact Asiabooking by telephone or email, please provide your member code and your name for our staff to receive benefits of membership card.
• Not apply on special promotions, bonus point accumulation program and gift programs for customers who do not have member code.
Please keep your member code to get these benefits.


Currently, Asiabooking is implementing FREE MEMBERSHIP CARD program from now until the end of June 2015. After that time, customers who register for membership card have to charge a fee.

If you have any questions, please contact: Tel: 08 3589 3689 - Hotline: 0908 795 989 or email bookings@asiabooking.com.vn.